28 Dec 2021

From U.S. midterms to the heart of Europe: A year of election craziness poses major global risks in 2022
Elections in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa—not to mention the U.S. midterms in November—could rattle markets, provoke mass unrest, and upend policies from taxes to climate change, China, and Big Tech. And those are just the elections we know about; unscheduled, snap votes are also called when governments fall apart—as they can do in terms of high stress.

Why Is NASA Hiring Religious Leaders To Prepare For Encounter With Aliens?
The theologians are attempting to assess how major religions would react to news of alien life being found. The appointment comes as NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope blasted into space on Christmas day. Davidson seeks to answer theological questions such as whether or not God made life in other parts of the universe and if he sent a savior to die for the sins of aliens. Another question the British priest seeks to tackle is if discovering extraterrestrial life will require religions to rewrite the entire story of creation in Genesis.

Fagradalsfjall volcano update: strong seismic activity continues
The number of earthquakes rapidly increasing but the activity slowed down a bit over the past 24 hours. 18000 earthquakes have already been detected in total, mostly with magnitudes of 4 or more since the seismic crisis started on 21 December.

Anti-vax protests erupt worldwide amid plan for major D.C. event
Preparations are underway for an anti-vaccine-mandate protest at the National Mall in Washington, but citizens across Europe and Down Under have been holding mass demonstrations for some time now, including over the holiday weekend. The march in Washington on Jan. 23 will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Washington Monument and conclude at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, about one mile away. Called Defeat the Mandate DC, it’s organized by The Unity Project, Children’s Health Defense and the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists.

Colorado’s age-old water doctrine pushed to the brink by drought
In Colorado, acquiring water is a complicated undertaking due in part to Colorado’s hallmark “first-in-time, first-in-right” water law, known as the prior appropriation doctrine. The doctrine dates back 150 years to when Colorado was a territory rich in gold, silver and land, but not water.

3.3-magnitude earthquake felt in middle of South Carolina, 30 miles from Columbia
At 2:18 p.m. Wednesday, the National Geological Survey detected the earthquake’s epicenter about three miles northeast of Lugoff, around a two-hour drive from Greenville. The quake had a depth of about two miles, according to a preliminary report from the USGS.

Snow blasts California and freezes Pacific Northwest
Blowing snow in mountains of Northern California and Nevada closed key highways over the weekend, while an arctic blast brought frigid temperatures to the Pacific Northwest and unusually warm weather settled over parts of Texas and the Southeast.

Nothing’s new under the sun
One of the ways Germans who refuse to take the mandated inoculations are being ostracized is that yellow painted signs reading, “DO NOT BUY FROM UNVAXXED” have appeared on store windows in the Central European country. In response, some protestors have started wearing yellow badges shaped like the Jewish Star of David with the inscription “unvaccinated,” drawing a comparison to the Nazis’ persecution of Jews during World War II.

Jobless after refusing Jab called Jim Crow 2.0
Millions of unvaccinated Americans were informed by President Joe Biden they deserve to be punished for failing to get a COVID-19 shot but a black conservative who did just that says it sure sounds like Jim Crow-like discrimination. “Somehow it’s mandated that you know what’s best for me. I don’t agree with it. That is Jim Crow in itself. You don’t know what’s best for me.”

Federal Court Protects a Christian Women’s Shelter in Anchorage from Having to Admit Males Who Claim to Be Female
Because no woman should be forced to sleep or disrobe next to a man, we are pleased the court has allowed Downtown Hope Center to continue protecting women and operating according to its religious beliefs.” -ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Tucker

Historic U.S. weather events in 2021, by the numbers
From record-shattering heat to frigid waves of cold, torrential downpours to relentless drought, 2021 has been a year of extremes in the United States. As personal stories and images illuminate the devastation wrought by the events, the raw numbers also underline the widespread impacts and extraordinary nature of this year’s weather.

