9 Feb 2022

Israel Begins Campaign Against Iran; ‘The Weaker Tehran Is, So Will Its Proxies Be’
“The campaign to weaken Iran has begun,” said the Israeli leader, explaining that the operation is being “conducted in all dimensions: nuclear, economy, cyber, over and covert actions, alone and also in cooperation with others.” The actions will also focus on Iranian proxy groups, such as the Lebanon-based Hezbollah and the Hamas rulers of Gaza. While rockets fired at Israel “may be launched from Beirut or Gaza – the origin is Tehran,” said Bennett.

Air Force ordered to pay $230+ million for Sutherland Springs church shooting
A federal judge has ordered the U.S. Air Force to pay more than $230 million to the survivors and families of the victims of the 2017 shooting attack at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which 26 people were killed.

Federal Judge Issues Emergency Injunction: US Military ‘Systematically Denying Religious Exemptions’
A federal judge in Tampa has issued a temporary restraining order against the U.S. military, saying the Department of Defense is unlawfully discriminating against service members by denying religious exemptions for COVID-19 shots.

Fewer Americans now say Trump bears a lot of responsibility for the Jan. 6 riot
more Americans now say Trump bears no responsibility for the mayhem caused by his supporters that day. Nearly six-in-ten Republicans (57%) currently say he has no responsibility at all for the violence, up from 46% shortly after the riot.

Elon Musk Blasts Mainstream Media For “Relentless Hatestream” Of “Careless Negativity”
Few people have received the kind of love-hate treatment from the media that Elon Musk has. Initially lionized for his role in building Tesla into the world’s preeminent manufacturer of electric cars, Musk saw his public image darken as the media fixated on his increasingly contrarian and – dare we say it – conservative viewpoint on politics, the climate and society.

Biden Admin Funding Free Crack Pipes To Promote ‘Racial Equity’
The Biden administration is finalizing funding to promote “racial equity” by handing out free glass crack pipes for drug addicts to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine or any other “illicit substance.” Wait What???
The move follows those by Democratic-run cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, which have distributed smoking kits to residents.

Alberta To Scrap Vaccine Passport Program, Announces Path To Lifting ‘Almost All’ Restrictions
And just like that, the honkening may be coming to an end – as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced on Tuesday that he’s ending the province’s vaccine passport system. “Now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID,” said Kenney. “These restrictions have led to terrible division.”

Freedom Convoy Supporters Block Traffic at Canada’s Busiest Border Crossing
Supporters of Canada’s anti-mandate, trucker-led Freedom Convoy movement shut down traffic on the Ambassador Bridge on Monday. Located between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, the bridge is part of the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States.

Talks to salvage Iran nuclear deal resume quietly in Vienna
Delegates say talks have made limited progress since resuming in November and several vital issues remain unresolved as Western powers believe little time remains before Iran’s nuclear advances make deal redundant

Fresh Geomagnetic Storm Watch (G1) Issued for Wednesday
A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is expected to hit the Earth’s magnetic field late on February 9, prompting NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) to issue a fresh Geomagnetic Storm Watch for a G1 – Minor event. The CME launched towards Earth as part of a C3-rated solar flare which lasted more than three hours on Sunday.

Biden’s international approval hangs in balance 1 year into office, experts warn ‘adversaries’ watching
“Weakness does indeed invite aggression,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Michael McCaul said during a call with House Republicans Friday. “This national security threat is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.” McCaul predicted Russia will invade Ukraine within the next month.

Photo Shows SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket on Collision Course With Moon
Astronomers have captured an image of a SpaceX rocket segment that is set to smash into the moon next month.

First Ever Rogue Black Hole Spotted Zooming Through Space at 28 Miles per Second
Astronomers have confirmed the existence of a free-roaming black hole for the first time ever. It’s been thought for some time that wandering black holes, offset from the centers of galaxies or flung away from their neighbors, could exist. The trouble is finding them. But after poring over data from more than 10 years ago, scientists now think that they have done just that.

Supreme Court sides with GOP in Alabama election map case
The Supreme Court put on hold a lower court ruling that Alabama must draw new congressional districts before the 2022 elections to increase Black voting power. The high court order boosts Republican chances to hold six of the state’s seven seats in the House of Representatives.

The Government of Montenegro Just Collapsed
Montenegro’s coalition government collapsed on Friday after parliament backed a no-confidence vote triggered by the smallest coalition bloc, Black on White, and opposition parties.

Ukraine crisis: Macron says ‘concrete solutions’ possible between Russia and West
Emmanuel Macron has said during a visit to Kyiv that he believes it is “possible to take the negotiations further” concerning Russia and Ukraine. Appearing alongside his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy following three hours of talks, the French president added he thought “concrete, practical solutions” were possible to reach an end to the crisis between Russia and the West.

Brussels to withhold EU funds from Poland to cover unpaid fines
In September, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ordered Warsaw to pay €500,000 per day for failing to follow a ruling which said operations must cease operations at its Turów lignite mine and power plant close to the Czech Republic’s border.

