18 Dec 2021

Solar Storms and Their Potential to Create Electronic Chaos
Hollywood would have us believe that we could avert a global catastrophe from a solar flare by using technology (solar attack) or even harnessing the energy of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) through the manipulation of the earth’s magnetic field (Cat. 8). No matter the movie, its improbable fictional technology would save us from doom in the event a massive solar flare strikes the earth. But it begs the question: Could humanity survive such an event?

Mosquito, Locust Swarms Predicted To Descend On Aussie State
Prolonged flooding throughout Australia’s eastern states have created an ideal environment to trigger plagues of destructive insects as the nation approaches the peak of summer. The state of New South Wales (NSW), following its wettest ever November, is bracing for an unwelcome rise in locust and mosquito numbers due to the soggy conditions.

The Beta Israel: The return of a lost tribe
Two words sum up the dramatic ongoing saga of a lost tribe’s return to the Jewish world: Miracle and Mission. While the Beta Israel was cut off from the rest of the Jewish world – indeed, they believed they were among the only Jews left on earth after the Temple’s destruction! – slowly, word of their existence began to filter out. Marco Polo and Benjamin of Tudela wrote of the existence of an independent Jewish nation, a “Mosaic kingdom lying on the other side of the rivers of Ethiopia.

Iran looks to drag out talks in Vienna with Russia’s backing – analysis
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are seen during a signing ceremony, in Tehran, Iran, April 13, 2021. The three European members of the negotiations in Vienna believe Iran is making more demands as time goes by, according to Iranian media. Iran meanwhile says it is continuing to enrich uranium in violation of the 2015 deal and that it does this because the US left the deal and put sanctions on Iran.

It’s Official: Texas Border Wall Construction Begins
Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Friday that the construction of the state’s border wall has begun. “Texas has officially started building its own border wall,” “Biden allows open border policies and refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress to secure the border and enforce immigration laws,” The governor added.

Appeals court reinstates Biden vaccine mandate for business, setting up Supreme Court showdown
States plan to appeal to high court. A federal appeals court on Friday night reinstated President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private companies with more than 100 workers, reversing lower court rulings and setting up a likely showdown before the U.S. Supreme Court. A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration had the authority to Impose the mandate due to take effect Jan. 4.

Brexit: UK signs free trade deal with Australia
The UK has signed a free trade deal with Australia which it says will benefit consumers and businesses. It is described as the first post-Brexit deal negotiated from scratch and not “rolled over” from trade terms that the UK enjoyed while in the EU. The government estimated it would unlock £10.4bn of additional trade while ending tariffs on all UK exports.

Russia Ukraine: Moscow lists demands for defusing Ukraine tensions
Russia has demanded strict limits on the activities of the US-led Nato military alliance in countries in Eastern Europe. The demands, which are unlikely to be met, come amid Western fears Russia plans to invade its neighbour Ukraine. Russia denies this, but wants Nato to rule out Ukraine and others ever joining the alliance to defuse the situation.

Lutheran Church Hosts Drag Queen Sunday Service to ‘Reflect on Joy’
A seminarian at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square in Chicago led children in a service last Sunday dressed in drag “to reflect on a joy that overflows so abundantly,” the church announced on Facebook. “In these seven weeks, we’ll be focusing on those practices, beliefs, and experiences that CULTIVATE AUTHENTIC JOY,” the Facebook post continued.

Arab coalition strikes kill 80 Houthis in Marib and Al-Jawf
RIYADH: The Arab coalition said Saturday it carried 19 operations against the Iran-backed Houthi militants in the Yemeni governorates of Marib and Al-Jawf during the past 24 hours, Al Arabiya TV reported. The bloc said at least 80 militants were killed and 11 vehicles were destroyed in the attacks. CAIRO: The Sharm El-Sheikh Declaration, issued at the ninth session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption that concluded on Friday, warned of the increasing risks of corruption, represented in economic spending and health relief.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Expected to Kill School Curriculum Transparency Bill
It is unlikely Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf will sign into law a bill that would make sure parents have online access to what their children are being taught in public schools across the state. House Bill 1332, dubbed the “Empowering Parents With Curriculum Transparency” bill, would require school districts to share their curricula on public websites, starting the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

A New Mystery Disease Is Killing “Scores of People” in South Sudan
The World Health Organization has sent a “rapid response team” into South Sudan to investigate a mysterious new illness that is killing people in large numbers.  At this point, about the only thing that we know about this deadly disease is that it is “unidentified”.  I scoured all of the global news reports that I could find, and none of them are telling us specifically how these people are dying. I am going to keep trying to find out more.  This outbreak may turn out to be nothing, but the past couple of years have shown us that sometimes a small outbreak can sweep across the entire planet very rapidly.  So we should keep a close eye on South Sudan until officials can tell us for certain that there is no cause for concern.

