13 Nov 2021

Alberta clipper to deliver another round of snow, rain and gusty winds across the northern Plains, U.S.
Snow and blustery conditions are forecast to continue in the Upper Midwest on Friday, November 12, 2021, as a strong low slowly retreats northward. On Saturday and into early Sunday, November 13 into 14, another storm system, known as Alberta clipper, will deliver another round of snow/rain and gusty winds across the northern Plains. By Saturday night, much of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and northern Indiana will receive snow.

Pfizer’s History Of Killing Kids: Malkin Shares What Every Parent Must Know
…Michelle has a new article out: “What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer.” And it’s worth reading because right now there’s a lot that is worth knowing about Pfizer. On Tuesday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that anybody who criticizes his vaccine is a “criminal.”

Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available
The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully-licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product.

FDA Alert: 2 Million At-Home COVID-19 Tests Recalled Over False Positives
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Thursday it is recalling some 2 million Ellume at-home COVID-19 testing because they can produce “false positives” due to a manufacturing defect.

Supply chain crisis leaving shelves at Fort Wayne food banks thin
The ripple effect of the supply chain crisis continues— now, it’s disrupting food banks. “When there’s a shortage in supply chain, it makes it much more difficult for us to be able to provide our clients with food,” said Linda Hansen, the food bank director at Wellspring Interfaith Social Services.

Pfizer Adds New Ingredient To COVID Shot For 5 To 11 
these COVID shots for under-12 kids contain ingredients that have nothing to do with “preventing” COVID – including one substance frequently used in people who have had heart attacks.  So, could this be an attempt by Big Pharma to prophylactically mitigate jab-related cardiac arrest in innocent young children?

Australia says covid shots will be FOREVER… every 6 to 12 months until you die
Trent Twomey, president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA), says that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “booster” shots will more than likely become an annual or even semi-annual ritual “for the foreseeable future” – which means forever.

New patent proposes digital surveillance to vaccinate people based on social credit style scores
Patent and trademark attorneys Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster recently had a US patent approved for a technology that aims to surveil people via their digital activity, give them a score that defines “the potential level of super-spreading activity of each individual,” and then vaccinate people based on this score.

Robots And AI Have Taken Over 37% More Jobs This Year Than Last Year As The Effects Of The Great Reset Continues To Remake Global Economy
As we have long told you, the Great Lockdown of 2020 was intentional and had very little to do with COVID-19, it was done to crash the global economy, and begin the transition from human workers to robots. In 2021, robot workers replaced humans at a 37% higher rate than last year, and in just a few years may surpass people in many areas of business. You’re really not going to like the Metaverse very much.

Evil Shepherds and Rotten Animals
We’ve all had more than enough of being treated like sheep, but that’s mainly because we’re stuck with horrible shepherds. If there is any government in the world that isn’t controlled by globalist gangsters, they’re working on it. They had Israel under their thumb from the beginning. Of course God’s herd wants immunity from them.

Arizona school board president’s secret dossier on parents who oppose CRT and mask mandates…

  • Scottsdale School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg faces calls to resign
  • He faces bizarre claims that he had access to an online dossier about parents
  • Online file contains personal info on parents who protested district policy
  • Included Social Security numbers, financial info, and even divorce records
  • District claims Greenburg’s father is to blame for compiling the strange dossier
  • Dossier came to light when Greenburg accidentally shared link in a screenshot

They Want National Internet Speech Regulations So That They Can Legally Censor You Into Oblivion
Facebook, Twitter and other big tech companies actually want standardized Internet speech regulations.  In fact, Facebook has been spending millions of dollars on ads that openly call for more government regulation of speech on the Internet.  You can view an example of what I am talking about right here.

Regulator Reviewing Reports of ‘Rare’ and Serious Condition Linked to Moderna Vaccine
Europe’s drug regulator on Thursday confirmed it is investigating reports of a blood condition in recipients of Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Metallurgist admits faking steel test results for US Navy subs – BBC News
A metallurgist in the US state of Washington has pleaded guilty to fraud after she spent decades faking the results of strength tests on steel that was being used to make Navy submarines. Prosecutors say Elaine Marie Thomas, 67, gave false positive readings for strength and toughness tests in at least 240 cases between 1985 and 2017.

Slip of the Tongue? CDC Director Says “People Dying from Vaccine” Before Quickly Correcting Herself
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky suffered an awkward Freudian slip during a live interview, inadvertently mentioning deaths from Covid-19 vaccines before quickly correcting herself.

Memphis Christian School Under Attack For Affirming Christian Values
A nationally-renowned private Christian school in Memphis is facing attacks from LGBT activists and a radical county commissioner for following the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Excess Deaths point to Depopulation Agenda
“I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “covid-19 deaths” to date.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President

Exclusive: Vital Moments Lost as Hospitals Force Critical Patients to Wait with EMTs
As a Paramedic at Alberta Health Services, Don Sharpe has a keen insight into the state of healthcare in Canada. In this exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA, Mr. Sharpe reveals how hospitals regularly force patients in dire need of care to wait to be admitted.