3 Jan 2022

Israel signs $3 billion arms deal with the U.S.
Israel signed a $3.1 billion deal with the U.S. to buy 12 Lockheed Martin CH-53K helicopters and two Boeing KC-46 refueling planes, the Defense Ministry said on Friday. “The procurement plans include the purchase of a new fleet of F35 aircraft, refueling aircraft, CH-53K helicopters, advanced air munition, air defense systems, and new marine and land platforms as well as cyber systems,”

Wavy Jet Stream = Big Temp Contrast (-38F in MT, +87F in AL); Record Cold And Snow Hit Alaska; + Saskatchewan Breaks 16 Low Temp Records, Sets New Power Usage
The global warming hypothesis can’t explain this one: The boundary of a buckling, meridional jet stream flow–brought about by historically low solar activity, is cutting right through the heart of America, causing anomalous heat on one side (+87F in Alabama) and a bone-chilling freeze on the other (-38F in Montana).

22 injured in 5.5-magnitude earthquake in China’s Yunnan
Two people were severely injured and 20 slightly injured in a 5.5-magnitude earthquake that struck the county of Ninglang in southwest China’s Yunnan Province at 3:02 p.m. on Sunday, local authorities said. All the injured have received timely treatment and none suffered life-threatening injuries, the county information office said, adding that there are currently no reports of deaths or collapsed buildings.

Muted Macron welcomes 2022 as crucial for Europe in speech without surprises
France took over the rotating presidency of the European Union at midnight on Saturday, affording President Emmanuel Macron the chance to pose as the EU’s de facto leader in the run-up to national elections due in April. In his televised New Year’s address, the French president made no direct reference to his intention to compete for a second five-year stint as national leader. “The year 2022 must be a turning point for Europe,” President Macron said in a New Year’s Eve address.

Stop that! It’s not Tourette’s but a new type of mass sociogenic illness
We report the first outbreak of a new type of mass sociogenic illness (MSI) that in contrast to all previously reported episodes is spread solely via social media. Accordingly, we suggest the more specific term “mass social media-induced illness” (MSMI). In Germany, current outbreak of MSMI is initiated by a “virtual” index case, who is the second most successful YouTube creator in Germany and enjoys enormous popularity among young people. Affected teenagers present with similar or identical functional “Tourette-like” behaviours, which can be clearly differentiated from tics in Tourette syndrome.

Minnesota Police Chiefs Association, Sen. Limmer blast Twin Cities prosecutors: ‘Soft on crime’
County attorneys are more interested in appeasing their political base than doing their job,” Sen. Limmer says, commenting on prosecutors’ decisions to not pursue certain metro-area cases. The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and State Sen. Warren Limmer are apparently concerned that Twin Cities prosecutors are intentionally not prosecuting somecrimes. The situation is so bad, they report that “in some cases where the County Attorney is unwilling to pursue felony cases, law enforcement has been forced to turn to city prosecutors to charge offenders with lesser crimes in pursuit of some form of justice.”

New Year’s resolutions about a relationship with God are popular among young Americans:
A relationship with God is among the three most common subjects of New Year’s resolutions, particularly among younger Americans, according to a new Lifeway Research survey. The online survey, released Tuesday, questioned 1,005 Americans about the topics they have “addressed with a New Year’s Resolution in the past.

NY governor’s office says they can’t spare more National Guard nurses for hospital
After a visit from Governor Kathleen C. Hochul on Wednesday, it was announced that Samaritan Medical Center won’t be receiving the National Guard assistance it requested last week.

CCP Extending “3 Warfares” Strategy Into Space
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been operating Yutu-2 on the far side of Luna since 2019. Ostensibly part of the CCP’s lunar exploration program, rovers such as Yutu-2 are preparing the way for the construction of a new robotic research base on the moon. That base, in turn, will prepare the way for a crewed moon landing and a new lunar base managed jointly by China and Russia.

Biden Wants To ‘Woke’ Up Your Doctor
The Biden Administration wants to pay doctors to create office “anti-racism plans” that could soon bring full blown critical race theory into your examining room… What’s that you say? You didn’t hear about Congressional legislation to that effect? That’s because there is no such law. Rather, the idea was pushed quietly into implementation by the blob-like federal bureaucracy that exercises primary control over the details and minutia of federal law.

Chicago Reports 797 Murders For 2021, Most Of Any US City
According to data released by the Chicago Police Department and cited by the Associated Press, the city recorded 797 homicides, the most in Chicago since 1996 and more than any other city in the country. The 2021 total was 25 more than in 2020 and 299 more than in 2019. On top of that, there were 3,561 shootings in 2021. Both New York and LA have larger populations than Chicago. But both cities recorded at least 300 fewer homicides in 2021 than Chicago.

Leaving Illinois: Another Wealthy Chicago Entrepreneur Votes With His Feet
He was everything Chicago should want from someone in the business community. An engaged and highly successful investor, tech entrepreneur and C-suite executive. Politically active yet still willing to get his hands dirty on real policy issues. Not scared to take on politicians. Paid lots in taxes, too. I have bailed on Illinois. I’m now a resident of a great state out West. God knows I tried to be a loyal Illinoisan! They say that in the marketplace people vote with their pocketbooks. In Illinois, people are voting with their feet.” Illinois is, in blunt terms, no longer going down the sewer. It’s already there.

U.S. Billionaires Grew Their Wealth by $340B in 2021 as Middle Class Shrinks
U.S. billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Steve Ballmer, Larry Elison, and Warren Buffett grew their combined wealth to about $341 billion in 2021, At the same time, the American middle class has seen a dramatic drop in wealth. The middle class includes 77.5 million U.S. households with an annual income of $27,000 to $141,000.

