10 Sep 2021

Israeli Foreign Minister to Moscow: Israel reserves right to act against Iran to prevent nukes
Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said during a state visit to Moscow on Thursday that the Jewish state reserves the right to act to stop Iran’s nuclear program. He said “Iran’s march towards a nuclear weapon is not only an Israeli problem; it’s a problem for the entire world.”

Chinese state media vows military ‘will show up at US doorstep’ soon and ‘China will win’
“Once the situation gets out of control and triggers military clash between China and the US, we must give full play to our home field advantage. China will definitely win once there is a war,” the Global Times op-ed said.

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un presides over military parade
North Korea staged its first military-style parade since Joe Biden became U.S. president, with leader Kim Jong Un presiding over an event where displays of his state’s weaponry were scaled down from previous exhibitions. There were no ballistic missiles rolled through the streets and national unity was highlighted in the event broadcast Thursday on North Korea’s state television to mark the anniversary of the country’s founding. It took place as the state battles one of its worst food shortages since Kim took power about a decade ago.

Following Mass Outrage, Fed Presidents Kaplan, Rosengren Will Sell All Their Stocks Due To “Ethics Concerns”
Tuesday’s news that Dallas Fed president (and former Goldman vice chair of I-banking) Robert Kaplan had made multiple million-dollar trades in his massive portfolio in 2020, which in addition to $1MM+ holdings of stocks such as Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google Chevron and Boeing, also held at least $1 million of the Floating Rate Bond ETF, FLOT… trading on clear, explicit inside information in a time when the Fed was setting monetary policy benefiting stock investors and potentially benefiting himself to the tune of millions dollars sparked a widespread popular furore … bolstering claims that not only is the market rigged and manipulated by the Fed but that it is rigged directly for the benefit of Fed members like Kaplan and Rosengren …

US Sails Warship Near Chinese-Claimed Reef, Testing New Maritime Law
The US sailed a warship near a Chinese-claimed reef in the disputed South China Sea on Wednesday, the first such maneuver since China enacted a new law requiring foreign vessels to report themselves when entering Beijing’s claimed territorial waters. As expected, the US ignored the new law, and the maneuver drew a sharp rebuke from Beijing.

‘What is going on with this guy?!’ Aussie host mocks Biden after latest bizarre appearance
Australian Sky News host James Morrow blasted Joe Biden after the president ignored instructions from his aides to leave the stage during a labor day press conference but then told attendees he would stay. The strange clip follows accusations and reports that his aides have chosen not to watch Mr Biden’s live events because he goes off-script and answers questions when told not to do so. Mr Morrow bluntly said “something is wrong with this fellow” and took issue with his bizarre announcement of his rebellion.

Eight European nations just said NO WAY to Brussels as EU tries to impose new rules
However, the framework has been widely critcised as it allows Brussels to bend the rules and avoid fining anyone from straying from the benchmarks. Berlin has opposed easing the rules but following the Chancellor elections this month, there could be a shift in economic policies.

DOJ files lawsuit against Texas abortion law; pro-life groups say Biden admin. lacks jurisdiction
As the Biden administration files a lawsuit against Texas over its law banning abortions after six weeks gestation, pro-life groups are slamming the president for acting as a “puppet of the radical abortion agenda.” On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division. Accusing the state of acting in “defiance of the Constitution,” the lawsuit claims, “It is settled constitutional law that a State may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability.’”

BIDEN SWEEPING MASK MANDATE: President Enacts Sweeping New Vaccine Mandate For 100 Million Americans
The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated. Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government — with no option to test out. That covers several million more workers.

60 Jewish orgs urge German voters not to choose far right party
Sixty Jewish organizations, including the Central Council of Jews in Germany, and the European Jewish Congress, have released a joint appeal against voting for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Germany’s upcoming elections.

Iranian regime women’s affairs vice president supports child marriage
The newly appointed vice president for women and family affairs in the Islamic Republic of Iran advocates the marriage of children in defiance of human rights critics who see the practice as sexual exploitation and abuse of young girls. The Iranian regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi designated Ansieh Khazali in early September as the new official for women’s affairs. She confirmed the announcement in a September 2 tweet to her 589 followers as of Thursday.