‘It’s just sick’: Bible museum stages ‘profane perversion’ of Scriptures
A Bible museum in Germany has staged an LGBTQ-themed exhibit that proclaims to all: “You are good as you are.” And it’s been slammed as a “profane perversion” of the Bible by Franklin Graham, the chief of the Samaritan’s Purse international Christian ministry. Decision magazine reported last week on the project at the Bible Museum of Frankfurt, a six-month display that it said “made blatantly false claims about biblical teaching, including that the Bible contains LGBTQ themes.”

BBC Third on ‘Most Antisemitic’ List, After Only Iran and Hamas
The BBC was ranked third on a “Global Antisemitism Top Ten” list by a major Jewish group, beaten only by Iran and the Hamas terror group.

Joe Biden’s Job Approval Crashes to 36 Percent
Just 36 percent of registered voters approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, Civiqs polling revealed Sunday. Biden’s approval has reached historic lows amid high crime, 40-year-high inflation, and Americans stranded in Afghanistan: 55 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Among those 18 to 34 years old, Biden’s approval rating is only 28 percent …

Leading Palestinian Cleric: Omicron Due to Tolerance of Homosexuality — ‘Deadly Bigotry’
Palestinian Islamic Scholar Sheikh Issam Amira in a recent address blamed the toleration of homosexuality on the part of governments and media for the recent Omicron wave which threatens to sweep countries globally. “What are these names, these diseases, that were not known to our forefathers?”

Is Iran’s new drone swarm Shahed-136 tech a gamechanger?
These types of drones fly directly into a target and self-destruct, and Iran seems to have acquired it.

Moscow is considering NATO proposal to hold talks on January 12
Russia has received a NATO proposal to commence talks on Moscow’s security concerns on Jan. 12 and is considering it, TASS news agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying on Sunday.

Ali Express says it will not serve Palestinians beginning in 2022
The reason for the move is commercial and not political: Palestinian mail authorities refuse to handle mail addressed to Israel, which many Palestinian shoppers put down as the destination country.

Haiti: Kidnapped missionaries made death-defying escape after ‘sensing’ God telling told them to run
CAM released a statement saying that the missionaries were bravely maintaining their faith while in captivity. The hostages recited scripture, hymns, and even attempted to convince their captors to repent. “The hostages were sensing God nudging them to attempt an escape,” he explained, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Over the time of their captivity, God gave various hostages a desire to attempt an escape.”

Israel approves 1 billion shekel Golan Heights development plan
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Sunday the approval of a 1 billion shekel ($317.3 million) program to develop and settle the Golan Heights. Bennett said that the government’s goal was to double the Golan’s population, according to an official statement. The current population is approximately 50,000.

Extreme rainfall hits Brazilian state of Bahia, causing catastrophic damage
Weeks of heavy rainfall over the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia (population 15 million) caused massive floods and damage, leaving at least 18 people dead, nearly 500 000 affected, and 35 000 displaced. Parts of the state, including capital Salvador, have already received 6 times their normal December rainfall.

Omicron Is Pushing America Into Soft Lockdown
“I do not see a scenario for any kind of shutdown,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared this week, as parts of New York were in fact shutting down all around him. Broadway canceled show after show. Restaurants closed their kitchens. De Blasio’s successor, Eric Adams, who will take office January 1, nixed his inauguration gala. There has been no March 2020–style universal shutdown, but New York is not back anymore, baby.

MK likens COVID rules to Nazi policies: ‘All that’s missing is concentration camps’ 
Likud MK Gadi Yevarkan was kicked out of a Sunday Knesset committee hearing after making comments comparing COVID-19 measures to the Holocaust, including by falsely claiming that Austria sends unvaccinated individuals to concentration camps.

Finnish Churches Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Christmas Concerts — So Unvaxxed Stand Outside and Sing Their Own Christmas Songs
Finnish Christians were not allowed inside the church this year unless they had taken the mRNA vaccination for the coronavirus. So they stood outside and sang their own Christmas songs.