Current world order cannot continue while humanity suffers: Turkish president
The year 2021 has proven that the current global order that emerged after the World War II cannot be allowed to continue at the cost of humanity’s suffering, Turkey’s president said on Friday. Erdogan emphasized that global powers failed to address the plethora of challenges faced by the world in 2021, particularly the coronavirus pandemic, climate crisis, irregular migration and regional conflicts. “It is an undeniable fact that today’s developed countries are not as strong as they seem and cannot guide the world through these crises,” he said.

Meteor explosion may have caused Pittsburgh boom on New Year’s
A thunderous, ground-trembling boom was heard throughout the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Saturday, ringing in the new year, with county officials suggesting that an exploding meteor could have been the cause, according to the National Weather Service.

US Navy seizes heroin worth $4M in Arabian Sea drug bust
The USS Tempest and USS Typhoon seized the drugs hidden aboard a stateless fishing vessel plying Mideast waters, the international task force said in a statement. The seizure took place on Monday. The Navy said the fishing vessel likely came from Iran. All nine crew members identified themselves as Iranian nationals

Bennett like Jeroboam; A bad leader ironically preparing path for 3rd Temple’ Jerusalem Mystic proclaims
despite general dissatisfaction with the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, it is precisely because of this dissatisfaction that his government is preparing for the final Davidic Dynasty. “The better part of Jeroboam the son of Nabat’s soul,” Rabbi Fish wrote, noting that Nabat’s name can be rearranged to spell ‘Bennett.’ “Bennett ends the influence of the reign of Jeroboam, thereby beginning the reign of Moshiach from the house of Joseph.”

Rare phenomenon causes fish to fall from sky in Texas: Is it Zephaniah’s prophesy?
On Wednesday afternoon, the city of Texarkana, Texas was hit with a heavy rainstorm when some of the residents noticed the rain was highly unusual, dumping small fish onto dry land.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone “Seth” producing high tides and dangerous surf in parts of Queensland and NSW, Australia
Tropical Cyclone “Seth” formed in the Coral Sea NE of Mackay, Queensland on December 31, 2021, as the 4th named storm of the 2021/22 Australian region cyclone season. While Seth is not expected to directly affect the coastline over the weekend, it will direct large waves toward the coast, and produce strong winds and heavy rain.

3 people missing, 991 homes destroyed and 127 damaged by catastrophic Marshall Fire in Colorado
More than 1 000 homes have been destroyed or damaged and three people are missing, presumed dead, after a catastrophic wildfire erupted on December 30, 2021, and tore through the communities of Superior and Louisville, a suburban area between Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

Nearly 2,000 Flights Canceled Sunday Amid COVID-19 Staffing Issues, Snowstorm
Nearly 2,000 flights have been canceled on Sunday, the day after New Year’s, amid staffing shortages and poor weather conditions in some parts of the United States.

Whistleblower sounds alarm over mystery, degenerative illness causing hallucinations and fatigue, the Guardian reports
An anonymous Canadian whistleblower from Vitalité Health Network, one of New Brunswick’s two health authorities, has said that more people are developing symptoms of a mysterious, degenerative neurological condition, according to The Guardian.

Texas Election Audit Report finds 450,000 duplicate registrations…
Texas Secretary of State Phase 1 election audit progress report 449,362 duplicate voter registrations The audit results of the largest 4 counties in Texas found that thousands of non-U.S. citizens were registered to vote.  Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified. Of these, 327 were in Collin County, 1,385 in Dallas County, 3,063 in Harris County, and 708 in Tarrant County.

The Chickens of the Collective Psychosis of COVID Hysteria Come Home to Roost 
For years, fear-mongering from the government and national media has pushed people to detach themselves from reality when it comes to assessing risk profiles regarding the coronavirus. That’s now playing out in the form of completely asymptomatic individuals rushing to jam up emergency rooms in Vermont. Though, as we’ll see, this is hardly limited to the Green Mountain State.

Thousands of prisoners released because of COVID – another way the Biden regime is flooding society with violent criminals 
Attorney-General Merrick Garland recently ordered the Bureau of Prisons to allow the thousands of federal and state inmates released from prison to home confinement to remain free once the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is lifted.

What We Are Seeing Happening Now Is The Same Mass Formation Psychosis That Created Nazi Germany In 1933 
One of the latest things that will trigger the social media censorship in 2022 is the reposting of articles and memes that use the term ‘mass formation psychosis’ made popular by vaccine expert Dr. Robert Malone. It may be a new phrase but the concept is not new at all, it refers to how a large group of people, as large as a nation or even many nations at once, can come under a group delusion triggered by fear and chaos. Sound familiar? Sure does. Sounds like Day 657 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve to me, 657 days of mass formation psychosis.

France Requiring Unvaccinated US Travelers to Quarantine for 10 Days
French officials have added the United States to their “red list” for travel and will now require unvaccinated Americans to quarantine for ten days.

National Guard increasingly being deployed to staff hospitals to help sell the “COVID surge” narrative ahead of future lockdowns
The globalists had a great time during the COVID-19 pandemic because they actually got to play the role of ‘dictator’ and they enjoyed it — so much so they are doing everything they can to continue to sell the lie that the pandemic remains the biggest threat to our existence and, thus, we the sheeple must continue to empower the tyrants who just want to ‘keep us safe.’

Is the force that will direct the end of days residing in Antarctica?
As the planet comes to the Great Reset and humanity’s survivors are sentenced to eating bugs and fake lab meat, some people, some researchers, feel that we should not be looking at the Trilateral Commission and the World Economic Forum for answers. They feel we should be looking South as in the South Pole (ie Antarctica).

Columbia University study reports over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines
A new independent study using analysis of excess deaths showed that our estimate of the number of excess deaths was consistent with what they found.