17 Oct 2021

Tuberculosis deaths rise for the first time in more than a decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed years of global progress in tackling tuberculosis and for the first time in over a decade, TB deaths have increased, according to the World Health Organization’s 2021 Global TB report.

Nolte: Walmart Training Accuses White Employees of Being Racist
“Walmart Inc. has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a ‘white supremacy system,’” the  City Journal’s Christopher Rufo reports. He adds that the Walmart brainwashing also “teaches white, hourly wage employees that they are guilty of ‘white supremacy thinking’ and ‘internalized racial superiority.’”

Biden Report: Climate Change Calls for ‘Realignment’ of U.S. Economy
The domestic crises continue in U.S. ports and on the southern border but President Joe Biden and his administration are focused on so-called climate change, including releasing a a 40-page report on Friday on how the issue threatens the U.S. economy.

Active-Duty ​Military Suicide Deaths In 2nd Quarter 2021 Have Taken More Military Lives Than Covid During Entire Pandemic​
More soldiers in the U.S. military’s active-duty, National Guard, and reserve forces died from suicide in the second quarter of this year than soldiers in the entire U.S. military died from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, a new Pentagon report shows.

Working-Poor Still Use Food Banks As Millions Had Their Savings Wiped Out During COVID
Eighteen months since the virus pandemic began, hunger and food insecurity continue to plague millions of households across the country. Some of these folks have had their life savings drained with no financial safety net for the next crisis.

German State Allows Food Stores To Ban The Unvaccinated
The German newspaper BILD reports that the state of Hesse has passed a motion that will allow food stores to decide whether they want to BAN unvaccinated people from entering.

When the Phase One of America’s Destruction Is Complete, Biden’s Primary Objective of Eliminating Christianity Will Commence
Meet the new enemy of the state. No, it is not anti-vaxxers. All liberal opposition groups will eventually be defined as the Christian Extremist Right and the early days of Christian persecution will be relived.

FINAL COUNTDOWN: The Mark Of The Beast Global System Is Preparing To Launch The Metaverse, And You Need To Have Nothing To Do With It
The Antichrist is not yet on the scene, but his global Mark of the Beast System is already well underway, and in fact, quite close to being as much to be completed as you could expect to see without the Beast physically being present. I know the Church will be removed in the Pretribulation Rapture before his arrival, but allow me to take a moment to warn you about something you need to avoid at all costs – the Metaverse.

Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous” Groups and People
Experts say the public deserves to see the list, a clear embodiment of U.S. foreign policy priorities that could disproportionately censor marginalized groups.

Fully-Vaccinated College Student Shawn Kuhn Who Was ‘Super Fit’ Dies Of COVID-19 After Receiving Two Doses Of The Pfizer Vaccine Last Summer 
I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to tell you here, it just may save your life. 21-year old college student was an amazing young man, a born again Christian who knew the Lord, a hard worker, a beloved son and friend to all who knew him. Last year, Shawn contracted COVID-19, but breezed through it with no problems. But this year, after catching COVID the second time, it hit him so hard that it killed him. So what was difference from last year to this year, could it be Delta? No, it was Pfizer.

10 Shortages That Are Getting Worse
The global supply chain is in complete tatters. Tens of thousands of items and services are in short supply or can’t be found at all. This is leading to higher prices, a/k/a cost-push inflation, and a general decrease in the purchasing power of all fiat currencies, be it the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen or the Euro.

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles Mounted On Their Backs
Ghost Robotics and SWORD International have teamed up to create a rifle-toting “robot dog.” Called the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle, or SPUR, the system adds a 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle from SWORD to one of Ghost Robotics’ quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicles, or Q-UGVs.

The Unholy Transformation of God’s Creation Over To The Great Reset
Make ready for the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, the one for which demented and demonized Joe Biden will raise the curtain on what he and Dr. Anthony Fauci proudly predict as: “The Dark Winter”.

Apple Deletes Popular Bible Apps from China’s App Store at Communist Regime’s Request
American Big Tech giant Apple has deleted popular Bible apps from China’s App Store after being told to do so by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Biden’s handlers working hard to crash the system: Airline pilots say prepare for chaos over refusal to take mandated COVID vaccine
…Already there is major pushback against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates for companies with 100 or more employees. And while a month has gone by since he made the announcement, on Thursday he said the Labor Department was about to issue an “emergency rule” mandating that companies with 100 or more employees must order them to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine With Comirnaty Label Still Not Available in US
Officials in 19 states confirmed this week to The Epoch Times they have not received doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine labeled Comirnaty. So did pharmacies in New York, California, and Missouri.

Fully vaccinated Florida man DIES from covid, MSN implies it’s the fault of unvaccinated people
A North Palm Beach man is dead after contracting post-vaccination “covid pneumonia.” And the mainstream media – MSN in particular – is blaming the unvaccinated.