4 Feb 2022

Saskatchewan Premier Pledges To End All COVID Restrictions As Ottawa Braces For More Protests
As Ottawa braces for thousands of protesters to converse on the city this weekend just like they did last weekend to support the “Freedom Convoy” truckers, the premier of Saskatchewan publicly declared on Thursday that he would end all COVID restrictions later this month. Premier Scott Moe declared Thursday that “it’s time to look at ending all COVID restrictions…people are asking their government for a return to normal, and a removal of public health restrictions.”

FDA Issues Warning On 2 Recalled COVID-19 Tests
Empowered Diagnostics makes the CovClear COVID-19 Rapid Antigen and ImmunoPass COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Rapid tests. Both tests have been recalled by Empowered Diagnostics, the FDA said in an announcement in late January. The recall is listed as a Class 1 recall, which the FDA’s website describes as the most serious type.

U.S. lawmakers push to rename Taiwan’s de facto embassy in Washington
A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers proposed matching bills in the Senate and House of Representatives on Thursday that would require the United States to negotiate the renaming of Taiwan’s de facto embassy in Washington as the “Taiwan Representative Office,” a move certain to rankle China.

Biden says IS leader chose cowardly to die and not face justice
“As our troops approached to capture the terrorist, in a final act of desperate cowardice, with no regard to the lives of his own family or others in the building, he chose to blow himself up… rather than face justice for the crimes he has committed,”

US officials: Iran’s breakout period will be less than a year if 2015 deal is revived
Biden administration reportedly expects restored nuclear deal would leave Iran capable of amassing enough nuclear fuel for a bomb in significantly less than a year. a shorter time frame than the one that underpinned the 2015 agreement, US officials told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

Somali refugee seeks to unseat Ilhan Omar
Shukri Abdirahman, who is running as a Republican to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss her campaign. (watch)

Iran, Russia aid Venezuela in moving troops to Colombian border
Venezuela is moving troops to the border with Colombia with technical assistance from Russia and Iran, Colombia’s defense minister Diego Molano said on Thursday, calling the possible deployment “foreign interference.” Molano, citing intelligence sources, said troop movements were registered in Venezuela opposite Colombia’s Arauca province, the scene of fierce fighting between guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and FARC dissidents for control of the drugs trade.

Liberman to ‘Post’: World on verge of anarchy, superpowers must act now
The G7, Russia and China need to immediately work together to stop a sharp global slide toward chaos and anarchy due to the rise of dangerous technology, increased use of the Darknet and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies,

US troops prepare for deployment to Eastern Europe from Fort Bragg
The soldiers were departing from Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Around 1,700 service members, mainly from the 82nd Airborne Division, are being deployed to Poland, while 300 others will move to Germany.

Israel, Bahrain sign security agreement as Gantz completes historic visit
An Israeli official says Thursday’s agreement with Bahrain was the first such pact that Israel had reached with one of its new allies in the Gulf.

If Putin Wins, it’s Not Only Ukraine that Loses
Putin views himself as Russia’s modern emperor. The proper title for a Russian emperor: “czar of all the Russias.” That implies not just today’s Russia, which stretches across 11 times zones, but also Belarus (or White Russia) and Ukraine (sometimes known as Little Russia).

Syria: US military kills at least 13 in raid against Al-Qaeda leader
The assault targeted a home in Atmeh, a densely populated city hosting tens of thousands of refugees displaced by the country’s decade-long civil war. The identity of the residents of the building remains unknown. Unconfirmed reports claim that the target was either an ISIS- or al-Qaeda leader.

Israel may stop allowing converts to Judaism
Speaking at a massive rabbinical gathering, Yosef accused Kahana of “heeding the advice of uninfluential rabbis who confuse him” instead of consulting with “great rabbis.”

Large-scale and massive winter storm impacting the Central, Eastern and Southern U.S.
A large-scale and massive winter storm will continue impacting the Central, Eastern and Southern U.S. over the next few days. Heavy snow is expected from the southern Rockies to northern New England, while heavy ice accretion is likely from Texas to Pennsylvania.

‘It’s a kick in the gut’: Navy chaplain denied religious exemption after 20 years of service
A U.S. Navy chaplain was among sailors recently denied religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate by the Department of Defense (DOD).

German cardinal calls for church’s celibacy rule to be dropped, priests be allowed to marry 
A senior German cardinal called for the priestly vow of celibacy to no longer be required in the Catholic Church and for clerics to be given the choice to marry.

BREAKING: South Dakota bans ‘transgender’ males from women’s and girls’ sports
South Dakota became the first state to prohibit biological males from women’s and girls’ sports in 2022 with a law signed this evening by Republican Gov. Kristi Noem.

