10 Feb 2022

Putin Warns That The World Is Going Down A Road That Leads To Nuclear War
The Biden administration seems to think that there won’t be any serious consequences for endlessly provoking the Russians, but Russian President Vladimir Putin definitely seems to understand what is at stake. Following a very lengthy discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron, Putin issued a very ominous warning to the press… ‘I’ve been saying it, but I’d very much want you to finally hear me, and to deliver it to your audience in print, TV and online. ‘Do you understand it or not, that if Ukraine joins NATO and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means, the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war conflict with Russia?’ War with Russia should be something that we try extremely hard to avoid. Because once a war with Russia starts, there is a very good chance that it will eventually go nuclear.

As prophesied in Isaiah, mask mandates disappearing in time for Final Redemption
Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem, noted that the Prophet Isaiah predicted that such a study leading to the removal of masks would emerge from Israel. He cited the verse: And He will destroy on this mount the shroud That is drawn over the faces of all the peoples And the covering that is spread Over all the nations: Isaiah 25:7 The Hebrew word that is translated here as ‘shroud’ is masecha (מַּסֵּכָה) which literally means a mask.

The First Quadruple Asteroid: Astronomers Spot a Space Rock With 3 Moons
We already knew the asteroid 130 Elektra was special. Astronomers previously discovered it had two moons, making it a rare triple asteroid system. Now a third moon may have been found, making it even more uncommon — the first-known quadruple asteroid in the solar system.

North Korea Boasts Of Testing Missiles That Can Strike US Mainland
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un … issued a new threat, saying advanced missile technology possessed by Pyongyang will “shake the world.” there’s only our country on this planet that can shake the world by firing a missile with the U.S. mainland in its range.”

Study: Big Tech censored dozens of doctors, 800 accounts for COVID ‘misinformation’
Major technology companies and social media platforms have removed, suppressed or flagged the accounts of over 800 prominent individuals and organizations, including medical doctors, for COVID-19 misinformation, … The study focused on acts of censorship on major social media platforms and online services, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads and TikTok. “Big Tech set up a system where you can’t disagree with ‘the science’ even though that’s the foundation of the scientific method,”

As Oil Hits $90, High Cost Shale Basins Are Hurriedly Coming Back Online
Energy companies are once again starting to “kick the tires and light the fires” at high-cost shale basins, which have once again become economically feasible thanks to oil’s dramatic rise in price over the last 12 months.

“They Will Not Silence Me”: Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Was Pressured Not To Reveal It’s Mild
The doctor who discovered the Omicron Covid-19 strain, Angelique Coetzee, says that she was pressured by European governments not to reveal that it had mild presentation, according to an interview in Germany’s Welt. When asked if it’s true, Coetzee replied: “I was told not to state publicly that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.”

Biden admin names Mike Bloomberg to lead military board
the Pentagon announced billionaire former Republican New York City Mayor and 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg will lead the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board. Bloomberg … serves as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, and the World Health Organization (WHO’s) Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries. Bloomberg was also a late entrant in the Democrat 2020 presidential primaries.

Abbas’ potential successors named to top posts in PLO
The PLO’s 141-member Central Council appointed Hussein Al-Sheikh, 61, an Abbas confidant who serves as key liaison with Israel and the United States, to the PLO’s Executive Committee. The council, meeting for the first time in nearly four years, also picked Rawhi Fattouh, 73, another Abbas aide, to head the PLO’s highest decision-making body, the National Council.

PLO suspends recognition of Israel
At the conclusion of a meeting in Ramallah, the PLO Central Council issued a statement saying that the “state of Palestine” alone has sovereignty over Palestinian land … called for the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people until it could exercise its full sovereignty,

US troops in Poland prepare for Americans potentially fleeing Ukraine
Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine but has deployed more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders and says it could take unspecified military measures if its demands are not met, including a promise by NATO never to admit Ukraine. A White House official said that the United States was not planning for a mass evacuation of American citizens from Ukraine. Biden said this week it would be wise for Americans to leave Ukraine.