Palestinian-IDF clashes across West Bank; Police declare high alert
In light of the rising tensions and the manhunt still underway for the escapees, police announced a state of Level 2 alert – one before the highest level – preparing to secure gatherings tomorrow during Friday prayers, N12 reported. The police are getting ready to revert of a state of emergency if the need arises, according to the report.

German Jews adapt High Holiday services to latest COVID regulations
News in Germany wishing to attend synagogue over the High Holidays will need to abide by the government’s “3G” policy that came into effect in late August: Geimpft, genesen, getestet – “vaccinated, recovered, tested.”

Israeli ambassador: ‘World won’t stop Iran from acquiring nuclear bomb’
Ron Dermer, who until recently was Israel’s ambassador to the United States, is warning that despite their promises, the United States and the international community will not prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. “In no uncertain terms, the world will allow it to happen,” said Dermer, in an in-depth interview that will be published in full over the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

Palestinians declare Friday ‘day of rage’ in support of prisoners
Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and other Palestinian factions have called for a “day of rage” on Friday in protest of Israel’s decision to transfer security prisoners to other prisons following the escape of six inmates from Gilboa Prison earlier this week. Meanwhile, a Palestinian Authority official warned that Israel’s “repressive” measures against the prisoners could ignite a new intifada.

WH’s Klain panned for retweeting post on ‘ultimate work-around’ for federal vaccine requirement
Ronald Klain, the White House chief of staff, faced criticism on social media Thursday after he retweeted a post that seemed to praise the Biden administration for pulling off the “ultimate work-around” for a national COVID-19 vaccine requirement. President Biden announced proposed rules that would force private-sector employers with more than 100 workers to either require them to be fully vaccinated or mandate that they undergo weekly tests.

US Biden and China’s Xi hold first call in seven months
Chinese President Xi Jinping has spoken with his US counterpart Joe Biden for the first time in seven months. A White House Statement said both leaders had “discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict”. This is only the second call between them since President Biden took office.

Covid: Biden orders employees of big businesses to be vaccinated or face testing
US President Joe Biden has announced sweeping new Covid-19 measures that require workers at large companies to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. The measures also include a vaccine mandate for millions of federal government workers and come as cases in the country are surging. Hospitals in several states have reached capacity amid the spread of the more transmissible Delta variant.

Israeli troops, Palestinians clash again as prisoner manhunt enters 5th day
Israeli forces clashed overnight Friday with Palestinian rioters who took to the streets in solidarity with six security prisoners who broke out of jail earlier this week and remain at large as Israel’s manhunt after them entered its fifth day. Each night, hundreds of Palestinians are taking part in the riots in about ten centers across the West Bank, but these incidents are estimated to intensify and escalate if the prisoners are captured, dead or alive.

India’s deepening love affair with Israel
The revelation that Pegasus – spyware developed by the Israeli cyber-arms company NSO – was used to surveil opposition politicians, activists, public officials and journalists in India, has once again confirmed that the right to privacy, freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press are threatened under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government.

Aviation Color Code raised, uncertainty level declared for the ongoing uplift at Askja volcano, Iceland
The National commissioner in agreement with the Police Department of the North-East Iceland declared the uncertainty level because of the ongoing uplift at Askja volcano. In addition, the Aviation Color Code for the volcano was raised from Green to Yellow. This is done as the volcano is currently showing a level of activity beyond the known background.

Severe floods hit Agen after two months’ worth of rain in just 3 hours, France
Lot-et-Garonne Department in southwest France was hit by record-breaking rainfall on September 8, 2021, inundating streets of the city of Agen with more than 2 m (6.6 feet) of water.

Reporter Paul Joseph Watson Reveals Wealthy Elites Are Securing “High Tech Bunkers” Far Away From Big Cities
Paul Joesph Watson, who writes for Summit News, just revealed something very interesting. It appears that the wealthiest among us – known as the “elites” are securing and building fortified “high-tech bunkers” in areas that are very far away from big cities and large populations.

Supply Lines Latest: Dearth of Workers Risks Even Higher Food Prices
Milkshakes are missing from U.K.’s McDonald’s branches, tomatoes are rotting on Italian farms, and soldiers mingle with farmers on Vietnam’s rice paddies. All because of shortage of staff.

