25 Nov 2021

Democratic cities that enacted bail reform see rise in crime, repeat offenses
Democratic-run cities that have implemented bail reform have seen a rise in criminal activity amid the release of criminals with multiple offenses who went on to commit additional crimes following their releases. Just five days before allegedly plowing a red SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisc., killing six, the suspected attacker, who had a long criminal history, had been released on $1,000 bail in a case in which he was accused of running a woman over in his car. The low bail for the suspect — even the Milwaukee County DA has since acknowledged it was “inappropriately low” — has thrust bail reform back to the forefront of the national conversation.

Iran denies its dams were subject to cyberattack
Iranian officials on Wednesday denied a series of cyberattacks on dams controlling water reserves, after an informed source made the claim on Iranian state TV. Systems responsible for collecting information on the amount of water held and computing those figures were disabled due to a cyberattack, the source told Iran’s IRIB state broadcaster, according to Times of Israel.

China Says US “Playing With Fire” After Warship Conducts 11th Taiwan Strait Transit This Year
China has blasted the latest US warship sail-through of the contested Taiwan Strait, which happened Tuesday, calling it an intentional “provocation” after a US Navy statement asserted “The United States military flies, sails, and operates anywhere international law allows.”

Waukesha suspect rapped about ‘Drugs, guns, murder’ and ‘f— Donald Trump’ and his supporters
‘Drugs, guns, murder that’s all we know,’ Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. rapped in one song

U.S. won’t stand idly by if Iran gets ‘too close’ to nuclear weapon
“If they start getting too close, too close for comfort, then of course we will not be prepared to sit idly by,” he told National Public Radio in an interview, according to excerpts released by the U.S. broadcaster. The excerpts did not address what he meant by “too close” nor U.S. options in that case.

Pentagon launching new UFO investigation unit, replacing Navy group
The Defense Department is launching the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, a unit that will be charged with finding and identifying UFOs in restricted airspace, officials said Tuesday. The new group will replace the U.S. Navy’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, the military said in a statement, according to the New York Post.

As winter approaches, Utah remains in drought, needing multiple years of heavy snowpack
Remember that record-setting drought that seemed to headline the weather reports nearly every day this last summer? It’s not over, not by a long shot. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map of Utah produced by the University of Nebraska shows that the entire state remains primarily in extreme drought conditions, even in the middle of November.

Is Czar Putin about to invade Ukraine? With Russia massing nearly 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, fears of an imminent war in Europe are rising
Vladimir Putin has massed some 92,000 soldiers of the Red Army, along with tanks and other military machinery, on Russia’s borders with Ukraine. Russian forces are also being prepositioned in Belarus, the former Soviet republic that is closely allied with Putin and is located just to the north of Ukraine. Maybe Putin is just saber-rattling, flexing his muscles and intimidating his neighbors. But what if Putin has more aggressive plans?

If The Chaos In Our Streets Is This Bad Now, How Bad Will It Get In 2022 And Beyond?
If crime and violence are wildly out of control when things are still relatively good, how nightmarish will things become when conditions get really bad in this country? Just think about it. Right now, anyone that wants a job can get one. crime should theoretically be extremely low right now.

First female Swedish prime minister resigns shortly after taking office
“We cannot support a budget from a government which is moving far to the left, which we think the incoming government is doing,” Center Party leader Annie Loof said during a press conference.

Historic Dead Sea landmark opens for first time since 1940s
The Moshe Novomiesky Visitor Center near the famed Dead Sea is set to open to the public throughout Hanukkah (Nov. 29th through Dec. 6th), the first time the site will be open since the late 1940s.

Muslim Brotherhood agent threatens Christians in America
Hurling profanity and obscenity, Saber cursed Botros and his mother, and said that if “the Christian dog” Botros were in the United States like some people have said he is, he would go “beat the crap” out of him. Saber also threatened Egyptian political analyst Magdi Khalil, whom he also called a “Christian dog,” saying that if he curses the Prophet he will beat him as well. Bahgat further emphasized that the punishment for cursing the Prophet Muhammad is decapitation.

Syrian missile explodes off Haifa shore
It has just been reported that an anti-air missile fired by the Syrian army overnight crossed into Israel and exploded over the Mediterranean near Haifa. The missile was fired to repel an air attack on Tuesday night that Syria attributed to Israel.

Dart mission: why is Nasa crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid?
The plan is to crash a robot spacecraft into the moonlet Dimorphos at 15,000 mph and change its path just a fraction. If the mission is successful, it will mean that Nasa and other space agencies could deflect an asteroid heading towards Earth and avert an Armageddon-style impact.

Bolstered by Landslide Win, Republican Inna Vernikov Hopes to Shake up the New York City Council
A win is a win. But when you are a Republican running for office in Democrat-filled New York City, you are a female running for a position that is dominated by men and you are in your first campaign expected to end in a razor close-finish but wind up winning by more than 25 percent of the vote, it’s more than simply a win.

New Record: 10,000 Jewish Worshipers Visit Temple Mount in 3 Months
A new precedent-setting peek was recorded on Wednesday with the counting of 10,000 Jewish worshipers visiting the Temple Mount in less than three months, since the beginning of the Jewish year. In recent weeks, the number of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount has increased between 50% and 80% compared to the same periods in previous years,

Rare silver ‘rebel coin,’ maybe minted at Temple 2,000 years ago, found in Jerusalem
A rare 2,000-year-old silver shekel coin, thought to have been minted on the Temple Mount plaza from the plentiful silver reserves held there at the time, has been uncovered in Jerusalem. If it were indeed minted there, it would make the coin one of the very few items uncovered that were manufactured at the holy site. The coin, found by an 11-year-old girl, Liel Krutokop, during a sifting project for dirt removed from an archaeological dig at the City of David National Park, was engraved with “second year,” i.e., the second year of the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans (67-68 CE).