Widespread floods destroy more than 1 400 homes, leave 15 people dead and 9 missing in the Republic of Congo
Heavy rain has been affecting most of the Republic of the Congo (also named Congo-Brazzaville) since the rainy season started in September, causing rivers overflow and triggering floods that have resulted in casualties and widespread damage. 15 people were killed, 9 are still missing, more than 6 550 are displaced people, and a total of over 46 650 affected people across the aforementioned departments, as of December 16. The data collected from the government and Congolese Red Cross agents by December 12 show that 311 houses have been damaged and 1 410 destroyed in Cuvette and Plateaux alone.

Putin defies Biden, sends more Russian troops to Ukraine border
Russia is reportedly sending even more troops to its border with Ukraine, even after President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the U.S. would punish Russia and increase defensive assistance to Ukraine.

Greenwald Exposes The Real Disinformation Agents
The war on “disinformation” is now one of the highest priorities of the political and media establishment. It has become the foundational justification for imposing a regime of online censorship. Around the world, new laws are being enacted in its name to empower the state to regulate discourse. Exploiting this cause, a small handful of billionaires are working in unison with Western security state agencies — under the guise of neutral-sounding names like The Atlantic Council — to set the limits of permissible thought and decree what is true and false. Corporate media outlets are attempting to rehabilitate their shattered image by depicting themselves as the bulwark against the rising tide of disinformation. It is an understatement to say that this righteous cause is a scam. That its motive is power and control over speech and thought — to eliminate dissent and discredit competition —

Peter Navarro Is Anthony Fauci’s Worst Nightmare
From the beginning, the closet NeverTrumps, the RINOs, the globalists, and the Deep State people from the Republican side were often worse enemies than hair-on-fire leftist Democrats. The result was musical chairs of national security key players but also policymakers and agency key people that repeatedly scuttled Trump’s plans and bragged to their friends about it. Navarro was a loyal player, and he recounts the events and players who made things worse. The tale of 2020 is a repeating story of Fauci malfeasance, and Navarro reports the details.

No Christmas miracle as dry pattern continues in Southern Brazil.
f farmers in southern Brazil and northern Argentina asked Santa Claus for rain this year, they must have been on the naughty list. Drier than normal conditions are expected to continue across southern Brazil in the week-ending Christmas Day. Meanwhile, an abundance of rainfall will fall farther north across Central, Northeast, and Southeast Brazil.

NYT Reveals How Ashley Biden’s ‘Inappropriate Showers With Joe’ Diary Made Its Way To Project Veritas
The Times also confirms the legitimacy of a report by National File’s Patrick Howley, who published excerpts from the diary on Oct. 24, 2020 – and the full diary two days later. While treated as potentially fake at the time, we now know that the contents are legit – including claims that Joe took ‘probably inappropriate’ showers with Ashley, and that she believes she was sexually molested as a child.

Education Department Will Keep Trump-Era Effort To Catalog Teacher Sex Crimes
The Department of Education will keep questions introduced by the Trump administration for teacher-on-student sex crimes in its biannual civil rights survey, the agency announced this week. The department on Monday withdrew its proposed Civil Rights Data Collection for the 2021-22 school year, Education Week reported. Unlike the Trump-era proposal, the survey had not included questions on the number of sexual assault allegations lodged against teachers. Former education secretary Betsy DeVos had also included questions asking whether allegations resulted in the resignation or retirement of the accused prior to a settlement in the case.

Biden FDA Legalizes ‘Abortion by Mail’: ‘More Mothers Will Die, More Children Will Die’
the Biden administration said it … will allow pregnant women to receive the abortion pill by mail, clearing the way for a landmark policy change that pro-lifers warn will have a devastating impact on women’s health and safety.

RNC Announces ‘Pride Coalition,’ Partnership With Log Cabin Republicans Ahead of Midterms
The announcement came during the Log Cabin Republicans’ “Spirit of Lincoln Gala,” which took place Saturday night at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, and attracted a high-profile group of attendees, including former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump, who was the event’s guest of honor, and other prominent Republicans, including former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell.

Is anti-Semitism serving G-d’s purpose?
Dr. Sam Minskoff, a license clinical psychologist and aliyah consultant at Israel National News – Arutz Sheva, discusses anti-Semitism (Jew hatred) as more than a wakeup call for Jews in the Diaspora but rather ironically as serving G-d’s purpose for “encouraging” Jews to return home to the Land that G-d has foresworn, namely, Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel).

US official: Iran’s breakout time to nuclear weapon is ‘really short’
Biden administration official says Iran’s breakout time to producing enough enriched uranium for one nuclear weapon is “really short” and alarming.

What the public doesn’t know about an attack on Iran
To put it simply, Israel is telling the world that if it won’t stop Iran, we will have to take military action.

Police arrest Jewish Temple Mount ‘infiltrators’ dressed as Muslims
Police have arrested two members of a group of Jewish Israelis who pretend to be Muslims in order to “infiltrate” onto the Temple Mount and pray after the group was uncovered in a report by Channel 13.

