22 Oct 2021

‘Russia and Israel have special relationship’
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday morning, at the resort town of Sochi along the Black Sea in southern Russia. The visit is Bennett’s first trip to Russia since he was sworn in as premier earlier this year. The meeting began with closed-door talks between the two leaders, with additional Russian and Israeli officials set to join in later, including Israeli national security adviser Eyal Hulata, Bennett’s foreign policy adviser Shimrit Meir, and the prime minister’s top military adviser, Avi Gil. Minister Ze’ev Elkin (New Hope), who has in the past served as an interpreter for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during meetings with Putin, is also set to join the meeting.

Biden admin allowing Guantanamo detainee to testify against CIA in foreign court
Biden’s administration is allowing Abu Zubaydah, a Guantanamo Bay detainee, to testify in a Polish court about his treatment at the hands of the CIA while he was being kept at an alleged agency black site located in the country, new reports revealed this week. Zubaydah, who is an alleged close ally of deceased Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and subsequently held at an alleged secret CIA site in Poland.

Researchers Create Self-Reconfigurable Swarms of Multi-Legged Robots
A team of U.S. researchers has developed a reconfigurable swarm of identical low-cost four-legged robots — with directionally flexible legs and tail — that can be linked on demand and autonomously.

Sounds of Mars
What does Mars actually sound like? Take a listen to these recordings captured by the two microphones on the Mars Perseverance rover

US lawmakers join faith leaders to voice support for ‘Build Back Better’ package
Nancy Pelosi and several other Democratic lawmakers joined a group of mostly liberal-leaning religious leaders on Wednesday to voice faith-rooted support for federal legislation central to President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

Pig kidney successfully hooked up to human patient in watershed experiment
In a groundbreaking experiment, scientists hooked up a genetically modified pig kidney to a human patient and watched as the organ successfully filtered waste from the person’s body. The experiment was conducted in a brain-dead patient who was a registered organ donor and whose family granted permission for the procedure to be done,

CDC Advisory Committee Quietly Confirms Moderna Jab Significantly More Dangerous Than Pfizer
Back in July, we reported on a study published in JAMA’s Cardiology journal which linked “acute chest pain” in male American soldiers to mRNA jabs. The pain, as researchers found, was caused by myocarditis and pericarditis, two different types of heart inflammation, which, as we now know, are rare but dangerous side effects of the mRNA vaccines. a CDC advisory panel met Thursday and, while reviewing all the data on safety and efficacy, finally admitted that the earlier warnings about the excess dangers associated with the Moderna jab have been confirmed.

NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data
A top NIH official admitted in a Wednesday letter that the US-funded so-called “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan, China – and that the US nonprofit which conducted it, EcoHealth Alliance – led by the controversial Peter Daszak, “failed to report” that they had created a chimeric bat coronavirus which could infect humans.

AG Merrick Garland Admits He Took Word of National School Boards Association to Target Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’
Attorney General Garland’s only “evidence” that parents are “threatening” school board members? The radically liberal National School Board Association told him so. Seriously?!

SAVAGE! Taliban behead rising female volleyball player as true colours exposed
THE TALIBAN has beheaded a female youth volleyball player as the true colours of the brutal regime emerge weeks after the group swept to power in Afghanistan.

Joe Manchin: Reconciliation Deal ‘Not Going to Happen Anytime Soon’
Senator Joe Manchin said he doesn’t think Democrats will reach a deal on a reconciliation framework by Friday—the deadline set just a few days ago by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “This is not going to happen anytime soon, guys,” Manchin told CNN’s Ted Barrett on Thursday. “They’re trying to get a meeting of the minds.”

ISIS Puts China On Notice by Recruiting Minorities for Attacks in Afghanistan
The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has sent an implicit warning to Beijing by claiming to recruit ethnic minorities for recent attacks in neighboring Afghanistan at a time when separatists are increasingly looking to a more influential China as a target in the region.

Social unrest threatens Mideast economic recovery, IMF warns
The Middle East and North Africa are on track for a recovery, but rising social unrest is threatening the “fragile” progress of low-income economies, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

Majority of Israelis believe Biden worse for Israel than Trump, survey finds
According to the Mitvim poll, 53% of Israeli adults favored the former U.S. president over his successor, …

Air Force resumes training to attack Iran nuclear sites
The Israeli Air Force has resumed training for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities after two years in which no such training had taken place, Channel 12 News reported. IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi has even ordered a significant budget be used to facilitate the training exercises. The resumption of training for a possible attack on Iran is taking place against the background of American attempts to resume talks with the Iranians on a nuclear agreement.

Iran praises arms deal with Russia – analysis
Iran has reached an agreement on arms purchases from Russia, according to media reports. “The conclusion of arms agreements and their implementation in the near future will considerably deepen our relationships,” the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting corporation quoted the Iranian military chief as saying.

US Orthodox rabbis accused of secretly being Evangelical Christians
Accusations have been leveled against a father and son in the United States who practice as Orthodox rabbis of secretly being Evangelical Christians. The father and son in question, Michael and Calev Isaacson, have worked as rabbis in Orthodox Jewish communities throughout the United States. These include Portland, Milwaukee, Houston, and, currently, Phoenix. While in Houston, from 2014-2016, Michael reportedly worked as a supervisor for the local kashrut association.

‘Unilever falsely claiming its hands are tied on Ben & Jerry’s boycott’
Pro-Israel lawyers in Great Britain have warned Ben & Jerry’s parent company Unilever against falsely claiming it cannot overrule the ice-cream maker’s boycott of Judea and Samaria. UK Lawyers for Israel, … noted Ben & Jerry’s Judea and Samaria boycott was in breach of Unilever’s Code of Business Conduct.

