1 Nov 2021

Scientists find medications that reverse Alzheimer’s disease
Having characterised the disease, the scientists used the Chemical Checker a computational tool developed by the
same research groupto find drugs already on the market with the capacity to reverse the effects at the cellular level.

Biden Reportedly messed his Pants at the Vatican
Yes, you read that title correctly, and no, this isn’t a satire article. Reports have broken out in Rome that state Joe Biden pooped himself while meeting up with Pope Frances.

Network reporter warned not to report on super-sensitive subject
A journalist for the BBC network in the United Kingdom says he was warned off of reporting on Stonewall, the huge LGBT-promoting activist organization. “I’ve been broadcasting in Northern Ireland for 25 years with all the bullets and bombs, and I’ve had death threats,” Nolan explained. But he said he has “never had the volume of people warning me off” before.

Campaign launched to combat government plan to make prayer illegal
A new campaign has been launched by the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom to oppose an agenda that would make some praying illegal. The problem is with pending plans by lawyers and government officials to address “conversion therapy,” and one of the provisions is that some of the “solutions” would literally make praying for people illegal.

US aircraft carrier in South China Sea as ASEAN, China discuss code of conduct
The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group have returned to the South China Sea for a joint exercise with a Japanese destroyer as leaders from countries in Southeast Asia hold a virtual meeting to discuss regional issues including a maritime Code of Conduct. The U.S. Navy said in a statement that the strike group and the Izumo-class helicopter destroyer JS Kaga of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force on Monday conducted maritime security operations including flights, coordinated tactical training between surface and air units, refueling-at-sea, and maritime strike exercises.

FDNY stages protest against vaccine mandate, forces shutdown of 26 firehouses, commissioner furious
With Mayor Bill de Blasio refusing to budge on his COVID vaccine mandate, New York City firefighters stayed home in droves on Saturday amid tensions over a mandate that could impact about a quarter of the department. Twenty-six firehouses were out of service Saturday due to personnel shortages linked to the vaccine mandate, according to the New York Post, which reported there are 341 firehouses across the city.

AT&T teaches white employees: ‘You are the problem’
AT&T Corporation has a new racial reeducation program that contends “racism is a uniquely white trait” and promotes left-wing causes such as reparations, defunding police and trans activism. It’s based on the core principles of CRT, including “intersectionality,” “systemic racism,” “white privilege” and “white fragility,” writes Rufo in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, for which he is a contributing editor.

Astronomers Didn’t Detect This Asteroid That Passed By Earth Within 2,000 Miles
Passing by Antarctica at 1,800 miles The asteroid passed by Antarctica at a close distance, and the space rock was measuring about 6.6 feet in its diameter, to be more precise.

Locusts eating into farmers’ money
“They covered all the ground until it was black. They devoured all that was left after the hail—everything growing in the fields and the fruit on the trees. Nothing green remained on tree or plant in all the land of Egypt,” Exodus 10:15 states. But for farmer Devon Ousman this ravaging by locusts is not just some biblical tale told to churchgoers It has been his life. ‘The breadfruit and chataigne trees are now like dry sticks. I never saw a tree so clean in my life. The locusts ate everything and the chances are that fruit will just drop off it may not stay,” Ousman told the Business Guardian.

US general likens China’s hypersonic weapons test to a ‘Sputnik moment’
The United States’ … military officer called China’s suspected test of a hypersonic weapons system a “very concerning” development in the escalating competition between Washington and Beijing. “What we saw was a very significant event of a test of a hypersonic weapon system. And it is very concerning,

China’s PLA deploys new type of all-terrain vehicle on border with India
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command has received a new type of all-terrain vehicle, which is expected to ensure logistics support to plateau border defence troops as winter draws close and as China-India border tensions again risk rising after the latest military talks failed to reach an agreement due to “unrealistic Indian demands”, Global Times reported.

The IMF Hates Bitcoin Because It Loves Total Control
The IMF hates Bitcoin because its decentralized protocol and programmatic monetary policy defies the control the fund wants to implement on us all.

On This Day: Ottomans defeated in World War I’s Battle of Beersheba
October 31, 2021 marks 104 years since the Battle of Beersheba, a decisive victory in World War I for the British Army, consisting largely of Australian and New Zealand troops, marking an end to centuries of Ottoman rule in the country. The battle saw the British forces coming off of multiple defeats against the Ottomans, specifically the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, a humiliating loss in the Battle of Kut in modern-day Iraq and then two losses in Gaza.

Drill for 2,000 rockets a day and internal strife: IDF preps for war
Israel’s Home Front Command and National Emergency Authority (RAHEL) will hold a week-long drill starting on Sunday simulating a large-scale war in which civilians are evacuated from northern border communities and security agencies will deal with massive rocket barrages sent by Hezbollah The drill will take lessons that have been learned from past events in the North, as well as those from the May fighting between Israel and terror groups in the Gaza Strip – Operation Guardian of the Walls

New Tower of David pavilion breaks ground, explores Jerusalem’s secrets
The construction works to build the new structure by the Jaffa Gate have opened rare archaeological opportunities.
“In the past year and a half, we have had the chance to go below the modern floor and to expose many archaeological elements,” he said. “This is truly a once-in-a-generation occasion.”

With Lebanon in turmoil, threat to Israel as high as ever
It seems Israel’s most severe national security threat in 2021 and perhaps over the next several years is Lebanon. While the Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah have established mutual deterrence, security officials in Jerusalem estimate that the risk of an escalation is on the rise because tactical events could change the dynamics.

