26 Jan 2022

As Russia prepares invasion: Israel may rescue up to 75,000 Ukrainian Jews from ‘Gog-Magog’ war
As an estimated 100,000 Russian troops mass on the border of Ukraine, Israel is preparing to evacuate some 75,000 people living in eastern Ukraine who are believed to be eligible for Israeli citizenship In addition, an estimated 10,000 Israeli nationals are currently in Ukraine. A closely guarded secret, handed down for three centuries, predicted that this political crisis would be the precursor to the War of Gog and Magog.

California Saw ‘Surreal’ Winter Wildfires Over The Weekend
Over the weekend, strong offshore winds (70-80 mph) ignited multiple wildfires across California. On Friday night, a fire sparked in Big Sur’s Colorado Valley, dubbing it the “Colorado Fire”. The National Weather Service’s Bay Area branch described the fire activity as “stubborn” and “surreal”, suggesting that “the long term drought is acting like a chronic illness where even recent rains and cold winter [weather] isn’t helping to keep fires from developing.”

Heatwave and drought hit South America’s crops and economy
Southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina are experiencing a severe drought that is affecting soybean and maize production. This is severely impacting harvests, as well as river transport of important summer crops.

What’s behind Putin’s arrogance and gumption?
Time is always on the Russian leader’s side. Putin’s dictatorship has overlapped five American presidents. He reportedly told then-President George W. Bush in 2008, “Ukraine is not even a country. Part of its territory is in Eastern Europe and the greater part was given to us.” There is concern an escalating situation could transform into a World War III, especially if Putin uses Belarus, which borders two NATO members, as a starting block for attacking Ukraine.

More mysterious rumbles reported in Tucson area
People from as far southeast as Vail to as far north as the town of Oracle reported the boom. That’s about a 65-mile range. Residents say they felt two of them right around 1:15 p.m. Linda Marie wrote on my Facebook page, “It sounded like something fell on my roof. It rattled my house.” Sharon Richardson Spall left a message, “Yes! I heard it and it sounded like a boom and it seemed like the top floor of my house shook. It also happened sometime last week. Maybe Friday? These mystery booms have been happening for years. They’ve been described by many like an earthquake but don’t register as one on the seismometer … That’s the case with Monday’s boom.

Donald Trump For Speaker Of The House
One thing Republicans can count on is, should they manage to retake power, there will be a bunch of firing down their own trench. Circular firing squads are not unique to the GOP, but they have all but been perfected by it. It’s unclear as to whether or not Trump wants to be president again, but what is clear is he wants to be a player. Speaker of the House would make him the ultimate player. The Republican legislative agenda would move because of him. It’d die at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., as long as Biden resides there, but Trump could get Biden and Democrats on record as being against a great many popular proposals.

GOP asks if China’s Communist Party is influencing NBC’s coverage
Republican lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have begun to probe whether and to what extent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be influencing NBC’s coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

Leftist Indifference to Christian Genocide
On November 17, 2021, the State Department removed Nigeria from its list of Countries of Particular Concern, that is, nations which engage in, or tolerate violations of, religious freedom. It did this despite several human rights organizations characterizing the persecution meted out to Nigeria’s Christians as a “genocide.”

Israel’s warning system for ‘End-of-days’ earthquakes is called ‘Shofar’
While experts institute practical measures to prepare for the much-predicted devastating earthquake, the Biblically minded are making more spiritual preparations for the prophesied pre-Messiah shake-up.

Israeli survey: France now tied with Poland as Europe’s most antisemitic country
The rise of physically violent and vociferous anti-Jewish verbal incidents in the Diaspora have persuaded Jews throughout the Diaspora – and that of pro-Israeli non-Jews around the world – that antisemitism has definitely mushroomed in recent years.

Severe floods and landslides leave at least 34 people dead, 64 000 affected in Madagascar
The passage of Tropical Cyclone “Ana” together with the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) caused prolonged heavy rains in Madagascar, leaving at least 34 people dead and more than 64 000 affected. Ana is the first named storm of the 2022 Southwest Indian Ocean cyclone season.

At least 2 killed, 50 injured after M5.3 earthquake and series of aftershocks hit Haiti
A moderately strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.3 hit southwestern Haiti at 13:16 UTC on January 24, 2022, at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Dozens of aftershocks followed, with magnitudes ranging up to 5.1.

10 Signs That Indicate That The U.S., The UK, Israel And NATO All Believe That We Are On The Precipice Of War With Russia
Are we about to stumble into a war that nobody wants?  As I will explain below, it would be so easy to avoid a military conflict with Russia, but the people running our foreign policy have ruled out any easy solutions.  Instead, they seem absolutely determined to have some sort of a macho showdown with Russia, and that is extremely dangerous.

BREAKDOWN: Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe
I warned you that things would get even worse in 2022, and that is exactly what is happening.  Throughout the latter stages of 2022, I documented how basic services were breaking down all across the country, but this was a trend that was largely ignored by the mainstream media until now.

