26 Dec 2021

German, Russian Envoys To Meet To Ease Political Tensions Over Ukraine
Berlin doubts more than Washington whether Russia actually wants to attack Ukraine and is keen to de-escalate tensions.

A rare event:’ Seattle preps for dangerously cold weather set to move into the region 
With a blast of Arctic air set to move into Western Washington this weekend, Seattle officials said Thursday they are implementing a cold weather response plan to keep residents safe and the city operational during temperatures that will be some of the coldest in recent memory.

Record heatwave set to sweep the central US on Christmas weekend
Vast swathes of the central United States are expected to experience above-average temperatures this Christmas weekend. “We’re talking daytime highs that are running as much as 25 to even 30 degrees above average,” Weather.com meteorologist Domenica Davis said Thursday.

Exclusive — Rep. Ralph Norman: Biden Admin ‘at War with All Faith-Based Agencies’
Democrat President Joe Biden seems to be “at war with all faith-based agencies” — including foster and adoption agencies that wish to operate according to their religious beliefs, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) told Breitbart News.

Natural Health News and Scientific Discoveries
A top Harvard University professor has been found guilty of lying about payments received from China.

Swedish startup introduces implantable microchip that can store a COVID passport under your skin
Epicenter, a Stockholm-based startup, recently introduced a microchip that can contain personal identification like the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) passport and can be implanted under the human skin. The company noted that the implant can be read by any device using a near-field communication protocol technology that is already widely available: They are currently used for contactless payments and keyless entry systems.

Covid-19: Pharmaceutical giants, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court complaint 
UK officials and the most influential public health figures are accused of genocide, citing a series of statistics on the impact of “vaccines” and policies imposed under the guise of “mitigating COVID.”

The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage COVID jabs can do
Injecting millions of people with countless copies of a gene that instructs the body to produce a toxic protein might not seem very sensible. But it was hoped that this approach, the basis of the COVID vaccine, would help minimize damage caused by the protein – the ‘spike’ that the genetically engineered SARS-CoV-2 uses to invade our body cells – when we meet the actual virus.

Covid modelers are fantasizing about wild “scenarios” in which thousands are dying daily from Omicron, even though it’s just another mild cold
The Spectator editor Fraser Nelson recently had an exchange with Graham Medley, chair of SPI-M, a committee of Sage Modeling, who came up with a pretty grim outlook for the “Omicron” (Moronic) variant of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). It turns out that Sage only churns out worst-case scenarios, Moronic included, that sidestep any possibility of a positive outcome because this is what politicians expect in order to impose more fascism.

Biden Sparks Uproar with Plan to Rip COVID Aid Funds from Rural Areas, Funnel Toward Cities
Rural areas are about to be hit by a Biden administration policy that puts the wants of major cities over the needs of small towns.

Militarization of Health Care: Generals Take Control of Covid Task Forces Internationally
“Coincidently,” globalist billionaire Bill Gates previously called for the militarization of the health system in 2015.

Ecuador makes COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all eligible residents 
The Ecuadorian government on Thursday issued a vaccine mandate for all eligible residents, making Ecuador the most recent country to issue this strict measure against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passengers left aboard cruise ship when Mexico blocks disembarkation over crew COVID cases
Nearly 1,000 passengers on a cruise that departed San Diego this week were left waiting aboard the ship after missing a port in Mexico when a handful of crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

The Propaganda Never Stops… UK Leader Boris Johnson Preaches on ‘Getting Jabbed for Jesus’ in his Christmas Eve Message
The propaganda never stops. Now the godless are preaching that Jesus wanted jabs. Here is UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushing the jabs on Christmas Eve.

TikTok Moderators Sue After Being “Traumatized” By Content
Content moderators are apparently having trouble dealing with the non-stop barrage of scantily clad teens shaking their assets.