26 Nov 2021

‘Biden has done everything to undermine regional defense pact against Iran’
Over the past few months, essentially since the administration of … Joe Biden entered the White House, officials in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have adopted a new strategy in terms of their foreign policies regarding Iran and renewing diplomatic ties with the Islamic republic,

A Russia-backed coup against Ukraine planned for December – Zelensky
President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine was in full control of its borders and was ready for any escalation with Russia. Ukraine has uncovered a plot for an attempted coup with the involvement of Russians, due to have taken place next week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday at a press conference.

Warning new ‘Storm Arwen’ could bring winds of 75mph and power cuts from Friday
Brace yourselves for fallen trees, transport delays and road closures, as a powerful storm heads across the Atlantic towards the UK. The Met Office has issued an amber wind warning for parts of north-east England and Scotland from tomorrow afternoon going into Saturday morning. Storm Arwen could lead to injuries from flying debris, with forecasters warning the chance of people facing a threat to their life is ‘likely’.

Painting at center of George Floyd controversy stolen from Catholic University
A pieta painting displayed at The Catholic University of America’s law school that some see as depicting George Floyd in the place of Jesus was stolen Tuesday night, the school announced. But in an email Wednesday, Nov. 24, President John Garvey said the artwork — which sparked a social media backlash and an ongoing petition drive demanding its removal — has been replaced by a smaller version of the same painting that previously hung in the school’s campus ministry office. …when asked by an interviewer if the figure in the pieta is Floyd or Jesus, he responded ambiguously, answering “yes.”

EU high court overturns ruling that removed Hamas from terror list
The European Union’s Court of Justice has upheld the listing of Hamas as a designated terrorist organization, overturning a lower court ruling the removed Hamas from the list due to a technicality. The Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, announced on Tuesday that it had overturned the annulment of Hamas being listed as a terrorist organization. The designation froze the Islamist group’s funding and economic resources in Europe.

Special radiation can kill COVID-19 and polio virus, Israeli study shows
A special form of radiation known as millimeter waves can kill 99% of corona and polioviruses from surfaces within two seconds, new research from scientists at Ariel University has shown. The results can have important implications on how to disinfect environments and equipment in a fast and efficient way.

Top US general warns of war against Iran should diplomacy fail
O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him Ezekiel 38:2 With negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program set to resume in Vienna next week, the top U.S. military commander in the Middle East says that should the talks fail, a military option is prepared. The Iranians are “very close” to nuclear breakout, but President Joe Biden has vowed that the Iranians will not attain a nuclear weapon, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, told TIME magazine. “The diplomats are in the lead on this, but Central Command always has a variety of plans that we could execute, if directed,” he said.

Who’s Using South Dakota as ‘A Worldwide Destination for Foreign Wealth’?
When reporters Will Fitzgibbon and Debbie Cenziper began digging into the Pandora Papers — nearly 12 million confidential files leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists whose contents would go on to reverberate across the world — they noticed something curious. In the trove of documents, which expose a secretive financial system that shields the deals and assets of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people, one U.S. state, … South Dakota, stood out.

Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? Did he really study Bible prophecy and long for Jerusalem to be liberated from Muslim rule?
Was Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Jewish? It’s an interesting question, especially since the historical record is crystal clear that the explorer who discovered America and the New World in 1492 considered himself a devout Christian.

Grocery shopping’s future will bring severe food rationing as overlords preach: ‘Poverty is good, deprivation is plenty and empty shelves are a reset to the way things should be’ 
Insisting that you had only purchased the few items on your list, you quickly understand why it’s quite futile to argue with the A.I. ‘cashiers’ that most stores had brought in to replace their human workers, many whom resigned rather than getting their ‘mandated‘ 13th and 14th booster shots, with the 1st through 12th booster-shot series bringing about so many casualties most workforces were decimated.

Heavy snow and blizzards hit northeastern China
China’s northeastern provinces are enduring the country’s third cold wave of the season since Saturday, November 20, 2021, with heavy snow and blizzards sweeping the region.

Significant rain event expected to impact western parts of the South Island, New Zealand
A significant rain event is expected to impact western parts of the South Island, New Zealand during the next few days. Severe weather forecasters have already issued Orange Heavy Rain Warnings for parts of Westland and Fiordland with Heavy Rain Watches also in place for Southland and the headwaters of the Canterbury Rivers and Lakes.

Rise in UK Non-COVID-19 Deaths Set to Continue: Cancer Expert
One of the world’s foremost cancer experts has said that British lockdown policies are still having an impact on excess mortality, describing it as a “national scandal.”

The Irony: Euthanasia Is Only For The Vaccinated Now
The euthanasia association says that “assisted death” is only for those who are vaccinated against COVID-19. Oh, the irony…

Dr. Peter McCullough: Booster Shot So Much Worse Than First 2 Doses 
Dr. Peter McCullough has been at the forefront of the battle for the truth surrounding COVID-19, Big Pharma’s jabs, and the government’s responses to the so-called pandemic since the beginning.

Sex change hormone treatment injured Swedish children
As many as 13 children have suffered side effects from hormone therapy while receiving treatment for gender dysmorphia in Sweden, according to national broadcaster SVT. In a report published on Wednesday, Swedish broadcaster SVT revealed that doctors at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm stopped new hormone treatments for children suffering from gender dysmorphia in May amid concerns of “potential side effects.”

The Future Is Here, And It Will Be Filled With Endless Looting, Rioting And Civil Unrest
Our civilization is crumbling right in front of our eyes.  We have become accustomed to soaring murder rates, mass shootings, extreme degeneracy throughout the entire entertainment industry, violent rioting in our streets, and severe corruption on all levels of government.  To a certain extent, a lot of these things seem “normal” to many of us at this point.  But the truth is that what we are experiencing is not even close to “normal”.  We are literally watching our entire society slowly but surely go down the tubes, and it is heartbreaking to watch.

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Euthanasia and infanticide promoting philosopher wins $1 Million dollar Berggruen prize
Peter Singer, who supports infanticide of newborns with disabilities and is the father of the animal rights movement, won the Berggruen prize a $1 million award given annually to a thinker whose ideas have “profoundly shaped human self-understanding and advancement in a rapidly changing world.”

Scientists Notice: Nightmare Sulfur Injection Geoengineering Plan Might Cause Problems
If you block the sun, you hurt food production. There’s even a study. But this terrifying problem has not stopped climate enthusiasts from pushing forward with an attempt to recreate the end of the dinosaur age, to “save” us from 1C of global warming.

Phoenix Officials Push to Defund the Police With Vaccine Mandates – Hundreds Expected To Quit – Police and Firefighters Ask AG Brnovich to Step In
City officials in Phoenix, Arizona announced that all of the city’s thousands of employees must be vaccinated by January 18th or possibly face termination. This includes police and firefighters, only 25% of which have submitted proof of vaccination.

Rise in UK Non-COVID-19 Deaths Set to Continue: Cancer Expert
One of the world’s foremost cancer experts has said that British lockdown policies are still having an impact on excess mortality, describing it as a “national scandal.”

Journalist Arrested after Reporting on Attacks against Christians in Nigeria
A Christian journalist has been arrested and thrown in jail for reporting on attacks on Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

Crisis in Slovenia: Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab
A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia, with a whistleblower nurse telling the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication.