11 Oct 2021

New Vaccination Strategy Developed That Could Prevent Future Coronavirus Outbreaks
Researchers in Japan have developed a vaccination strategy in mice that promotes the production of antibodies that can neutralize not only SARS-CoV-2 but a broad range of other coronaviruses as well. If successfully translated to humans, the approach, to be published today (October 8, 2021), in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, could lead to the development of a next-generation vaccine capable of preventing future coronavirus pandemics. The researchers genetically engineered the receptor-binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, covering its head region in additional sugar molecules. These sugar molecules could shield the head region from the immune system and boost the production of antibodies against the unshielded core region of the receptor-binding domain.

Aliyah to Israel up by 31% so far in 2021 compared to last year
“Israel has continued seeing a dramatic rise in Aliyah despite the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and The Jewish Agency ensuring that immigration continues despite the difficulty and limitations on international travel,” the statement on the report said.

Asteroid the Size of Great Pyramid of Giza to Pass Earth Next Week
An asteroid as big as the oldest and largest known pyramid and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World will pass Earth this weekend. 2021 SM3 will zip past the planet on October 15. The asteroid, which was only discovered this year, has an estimated diameter of up to 160 meters, one and one-fifth the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

Poll: Trust in Putin drops to lowest levels since 2012
The Levada Center survey released on October 6 found 53 percent of respondents saying they trusted Putin, down from 71 percent in September 2017. Levada said it was the lowest recorded level of trust for the Russian leader since October 2012, when 51 percent of respondents said they trusted the president.

Letter To A Covidian: A Time-Travel Experiment
Hello there. I understand you’re a believer. You have zealous, unwavering faith in the System. You Trust The Science™. You deem anything that falls beyond the margins of the approved narrative “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories,” and “fake news.” You dutifully wear your badge of obedience. You social distance. You lock down when you’re told to lock down. You report others for violating these and any other applicable dictates. You were first in line to get injected. You were first in line to get re-injected. You cried tears of joy both times. You cannot wait to get your booster injection.

Israel ‘Surrenders’ Temple Mount After Reported Pressure From Biden
Hamas was sounding a triumphant note on Saturday after a Jerusalem court reversed its tacit approval of Jewish prayer atop the Temple Mount. The terror group attributed this “victory” to the “steadfast resistance” of the Palestinian Arabs. But Israeli media indicated it was the result of pressure from left-wing elements in the Israeli government and from the Biden Administration.

Analysis: Corporate business travel ‘carbon budgets’ loom for airlines
As major companies look at drastic ways to cut carbon emissions from corporate travel, airlines are bracing for a major hit to business-class travel, a key revenue driver, industry executives and experts say. Several companies, such as HSBC (HSBA.L), Zurich Insurance (ZURN.S), Bain & Company and S&P Global (SPGI.N), have already announced plans to quickly cut business travel emissions by as much as 70%.

N.Korea’s Kim calls for improving people’s lives amid ‘grim’ economy
Kim Jong Un urged officials to focus on improving citizens’ lives in the face of a “grim” economic situation, state media reported on Monday, as he marked the anniversary of the country’s ruling party. Officials should not wish for privilege and preferential treatment, and “should always consider whether their work infringe upon the interests of the people or cause trouble to the people,” Kim said.

Taiwan won’t be forced to bow to China, president says
Taiwan will keep bolstering its defences to ensure nobody can force them to accept the path China has laid down that offers neither freedom nor democracy, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Sunday, in a riposte to Beijing that its government denounced.

Iran claims to have 80% of uranium needed to build nuclear bomb
If true, the numbers could be considered a major jump forward in uranium enrichment, potentially eventually toward a nuclear weapon if Tehran made the choice to try and break the nuclear threshold.

Iran chases US battleships out of Persian Gulf
Iranian state television is claiming that its navy chased a US fleet in the Persian Gulf. Video footage showing Revolutionary Guards cheering as they tailgated the American vessels, was released by the ICRG. It is entirely possible that the Iranian speedboats were simply following the vessel giving the impression that they were ‘chasing’ them as a type of propaganda optic.