13 arrested in Belgium in major anti-terror raid
More than 100 Belgian police officers raided this week multiple addresses around Antwerp, detaining 13 people suspected of links to a jihadist group. The Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp have been singled out in the past as alleged rear bases for international jihadist extremism.

Iranian man confesses to decapitating wife
The report said the two men were arrested four hours after the killing on Saturday in the southwestern city of Ahvaz. Tens of thousands of people viewed the video on social media, which showed a man holding a large knife while carrying a severed head with long hair in another hand.

Sirens sound in parts of northern Israel following reported IAF strike in Syria
Warning sirens were reported in the area of the city of Umm el-Fahm in northern Israel and Samaria, the Israel Defense Forces said shortly after midnight on Tuesday, stating that more details were to follow. Minutes later, the IDF said the sirens were caused by the firing of a surface-to-air missile from Syrian territory towards Israeli territory, adding that the missile exploded in mid-air and did not require interception.

Rabbi: People standing up to Covid agenda like Maccabees, Mordechai
In a recent blog post written by Rabbi Michoel Green, the lay leader sent a message of encouragement to Jews worldwide that are resisting the mask/vaccine mandates enacted by government bodies worldwide. “Don’t be discouraged that the majority of Jews — and even rabbis — are bowing to tyranny. Don’t despair that almost all Jewish leaders are cowering in denial and complicity” said rabbi Green, the head of Chabad of Westboro Massachusetts. “This is exactly what happened during the Seleucid persecution. “This is exactly what happened in Shushan too. Everyone bowed before Haman,

More straight than gay people catching HIV for first time in decade
The number of new HIV diagnoses among straight people is higher than in gay and bisexual men for the first time in a decade, the latest figures show.

Some COVID-19 vaccines could increase HIV risk: researchers
Some coronavirus vaccine candidates currently under development could increase susceptibility to HIV, a group of researchers has warned.

‘Everything Is Gone’: Madagascans Face Destitution in Cyclone’s Wake
The death toll from Madagascar’s latest cyclone rose to 29 Tuesday as residents of a devastated coastal town tried to fix their homes or build temporary shacks from wood and palm fronds scattered by the violent winds.

Tongan Christians Felt the Force of the Volcano. And the W…… 
When he heard the first boom, Feʻilaokitau Kaho Tevi was in line to get his car washed in Tonga’s capital city of Nukuʻalofa. He returned home quickly. Others sat in traffic as over the course of January 15 a volcano erupted in the island kingdom—one that NASA scientists later claimed was hundreds of times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Large landslide hits Dosquebradas, burying 6 homes, Colombia
Heavy rains triggered a large landslide in the town of Dosquebradas, central Colombia at around 11:25 UTC on February 8, 2022, burying 6 homes.

Biden: Florida bill addressing sex, gender conversations in classrooms is ‘hateful attack’ on gay children
…The Senate Education Committee in Florida approved SB 1834, which critics have dubbed the “don’t say ‘gay’ bill,” which says schools “may not encourage discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

More straight than gay people catching HIV for first time in decade
The Iranian regime’s reported execution of two gay men inside the Islamic Republic on Jan. 30 was swiftly met with condemnation by Iranian-American activists and U.S. groups opposed to the brutality displayed by those in power.

Boycott China’s Winter Olympics? Many American Christians …… 
The 2022 Winter Olympics in China have started off with comparatively poor TV ratings in the US, including a record low for the Opening Ceremony.

Still Voting? LOL! How Arizona’s “Owned” Politicians Betrayed America As We Witness the End of Honest Elections 
…I am mourning the conquering and occupation of America by communist forces who will rob you blind, steal your elections, profit on your planned demise and this is all being done by people who will spit on your grave when it is all over.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: Patriots fighting for America must fight with God on their side
Cameroonian-American Dr. Stella Immanuel said that the “patriots fighting for America must fight with God on their side” to win their battles.

