31 Oct 2021

Bennett, ministers head to Glasgow for Climate Conference
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was set to depart for the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on Sunday, known as COP26, along with delegations from 200 countries. Representing a small country…Israel primarily views the conference as an opportunity to punch above its weight when it comes to technological solutions.

Drill for 2,000 rockets a day and internal strife: IDF preps for war
Israel’s Home Front Command and National Emergency Authority (RAHEL) will hold a week-long drill starting on Sunday simulating a large-scale war in which civilians are evacuated from northern border communities and security agencies will deal with massive rocket barrages sent by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah-Saudi crisis deepens and could impact Israel – analysis
“We are facing a crisis created by one of the countries in the region, which is waging a brutal war against another Arab country,” said Mohammed Raad, head of the Hezbollah faction in the Lebanese parliament…Raad was quoted in Iranian media in recent days. His comments refer to Saudi Arabia’s “hostile” actions against Lebanon.

Israeli airstrikes near Damascus target Hezbollah sites – Syrian reports
Israel allegedly carried out a rare daytime airstrike against Hezbollah weapon caches in Damascus on Saturday, Syrian media reported. The airstrike, which caused explosions around the capital, killed at least one Syrian Armed Forces soldier and wounded three others, Syrian state-run SANA news agency stated.

G20: World leaders agree to historic corporate tax deal
Leaders of the world’s 20 major economies have approved a global agreement that will see the profits of large businesses taxed at least 15%. It follows concern that multinational companies are re-routing their profits through low tax jurisdictions. The pact was agreed by all the leaders attending the G20 summit in Rome.

Two Major Cities Launch Universal Basic Income Pilot Programs to Solidify Welfare State’s Hold Over the Poor
Welfare is often sold as a means to help people lift themselves out of poverty, but every piece of data ever accumulated on the topic reveals the opposite is true…With few exceptions, welfare becomes a generational problem…To this end, universal basic income pilot programs have been launched in Chicago and Los Angeles. According to Fox32 in Chicago:

October sets tornado record for Oklahoma
..It has definitely been a very active October when it comes to severe weather across the state. During the month, Oklahoma picked up 31 tornadoes which surpassed the old October record of 27 tornadoes from October 1998.

Covid Vaccine for Children 5-11 by FDA
FDA authorizes covid vaccine for Children 5-11. This is the next battle to face. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday, 10-29-2021, issued an emergency authorization to use Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 5 through 11, coming days after an advisory panel recommended it.

Wisconsin DOJ reveals 180 reports of abuse by faith leaders
Six months after launching a statewide initiative to review reports of abuse committed by clergy and faith leaders in Wisconsin, Attorney General Josh Kaul announced Wednesday that they have received nearly 180 reports of abuse by leaders from multiple religious organizations and faith traditions.

United Nations Launching Their COP26 Climate Summit On The Devil’s Feast Day Of Halloween As New World Order Minions Gather For Their Coven
On Halloween night, the New World Order will gather, flush from the G20 Summit where they called for global vaccinations, a global Vaccine Passport tracking system, and a global digital currency, and dive straight into the UN COP26 Climate Change Summit to extort nations into ‘climate action’. Speaking of the United Nations, did you know they and thier future destiny are mentioned in the writings of the prophet Zephaniah? Take a look and see.

Another Virginia Election, Another Election Steal – Virginia’s Fairfax County Reportedly Not Requiring Last Four Digits of SSN’s on Absentee Ballots
To no one’s surprise, the state of Virginia is being stolen again.  We saw it in the 2020 Election and we are seeing it again.

Doctor probed for 5th time for expressing his views of pandemic
Dr. Scott Jensen, a physician and state senator in Minnesota who is running for governor, says his medical license has been investigated five times because of complaints against his positions on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan ends vaccine-induced pandemic by legalizing IVERMECTIN, while pharma-controlled media pretends masks and vaccines were the savior
Japan just flattened their biggest covid curve yet, and they did so by legalizing and using ivermectin. In almost every country, infection rates and daily death records have increased with each new wave of sickness. The public health advice of lockdowns, isolation, mask mandates and mass inoculation programs has only continued to cause larger curves of sickness and hospitalization.

German City to Stop Publishing Statistics of Vaccinated Hospitalizations to Avoid “Playing Into the Hands of Corona Deniers”
The health authority of a city in Germany has announced it will cease publishing statistics regarding vaccinated coronavirus patients who are hospitalized, citing what it claims is a false narrative from “corona deniers.”

Hefty Fines, 2-Year Jail Terms Loom in New Australian Pandemic Bill
Residents in the Australian state of Victoria face prison time or massive fines of up to AU$90,000 (US$67,570) if they are deemed to have failed to comply with government-mandated health orders and pose a risk to the health of others, according to a measure rushed before the state’s Parliament on Oct. 26.

Shippers fear ‘catastrophic’ fallout from ‘crazy’ California port fees
The cure is worse than the disease, say critics of an emergency plan of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach backed by the Biden administration. If you think port congestion is bad now, just wait for what comes next.

Diplomat accuses State Department of cover-up over “directed energy weapons” attacks
Mark Lenzi, a Department of State official who sustained traumatic brain injuries while on assignment in Guangzhou, China, accused the department of hiding the source of his and other diplomats’ ailments and withdrawing information from Congress.

Holy Communion For Biden & Pelosi Not Up To Clergy But To Their Own Conscience We’ve seen the smiling face of Pope Francis beaming in photos with the two most pro-abortion politicians in all the world over past weeks. ‘Catholic’ Nancy Pelosi actually simpering during her morning Vatican photo-op, Joe Biden having lost the support of his own party in the Infrastructure Bill, not looking in the least bit gruff, but all smiles within hours of leaving D.C. behind.

Zuckerberg Having Digital World On & Trying To Save Face By Changing Facebook To Meta
Both the pope and Zuckerberg are on the same side in advocating for One World Government and its coming Great Reset. Who does Zuckerberg really think he’s fooling while roughly at the same time he was pulling his name switcheroo,  Pope Francis was asking Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to “crack down on your free speech”?

Mesa County, Colorado 2020 Election Results Reviewed – Thousands of Ballots and Entire Process Contaminated – 2020 Election Results Never Should Have Been Certified
Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters knew that the Colorado Secretary of State was most likely committing a crime when she ordered voting machines cleaned of 2020 Election results so Peters made a backup of her County’s 2020 voting machines.  She was then targeted by the state for her actions.