Lebanon suffers unprecedented nation-wide blackout: ‘A prophecy of Ezekiel’, says rabbi
Due to an ongoing and extreme financial crisis, the two largest power stations in Lebanon shut down for lack of fuel. One rabbi noted that by supporting Hezbollah, the country that sourced the precious Cedars for the Jewish Temples has cut itself off from the source of light.

Cherokee Tribe of Alabama recognizes Israel as a Jewish Nation, Jerusalem its eternal capital
On September 25, the Tribal Council of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama voted unanimously to express solidarity with Israel as a sovereign Jewish Nation. They also formally recognized that Jerusalem was Israel’s eternal and undivided capital. The vote came as an expression of “covenant and brotherhood out of a shared bond, with both being indigenous peoples who sense a deep calling and divine responsibility to steward sacred lands.

“So Deeply, Deeply Wrong” – Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny
As governments around the world begin instituting Covid-19 ‘passports’ which will dictate the level of participation one is afforded within society – regardless of naturally acquired immunity or actual risk to the public from the unvaccinated (considering that the majority of transmission occurs in the home), people have begun to push back against authoritarian tactics to control privileges and push vaccines.

Wars And Rumors Of Wars – Two Major Conflicts On The Horizon
Historically, the start of most wars has not been a surprise. Usually, there is a very clear build up before hostilities begin, and we are seeing the same pattern today.

Pope Francis Welcomes Baby-Murderer, Nancy Pelosi, to the Vatican Without Mask
There is no question that Nancy Pelosi is one of the world’s most notorious pro-abortion advocates. And yet, while the Roman Catholic Church claims to be staunchly pro-life–it isn’t–the pope recently welcomed Pelosi to the city-state where she met him, hand-in-hand, without a mask. Admittedly, there isn’t much of a story here to write. I mean, the picture and the headline itself are the story.

UNHRC approves Durban resolution, 10 nations oppose over antisemitism
The United Nations Human Rights Council approved a pro-Durban resolution on Monday 32-10, after the United Kingdom called for a roll call vote and prevented its anticipated passage by consensus. “Racism should be tackled in all its forms and, regrettably, for far too long, the UN has downplayed the scourge of antisemitism.

China has won the AI battle against the US – Pentagon ex-software chief
China has won the artificial intelligence battle with the United States and is heading towards global dominance because of its technological advances…China…is likely to dominate many of the key emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and genetics within a decade or so, according to Western intelligence assessments.

China bans British beef again over mad cow disease
China has banned British beef imports of cattle under 30 months of age after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow” disease, in the UK last month. The ban took effect from 29 September, according to a statement from the General Administration of Customs.

China floods: Nearly 2 million displaced in Shanxi province
More than 1.76 million people have been affected by severe flooding in China’s northern Shanxi province, according to local media. Torrential rain last week led to houses collapsing and triggered landslides across more than 70 districts and cities in the province. Heavy rainfall is hampering rescue efforts, officials said.

Large fire breaks out at oil facility in crisis-hit Lebanon
Firefighters say they have extinguished a large blaze at an oil facility in southern Lebanon, which is in the grip of a severe energy crisis. The fire erupted on Monday morning in a petrol tank belonging to the army at the Zahrani Oil Installation, sending a plume of black smoke into the sky. No casualties have been reported.

Israel says it will keep Golan as Assad’s fortunes, U.S. views shift
Israel will keep the Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in a 1967 Six-Day War, even if international views on Damascus change, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday. In 2019, then-U.S. president Donald Trump broke with other world powers by recognizing Israel as sovereign on the Golan Heights…

Does Taiwan Need Nuclear Weapons To Deter China?
Does a deterrent strategy demand atomic deterrence? Not necessarily. It’s far from clear that nuclear weapons deter much apart from nuclear bombardment—the type of aggression least likely to befall Taiwan.