Lawsuit: Apple and Google Are Recording Users Without Their Knowledge
A recent lawsuit alleges that the virtual assistants of tech companies like Apple and Google are listening in on users even when they’re not supposed to.

U.S. Navy Setting Up New Punishment Squad Called The CCDA To Punish Vaccine Resisters By ‘Administrative Separation’
The United States Navy is forming a new disciplinary squad to punish vaccine resisters, according to an unclassified NAVADMIN memo. The Navy policy document from Washington, D.C. states that a new “central authority” called the COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority (CCDA) will be the arbiter of punishing unvaccinated military members.

Cuba first country in the world to vaccinate toddlers against Covid 
Cuba became the first country in the world to begin vaccinating children from the age of two against the coronavirus on Monday.

Hospital ‘denying religious exemptions’ and firing unvaccinated gets legal surprise
Methodist Health System in Texas is firing dozens of workers for refusing to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, and is threatening many more, but now is facing resistance in the form of a legal demand letter that accuses officials in the corporation of saying workers can’t have religious exemptions because they believe the “wrong things.”

Biden aims to sign on to UN’s global gun registration treaty 
The Biden administration this week signaled that it is eyeing a United Nations small arms treaty that critics claim will lead to an international gun registration plan — including for individual American gun owners.

Decertify? Maricopa County canvas found 173,000 ‘lost’ votes, 96,000 ‘ghost’ votes
An independent canvas of the 2020 election in Maricopa County found over 260,000 “lost” and “ghost” votes, according to a report released Wednesday and discussed on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Australian State Plans To “Lock Out” Unvaccinated While Florida Doctor Refuses To Treat Them
From Australia to the shores of the Sunshine State, pressure is growing on the unvaccinated, as another doctor has decreed that she will no longer treat unvaccinated patients, a decision she insists is “entirely consistent with her Hippocratic Oath”, while the premier of the Australian state of Victoria has announced plans to “lock out” all unvaccinated people from the state’s economy.

Los Angeles Public School Board Votes to Mandate Student Vaccinations
The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) voted to approve a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students, becoming the first major school district in America to do so.

Family: War vet died after hospital ignored court order for ivermectin

Gabrielle Snider, Lopez’s granddaughter, told local news that the hospital ‘took away from my grandfather and us, his family, the opportunity to know whether or not that drug would have worked for him.’

Disturbing video: Australian covid camp police threaten to “gas” covid prisoner instead of releasing him after 14 days
The vaccine holocaust is well under way in Australia, where a disturbing new video depicts Australian covid internment camp police threatening to “gas” an occupant (prisoner) who has already spent 14 days in forced quarantine and wants to be released. A snippet of the video is shown in today’s Situation Update podcast (below), around the 10-minute mark.

30-Year-Old Woman Still Seeking Answers Nearly 6 Months After Developing Neurological Complications Following Pfizer Vaccine
In an interview with The Defender, Dominique De Silva described her frustration trying to get answers for the neurological complications she developed after her first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, and with doctors who dismissed her symptoms and refused to acknowledge the vaccine as a possible cause.

Pretend President Biden To Announce The Start Of Mandated COVID-19 Vaccinations, Beginning With All Federal Employees And Subcontractors 
Tomorrow on our Prophecy News Podcast, we are going to show you how and why the World Trade Towers were intentionally brought down on September 11th, and how it heralded the start of the New World Order. What’s happening here and now in 2021 with COVID vaccines and mandated vaccination passports is very much connected to the events of 9/11.

Afghan Native Detained at Germany Airport for Explosives in Bag, Headed to US
An Afghan native was stopped before boarding a plane in Germany to the US this week for having bomb-related items on his carry-on luggage.

Biden Has Completed the Most Lucrative and Devastating Treason In World History
America has been sold to the Chinese. This explains stolen elections and the disaster in Afghanistan. The treason of Biden is unparalleled.  Follow this story as you will see how America has been sold out to Chinese interests. This connects most of the dots.

Fauci announces imminent approval for boosters, hints that they may be required for ‘full vaccination’ 
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, has said that booster shots for COVID will likely be available by the president’s September 20 deadline, following comments that three doses might become “the adequate full regimen for vaccination.”

World food prices jump to record highs… with no end in sight
A new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) noted that global food prices are on the rise to near-decade highs.