3 Nov 2021

Israel uncovers munition-filled Syrian bunker from Six-Day War
The bunker, located on the Golan Heights, contains hundreds of mortar shells, flares, pyrotechnic munitions, explosives and more; it was found when Defense Ministry teams conducted mine-clearing operation in the area.

2021 Virginia election results
Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race, a sign of the GOP’s comeback after losing the presidency and the Senate in the last election.

UK, India plan to connect world’s green power grids
Britain and India introduced a plan on Tuesday to improve connections between the world’s electricity power grids to accelerate the transition to greener energy.

Nazi flag hoisted outside northern West Bank outpost
Students attending the yeshiva on the outpost were surprised to find a red placard hoisted on a post by the side of the road, adorned with two white circles featuring swastikas on its obverse, and another two white circles featuring a third swastika and a Star of David emblazoned on its reverse.

Minneapolis Voters Reject Democrat Proposal To Replace Police Department
Minneapolis progressives were handed a defeat Tuesday night after voters rejected a proposal to replace the city’s police department with a Department of Public Safety

New York health workers seek to block vaccine mandate on religious grounds
Health care workers in New York on Tuesday turned to the Supreme Court to challenge the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the grounds that it violates their religious liberty rights, There is no exemption for workers who have religious objections to the mandate, the report noted. The New York challenge is nearly identical to a recent case brought by health care workers in Maine.

Syria says Israel carried out air strike near Damascus
Syria’s official SANA news agency reported on Tuesday night, citing a military source, that Israel carried out an air strike on the outskirts of Damascus. The source stated that the attack, which was carried out using missiles, caused damage.

Spectacular ancient gold ring unearthed in an excavation in Yavne
In the huge excavation conducted at Yavne by the Israel Antiquities Authority, as part of the Israel Land Authority’s initiative to expand the city, a spectacular gold ring was recently uncovered, with an inlay of a purple stone. An examination of the ring by Dr. Yotam Asher at the analytical laboratory of the Israel Antiquities Authority showed that the stone is mostly made of silica – a material from which many gemstones are composed. This examination ruled out the possibility that the purple inlay is made simply of glass. The ring weighs 5.11 grams.

Israel: US Marines training with IDF in preparation for confrontation with Iran
The US military announced that Unit 51 of the US Marine Corps will begin conducting three weeks of bilateral amphibious exercises in Eilat alongside IDF special forces beginning on Monday in preparation for deploying to the Persian Gulf. One of the unit’s missions will be to respond to extreme scenarios – such as taking over a consulate or a ship. The training is supposed to provide a solution to a situation in which the Iranians will try to take over an American consulate or a ship sailing in the area.

Satanists convince school board to change dress code
oseph Rose, the founder of the Satanic Delco Satanic Congregation, successfully petitioned the Delaware County school district to change its dress code which it claimed was discriminatory against Satanists.

Climate, like Corona, is the ‘new paganism,’ Israeli Politician warns
Moshe Feiglin, an Israeli politician, Temple activist, and the leader of libertarian Zionist party Zehut, commented on COP26, describing it as a “new paganism”. “In all its splendor, Israel sent 140 representatives to the climate conference,” Feiglin wrote in an op-ed in the Hebrew language Israel Tomorrow. “Only the American delegation was larger.” “Global warming, just like the Covid- is not a matter of scientific scrutiny but a code name for some new religion.

Wanda becomes tropical storm over open Atlantic 
Wanda continued to wander over parts of the open Atlantic all by its lonesome on Tuesday, one day after transitioning from a subtropical storm.

Locking Guests Inside Disneyland Shows China’s Extreme Covid Tactics
While thousands of visitors to Shanghai Disneyland on Sunday were queuing for roller coasters and watching fireworks above the fairytale castle, staff quietly sealed the amusement park. People in Hazmat suits streamed in through the gates, preparing to test everyone for Covid-19 before they could leave for the day.

‘Saving Lives’: Abortions Drop 50 Percent in Texas Following Heartbeat Ban, Study Shows
A new Texas law that prohibits abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected has led to a 50 percent decline in abortions in the state, according to a new University of Texas study.

An Oregon City Is Limiting How Often a Church Feeds the Homeless
An Oregon city just passed a new ordinance that would limit churches’ ability to serve free food to homeless people. But at least one religious leader has told local media he’s not planning to follow it, since helping the unhoused is kind of the Christian thing to do.

NEW: CDC Panel Unanimously Recommends Pfizer Covid Vaccine For Kids Ages 5-11
The CDC Advisory Committee on Tuesday unanimously recommended the Pfizer Covid vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11.

SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging 
This finding can only be described as a true “horror” in its implications. Stunning new research published in Viruses, part of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Interactions edition of MDPI (Open Access Journals) reveals that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei and wreak havoc on cells’ DNA repair mechanism, suppressing DNA repair by as much as 90%.

GET THE JAB! Most Of Your Daily Mainstream Media Newscast Is Sponsored By Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer, Maker Of The COVID-19 Vaccine
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is having a run the likes of which rarely if ever seen before in modern times, with billions of dollars flowing in every month, due to the mandated use of the COVID-19 vaccine. And to make sure that the money keeps pouring in, Pfizer is sponsoring dozens of news programs on mainstream media, guaranteeing the talking heads will keep enthusiastically recommending that everyone get vaccinated once, twice, three and four times, with booster shots thrown in for good measure. Oh, what the heck, let’s make it a yearly, mandated thing.

The ‘Great Reset’ Of The World Economic Forum Now Includes Islam, Launching The ‘Great Narrative’ Initiative In The United Arab Emirates In November
Faster spins the end times wheel, tighter becomes its grip, as all the players settle into their appoint roles and positions with the Muslims now being welcomed into The Great Reset of the New World Order. The ground having already been prepared with the Abraham Accords over the past 15 months, we rapidly approach harvest time.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Myocarditis From Vaccines Is Nothing Like What We See From Natural Infection
It’s clear to many that the ‘side effects’ to these so-called vaccines are a much greater risk than the so-called experts would have you believe.

‘Teacher of the Year’ Arrested for Child Abuse Just Days after Winning Award
“Teacher of the Year” has been arrested in Florida on charges of abusing a child student, just days after receiving the coveted award. 60-year-old Caroline Melanie Lee was arrested Friday for allegedly striking a minor in the face.

In 2022, “Things Aren’t Gonna Get Done” On An Absolutely Massive Scale
Are we about to witness one of the greatest self-inflicted economic wounds in history?  …The number of Americans that are currently working is still about five million less than the peak that was hit just before the pandemic arrived.  So where did all of those missing workers go?  That is a question that we desperately need an answer for, because millions of workers seem to have evaporated from the system.

Colleges Conditioning Students for a Surveillance Bureaucracy
Despite successful treatment protocols, hundreds of thousands of reports of vaccine injury and excess death numbers that have never reached the millions of people predicted from COVID-19, government officials continue to call for mandatory masking, vaccinations, social distancing and exorbitant fines for people who refuse to bow down to unreasonable demands.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN – Judge In Virginia Dismisses Case – Allows Fairfax County to Include Absentee and Mail-In Ballots in Governor Election that Violate the Law
Some things never change.  Judges that won’t do what’s just and Democrats who steal elections.  We reported previously that Virginia was not requiring the last 4 digits of social security numbers on absentee ballots.  This is in direct violation of the law.

Queensland Health confirms ‘adverse vaccination events’ aren’t being followed up – there are too many.
Ming said: Here’s what the Queensland Government is reporting on their health site: “Due to the large number of adverse events being reported throughout Queensland we are unable to routinely contact every reporter individually. Someone from the Public Health Unit in your area may contact you or your health provider if they require more information for reporting and surveillance purposes. If you have any concerns about ongoing symptoms or future vaccinations, please speak to your GP or Healthcare provider.”

People in UK Who Post “False Information” About Vaccines Could be Jailed For Two Years
People in the UK who post “false information” about vaccines online could face two years in prison under a new law. Yes, really.

Congress made crucial change to vaccine definition weeks before COVID-19 
Without a quiet change to federal law just before the onset of COVID-19, the experimental, mRNA COVID jabs may never have been labelled as vaccines.

Is the corrupt New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern next to be dishonorably removed by her NWO globalist masters?!
“We’ve Been Locked Up For Almost 50 Days” – 1000s Rally Against Auckland Lockdown As Public Opposition Grows

Humanity Is Sleepwalking Towards Medical Apartheid. We Need an Honest Debate Before It’s Too Late 
Even as scientific studies show that vaccines alone cannot extricate humanity from the Covid-19 crisis, governments are rushing headlong towards the creation of a ‘vaccinated economy’ without any consideration for the consequences. It’s time for an injection of sanity and informed democratic debate.

Major Retail Chain Stores Closing 
The Covid pandemic created by government, with fake new updates flying in every single minute, is wreaking havoc on small and large businesses. As many retail stores are closing in 2020, entrepreneurs are uncertain of what steps to take to manage risks, support customers, protect employees and maintain the cash flow into 2021.

Hospitals Neglecting Patients – Left To DIE
Hospitals are neglecting and murdering patients for money to the tune of $48,000 each. Hard to believe? This is what THEY want you to think is false.