7 Dec 2021

Japan PM Puts “Strike Option” On Table In 1st Since WW2 Amid China, Russia Provocations
Japan’s prime minister Fumio Kishida has laid out bold new plans to drastically ramp up the country’s defense posture, including for the first time since its defeat in WWII acquiring strike capabilities against foreign enemy bases. He unveiled in a wide-ranging speech before the National Diet (or national legislature) that a fundamental shift in defense strategy will be implemented within the next 12 months, following in November a record high national defense budget of a total more than 6 trillion yen being formally approved

Doctor Banned For Questioning Efficacy Of Masks Wins High Court Case
Dr. Samuel White was slapped with and 18 month ban by the GMC after he posted a video to Instagram and Twitter in June questioning the efficacy of face coverings. In the video, White said why he could no longer tolerate working in his previous roles because of the “lies” around the NHS and the government’s response to the pandemic, which were “so vast” he could no longer “stomach” them. White also committed the ultimate sin of remarking, “masks do nothing” to stop the spread of COVID,

Oregon Moves To Make Indoor Mask Mandate Permanent
Authorities are progressing in making compulsory face coverings an indefinite mandate and have taken “the first step in making the rule permanent,” reports KATU. “The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) convened a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) on Thursday. The RAC provided feedback on the indoor mask rule. The point of the committee is to suggest what should and shouldn’t be included in the ruling and discuss the impact it will have on the public.” Dr. Paul Cieslak, the medical director for communicable diseases and immunizations with OHA, defended the proposal by ludicrously attempting to argue that permanent doesn’t mean permanent.

Security Heightened At Major Store Chains After Series Of ‘Flash Mob’ Robberies
Critics are blaming the increase in serious property crimes on left-wing district attorneys and permissive policies by state governments that encourage such activities.

“Absolute And Unmitigated Liars”: Former DC National Guard Official Says Generals Fabricated January 6th Account
A former DC National Guard official has accused two senior Army officials of lying to Congress about the circumstances surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot in order to protect a top Army official who didn’t want to send the Guard to the Capitol, Politico reports. Col. Earl Matthews – who held high-level National Security Council and Pentagon positions under Trump – accused Army General Charles Flynn and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt of being “absolute and unmitigated liars” for how they characterized the events of Jan. 6.

Rep. Devin Nunes Will Retire from Congress to Join Trump Social Media Company
Nunes said: Recently, I was presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe in. I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to pursue this opportunity, and therefore I will be leaving the House of Representatives at the end of 2021. I will deeply miss being your congressman.

Contract on Russian-Indian JV envisions manufacturing of 600,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles – Kalashnikov Group
“A contract was signed today, on December 6, during a meeting between the Russian and Indian defense ministers in Delhi on the delivery of over 600,000 AK-203 assault rifles manufactured in India to the Indian Defense Ministry,” it said.

China Prepares To Set Up First Military Base In The Atlantic
China is attempting to establish its first military base in the Atlantic Ocean, potentially allowing the communist regime to rearm and refit warships opposite the East Coast of the U.S., The Wall Street Journal reported.

Suspected Jihadists Kill At Least 30 In Central Mali
Suspected jihadists in Mali killed at least 30 civilians in an attack on a passenger vehicle in the volatile central town of Mopti, officials said Saturday. Mali’s transitional government said in a statement broadcast on state TV that 31 people were killed and 17 injured and vowed to do everything necessary to “arrest and punish” the perpetrators.

How Long Will COVID Last? Former UK Leader Says Population Must Learn To ‘Live With COVID’
May and other senior Conservative MPs have criticized the current COVID response, saying “variants will continue to appear year after year” so “stopping and starting sectors of our economy” is not an effective long-term strategy to maintain the nation’s safety and prevent its economy from collapsing.

The Virtual Land Rush: What Makes Metaverse Appealing To Investors?
The virtual real estate market is on the rise, with investors ready to pay millions in fiat money to secure their spot as a rightful owner of land in the metaverse — a world where virtual personalities interact, build assets and connect with others in their digital avatars. Decentraland, a virtual world comprising 90,601 parcels of land, had on Nov.23 made headlines when the Metaverse Group purchased a patch of land in the 3D virtual world for 618,000 MANA or $2.43 million. Seriously?

BitMart Confirms Hackers Stole Almost $200M Worth Of Cryptocurrencies During Security Breach
BitMart, a popular cryptocurrency trading platform, has disclosed in a recent statement that it lost millions of dollars due to a “large-scale security breach” executed by hackers.

Three missionaries released in Haiti following October kidnapping
Three missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti in October have been released, the U.S. State Department and the Ohio-based missionary group that organized the group’s trip to the Caribbean nation said on Monday.

Biblical system of witnessing the new moon recreated in Jerusalem, as in time of Sanhedrin
On Monday night, a remarkable event took place, recreating the declaration of the new month as performed by the Sanhedrin in Temple times. On Monday night, torches, referred to as masuot, were set up in a chain from the Mount of Olives, recreating the system that was used in the times of the Temple to announce the sighting of the new moon. The mausuot were lit at the time that it was possible to witness the new moon however no actual sighting was made or reported to the Sanhedrin.

Israel will ‘protect itself’ in the face of Iranian threats – even if it must do so alone
Echoing the warnings of multiple Israeli officials, Herzog warned that the Jewish state would do whatever it takes to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat if international diplomatic efforts fail. “In the case of a failure to achieve such a solution, Israel is keeping all options on the table and it must be said that if the international community does not take a vigorous stance on this issue – Israel will do so,” Herzog said. “Israel will protect itself.”