Showers, thunderstorms forecast over Southeast ahead of West’s early-season winter weather
Showers and thunderstorms continue to bring the threat of flooding over Florida, the Southeast and the southern Appalachians on Friday.

Billion-dollar disasters: US on pace to top 2020 record, report says
The U.S. is on pace to exceed 2020’s record number of billion-dollar disasters.  According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report released Friday, 2021 has already seen 18 weather and climate disasters, each with losses topping $1 billion.

North Carolina lieutenant governor faces resignation calls after terming homosexuality as ‘filth’
“North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says Christians must take control of public schools because children are being abused by being taught “filth”: “There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth.”

Biden administration to host Abraham Accords trilateral 
The Biden administration plans to host an Abraham Accords trilateral meeting in Washington this Wednesday, between US, Israeli and Emirati officials.

Company that Handles Billions of Text Messages from Major Cellular Carriers Says its Database was Hacked for Years
Syniverse, a company that handles billions of text messages from cellular carriers, quietly admitted during its filing dated September 27th with the US Security and Exchange Commission that its database was hacked for 5 years.

Lebanese Army Seizes Over 28 Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate In Town With Terror Ties
The Lebanese Army announced this week that it has seized over 28 tons of ammonium nitrate during a raid at a gas station in Arsal in the Bekaa region, which is near the border with Syria. The fertilizer can be used in bomb-making, and the seizure comes after hundreds of tons of the same substance caused the August 2020 blast which killed 200 people and decimated whole neighborhoods in Beirut.

Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War” 
The Biden open border crisis continues along our southern border.
Over 400,000 illegal migrants are expected to enter the US this month. These unvaccinated and untested illegals will be shipped across the United States.

Report: Southwest Airlines Cancels 1000s of Flights Due To Air Traffic Control Walkouts Over Vaccine Mandate
Southwest Airlines cancelled thousands of flights over the weekend, citing air traffic control issues and “disruptive weather.”

SHOCKING DATA: The More You Inject, The Higher The Case Numbers Go
Actual data makes vaccine mandates and passports look like a dumber idea every day

Vaccine Mandate DEFIED By Hundreds Of Thousands Of U.S. Troops
New reports are coming in stating that hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops remain unvaccinated or are only partially vaccinated against COVID-19 as the Pentagon’s first compliance deadline for the vaccine mandate is coming up.

Total power outage in Lebanon: Entire country down, may last for several days
The electricity grid in Lebanon has reportedly cut off electricity in the entire country as the two main power stations ran out of fuel.

Pennsylvania House Democrat Releases Forced Sterilization Bill…Then Claims It Was a ‘Parody’ After Being Exposed 
A Pennsylvania Democrat in the state house released a forced sterilization bill, and then attempted to claim it was a parody after he was exposed for introduced this heinous measure.

AMAZING: COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia Plummet After Government Authorizes IVERMECTIN For Treatment
In July 2021, the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) finally granted the Emergency Use Authorization for Ivermectin as the therapeutic drug to cure the Covid-19.

Newsom Signs Bill Requiring Free Tampons in California Public Schools — Including Boys’ Bathrooms
California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill requiring public schools and colleges to stock free menstrual products — including boys’ restrooms.

China Prepares For Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents
“This reflects the CCP’s concern about the rise of the epidemic. It must have been concealing the true epidemic in mainland China, otherwise it would not suddenly issue a national notice of emergency preparedness.”

Taliban committing war crimes, kills 13 including 17-year-old girl: report
The Taliban executed 11 ex-defense personnel and two civilians, including a 17-year-old girl in Afghanistan’s Daykundi province, all of whom were from the ethnic Shia minority, according to an investigation by Amnesty International, which says the killings appear to be war crimes.

Crisis in church leadership: How celebrity pastors can avoid failing the fame test
What drives the dysfunction and lack of health seen in many church leaders today? Why do so many pastors in Western evangelicism fail the fame test despite the biblical example set by Jesus Himself?