28 Nov 2021

Bovard Blasts The Biden Crackdown On Thought Crimes
The Biden administration is seeking to radically narrow the boundaries of respectable American political thought..

Extreme winds hit parts of UK, pushing Arctic air towards Europe
Powerful winds brought by Storm Arwen affected a wide swathe of the United Kingdom on November 26 and 27, 2021, leaving as many as 143 000 customers without power. The storm is now pushing frigid Arctic air toward Europe and bringing snow to Spain.

Omicron Variant On The Loose!
What is the Omicron covid variant? The Omicron variant is the latest “deadly” version of covid to fear people into taking the experimental death jab (aka covid vaccine.)

An Appeal to Heaven
As a spiritual person, I admit I pray before I write, seeking guidance in a disoriented world. I frequently stare at a blank screen, being at a loss of where to start. In a time where The Twilight Zone has become reality, prayer is no longer elective, it has once again become what it should always have been… essential.

A Ship was bound from Islamabad to Beijing. Too bad it crossed the Indian Navy
A Ship was bound from Islamabad to Beijing. Too bad it crossed the Indian Navy

WATCH: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: 186 Legislators From 39 States Call For 50 State Audit – Arizona Looks To DECERTIFY
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers appeared on frankspeech.com with Brannon Howse and Bill Federer today to give an update on the Arizona audit.

UN Gives $800 Debit Cards to Illegal Migrant Families Heading to U.S
The United Nations IOM is handing out free debit cards to illegal aliens looking to cross the U.S border, according to Todd Bensman, a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Colorado State Board Will Replace the Term “Sex Offender” With New Terminology
A Colorado state agency tasked with overseeing the registration, parole and rehabilitation of sex offenders will no longer utilize the term ‘sex offender’ in some circumstances, in a move critics worry could lead to the whitewashing of sexual crimes.

Waukesha Massacre Suspect Threatened Elderly Whites, Posted Directions For Mowing People Down 
The black supremacist charged with five murders in the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre didn’t just create demented rap videos about drugs, murder, and hating Donald Trump.

LifeSite president Steve Jalsevac warns ‘diabolical’ COVID agenda wants to ‘destroy Christian civilization’ 
‘If you do not say ‘No’ now, no matter who you are, no matter what your position is, no matter what you’re going to lose, you will lose everything anyway.’

New York physician assistant says she was told to stop reporting COVID shot injuries
Physician assistant Deborah Conrad said on a podcast that when she saw a flood of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in the ER where she worked, she was told not to report them to VAERS, the U.S. government’s official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

FDA Authorizes Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for All Adults
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday authorized boosters of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans 18 or older.

Pentagon: Oklahoma Guard must comply with vaccine mandate
The Pentagon’s top spokesperson on Monday insisted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had the authority to require National Guard members to get vaccinated against Covid-19, despite new resistance from Oklahoma’s highest-ranking military official.

New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage –> higher excess mortality
The Harvard study showed vaccination makes things worse as far as cases goes. This new study from German shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed. Not a surprise to me.

Ten OMICRON “variant” predictions for 2022 and beyond… globalist authoritarian playbook stripped naked 
The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation / genocide programs.

Israel Moves To Ban All Foreigners From Entry Amid Omicron Variant Fears
Defense official: “Authorities are scrambling to locate 800 Israelis who may have been exposed to the new Omicron variant of COVID-19.”

What Some Are Calling The New Religion Of ‘Abrahamia’ Is None Other Than Chrislam, And The Abrahamic Family House Will Be Its Centerpiece
Consider this your Now The End Begins PSA on the coming One World Religion of Chrislam. What one Middle East website has started calling ‘Abrahamia’, astute NTEB readers will instantly recognize as Chrislam that stands on the firm foundation of the Abraham Accords. The UAE is pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee in 2022, and the  Abraham Family House will be its glittering centerpiece.

YOU AIN’T BLACK: New COVID Variant Named Omicron Puts World Leaders In A Panic As Biden Enacts A ‘Xenophobic And Racist’ Travel Ban Targeting Africa 
Joe Biden is the pretend president who famously remarked that “you ain’t black!” if you didn’t want to vote for him in the 2020 elections, a highly racist comment to make. Now the “you ain’t black” president has just banned all blacks traveling from Africa and 7 others African nations from coming into the United States. But Donald Trump is the racist. Move along, nothing to see here, and make way for Omicron, the Magnificent!

Greenwald: The Cynical And Dangerous Weaponization Of The “White Supremacist” Label
In dominant elite discourse, no evidence is needed to brand someone a “white supremacist.” The belief that it will produce political or personal gain suffices…