13 Oct 2021

More Than One Hundred Ohio Clergy Tell Biden ‘There Is No King But King Jesus,’ over Vaccine Mandate
Biden’s executive orders mandating shots are not popular with the American public. With resistance to the experimental COVID-19 vaccination going viral across the country, a group of Ohio clergy are taking a jab at the White House’s mandate. (Image: via Frontlines Ohio) Leading clergy representing over one hundred congregations across the Buckeye Bible Belt are giving their disapproval of the national vaccine mandate and have written [Biden] in an open letter.

Revolt of the ‘masses’
Parents are assailing school boards over Critical Race Theory and transgender madness. So much so that the Biden Justice Department is sending out the FBI to investigate whether, as the National School Boards Association bombastically charges, some parents are guilty of “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” Boy, it’s lucky for those BLM/Antifa rioters in 2020 that they refrained from badmouthing teachers and school officials while torching the cities. Their “peaceful protests” might have been investigated.

Florida County Fined $3.5M for Vaccine Mandate
Florida’s Leon County is facing a $3.57 million fine for mandating vaccines for its 714 employees, the Tallahassee Democrat is reporting. A total of 14 workers were dismissed after they declined to get the vaccine. A violation notice from the Florida Department of Health was sent to county officials on Oct. 6. “Leon County government is assessed a total fine of $3,570,000.00,” Florida Department of Health Division Director Douglas Woodlief wrote. “Payment must be made within 30 days of the final order in this matter,” indicating check or money order was acceptable.

Total solar eclipse of December 4, 2021
A total solar eclipse sweeps across Antarctica on December 4, 2021. People located at the southernmost tips of South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand will experience the partial phases. The path of the moon’s umbral shadow begins in the Southern Ocean about 300 miles (500 km) southeast of the Falkland Islands, crosses the Antarctic continent, and ends at sunset in the Southern Ocean.

Russian warships launch missiles off Japan’s coast
Warships of Russia’s Pacific Fleet carried out a series of anti-aircraft missile drills in the Sea of Japan off Japan’s west coast on Monday.

911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab
The American Ambulance Association (AAA) warned House and Senate leaders the “nation’s EMS system is facing a crippling workforce shortage, a long-term problem that has been building for more than a decade. It threatens to undermine our emergency 9-1-1 infrastructure and deserves urgent attention by Congress.” What’s making the EMS labor shortage worse is President Biden’s vaccine mandates. First responders are quitting across the county because they don’t want to get the jab and have realized they can transfer to other higher-paying jobs.

Oregon Senators Call For Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation
The lawmakers stated that a whistleblower, under sworn testimony, said the data reported under the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System may have been underreported by a factor of five. Regarding the diagnosis of COVID-19 through widely-used PCR tests, the senators said that the CDC and the FDA’s setting of one particular test parameter—the cycle threshold—generated “false positives resulting in inflated numbers of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

UN Tells Greta Thunberg To Pound Sand Over Climate Complaint
After three years of deliberations, an 18-member UN panel told Swedish climate alarmist Greta Thunberg to pound sand – saying that it could not immediately rule on a complaint that state inaction on climate change violates children’s rights – and that the teenage exhibitionist should have taken the case to national courts first.

California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers And Chainsaws
Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law on Sunday to ban all off-road gas-powered engines. The new law requires the state to apply the new rule by Jan. 1, 2024, or as soon as regulators determine is “feasible,” whichever date is later, according to the bill.

Brace yourself! Brexit trade war about to explode – EU fury mounts over Frost ultimatum
Lord Frost said the UK was ready to suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol through Article 16 in order to safeguard the peace process of the Good Friday Agreement. In a keynote speech in Lisbon, the UK Brexit minister said the protocol, agreed with the EU as part of the UK’s divorce settlement, was not working and that fundamental change was necessary if it was to survive.

US special forces are secretly training troops in Taiwan to counter Chinese threat
A group of two dozen special operations soldiers and US Marines has been training members of the Taiwanese military to improve their chances of offering a defence against an attack. The US group has been there for at least a year and is training both Taiwanese ground troops and maritime forces, including those operating small boats, US officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Kushner, Ivanka Trump in Jerusalem for Abraham Accords initiative
sraeli lawmakers flanked by former president Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law launched an initiative in Jerusalem on Monday to advance the Abraham Accords that saw Arab states normalize ties with Israel.

Israel’s COVID booster shot campaign loses steam as pandemic abates
The Health Ministry reported Tuesday evening that Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine booster shot campaign seemed to lose momentum as the country’s coronavirus outbreak continued to abate.

New fault lines are appearing in the Middle East
There is a disturbing trend within Washington − manifested most dramatically by the devastating retreat from Afghanistan − to simply turn away from the pressing problems of the Middle East and to pour all of our energies into the Asia-Pacific theater. The United States is now regarded as a paper tiger within the Middle East. This is dramatically illustrated by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s talk during the opening of the UN General Assembly last week when he stated that “sanctions are the United States’ new way of war with the nations of the world.”

US: “Abraham Accords don’t substitute a two-state solution.”
The comments come ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meetings on Wednesday with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Emirati Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Mike Pompeo: Israel might need to attack Iran due to US ‘appeasement’
An Israeli last-resort military action against Iran is a risk of American appeasement and emboldens the Islamic Republic, former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Tuesday at the Jerusalem Post Conference.