German police foil ‘anti-vaxxer murder plot’ against state premier
The plot to kill the state premier of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, is the latest in a series of incidents that underscore the anger of some Germans over restrictions on the unvaccinated.

With Israel-US ties, perception and reality don’t always add up
There is much to unpack from excerpts of journalist Barak Ravid’s two taped interviews with former US president Donald Trump that were released last week to promote Ravid’s new Hebrew book, Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East.

Ethiopia and the legend of the lost ark
A fascinating connection between Ethiopia and Jewish history is the belief that the Ark of the Covenant, containing the tablets of the Ten Commandments, may reside to this day in Ethiopia. While a Talmudic source relates that the ark – along with several other of the Temple’s sacred objects – was hidden just prior to the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, numerous other theories exist as to its whereabouts.

Super Typhoon “Rai” hits the Philippines, leaving a trail of destruction
Typhoon “Rai” — known locally as Odette — reached Super Typhoon intensity on December 16, 2021, just before it made landfall on the popular tourist island of Siargao, Philippines with maximum sustained winds around 195 km/h (120 mph).1 Rai is the 6th super typhoon of the year and one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit the southern Philippines. At least 12 people have been killed.

Anomalous and historic December derecho hits U.S.
An anomalous and historic December derecho, a windstorm associated with an unusually strong and fast-moving line of thunderstorms, swept from the U.S. Southwest to the Upper Midwest on December 15, 2021, traveling roughly 1 060 km (660 miles) in just over 10 hours.

BABY MURDER REGIME: COVID jab injury overview reveals 82% of pregnant women vaccinated in the first or second trimester suffer spontaneous abortions
….Most pregnant women in their first or second trimester that get the Fauci jabs suffer spontaneous abortions, so how could it possibly be “safe” or “effective,” unless effective means effective at killing babies, in and out of the womb.

CDC just warned that 15,000 Americans will die EACH WEEK by Christmas; but it’s actually VACCINE DEATHS that are accelerating just as independent doctors told us all along
In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaccine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week by Christmas, with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022.  The CDC claims these are “covid” deaths, but of course they are actually vaccine deaths.

No Vax, No Food: Spokane Christmas Food Pantry Requires Proof of Vaccination or COVID Test to Get Food
In Spokane, they’re turning people away from the Christmas Bureau food assistance. People in need have to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test no more than 72 hours old.

Chicago Lutheran Church Hosts ‘Drag Queen Prayer Hour’ For Children
Chicago, Illinois – St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square hosted a “drag queen prayer hour” for children last weekend.

Even If COVID-19 Disappears Tomorrow, They Are Still Going To Force You To Receive The Government Injection Anyway
he weapons of warfare changed dramatically from the time of the Spanish-American War to the dawn of WWI that used airplanes to wage war. And the transition from WWI to WWII saw another paradigm shift primarily with the ground-breaking technology developed by the Nazis with their V1 cruise missiles and V2 rocket-powered ballistic missiles. And WWIII that started right around March of 2020 is using weapons that no one except for maybe hardcore bible believers ever saw coming. 2022 is going to be the craziest year yet.

Global Coal Power Demand On Track For Record As Green Energy Transition Crumbles
“The rebound is being driven by this year’s rapid economic recovery, which has pushed up electricity demand much faster than low-carbon supplies can keep up.”

Stew Peters Show: Living Organisms Found in Vials! – Soros DA’s NAMED, Full Stalinist Attack on Patriots
A group of South Korean doctors have banded together and now call themselves the “Korea Veritas Doctors for Covid 19.” They have secured partial vials of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines, and upon close observation, they claim to have observed “moving organism.”

South Korea Experiments with AI to Track Citizens with COVID
Big Brother is watching Bucheon, South Korea. And people better be wearing their masks properly. A new pilot project set to launch in January will test the tracking of citizens with artificial intelligence (AI) and facial-recognition software, via several thousand CCTV surveillance cameras scattered throughout the bustling city of Bucheon, just outside Seoul.

Taboo Truths about the Covid Vaccine
…All over America, and all over the world, cardiac arrest, heart inflammation and heart attack deaths are exploding. Young athletes are dropping right on the field; star soccer players in Europe are dropping dead in the middle of games; referees, coaches and even fans in the stands are having cardiac emergencies. It’s something no one has ever seen before. It’s an epidemic. What do all these victims have in common? They’ve all been vaccinated.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot To Pump $412 Million More Into Anti-Crime Plan That Doesn’t Work
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is planning to pump $412 million into its community safety plan, much of it targeting 15 of the city’s most violent community areas.

Texas AG investigating push to prescribe experimental puberty blockers not approved by FDA for kids
The Texas Attorney General’s office is investigating two pharmaceutical companies for their promotion of well-established drugs as puberty blockers despite the fact that they have not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration.