4 Dec 2021

Tropical Cyclone “Jawad” forms in the Bay of Bengal
Tropical Cyclone “Jawad” formed in the Bay of Bengal on December 3, 2021, and is expected to travel close to the coast of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, India on December 4.

Germany Effectively Puts The Unvaccinated On Lockdown, Bans Them From Nearly Every Aspect Of Public Life
Germany has announced that those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 will be put on lockdown, with leaders in the European nation indicating that they will support making the COVID jabs mandatory in the future.

Proof of coronavirus vaccination required to board any plane or train in Canada as of today
Unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 won’t be able to board a plane or train in Canada beginning today, and a negative COVID-19 test will no longer serve as a substitute for most people.

Joe Biden Officially Admits that Dr. Fauci is Actually President ‘But all kidding aside, I sincerely mean it’ 
As Fake President, Joe Biden, was speaking today he states that he’s seen Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who helped create and spread the coronavirus, more than his own wife.
Then he slipped up and admitted the person actually calling the shots at the white house is actually Fauci, not him! “I’ve seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife…Who’s President? Fauci! But all kidding aside, I sincerely mean it.”

Maryland County to Revaccinate 70 Children After Giving Them Expired Doses
The Maryland State Health Department has announced that they are going to re-vaccinate approximately 70 children in Prince George’s County after they were given expired doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

DeSantis Moves to Reinstate the Long Disbanded Florida State Guard
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said on Dec. 2 that he will be reinstating the Florida State Guard and will be seeking $3.5 million in the budget to do it. The state guard was formed in 1941 and filled in for the Florida National Guard troops when they were deployed during World War II.

People Are Getting Vaccine Passport Microchips Embedded in Their Hands as COVID Advances the ‘Internet of Bodies’ 
The number of Swedish residents who have opted to implant microchips with their vaccine passport into their hands has risen since the country announced new COVID restrictions, according to local media.

Video: Incest Embraced as Part of LGBTQ Community
Video commentator and man-on-the-street interviewer Mark Dice asks random beach-goers if they feel incest is just as valid and normal a sexual relationship as any other. Check out their adamantly non-judgmental responses in the short video below:

Meet Ameca, The World’s Most Realistic, And Some Say, The Most Terrifying Humanoid Robot Ever Created And It Shows Rapid AI Advancement
Get ready for Will Smith to say, “I told you so.”A scarily realistic humanoid robot named Ameca with lifelike facial features and expressions that can “develop interaction” with people has just been unveiled by Britain-based tech company Engineered Arts.

80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill To Fund Federal Vax Surveillance State
Eighty House Republicans teamed up with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which would fund and expand the powers of a federal vaccination database should it be passed into law.

WHO Scientist is Saying The Vaxxed Should All Be Quarantined To Protect the Purebloods
The numbers out of Israel is conclusive proof that not only does the Frankenshot not work to protect from Covid, but the jabbed are now walking bioweapons

Historic vaccination case has troubling ties to eugenics: Attorney 
The Supreme Court’s upholding of mandatory vaccines in Jacobson v. Massachusetts led to another case, Buck v. Bell, in which the Court defended and upheld forcible sterilization, writing: ‘Three generations of imbeciles are enough.’

Freedom Of Information Act Documents Prove FDA Covered Up Over 1,200 Deaths From Pfizer Vaccine In First 90 Days
The COVID vaccine from Pfizer and the others is the gateway drug that leads you to the Mark of the Beast, it absolutely changes your DNA, and the New World Order will do anything and everything to make you take it. Wake up, you’re living in Revelation, so act like it.

Mark of the Beast is here: Subcutaneous quantum dot “vaccine passports” from Bill Gates are ready to be injected into human subjects
Just as the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was being unveiled to the world back in late 2019, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conveniently rolled out a new injectable marking method to label, identify and track people based on their “vaccination” status.

‘Lymphocyte riot’: Pathologists investigate deaths after Corona vaccination
Anyone who followed the press conference of German pathology professors Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang must be wondering how long the Covid-19 vaccines will still be on the market. The autopsy of ten people who died after Corona vaccinations speak for themselves.

EU Countries Set To Begin Fining And Jailing Citizens Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine 
For almost a year now, those who warned that EU countries would soon be enforcing vaccine mandates with fines or jail time were branded as ‘conspiracy theorists’. However, in what is becoming a noticeable trend, it seems they were correct as Austria and Greece move towards fines and custodial sentences for ‘vaccine hesitancy’.

Deranged abortion activists eat abortion pills outside Supreme Court as Roe v. Wade challenged
A group of abortion activists ate handfuls of abortion pills outside the Supreme Court in protest of its hearing about the constitutionality of Roe v Wade on Wednesday. Yes, really.

THE GREAT ESCAPE from Australia’s COVID concentration death camps
If you live in the Northern Territory of Australia and you so much as walk near someone who is suspected of having Covid, you are immediately thrown into a concentration camp by the Australian SS police. It doesn’t matter if you test positive or negative for Covid, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been vaccinated or not, because there is no proof that the PCR tests or the vaccines even work, nor is there actual scientific proof of Covid itself.

Federal Judge Expands Ban on Mandate 100% of States; 10.3M Health Workers Affected
In Wisconsin, a former state supreme court justice—who has been investigating allegations of election fraud for the last several months—recently made a statement, saying that some form of cover up is obviously taking place. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for health care workers was just dealt another blow: a federal judge expanded the injunction against it.

California To Cut Water To Cities And Farmland Amid Persisting Drought
“That means we need to prepare now for a dry winter and severe drought conditions to continue through 2022.”