12 Nov 2021

Echos Of Ezekiel 38 – 2022 To Be Pivotal Year In Israel/Iran Conflict
The year 2022 is set to be the year that the Israeli Air Forces places its long-range strike capabilities against Iran’s nuclear program sites at the top of its priority list. Recent years have seen the IAF focus on its ability to strike regional Iranian entrenchment activities, particularly in Syria, as well as prepare attack plans against Hezbollah in Lebanon based on the concept of unleashing of thousands of guided munitions per day, while also engaging in frequent Gaza escalations. Now, however, the IAF’s planners have set their sights on targets Iranian soil.

Defense Report Says Taiwan Deployed Sub To South China Sea
The Taiwanese Navy has deployed one of its two most advanced submarines in naval drills in the Spratly Islands, a report by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said without specifying the timing.

For 2nd time in a month, IDF fighter jets escort US bombers through region
For the second time in a month, the military said Thursday that Israeli F-15 fighter jets escorted United States B-1 bombers through the region, in a tacit threat to Iran. “The joint flight demonstrates our continued cooperation, which is crucial to the security of Israel and the Middle East,” the IDF said in a statement.

Kamala Harris tries to communicate with the French by addressing them in Pepe Le Pew’s accent
Truly, what is wrong w this woman?! She’s mocking them as though her prep for this trip involved watching Pepe LePew cartoons.

Researchers achieve first quantum simulation of baryons
A team of researchers led by an Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) faculty member performed the first-ever simulation of baryons—fundamental quantum particles—on a quantum computer. “This is an important step forward—it is the first simulation of baryons on a quantum computer ever,”

The World Is Fed Up With China’s Belligerence
In Chinese-speaking communities beyond the reach of Beijing’s censorship regime, the song “Fragile” has been an unexpected hit. With more than 26 million views on YouTube since dropping in mid-October, the satirical love song to Chinese nationalism has topped the site’s charts for Taiwan and Hong Kong, its lyrics mocking Chinese Communist Party rhetoric about Taiwan while also taking aim at Xi Jinping and Chinese censors.

Defense Intel Chief Worried About Chinese ‘Integration of Human and Machines’
The U.S. military’s top intelligence officer is increasingly worried about China’s research into “human performance enhancement,” including efforts to merge human and machine intelligence. Chinese efforts to teach machines to think — through emerging technologies like neural nets, a form of artificial intelligence — represent phases of a process that concludes with “the next step, the integration of human and machines,” Ashley said.

Chinese Communists pass resolution ensuring Xi Jinping’s permanent rule
The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) passed a historic resolution during a high-level party meeting on Thursday that could ensure Xi Jinping’s leadership of China for the rest of his life.

SpaceX’s 3rd operational crewed flight launches from FL carrying 4 astronauts to the ISS
Another group of astronauts launched to the International Space Station from Florida on Wednesday night, SpaceX’s third operational crewed flight in less than a year.

Appeals Court Blocks House Jan. 6 Panel From Accessing Trump’s White House Records
A federal appeals court on Thursday halted the scheduled transfer of records of President Donald Trump’s time in office from the National Archives to Congress, ruling that Congress cannot access the files for now.

10 States Sue Biden Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers
A coalition of 10 states led by Missouri’s attorney general on Wednesday sued President Joe Biden over his administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Democrat-Run Chicago Braces for Rittenhouse Riots
“The Chicago Police Department has canceled regularly scheduled days off starting Friday and through the weekend in apparent anticipation of civil unrest in the event that Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted,” Allow me to translate that for you…. Because Chicago is run by Democrats, … the left-wing terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, these dangerous babies who can’t deal with things not going their way, are almost certain to take to the streets to loot and burn in the name of social justice or something.

You Rarely See Mask Off This Hard, but the Eternal Enemy is Getting Desperate
If you were wondering why leftists are so invested in a self defense trial, this guy will spell it out. They don’t see it as a trial about a young man’s defense of himself, but rather as being about white resistance to “transition of political hegemony” to “multiracial majority”. Yeah, White people. Just give up the franchise. You’re not allowed to opt out.