DEFEATED, FOR NOW: Joe Biden Suffers Crushing Loss And Is Forced To Withdraw COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate For Large Private Companies 
Joe Biden and his draconian COVID-19 vaccination mandate have been rejected at the highest levels, and rightly so, after freedom-loving Americans took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in places like New York, Washington DC, and California. Today we celebrate a much-needed win, but this is the end times and the enemy is only retreating to regroup. Celebrate this win, but prepare yourselves for something worse to take its place.

Stalinesque Cruelty: Biden’s FDA Blocks Florida from Using Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID Patients
The FDA on Monday blocked Florida from using life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID patients. The treatments have proven to be very effective in the treatment of the coronavirus. This is like something Stalin would do!

EXCLUSIVE: Unvaccinated Pennsylvania Prisoners Stuck in Lockdown
Unvaccinated inmates in Pennsylvania’s state prisons are being held in lockdown conditions indefinitely, unless they submit to vaccination. It means they must stay in their cells 22 hours a day.

Samsung Unveils A World’s-First Fingerprint Security S3B512C Microchip To Speed Up Biometric ‘Buying And Selling’ Payment Collection 
While everyone is being distracted by the COVID-19 vaccines and the digital ID Immunity Passport, biometric microchips have become the hottest new sector in Silicon Valley, and will be a key component of how they will trap you in the coming Metaverse. We are right now in Step 3 of a three-step process that began in earnest in 1994. Let’s have a review of what these 3 Steps are, shall we?

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Asks Residents to Begin Voluntary Rationing of Food at Grocery Stores
For those of you who have prepared it is wise to remember the advice that always accompanies the final stages of preparation.  Once you are prepared, shut up, zip it, run silent and run deep.

‘Go home and die’: Howard Stern says the unvaccinated should not receive hospital care in unhinged rant
Sirius XM host Howard Stern has once again gone on a rant against people who have chosen not to take the abortion-tainted COVID jabs.  This time, the 68-year-old Stern said the “unvaccinated” should not be allowed access to hospitals and should be left to die.

New Data From Life Insurance Companies Confirm That Americans Are Dying In Unusually Large Numbers
Death is in the air.  Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 12 months, you already know that this is true.  Old people are dying, young people are dying, famous people are dying, and countless hard working Americans that make up the backbone of our economy are dying.  For months, I have been writing articles about “the mystery of the missing workers”.

Staggering Photos From Across America Prove Joe Bidens Food Crisis Is Undeniable No Matter What He Says – New Images From ANP Readers Show Things Getting Exponentially Worse
New reports, including from the MSM which tells us how bad the food crisis is becoming  here in America when the establishment media cannot deny it any longer, are showing some very different food category shortages, along with the ones we have been seeing  over the last year-plus.

BIOTERRORISM at the highest levels: U.S. government caught targeting “red” states with deadlier batches of covid vaccines 
A deep analysis of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data shows that “red” states – meaning those that align politically as being more conservative – are getting hit the hardest by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” deaths.

Claim: Witnesses say UK healthcare facilities are using Midazolam to euthanize elderly
An investigative journalist claims to have spoken to eyewitnesses who have reported that healthcare facilities and hospitals in the United Kingdom are euthanizing elderly patients without the knowledge of families or the permission of the sick, in violation of the country’s laws but with the blessing of governments around the world.

This List Seems Endless And Now Runs Into 2022
All the way back on November 19th of 2020, we reported on ANP in this story titled “‘Communist Coercive Methods For Eliciting Compliance’ Being Used Against Americans Under The Guise Of Fighting Covid-19 – If You Think 2020 Was Crazy, You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet! Signs 2021 Will Be Totally Insane” that during a livestream on COVID, a German Doctor named Andreas Noack had police break into his house, with guns pointing straight at him, for doing a video report that went against the globalists COVID narrative.

The NIH is funding a new animal experiment center in Texas to develop vaccines for EBOLA… when will the next “lab leak” go down? 
The NIH is funding a new animal experiment center in Texas to develop a vaccine for Ebola and other viruses. Will the quest for a lucrative Ebola vaccine also lead to the sudden appearance of a contagious Ebola strain in the years to come?

The Truckers Are Coming: World Record Caravan Heads to Mandate-Imposing Tyrants
…trucker Martin Brodmann joins the show to give exciting details on the over 600 truck-strong Canadian “freedom convoy” taking place as of now. This convoy has the goal of reaching Ottawa, Canada in an effort to protest the new Canadian Covid requirements for truckers.

As Hospital Refuses Man A Life-Saving Heart Transplant Because He Won’t Receive The Government Injection, Should We Be Calling This Murder?
Here at Day 681 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, we are seeing the rise of medical fascism in hospitals across America, and this story today from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, the second largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, is especially chilling.

Their Covid Narrative Is Falling Apart
Their Covid Narrative is falling apart, piece by piece; more and more people simply just don’t care anymore. It’s about time. In many ways the outbreak of COVID-19’s “Omicron” made up fear porn for compliance variant set in motion the crumbling of the mainstream virus narrative.

New Bill Would Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for All California Schoolchildren
All California school students would be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 under legislation proposed Monday. The proposed bill, titled the Keep Schools Open and Safe Act, would eliminate a personal belief exemption in school-based COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

FDA to Sharply Restrict Use of Two Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
According to WaPo, the Biden Administration is expected to halt distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly because they are ‘ineffective against Omicron.’