Iranian Regime’s Execution of Gay Men Denounced by Iranian-American Activists
The Iranian regime’s reported execution of two gay men inside the Islamic Republic on Jan. 30 was swiftly met with condemnation by Iranian-American activists and U.S. groups opposed to the brutality displayed by those in power.

Yuval Noah Harari: Humans are now HACKABLE ANIMALS thanks to vaccines 
…Harari, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said during an interview: “Humans are now hackable animals. The idea that humans have this soul or spirit, they have free will and nobody knows what’s happening inside me – so whatever I choose whether in the election or in the supermarket, that’s my free will? That’s over.”

Dr. Robert Malone: COVID mortality higher in highly vaccinated Israel than less vaccinated Palestine
The highly vaccinated nation of Israel has a higher Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mortality than the less vaccinated Palestine.

J&J tried to worm its way out of paying $3.5BN to victims of cancer-causing baby talc by forming a new company and declaring BANKRUPTCY and then tried to GAG journalists from reporting it 
Johnson & Johnson created a plan last year to limit the financial bleeding from billions of dollars in jury awards to plaintiffs who alleged the company’s Baby Powder and other talc products caused deadly cancers.

Nano-Technology in Covid Injections – It’s for Communications, It’s Technological Parasitism 
Yesterday we published a video by La Quinta Columna showing the “nano-octopus” and other microparticles found in Covid injections which seemed to be self-assembling.  As a follow on, this article points to scientific research which offers an explanation why Covid injections contain those “things.”

Ford says chip shortage will force it to halt or cut production at 8 plants: reports
The announcement by the major U.S. automaker continued a series of supply-chain setbacks that have affected the nation’s economy in recent months

Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID vax
If I had a dollar for every person who has related a story about a friend whose cancer was in remission before the COVID jabs, then became uncontrollable shortly after the jab, I could retire…

DMED data is explosive. Mainstream media has been ordered to ignore it.
The DMED data exposed by attorney Tom Renz and Senator Johnson is a smoking gun. General Austin should order all military docs to speak the truth. But he isn’t. Why not?

Racist Biden regime distributing $30 million to blue cities for CRACK PIPES to be handed out to Black Americans and LGBT
When Biden regime tyrants sit around a table brainstorming how to help Black people in America, they come up with insane ideas like, “Let’s give out free crack pipes!” Probably followed by absurdly racist confirmations like, “Yeah! That’s what Black people need!”

Australia: Gas Chambers Ready, Covid Camps, Gas Chambers, Protests and Tyranny
The worst possible response by a government against its people is actually coming in Australia. In the former Christian colony they are actually building concentration camps for their people…In the video, the tradesmen revealed how there will be electric shutters, double glazed glass, and an unknown gas pipe among other things.

In His New Pandemic Book, Bill Gates Calls For A ‘Global Pathogen Surveillance System’ Combined With Forever mRNA Government Injections 
Bill Gates says he has been “thinking about this for a long time”, and you better believe it when he tells you that. Bill Gates has been thinking about this time way back when his mother was pulling strings over at IBM to flood the fledging Microsoft company with millions in funding.

Pope Francis Appears On Italian Talk Show ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’, Quoting Russian Author Dostoevsky And Asking For ‘Good Vibes’ From The Audience 
One thing you can always say about Pope Francis, he never misses a chance to not preach the gospel of the grace of God, even when millions are tuning in an hanging on his every word.

Iran Unveils ‘Khaibar Shekan’ Missile With A Range Of 900 Miles That’s Capable Of Hitting Israel And American Military Targets In The Middle East 
Iran is a lot like North Korea, pathological liars and always wanting you to think they have more military capabilities than they actually do, and yet, you would be quite foolish indeed to not take their threats seriously because one day they’ll surprise you.