HORROR: Four Young Soccer Stars from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks
our young international soccer stars died this week after suffering a sudden heart attack. Croatian footballer Marin Cacic, Oman international player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Amin, and  Algerian football player Sofiane Loukar all died this week, the COVID world reported.

Meet the Weed Nuns: Our Ladies of the Perpetual High
In the middle of California’s Central Valley, in a modest milky-blue home on one acre of farmland, lives a small group of nuns. They wear habits and abide by a set of vows, but as the door opens, it’s clear that the Sisters of the Valley, as they’re known, aren’t living in a traditional convent. Because as the scent wafts out, it’s unambiguous: It’s the earthy, pungent smell of weed.

ITV’s Kylie Pentelow Accidentally Says Pope Francis is Dead
A British news anchor accidentally declared Pope Francis in an utterly brutal live news blunder, magnified by the fact that it took place on Christmas Day.

Children are being ‘brainwashed’ by TikTok videos on ‘cool’ trans surgery
Campaigners have accused TikTok of helping children to be ‘brainwashed’ by hosting viral social-media videos that promote changing sex as ‘cool’.

LGBT literature dominates American Library Association’s top 10 ‘most challenged’ books list
Public library books that promote LGBT relationships and political views were among the most challenged books of 2019, according to a recent report by the American Library Association.

People can go to the pub, but not to work? Wales dishes out senseless COVID rules 
People can now be fined for showing up at work based on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) rules recently introduced in Wales. But the Welsh people, it appears, are still free to go to the pubs.

Who Will Be Held Responsible for this Devastation? 
If the pandemic policy response had taken the form of mere advice, we would not be in the midst of this social, economic, cultural, political disaster. What caused the wreckage was the application of political force that was baked into the pandemic response this time in a way that has no precedent in human history.

Columbia study: True U.S. COVID vaccine death count is 400,000
The CDC’s latest count of deaths attributed to COVID-19 vaccines is nearly 20,000, but a study by researchers at Columbia University estimates the actual number is 20 times higher.

After Running On The Promise To ‘Defeat COVID’ Pretend President Biden Now Says There Is ‘No Federal Solution’ To Crisis And Tells States To Fix It
Pretend president Joe Biden ran on the promise that his administration would ‘beat COVID’, and saying that any president who had 200,000 people die from COVID should be removed from office. What a difference a year makes, eh? Here at the cusp of 2022, and Joe Biden has watched as over 400,000 people have died from COVID on his watch. Not only that, this afternoon during a ZOOM meeting, Biden said that there ‘is no federal solution’ to COVID and that it’s up to the states now to carry the day.

“Brain Bleeds, Heart Attacks in Younger 50-Year-Olds. No Doctor Will Admit This Is from the Vaccine. They Won’t Make the VAERS Re­port.” – Southern California Nurse
A report coming out of Southern California notes that nurses are beginning to speak out about COVID vaccine concerns and observations.

Putin Orders Fresh Round Of War Games Around Demand That Ukraine Not Be Allowed To Join NATO, Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems S-300V 
Right now, Putin is obviously bluffing with his demands that Ukraine not be allowed to join NATO, because he does not want western missiles stationed that close to Russia, but it’s a bluff with some bite. Especially when you consider that Russia represent Magog from Ezekiel 39, a nation that will lead the charge against Israel during the time of Jacob’s trouble.

PHOTO: Chinese Military-Linked HDI Chairman Attended Joe Biden’s Inauguration
The Chinese military-linked Humpty Dumpty Institute Chairman Dr. Al Khalafalla attended the exclusive inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021.

New Jersey Is First State to Pay Out MILLIONS Over Nursing Home COVID Deaths — Will NY, MI, PA and CA Follow?
New Jersey will pay out $53 million to settle claims that the state’s negligence contributed to the deaths of more than 100 veterans at state-run homes during the coronavirus pandemic.