China Falls Woefully Short Of Commitments To Purchase US Goods Amid Biden Lack Of Enforcement
At same time America’s trade deficit in goods hit record levels in 2021

Dry January: Reno goes a month with no rain for the first time in nearly 130 years | Climate crisis in the American west 
Reno, Nevada, hasn’t recorded a single drop of rain during the entire month of January, a record that goes back nearly nearly 130 years.

WATCH: ‘Comedian’ Brags About Being Triple Jabbed, Mocks Jesus, Passes Out On Stage & Fractures Her Skull
When you brag on stage after being vaccinated.

Chickens keep coming home to roost as 5 more young doctors die unexpectedly, including another one in a private plane crash 
Big pharma flunkies in white coats are the most vital assets to the entire COVID-19 and “vaccine” agenda. This group shepherds the masses of lambs to their slaughters in exchange for monetary compensation.

Inside Biden’s $53 billion dollar COVID testing scam 
‘If the government plans to mail out one billion tests, what does that do to the supply at your local Walgreens? Already, the tests are in short supply.’

Micro blood clots are the key to explaining the harmful effects of COVID, vaccines 
Micro blood clots seem to be the likely cause of millions of health impacts and deaths from COVID infection as well as from COVID vaccines, and even millions of long COVID victims suffering diverse health problems with no apparent medical solution.

Switzerland to experience weeks or even months of power grid failures, warns president as nation continues to dismantle its own electrical infrastructure
By the year 2025, Switzerland could face weeks or even months at a time with no electricity, warned President Guy Parmelin in a recent statement.

Murdered government whistleblower warned in 1995 about global depopulation using engineered bioweapons, followed by planetary-scale extermination of the human race
Former government geological expert and deep underground military base engineer Phil Schneider was murdered (executed) after going public in 1995 with shocking details of what he knew.

COWARD-19: King Of Canada Justin Trudeau Smears Anti-Mandate Freedom Convoy By Calling Them ‘Swastika Wavers’ Implying They’re Terrorists
The truckers who are a part of the Freedom Convoy have struck fear into the heart of the Canadian king Justin Trudeau, as well as in world leaders around the world, as they watch “the people” rising up against vaccine and immunity passport mandates. This represents perhaps the first time since the plannedemic was launched that there is meaningful pushback against the New World Order, eclipsing even that of the Paris protests and others.

AT&T Commercial Star Milana Vayntrub Describes Murdering Her Unborn Baby As ‘No Big Deal’ Is Grateful For ‘Beautifully Boring’ Abortion 
One of the real horrors of legal abortion besides the obvious killing of babies has been the demonic mindset that has risen up, referring to abortion as a ‘human right’ and as ‘healthcare’ when it is none of those things. Over the years, legal abortion has been pushed, in some parts of the world, all the way up to the due date. What is to prevent abortion-on-demand and euthanasia from ‘meeting in the middle’ as it did under the legalized killing of Nazi Germany? Absolutely nothing.

leaked Project Veritas Video Of Zuckerberg Speaking To His Staff About “Vaccines”
Zuckerberg Speaking To His Staff About “Vaccines”

Austrians Being Stopped Randomly By Authorities And Forced To Prove They Are Vaccinated 
After Austria became the first European country to mandate COVID vaccines for the ENTIRETY of its population, details have emerged on how the government plans to enforce the measure.

The ‘Science’ of Manipulation: Researchers Craft Messages of Guilt, Shame to Foster Vaccine Compliance 
There’s an entire field of research dedicated to developing messaging designed to persuade “vaccine-hesitant” individuals to get the COVID-19 vaccine — and none of it has anything to do with facts.

FDA now burying incriminating documents showing Moderna’s covid “vaccine” to be harmful 
A document used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” has been scrubbed from the internet without explanation.

Athletes Are ‘Crying Like Crazy’ In China’s ‘Hellish’ Quarantine – Just One Athlete Unmasked During Opening Ceremony
Athletes competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics in China are being held hostage in the communist country’s isolation camps as Beijing takes measures to hold a virus-free event.

FLASHBACK: GoFundMe supported Antifa-occupied ‘CHAZ/CHOP’ even after people were murdered
GoFundMe, the crowdfunding platform that recently seized over $10 million in funds intended for the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, financially supported and promoted the illegal “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle, Washington during the height of the summer 2020 riots that broke out in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Report: COVID vaccines inflicting far more deaths than previously thought: “Could be looking at hundreds of thousands more dead”
A stunning new report claims that COVID-19 vaccines are causing a lot more harm and many more deaths than previously known, and could eventually be responsible for “hundreds of thousands more dead.”

America’s Achilles Heel–Medicines
Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don’t know it–and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them.

College Kid Cracks Code To Track Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Jet Flights
“If you have info on any politicians with their own private jets let me know with tail number. Also I’ll be creating a site for other aircraft requests soon!”