Despite pro-abortion stance, Pope calls Biden a ‘good Catholic’
According to the president, his faith did come up in his conversation with the pope. “We just talked about the fact he was happy that I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving communion,” Biden said. The next day, Biden received Communion at St. Patrick’s Church during Saturday Vigil Mass. Some US Bishops were less forgiving than Pope Francis.
In response, a group of 60 Catholic House Democrats released a “statement of principles” warning Catholic Bishops that the Church may lose its tax-exempt status unless they toe the left-wing party line.

Iranian hackers breach Israeli web hosting company, threaten to release sensitive data
The group, calling itself “BlackShadow,” shuttered servers belonging to Cyberserve, which provides servers and data storage for companies such as Israel’s Kan public broadcaster, the Israel Lottery, Birthright, the Dan and Kavim public transportation companies, the Children’s Museum in Holon, LGBTQ dating app “Atraf,” tour booking company Pegasus, the Israeli Children’s Museum, and dozens more.

Remote Nigerian ethnic group is Lost Tribe of Israel, new documentary asserts
Three filmmakers were arrested in Nigeria while documenting the story of what they believe are the lost tribes of Israel. Their harrowing ordeal with the Nigerian authorities is over but their mission goes on as the saga of the Igbo and the return of the lost tribes continues.

What Is the Business Model for DuckDuckGo?
DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since 2014 without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine. Our privacy policy, in a nutshell, is to not collect or share any personal information at all. Every time you search on DuckDuckGo it is as if you were there for the first time – anonymous. Google also makes most of their money via this same type of keyword-based advertising that doesn’t require any search-history tracking. So why do they track it all then? Because Google is not really a search company; they are an advertising company. On Google, your searches are tracked, mined …

Tropics: Subtropical Storm Wanda forms over northern Atlantic
Subtropical storm Wanda has formed over the northern Atlantic, about 1,020 miles west of the Azores. This system is the same storm and former Nor’easter that blasted the Northeast with flooding and and power outages earlier in the week.

Asteroid skimmed past Earth and no one saw it coming – The Jerusalem Post
2021 UA1 was about the size of a golf cart and flew just 3,000 km. away from the planet — Far closer than the Moon, as well as most communications satellites. Why did no one see it coming?

North Koreans pushed to eat black swans amid food crisis
Weight-watching tyrant Kim Jong Un has reportedly come up with an unexpected solution to North Korea’s food crisis — getting his hungry citizens to eat ornamental black swans.

Israel said to strike near Damascus in rare daytime raid, hitting Hezbollah arms
The Israeli military bombed a number of locations surrounding Damascus in a rare daytime strike on Saturday, according to Syrian media, reportedly targeting advanced weapons heading to the Hezbollah terror group and other Iranian proxies.

What’s In the Vaxx? Transgenic Hydra And Parasite Implants Used As Rapid Human Cloning Weapons System
The transhumanist dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in took a new turn with the shocking discovery of Hydra Vulgaris and PARASITES in the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines”.

Mandate Meltdown: 26 NYC Firestations Shuttered, LA Sheriff Warns Of ‘Mass Exodus’, Tucson Water District Faces ‘Staff Shortage’ 
While the vast majority of employees across most industries and sectors have acquiesced to mandatory vaccine mandates, enough Americans are refusing to get the jab that states and municipalities are losing a dangerous game of chicken with employees who refuse.

This is one Scary Halloween, To Be Sure
Simple trust in Jesus Christ is the only way through the approaching storm, which will make the present darkness seem like a walk in the park.

An Open Letter From Canada’s RCMP Provides American LEO’s the Framework to Resist the Jab
…Multiple accounts leave little doubt that women and children are being chased into the bush by military forces, not the RCMP. This significance of REMP will be discussed later in the article. This reprehenisble behavior, on the part of the Canadian military, represents a move in the direction past genocidal despots. This is indeed the new genocide. As one Canadian wrote to me, there is a general awareness of what lies ahead:

Judge has something serious to say about gov’t demand to spy inside your home
A judge in Iowa has rejected a request by officials in Orange City to throw out a lawsuit by renters, and rental-unit owners, over their new spy-on-renters program.

Union calls for suspension of rapid testing after toxic substance found
A union representing the rights of public-sector workers has called for the suspension of rapid tests for the coronavirus, after media reports showed a swab contained multiple times the permissible trace level of ethylene oxide, a toxic substance.

Burials up 15%, cremations up 10% in 2021 compared to 2020 when there were no covid “vaccines” 
More than five cemeteries overseen by The Catholic Cemeteries have seen a 15 percent increase in burials and a 10 percent increase in cremations so far this year compared to 2020.

Hundreds of thousands of covid vaccine injuries BACKLOGGED and not yet entered into VAERS … far greater numbers of injuries and deaths are still to come
On the latest episode of “Doctors and Scientists,” Dr. Brian Hooker Ph.D., P.E., was interviewed Dr. Jessica Rose, Ph.D. to discuss the failures of the vaccine injury surveillance system that was set up by the CDC and FDA over thirty years ago. Dr. Rose is an expert in bio-mathematics and molecular research.

White House pushes demonic, anti-science “gender equity” initiative rooted in pure fantasy and self-victimization
A new initiative launched by the regime last week focuses not on real problems but creating an imaginary one so that the White House can appear to be ‘fixing it’ in order to curry favor with the Democratic Party’s increasingly lunatic base.

Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials
EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Zandre Botha was shocked after studying the blood of “vaccinated” patients that were coming to her with a serious illness after being injected with the shots being called “Covid vaccines”. After being presented with vials of the substance, she examined the contents and was horrified.