Greece quake: Strong tremor shakes Crete
The Greek island of Crete has been hit a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, says the US Geological Survey (USGS), with the epicentre near the eastern tip. Some buildings were damaged, and thousands of people were seen leaving their homes in panic. There are so far no reports of casualties.

Massive Solar Flare Hits Planet Earth: Here’s Why It Could Be Malachi’s Prophecy
While many enjoyed increased aurora borealis activity thanks to a massive solar flare that hit the Earth on Monday, one scientist noted that precisely such a cosmic event was prophesied to usher in the final days. Coming during a period of increased solar activity, the solar flare observed on Saturday was an M-class event, the second-strongest category.

Record number of Jewish pilgrims on Temple Mount in September
Beyadenu, an organization of students and young people working for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, announced that a record number of Jews ascended to the Temple Mount last month. Beyadenu trains and provides free guides for the site and thanks to their work, 6,102 Jews toured the Temple Mount.

Potent western storm shifts into the 4-corners and Plains, U.S.
Heavy snow and powerful winds in the Great Basin mountains, Rockies, and into the High Plains will create hazardous travel conditions, NWS warned on October 12, 2021. Severe storms developing in the Plains ahead of this front may have damaging winds, large hail, and a couple of tornadoes.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Crete, Greece
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) as M6.3 hit the eastern coast of Crete, Greece at 09:24 UTC on October 12, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 8.2 km (5 miles). USGS is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). This is the second powerful quake to hit Crete since September 27.

California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers And Chainsaws
“Companies are going to have to completely retrofit their entire workshops…”

Tropical Storm “Kompasu” drenches Luzon, leaving 9 people dead and 11 missing, Philippines
Tropical Storm “Kompasu” — known as Maring in the Philippines — dropped heavy rains on the country’s most populous island of Luzon over the past 2 days, leaving at least 9 people dead and 11 others missing. Kompasu is the 18th named storm of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season.

CME impacts Earth, sparks G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm
Coronal mass ejection (CME) produced by M1.6 solar flare at 06:40 UTC on October 9, 2021, reached DSCOVR spacecraft at 01:48 UTC and Earth at 02:30 UTC on October 12, 2021. The impact sparked a G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm.

Judge Delivers Blow To NY Vax Mandate–Allows Religious Exemption From Vax
A New York Judge has issued a preliminary injunction against New York’s vaccine mandate.

Connecting the Dots Regarding the Deliberate Apocalypse Befalling the United States
I recently interviewed Bob Griswold of Readymaderesources.com and found that our independent analysis of the crises facing America, all which potentially represent a “nation-extinction-level” of events, are simultaneously in place could very well kills tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans. Remember, the Deagel Report predicted over 250 million American deaths, from various causes, by 2025.

Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required
BREAKING: During an interview with Stew Peters, Dr Jane Ruby provided Breaking information, corroborated by multiple sources, that a Vaxxed Delta Airlines pilot died in flight within the last two weeks, an emergency landing was forced, and the company is covering it up!

SHOCKING VIDEO: Marine Exposes Possible Punishment For Refusing To Follow Biden’s Mandate!
In a video guaranteed to make your stomach turn., an anonymous young man claiming to be Marine outlines the potential consequences for servicemen and women who fail to comply with Joe Biden’s dictatorial and anti-science vaccine mandate for the military.

PLANETARY CRUCIFIXION will lead to humanity’s resurrection and unstoppable, cosmic awakening
PLANETARY CRUCIFIXION now under way, as humanity sacrificed with crown (corona) of spikes (spike protein) by evil empire that worships Satan..But just as Jesus rose from the dead and revealed the miracle of resurrection, humanity, too, will experience resurrection and rebirth, following the attempted crucifixion.

U.S. Troops Have Been Deployed in Taiwan for at Least a Year
A U.S. special-operations unit and a contingent of Marines have been secretly operating in Taiwan to train military forces there, U.S. officials said, part of efforts to shore up the island’s defenses as concern regarding potential Chinese aggression mounts.

Trudeau Bans Unvaccinated From Travel, Leaving the Country, And Earning A Living 
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that starting Oct. 30th any citizen wishing to board a plane, train, or cruise in or out of Canada will be required to show a ‘vaccination passport’ proving they received the COIVID-19 shot in order to move freely, USSA News reported.

Fauci’s policies are KILLING 10,000 children a month, plunging tens of millions of people into abject poverty and starvation all around the world 
Do black lives matter to Tony Fauci? Not in the slightest. His Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) policies are killing tens of thousands of black children per month, it turns out.

SHOCKING Allegation: Disgraced Politician Was Blackmailed by Big Pharma Interests to Impose “Vaccine” Mandate
It has long been known that certain entities are getting rich off COVID. For example, major Democrat donors Amazon and Walmart made billions more during the pandemic after the Democrats locked down their small-business competition while allowing them to remain open.

JACOB’S TROUBLE: Defense Minister Benny Gantz Praises The Fact That Israel Gave Up Sovereignty Over Judea And Samaria For The Abraham Accords
Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz gave a stunning speech yesterday about the Abraham Accords and that the fact that in order to have them, the Jews needed to give up sovereignty over the biblical areas of Judea and Samaria known commonly as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Why would the Jews think this was a good thing? Because they are preparing themselves to go into the time of Jacob’s trouble, they just don’t know it yet.

Former Mossad Chief Stuns Audience By Admitting Iran “Not Even Close” To Getting Nuclear Bomb
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid at same time is in D.C. arguing Iran becoming a “nuclear threshold state”.