Netanyahu: Government’s policy on Iran threatens our children’s future
Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Thursday that the current government’s policy on Iran was dangerous because it has reportedly agreed not to take unilateral action to stifle Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons without US consent. “I lose sleep over this,” Netanyahu told the audience …

1.6%, Not 97%, Agree that Humans are the Main Cause of Global Warming
According to Bahner (and I have not gone through and checked the raw data for myself), of the 11,944 abstracts that Cook et al examined, only 64 claimed explicitly that humans are the main cause of global warming. Here are the categories that Cook et al state. I have added the numbers that Bahner found beside each.

Jordan issues formal directive banning land sales in Judea-Samaria to Jews
In a surprise move, Jordan’s foreign minister issued a formal directive to the kingdom’s Justice Ministry this week forbidding the approval of any real estate transactions conducted in Judea and Samaria.

US Military Conducts Three Successful Tests To Advance Hypersonic Weapon Program
The three tests “demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, capabilities, and prototype systems in a realistic operating environment,” the Pentagon said. 

Multiple landfalling atmospheric rivers aim U.S. West Coast
A series of landfalling atmospheric rivers (ARs) will impact the western United States, and British Columbia, this week into early next week, bringing excessive rainfall, strong winds, and mountain snow. This could lead to flash floods and dangerous debris flows in regions devastated by recent wildfires.

Record-breaking rains leave at least 54 dead, 5 missing in Uttarakhand, India
Heavy rains triggered by two simultaneous low-pressure systems — one over the Arabian Sea and the other over the Bay of Bengal regions — caused severe floods and landslides in parts of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, since Sunday, October 17, 2021. Massive damage was reported across the state.

Forced-On-Masses COVID Passport A Diversion From Increasing Reports On Side Effects of Experimental Vaccines?
Canada’s not too bright Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag on Western ‘leaders’  forcing the COVID-19 vaxx passport on their masses. Is the rise of the COVID Passport a diversion from increasing reports on the dangerous side effects of the experimental vaccines? Casually dressed, Trudeau was all smiles and surrounded by reporters today when he unveiled Canada’s International Proof-Of-Vaccination for COVID-19.

Human Trafficking Operation Yields 115 Arrests in Texas
In operation “Buyer Beware,” police focused on “slowing down sex trafficking,” bringing “awareness to human trafficking,” and bringing to light the new law making it a felony to solicit a prostitute rather than a misdemeanor. The law took effect September 1 of this year.

Murder Charges After Child Vaxx Death, Genetic Code STOLEN With PCR Tests
Wild conspiracy theories are becoming reality around the world. AJ Roberts is a veteran of the British Army and host of “The AJ Roberts Show”, and Roberts is based in the UK. Roberts joined Stew Peters to reveal an investigation that has been launched to determine if health officials intentionally led “undesirable” patients to their death. In addition, Roberts broke news about a prosecutor in the UK that has accepted murder charges against a school that jabbed a child who later died.

Biden released more than 16,000 covid-positive illegals into U.S., says ICE
A source at Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has come forward with information claiming that the Biden regime set loose into the United States more than 16,000 illegal “migrants” who tested “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Pupil Yells “Allahu Akbar” During Tribute To French Teacher Beheaded By Jihadist
Islamist father threatens to burn down school..

Is covid a falsified “pandemic” that was launched as a bioweapons exercise?
Just a few months before the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” was officially declared, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and several other federal bureaucracies held a “National Exercise Program” (NEP) that simulated the country’s preparedness response to a disease threat. Well, it has been speculated ever since that the Chinese Virus is simply this exercise gone live.

Trump announces ‘TRUTH Social’ network will be rolled out first quarter of 2022
Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday the forthcoming “TRUTH Social,” a social media network that aims to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

FAUCI LIED: NIH Releases Document Proving That Gain-Of-Function Research Was In Fact Conducted In Wuhan Lab And Paid For By Liar Fauci
Senator Rand Paul famously exposed professional liar and New World Order minion Anthony Fauci in viral and highly-combative hearings in which Sen. Paul confronted liar Fauci and provided documented evidence to prove his case. Lair Fauci pushed back and the fake news media covered for him. But today comes the news that Fauci’s own organization, the National Institutes of Health, have outed Fauci as having lied when he said no gain-of-function research was funded. It absolutely was.

Alabama school district warns of food shortages, asks for parent help after deliveries fail
Alexander City Schools has asked parents to start feeding their children breakfast at home or to send them to school with a snack because the district has not received food deliveries from their vendors.

‘White Is Not Right’: Walmart Training Manual For White Employees Leaked by Whistleblower
“Walmart has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a ‘white supremacy system’ and teaches white hourly-wage workers that they are guilty of ‘white supremacy thinking’ and ‘internalized racial superiority,'” Christopher Rufo reports.

The Chinese Communist Party is Behind a U.S. ‘Climate Change’ Activism Conference.
Chinese Communist Party-linked foreign influence group sponsored a climate change conference seeking to mobilize youth advocates in America, the National Pulse can reveal.

79-year-old American pastor kidnapped 2 weeks before missionaries in Haiti still missing
Nearly two weeks before the notorious 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti kidnapped 17 mostly American missionaries and demanded a $17 million ransom, Pastor Jean Pierre Ferrer Michel, another American, was abducted from his church along with two others. And like the missionaries, Michel is still missing.