17 Sep 2021

Donald Trump predicts end of the USA under Biden in doomsday warning – ‘Gone downhill!’
DONALD Trump blasted Joe Biden’s track record as US president, claiming the country would cease to exist “in three years.”

123 Texas Landowners Allow State to Put Border Fencing on Their Property
The state of Texas has some new allies in its battle against illegal immigration. The Washington Examiner reports that a group of 123 homeowners has agreed to let the state place fencing along sections of their properties near the U.S.-Mexico border. The Examiner said that as of Wednesday, 123 homeowners living in Val Verde County have agreed to allow an 8-foot-tall barbed-wire metal fence to be erected at the edge of their properties. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s office said 82 of the 123 people referenced have signed agreements with the state’s military department conducting the program.

South Korea fires its first ever submarine-launched ballistic missile hours after North Korea’s missile launch
South Korea tested it’s first submarine-launched ballistic missile Wednesday shortly after North Korea launched its own ballistic missiles, which landed in international waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

‘We Got Him!’: Leader Of ISIS Group Accused Of Killing Four US Troops Gets Killed, Announces French President
An ISIS leader accused of killing four U.S. troops died in Mali, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday. ISIS Greater Sahara (ISIS-GS) leader Adnan Abou Walid al Sahraoui was killed in a French drone strike between Aug. 17 and 22, … “Ladies and Gentlemen: We got him!!” Macron said in a Tweet early on Thursday morning.

Beijing erupts at new UK-US deal and warns Australia to become ‘anti-China superpower’
AUSTRALIA has been warned it risks becoming an enemy of China following the announcement of the trilateral agreement with the US and UK.
After the three nations announced the Aukus alliance, Chinese officials have issued repeated threats to Australia. With Australia and China at a period of heightened tensions,

Netanyahu attends Ne’ilah Yom Kippur service at Western Wall
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah attended the Ne’ilah prayer service at the Western Wall Thursday evening. Ne’ilah, which means ‘closing,’ is the fifth and final prayer service of Yom Kippur and is one of the most intense moments of prayer in the entire Jewish calendar as it takes place at the very end of the Day of Atonement.

Are the Taliban descendants of Israel?
Pashtun practices include circumcision on the eighth day and refraining from mixing meat and milk — Is there a connection to ancient Hebrews?
Periodically … newspaper headlines have raised the tantalizing question of whether the Pashtun tribes … are in fact our long-lost relatives, descendants of the Israelites who were cast into exile by the Assyrian empire more than 2,700 years ago. a cursory look at the evidence suggests that it cannot and should not be dismissed out of hand.

How about hiring someone who’s ethical … and patriotic?
The trustees of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission are now accepting applications to lead the political and lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. According to the job description, a candidate needs at meet at least five qualifications to be in the running to head the ERLC:
“They talked about racial inequality, substance abuse, bioethics, displaced peoples and immigration, war, human suffering. And I thought: that’s very interesting, because what wasn’t on that list was ethics.”

Lawyer connected to Clinton campaign indicted in Durham probe
A lawyer connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign has been indicted as a result of the probe into how the Obama administration launched an FBI investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Michael Sussmann has been charged with making a false statement to the FBI. The case against the attorney, is just the second prosecution brought by special counsel John Durham in two-and-a-half years of work. Sussmann’s firm, Perkins Coie, has deep Democratic connections.

Milley defends calls to Chinese as effort to avoid conflict
“The [job of the] chairman [of the Joint Chiefs of Staff], under the 1984 Goldwater-Nichols Act, is to be the principal military advisor to the president of the United States. He is not a commander – he is an advisor; but he does have the president’s ear. And you would expect that he would respect the person who he works for, which is the president directly.”

Rep. Gosar Calls on House Leaders to Start Wearing Body Cameras
“Several members of congress made false and defamatory allegations that other members of Congress gave “reconnaissance tours” on Jan. 5,” Gosar said. “Footage from body cameras would be able to rebut such defamation immediately.” He also said the body cameras would “demonstrate the confabulation” of a story told by a “member of Congress” who described hiding and being chased “without any witness or documentation of any type in support.” “The lack of transparency in Congress is driving public trust in government to near-historic lows,” said Gosar.

At least 3 killed, 60 injured after shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Sichuan, China
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) as M6.0 hit southwest China’s Sichuan Province at 20:33 UTC on September 15, 2021 (04:33 LT, September 16). The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Both USGS and EMSC are reporting it as M5.4 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Eight Reasons Why the 2020 Stolen Election Now Qualifies As An EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT
Hello people living in the occupied land of Amerika! No need to pay attention to the GDP, the inflation report, the DOW and the S&P. The only report that matters now is the extinction report…Amerika faces an uphill battle to survive. Our enemy, controlled ultimately by Satan, is determined to see as many of us (Americans, conservatives and Christians) dead as possible.