Facebook Loses Nearly $200 Billion, 1st Drop in Users in Company History
Meta shares have lost more than a fifth of their value as the company is struggling to retain users.

Australia Now BANS Unvaxxed Parents From Seeing Their Sick Children In Hospitals
Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine with a deep-dive interview of “dangerous” and censored frontline Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky as he shares ground-breaking information on how the Vaccines are designed to destroy fertility, the male and female reproductive system, and kill off pregnancies and infants. This is a must-watch and share interview!

After Years Of Censoring Christians And Conservatives, Is Anyone Surprised That People Are Leaving Facebook In Droves For Sites Like Tik Tok?
Today, hundreds of millions of ex-Facebook users are wildly cheering one of the biggest stock market collapses of a single company in modern times, a $200 billion devaluation of Meta formerly known as Facebook. Why did Facebook Meta stock crash so hard?

BoJo’s Government In Crisis As 4 Aides Quit After “Pedophile” Jab 
As the BoE warns about back-breaking inflation and HMG scrambles to subsidize the heating bills of millions of Britons due to soaring LNG demand that’s rapidly draining reserves, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just seen his government engulfed in another crisis as four top staffers quit late Thursday in London.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Lawrence Sellin Identifies Chinese Science Mole at the Highest Level of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
U.S. medical research laboratories are little more than Chinese colonies, extensions of China’s fused military-civilian research programs and fully funded by the U.S. taxpayer.

Afghan drug addicts locked in detox clinics are ‘resorting to cannibalism’
When the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan last year one of its first pledges was to clean up the country’s drug problem – never mind that they spent years profiting off the very same opium people are now addicted to.

Symptoms of Mystery Brain Disorder in Canada: Trouble Walking, Talking
Dozens of New Brunswick residents have been struck with mysterious symptoms that point to a degenerative brain disorder, and authorities still don’t have an explanation for the debilitating illness.

Pathologist Sends Covid ‘Vaccine’ Warning: ‘Cancers Are Taking Off Like Wildfire’ “We have lost our collective medical minds for money.” – Dr. Ryan Cole The corona vaccines are ineffective and responsible for the increased number of cancer cases, warns pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole. Data from his vaccinated patients and data sent to him by oncologists show that the vaccines disrupt the immune system. Cole also said that the all-cause mortality rate is higher in vaccinated people.

The United Nations Is Now Celebrating Chrislam As The International Day Of Human Fraternity In Abu Dhabi 
The Human Fraternity Festival also known as Chrislam, will start tomorrow, February 4th, at Expo 2020 Dubai, organised by the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, in collaboration with the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, with the participation of international and Arab entities, including representatives of Al-Azhar and the Vatican.

Attorneys Report Spike in Calls for Help From Families of Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19
Attorneys around the country report an alarming uptick in calls for help from families of patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Part #3 Of Our Interview With The Soul Trap Now Live, Join Us As We Discuss The Question Of Is The Antichrist Alive On The Earth Right Now?!?
This latest installment of our multi-part series with Pastor Joel Tillis ends on a high note as we discuss is the antichrist alive on the earth now, the rise of pedophilia, the days of Lot and the days of Noah. Please enjoy Part 3 of As The Days Of Noah Were with Pastor Joel Tillis of The Soul Trap.

China Racing Against the US to be the First to Find the U.S. F-35C Fighter Jet that Crashed into the South China Sea
We reported last week about the US fighter jet that crash-landed into the China sea.  Reports are that China is racing the US to be the first to find the fighter jet that is embedded with some of the most advanced technology in the world.

American President ‘Walkaway Joe’ Biden Authorizes Strike On ISIS Leader In Syria Killing 13 People Including 4 Women And 6 Children
This morning, ‘Walkaway Joe’ Biden, the man who butchered the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan leaving hundreds stranded and killed an entire civilian Afghan family in a drone strike, was beaming from ear to ear as he announced “oops, I did it again!” from the White House.

COVID Vaccines Causing Miscarriages, Cancer and Neurological Disorders Among Military, DOD Data Show 
Attorney Thomas Renz on Monday told a panel of experts that data provided to him by three whistleblowers (ER: see story above) show COVID-19 vaccines are causing catastrophic harm to members of the U.S. military while not preventing them from getting the virus.

Chinese Military-Linked Firm Gathers American DNA, Provides COVID Tests – Udumbara Falun Dafa and more…
China is “developing the world’s largest bio database,” said Edward You, who is the U.S. national counterintelligence officer for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. “Once they have access to your genetic data, it’s not something you can change like a pin code.”