Beijing Furious After Biden Invites Taiwan To Global Democracy Summit, While China Left Off List
“US actions only go to show democracy is just a cover and a tool for it to advance its geopolitical objectives

Cold Arctic air to reach UK this week, spread to the rest of Europe
The UK Met Office has issued wind warnings for Friday and Saturday, November 26 and 27, 2021 as a low-pressure system brings strong winds and heavy rain, and even sleet and snow in some places. The strongest winds will arrive across northern Scotland during Friday afternoon and will then spread across the rest of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and some exposed coasts of northern England by evening, and the rest of the UK away from the far southeast by Saturday.

Record sea-effect snow in northern Japan
A potent storm system is moving over the Sea of Japan bringing heavy sea-effect snow to parts of Japan, and in some areas breaking all-time 24-hour snowfall records.

The Democrats Are a Communist Party Now
Saule Omarova, who attended Moscow State University on the Lenin Academic Scholarship, compared America unfavorably to the USSR, and called for nationalizing finance isn’t Biden’s first Communist nominee. Omarova is only Biden’s first openly Communist nominee.”

Dr. Stella Immanuel Video: Covid Vaccines and the Days of Noah
Dr. Immanuel discusses Covid Vaccines and the Days of Noah, exposing The Deep State’s agenda to corrupt human DNA in the “Great Reset.”

Fauci wants all little kids, babies “vaccinated” for covid by Spring 2022 
Jesuit-trained genocidal maniac Tony Fauci has declared that all small children and young babies will probably have “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) readily available to them by Spring 2022.

Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs
A leaked audio recording reveals two teachers at a recent California Teachers Association (CTA) conference mocking parents over their concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school, says a source who attended the event in Palm Springs, Calif.

American Heart Association Journal Publishes Data that UK Medical Doctor Claims are “Proof” that COVID-19 Vaccines are “Murder”
mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination

Christmas Celebrations Cancelled In Most COVID Jabbed Part Of The World
The government of Gibraltar canceled all official Christmas celebrations despite having very high rates of citizens taking the COVID-19 shot and zero reported deaths for almost an entire year

US Defense Department Announces Creation Of New UFO Task Force Called Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group 
Now that UFOs are a credible, real and established fact, the Pentagon has created a brand new group to dealing with the escalating threat of unknown and other-worldly objects flying overhead. It’s called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, and it replaces the old Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force established by the Navy. Hope you’re ready to see some of the Days of Noah before Flight #777 takes over as we wait here in our dispensational overlap.

American government poised to unleash “Angel of Death” smallpox bioweapon to create perpetual crisis
Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is already signaling the arrival of his next plandemic, which appears to involve the intentional release of a smallpox bioweapon.

Abraham Accords Member Morocco Signs Historic Military Defense Pact ‘Memorandum Of Understanding’ With The Nation Of Israel Wednesday 
With each passing day, the Abraham Accords bring the regathered nation of Israel closer and closer to covenant that will be confirmed by Antichrist. We see this laid out clearly in places like Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah 28:14-33 in your King James Bible. Now, this makes people mad when you point it out, and I get hate mail calling me a ‘racist’ because I say that the Jews are getting ready for judgement in the upcoming time of Jacob’s trouble. But don’t get mad at me, I’m just the messenger.

Fauci Says That Discussions To Change The Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ To Now Include COVID Booster Shots Is Active With Everything ‘On The Table’
If you were part of the gay community in the late 1980’s that struggled with HIV/AIDS, then you likely remember someone you know who died from the medical practices advocated by Anthony Fauci. Flip-Flop Fauci pushed doctors to give their patients high dosages of AZT, which had the effect of killing the vast majority of them. My brother Bob was one of the tens of thousands who were murdered by Fauci’s criminal prescription. Don’t let Flip-Flop Fauci kill you with his Pfizer ‘happy hour’ COVID fully vaccinated cocktails here in 2021.

As The Pretend President Retreats To A $30 Million Dollar Nantucket Mansion, Bidenflation Making This Thanksgiving Dinner The Costliest One On Record
One his first day occupying the Oval Office, pretend president Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, one of the main reasons for our short-lived energy independence under Donald Trump, and now he mocks the American people who complain about sky-high gas prices by telling them to ‘buy an electric car’. This Thanksgiving is shaping up to the be the most expensive in American history as Bidenflation continues to wreak havoc on the US economy.

Government’s Put a Bounty on Your Life: For Each COVID Patient Hospitals Receive About $100K Incentive Payments 
As we all know by now, the pharmaceutical industry is a FOR-PROFIT industry. In other words, it is a business. Big Pharma, like many other businesses out there, understands that advertising, lobbying, and marketing generate more money.

Flight attendants share about bad reactions to COVID-19 vaccine
“I sat down in the chair at the minute clinic, rolled up my sleeve, prayed, asked God to forgive me, and cried,” Williams told The Epoch Times. “The minute they stuck that needle in my arm, pain went up through my neck and I have not been the same since.”