New doctors’ group Pandemic Health Alliance argues for early treatment to fight COVID-19 
A newly formed group of physicians, the Pandemic Health Alliance insists on alternative ways of treating COVID-19.

‘Fully vaccinated’ account for 82% of Illinois public high school’s COVID cases 
Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) has 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of September 9, with 14 cases coming from individuals who have been fully jabbed.

Dems Propose $3 Trillion Tax Hike on Working Families and Small Businesses
House Democrats are proposing almost $3 trillion ($3,000,000,000,000) in tax increases including tax increases on small businesses and working families. This is the largest tax increase since 1968 compared to the size of the economy and the largest tax increase ever in nominal dollars.

Freedom Job Network lists jobs that do not require employees to get COVID-19 vaccine
A job board “for Americans who believe in self-responsibility and choice” lists a variety of jobs that do not require employees to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

FDA purchased baby heads and other body parts, documents show
Hundreds of pages of U.S. Food and Drug Administration records obtained under a Freedom of Information Act case brought by government watchdog Judicial Watch reveal the U.S. government was buying the heads of unborn babies, and other body parts, for its “humanized mice” project.

Where Did All The People Go?
Why are companies all over the world suddenly desperate for workers?  In my entire life I have never seen anything like this.  When the labor shortage started in the United States, a lot of people blamed overly generous government handouts, but that doesn’t explain why the exact same thing is happening in nation after nation all over the globe.

Are We Right Now Watching The Long Called For Global Depopulation Demanded By The New World Order Eugenicists?
Today the Biden administration announced they would be drastically reducing the amount of life-saving monoclonal antibodies currently being sent to areas hard-hit by COVID-19 like Florida, Arizona and other mostly conservative states.

Biden Cuts Shipments Of Life-Saving Antibody Treatments To Florida As Democratic Campaign To Punish The Unvaccinated Horrifyingly Accelerates
Walkaway’ Joe Biden may have laid down for the Taliban, and may grovel at the feet of the Communist Chinese, but that does not mean he’s not planning on fighting the real war against the state of Florida, and punish his stated enemy, the unvaccinated. To advance those goals, Biden has ordered a drastic cut in life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments to the Sunshine State.

American Airlines Flight Turns Around and Kicks Off Mother and Her Asthmatic 2-Year-Old Baby Over Mask Policy 
On Monday, American Airlines flight 1284 turned around and kicked off a two-year-old asthmatic boy, his mother, and his grandmother because the child was suffering from an asthma attack during mid-flight and could not wear the mask properly.

US, UK To Share Nuclear Submarine Technology With Australia In “Historic” Military Pact Against China 
After breaking news of the the historic pact between the US, UK and Australia earlier, we have now gotten confirmation and additional information about the pact.

White Floating Contaminants Found in Pfizer Vaccine in Several Japanese Cities: Officials
Foreign matter has been discovered in five unused vials of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine near Tokyo, Japan, and one vial in Osaka Prefecture, officials said on Tuesday.

Seizing On The Weakness Of The Biden Administration, Communist China Announces Warships Could Soon Be Stationed Off Coast Of Hawaii
ust imagine for a moment that you are the leader of a terror-nation like Iran or Communist China, what thoughts would be going through your head as you watch the incredible weakness and cowardice shown by the Joe Biden administration in places like Afghanistan? If you’re the leader of Communist China, you’re thinking now would be a great time to make a move.

COVID Politics Takes a Dark Turn, Biden Administration Takes Control of Monoclonal Antibody Drugs in Order to Block Treatments in Red States and Ration Equitable Treatment
When Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services made the announcement earlier this month (LINK) that they were taking full control over Monoclonal Antibody drugs (mAb) in order to begin rationing the highly effective treatment for COVID-19 infection, several people sounded alarm bells as there was the potential for rationing of COVID treatment based on political ideology.   Representative Chip Roy of Texas was one of the first to raise concerns.

CASH GRAB: Forecasting $26 Billion In COVID-19 Vaccine Sales In 2021, Greedy Pfizer Now Pushing FDA To Approve Never-Ending Booster Shots
Don’t you just love when the ‘other shoe’ drops? Let’s see, over the past 6 months we went from having a vaccine that would prevent COVID-19 infections that became a kind-of vaccine that would not prevent infection but lower the symptoms, to a shot that degrades in 6 months and will now require twice a year booster shots.

Metal particles in many vaccines; but don’t worry, line up and take your shots like happy little robots
First, current news—-Japan and the Moderna COVID vaccine. Fiercepharma reports:
“…another one million doses of the vaccine were suspended over concerns of possible contamination found in two additional vaccine lots…The material was determined to be metallic particles, Japan news outlet NHK reported last week. Last week, Japan suspended the use of 1.63 million doses.