18 Sep 2021

Doug Casey On The Next “Crisis” The Global Elite Have ‘Planned’
The Davos crowd has become the most visible element of the ruling class. Although, they overlap with lots of other groups who are pushing the same agenda—Bilderberg, CFR, and Bohemian Grove among them. These people are all part of what you might call the “World Deep State.” They all know each other. They go to the same conferences, and more often than not, they’ve attended the same universities, belong to the same social clubs, and have kids in the same schools. But most importantly, they share the same worldview. They have contempt for the little people, whom they treat as either useful idiots or useless mouths. They’re interested in power more than anything else.

Our Crisis Of Faith On Constitution Day
We’re supposed to be celebrating the day the Constitution was signed and presented to the states for ratification. But, as Jonathan Turley details below, it’s pretty hard to celebrate when the Constitution is under such unprecedented attack…

7 Signs Your Friend Or Family Member Has Fallen Victim To The Woke Mind Virus
These qualities are: 1. Smugness. An absolute, unwavering, and arrogantly condescending attitude toward all non-woke opinions. While a trait in itself, it is related to number 2.

FDA Panel Rejects Broad Pfizer Booster Jabs Scuttling Biden’s Plan, Endorses Limited Shots For “At Risk” Elderly
Minutes after the FDA advisory panel rejected the Biden Administration’s plan to dole out booster shots to patients as young as 16, the same panel returned and voted unanimously to temporarily approve Pfizer Booster jabs for patients who are either a.) 65 or older, b.) immunocompromised or c.) both. As one Twitter user pointed out, the decision represents the biggest bureaucratic revolt against the Biden Admin’s COVID strategy yet.

France Is So Mad At The United States That It Canceled An Entire Gala In DC
French officials in Washington were so angry over a new security deal between the U.S., U.K. and Australia that they canceled a D.C. based gala set for Friday at their embassy.

The Old Peace Treaties vs. the Abraham Accords
From a transactional perspective, in terms of a common need for security and economic prosperity, the Middle East is ready for relations with Israel. However, from a transformational standpoint, most of the region is not yet ready for full normalization. Few, if any, countries in the region embrace a UAE-style approach to coexistence and pluralism, and extremist ideologies are still widespread in most societies.

Moroccan FM: Israel must be stakeholder not outsider in the Middle East
Israel must be part of a new Middle East order bound together by both regional opportunities and the need to combat joint threats, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said on Friday at a virtual event marking the anniversary of the Abraham Accords.

France recalls envoys in US and Australia over submarine deal
France plunged into an unprecedented diplomatic crisis with the United States and Australia on Friday after it recalled its ambassadors from both countries over a trilateral security deal which sank a $40 billion French-designed submarine contract.

Unseasonal rain on Yom Kippur presages rainy winter…and perhaps the Messiah
Yom Kippur worshippers were surprised by a light sprinkling of unseasonal rain in some parts of Israel. Though the shower was light and short, descending in disparate sections of the country while most Jews were deep in prayer, the precipitation bore deep spiritual significance.

Bennett says he won’t sit down with Mahmoud Abbas, rules out Palestinian state
You shall make no covenant with them and their gods. Exodus 23:32 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday that for now, he has ruled out a meeting with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and the creation of a Palestinian state. I oppose a Palestinian state, and I think it would be a grave mistake to import the failed Gaza model of Hamas, which shoots rockets at us and turn the entire West Bank into that,” he told Ynet in an interview.

“It Was A Mistake”: Pentagon Admits Biden Killed Up To 10 Innocent Civilians In Kabul Drone Strike
“I offer my sincere apology.

Hurricane forecasters tracking 4 tropical disturbances, including Nicholas over Louisiana
Hurricane forecasters were tracking four tropical disturbances, including the remnants of Tropical Depression Nicholas over Louisiana.

Nolte: Bidensanity – Unvaccinated Illegals Shipped to Dozens of States
His Fraudulency Joe Biden is flooding the country with unvaccinated illegal aliens, many of them infected with the same coronavirus that has already killed some 650,000 Americans, and he does not require them to be vaccinated — even as he forces fascist vaccine mandates on legal citizens. Why?

Companies are Getting Rid of Drug Tests Because They Can’t Find Enough Workers
In the midst of a global labour shortage, employers around the world are doing away with drug tests in a desperate bid to attract more job applicants, fill more roles and retain more workers.

Fauci botched the AIDS epidemic so big pharma could profit. He’s doing it again with COVID
..“There were a lot of mistakes made along the way. A lot of lessons that could have been learned, but after looking into the history of the AIDS epidemic, it’s curious if we’ve actually learned any. Here we are today, with a pandemic that is causing mass hysteria. Like the days of people demonizing gay men as the culprits behind the epidemic, we have the media demonizing the unvaccinated as the root cause for why this virus just won’t go away.”

California teacher hangs ‘F— the Police,’ ‘F— Amerikkka’ posters in classroom
A Los Angeles parent is sounding the alarm over posters displayed inside a high school classroom that say, “F— Amerikkka,” and claim that law enforcement’s primary purpose is to “militarily enforce White supremacist capitalism.”

‘Fully vaccinated’ account for 82% of Illinois public high school’s COVID cases
Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) has 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of September 9, with 14 cases coming from individuals who have been fully jabbed.

CDC continues dishonest vaccine, COVID data reporting to hide danger of COVID jabs
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. How convenient

Joe Biden the Killer: He Abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, Turned His Back on Our US Allies, Was Responsible for Slaughter of 13 Servicemen and Women, and Now He’s Willfully Killing Texans and Floridians
Today Joe Biden decided to roll forward with his America-hating policies that ended in the deaths of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan.  Biden decided to go for it within the continental US as well.

New York Imposes Masks for 2-Year-Olds and Above in Childcare Facilities
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday announced that state-regulated childcare centers across the state must mandate masks for children aged 2 and above, as well as staff and all visitors.

Bombshell allegations at another City school -Dead students enrolled, Classes didn’t exist
A former Baltimore City Schools principal says she believes there’s an organized effort in City Schools to push kids through the system at any cost, even if it means enrolling them in classes that don’t exist. The allegations come as the school district is under fire over so-called ghost students, and now, ghost classes.

Lawyer For America’s Frontline Doctors Outlines Criminal Charges Against Luciferian New World Order
The crimes are so great, that every Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer the world over is duty bound to act on this. If you’re a cop, and you haven’t figured this out yet, these Murderous co-conspirators in government want to genocide EVER…

Fauci says he would support vaccine requirement for air travel
Dr. Anthony Fauci has expressed his
support for COVID-19 vaccination requirements for air travel – as the Biden administration did not rule it out.

COVID Jab Will Have Devastating Long-Term Effects
In what critics call an egregious display of tyrannical power, the United States president has officially called for a massive jab mandate for millions of Americans, and admitted that the debate over whether to get a COVID shot is “not about freedom or personal choice.”

Deep State, Deep Trouble
The unmitigated corruption in the leadership of the armed forces is a sign of deep cultural rot…