Senior IDF official: Prepare for Iranian establishment in the sea
“The threat of the Iranian establishment in the region is also a threat in the maritime aspect, and we have to prepare for it. In the sea, the Iranians are quite independent and it is important to keep the Iranian naval establishment away from the State of Israel in order to prevent terrorism,”

Biden’s approval rating continues to drop, hitting new low
Biden’s job approval rating fell to its lowest level since his inauguration in January, as the administration continues to face criticism over high inflation rates, supply chain disruptions, low workforce participation rates.

Bennett to Christians: Radical Islam wants to take over the world
Iran wants to dominate the world through Islamist extremism, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned during the Government Press Organization’s seventh annual Christian Media Summit on Thursday.

Russian official claims its air-defense systems ‘intercepted six Israeli missiles’ over Syria
Syrian state media said on Monday that Israel struck a number of targets in Syria’s central and coastal regions.

Bennett meets members of Congress, including those on trip sponsored by Soros lobbyists
Two delegations from Congress met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at his office in Jerusalem on Wednesday, including one which is raising eyebrows because of its sponsor.

The Prophecy of Ezekiel 34 is Happening now before our very eyes, rabbi warns
A rabbi who has recently gained notoriety for combatting what many are calling ‘medical tyranny’ recently published an article explaining the current “globalist plan” through the lens of the Bible. According to Rabbi Chananya Weissman, the prophecy mentioned in Ezekiel 34 is taking place right now in Israel, and the world as a whole. … adding that “we’re stuck with horrible shepherds.”

58 000 agricultural facilities in NE China’s Liaoning affected by record snowstorms
Record snowstorms have affected 58 000 agricultural facilities in northeast China’s Liaoning Province over the past few days. Local authorities said they are rushing to ensure power and food supply while repairing damages in a region heavily affected by rolling power outages in September 2021.

Large weather system affecting Australia, producing massive line of thunderstorms
A large weather system affecting much of Australia is producing heavy rain and a massive line of thunderstorms from Top End, Northern Territory to southeast Queensland — over 2 500 km (1 550 miles) on November 11, 2021. Parts of the region have already received one or two months’ worth of rain over the past 5 days.

Pope Francis Says The Great Reset Must Include A ‘Concrete Collective Military Disarmament’ And A ‘Green Spirituality’ Where The Earth Is Worshipped
Pope Francis says the the pre-pandemic world must be done away with, all militaries around the world dismantled, and that the earth is our mother who needs to be protected. Does the ‘Vicar of Christ’ not know that God has already ordained the global Battle of Armageddon, and has already foretold the complete destruction of Planet Earth in 2 Peter 3? Why does he speak as if Bible prophecy does not exist?

Top Fashion Brand Benetton Goes ‘Woke,’ Launches ‘Unisex Hijab’ 
Top Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton has launched a new unisex clothing line in the form of the Islamic veil known as the hijab.

China’s Evergrande, the World’s Most Indebted Corporation, Officially Goes Insolvent Today
We’ve reported about the challenges that Evergrande is in while facing insolvency.  Today the company officially went bankrupt.

German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently
German newspaper Berliner Zeitung has published a report seeking to answer why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.” Headlined ‘Puzzling heart diseases in football,’ the report begins by highlighting the case of FC Barcelona’s Sergio Agüero, the 33-year-old striker who recently had to be withdrawn from a match after 41 minutes suffering from dizziness and breathing difficulties.

How Leftists Are Building The Framework For ‘Parenting Licenses’
Parents are now more aware than ever that their right to raise their own children is in danger. Recent election results in Virginia and elsewhere testify to that awakening. A lot of the news focused on the public school curriculum of critical race theory, which pits children against one another based on their race. Parents never signed on to that.

America Is Fully In The Jaws Of Marxist-Communists Whose 5th Column Infectons Are Being Deployed For Action
.The influx from the illegal alien assault upon America has deposited 2 million invaders and the numbers are certain to rise exponentially. My Border Patrol Sources tell me for every illegal immigrant who we know has crossed our border, there are 8 illegal aliens who have crossed that are unaccounted for and that adds up to 10 million replacements in 10 months, a million per month! (Do you hear the Jaws theme song yet?)