Rosenberg warns ‘we’re on the verge of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine’ as Putin increases troops on border from 92,000 to 175,000
Americans are so internally focused on their economic and domestic problems at home that they are not paying close enough attention to very real and rising threats overseas, including those from Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

Hawaiʻi Blizzard Continues, “Catastrophic Flooding” Possible
A Flood Advisory was posted for the entire island of Hawaiʻi on Sunday morning, while a Blizzard Warning remained in effect for the summits of Maunakea and Mauna Loa, as widespread heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, “capable of producing catastrophic flooding”, threatened the State of Hawaiʻi.

Storm Barra to impact Ireland and UK with strong winds, heavy rain and snow
A deep low-pressure area moving in from the Atlantic Ocean this week has been named Storm Barra by Met Éireann on Sunday, December 5, 2021, due to the level of impacts expected for the Republic of Ireland. After impacting Ireland, Barra will bring strong winds and rain to the United Kingdom, with the rain turning to snow across northern England and Scotland. Barra is the second named storm of the 2021/22 season, which runs from September 2021 through the end of August 2022.

The New COVID Variant Scam was Simulated in Israel Weeks before it was “Discovered”The flames
of “COVID fear” are being stoked again, as the Big Pharma Globalists unleash their new plan to increase profits and exert more tyrannical control over populations by using their corporate media and puppet politicians in an attempt to extend the false “COVID pandemic.”

Pastor in Nepal sentenced for saying prayer can heal COVID-19
A court in Nepal has sentenced a pastor to two years in prison under the country’s harsh anti-conversion law for merely saying that prayers can heal COVID-19, according to reports.

RFK Jr.: CIA-led ‘Military Response’ to Pandemic Was Meant to Drive Democracy From the World and Usher in Global Totalitarianism 
…The attorney and public-health activist called out the players who have been pushing the fear narrative that has been, since February 2020, built around the “public health emergency” known as Covid-19 and basically led to a suspension of the U.S. Constitution.

80 Republicans Vote to Fund Federal Vaccine Database to Spy on Americans
Eighty House Republicans voted with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which if passed by the Senate and signed into law would fund a federal vaccination database.

Extreme covid fascism in Lithuania is making it impossible for the unvaccinated to live
The Baltic country of Lithuania has entered its eighth week of highly restrictive “Covid Pass” tyranny, and the fascism is off the charts.

Insanity . . . Farmers’ Land Confiscated for ‘Carbon Pipeline’ Through Corn Belt 
It’s becoming obvious that “they” are intentionally trying to damage food production and supply in the US, all in the name of reducing CO2 emissions. Like Christian says in this video, it’s madness. These people need to be stopped ASAP . . .

Shocking: Quarantine Camp Prisoner Shares Details from Her 14-day Detention
Police were deployed to remove Hayley Hodgson from her home and lock her in a quarantine camp. A twenty-six-year-old Australian woman, Hayley Hodgson, moved from Melbourne to Darwin to escape the endless Covid lockdowns. However, despite not having the virus, she was forcibly imprisoned in a Covid quarantine camp for two weeks.

Over 100,000 psychiatric disorders like hallucination & suicide reported after COVID vaccination
As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a shocking case of vaccine adverse event was documented where a healthy 20 year old young woman suffered acute psychosis one week after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Covid-19 outbreak on cruise ship with 100% fully vaccinated
Experts say it’s just the latest example showing the fallacy in claiming vaccination halts Covid infection or spread: Covid has proven not to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated, as some had claimed.

Switzerland Legalizes 3-D Printed At-Home Assisted-Suicide ‘Pods’ 
Australian doctor Philip Nitschke has announced that 3-d printed devices that are being coined “euthanasia pods” — a coffin-like device that makes assisted suicide accessible for nearly anybody and without medical intervention — will soon be available in Switzerland. Nitschke has said his purpose for making the devices is so that anybody can commit suicide with little medical assistance.

Canadian gov’t pouring millions more into ‘voluntary’ COVID isolation sites 
The money will be used for sites where temporary foreign workers can isolate and for virus camps.

EU Commission president suggests for mandatory COVID vaccination throughout the continent 
‘I think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now [about] how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination within the European Union.’

New York City Becomes First To Force Private Companies To Forcibly Inject Their Employees With COVID ‘Vaccine’
His words were a stunning throwback to 1933 Nazi Germany. “We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike, to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the dangers it’s causing to all of us,” de Blasio said in an interview with MSNBC. “So as of today, we’re going to announce a first-in-the-nation measure. Our health commissioner will announce a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board.”

One of Florida’s Biggest Hospital Systems Suspends All Covid Vaccine Mandates
One of Florida’s biggest hospital systems suspended all of its Covid vaccine mandates. Advent Health will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against Covid.

Biden Admin Plans ‘Imminent’ Booster Expansion; Orders 10M Courses Of ‘Pfizermectin’
As governments worldwide continue to ratchet up authoritarian punishments for the unvaccinated and undervaccinated.

Holocaust Survivor Pleads: ‘Wake Up, Please – We Are Losing Our Freedoms’
Nick Hope, a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor imprisoned at the Nazi concentration camp Dachau, is warning against the Austrian government’s authoritarian and totalitarian Covid measures. “When I look at the news in Austria, I see the spirit of Hitler, the spirit of force coming there,” he says in a video message.