OSHA could remove testing opt-out from private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate
The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) unveiled the emergency temporary standard this week. It mandates employers with 100 or more workers to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Any worker who does not must get tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis, at least weekly.

German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number Of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently
German newspaper Berliner Zeitung has published a report seeking to answer why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.”

How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems?
The CDC told pregnant women to get vaccinated based on a statement in a paper in NEJM that has since been retracted. But the CDC didn’t retract their advice when the paper was corrected (see the tiny little 1 at the top of the page).

Revealed! UN Plan To Vax Children Without Parental Consent
Globalist white papers published by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014 detail a sneaky approach to bypassing parental consent when it comes to vaccinating children ages 6-17.

China Builds Missile Targets Shaped Like U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers in Remote Desert
The Chinese military has built targets in the shape of an American aircraft carrier and other U.S. warships in the Taklamakan desert as part of a new target range complex, according to photos provided to USNI News by satellite imagery company Maxar.

Biden admin considering shutting down Michigan pipeline, drawing criticism and dire warnings as winter nears
The Biden administration is reportedly weighing the potential market consequences of shutting down an oil pipeline in Michigan, drawing criticism from opponents. Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy secretary, predicted Sunday that heating prices will rise this winter regardless of the Biden administration’s decision on the pipeline. “Yeah, this is going to happen. It will be more expensive this year than last year,” Granholm told CNN.

Excess Deaths from the “Vaccine” Point to a Depopulation Agenda – Global ResearchGlobal Research“I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death [from Covid “vaccine”] on a scale which will dwarf the claims of ‘covid-19 deaths’ to date.” — Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer

Colorado’s Democrat Governor Signs Executive Order To Turn Away UNVACCINATED From Hospitals
Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) signed an executive order this week that allows hospitals to turn away those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19.

CULT: Microsoft employees programmed to introduce themselves not by name but by race, gender pronouns 
The Microsoft corporation has adopted new “woke” policies whereby company employees now identify themselves to each other based on their race, skin color and gender identity.

Exposing the ENTIRE FRAUD of the Pfizer clot shot: FDA must REVOKE the vaccine, pending investigations 
The more chronic damage that ensues from the Pfizer China Flu jab, the more the Pfizer pharma goons dig in, as they are now pursuing “research” to pretend it’s “safe and effective” to inject children and pregnant women with the vascular disrupting, cancer-inducing clot shots.

Hospitals in America, Australia And Sweden Are Swamped With People ‘Sicker Than Ever’ — And They Don’t Have Covid
“ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID,” Michigan Radio reported last week.

Decarbonization TERRAFORMING of planet Earth is now under way… giant machines to be installed in Iowa to suck “life molecules” out of the atmosphere and cause global crops to FAIL 
The decarbonization terraforming of planet Earth is now under way. A new project has already been launched that will install mega machines across five U.S. states to harvest “life molecules” out of the atmosphere in an effort to shut down photosynthesis and unleash global food crop failures that destroy human civilization.

CDC Director CDC Lets It Slip, ‘Admits’ People Might Be Dying From COVID Vaccine
The Democrats, President Joe Biden, the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and pretty much any politician or company set to make billions off of the COVID-19 vaccine have made it a rule not to talk about the side effects of the vaccine.

CDC pursuing super-spreader international flight policy to keep the pandemic going, while Australia announces importation of vaccinated super-spreaders who are promised to infect everyone
The Australian government says they are purposely importing Covid via vaccinated people, but the CDC says only vaccinated people can fly to America so we can stop the spread of Covid, so which is it? The U.S. government claims to have lost their patience with “anti-vaxxers,” but when you hear that it’s actually vaccinated people who are spreading Covid, with over 250 times the viral load in their nostrils, then maybe it’s the vaccinated that need to be banned from international travel.

How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems? 
The CDC told pregnant women to get vaccinated based on a statement in a paper in NEJM that has since been retracted. But the CDC didn’t retract their advice when the paper was corrected (see the tiny little 1 at the top of the page).