3 Sep 2021

Syrian missile launched towards Israel, debris found in Tel Aviv
Israel Police’s Bomb Disposal Unit recovered pieces of debris from a Syrian surface-to-air missile (SAM) found in northern Tel Aviv on Friday morning. IDF released a statement on Friday confirming a Syrian missile was launched towards Israel during the early hours of Friday morning. The missile detonated over the Mediterranean Sea, according to the IDF.

Egypt pumps toxic gas into Gaza tunnel, three Palestinians dead – report
Three Palestinians died on Thursday as the Egyptian military pumped toxic gas into a smuggling tunnel, Palestinian media reported.
The tunnel stretches from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai peninsula. In 2019, two Palestinians died and several others wounded after Egyptian troops pumped toxic fumes into a smuggling tunnel stretching into the Sinai Peninsula from the Gaza Strip.

Syrian air defences ‘shoot down’ Israeli missiles over Damascus
Syrian air defences have shot down missiles fired by Israel in the skies over the capital, Damascus, SANA state news agency said early on Friday. “At around 1:26 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction southeast of Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus,” a Syrian military source was quoted as saying in a statement carried by SANA.

An asteroid the size of a bridge in San Francisco flies towards Earth
Massive asteroids will approach Earth in September. The diameter of one of them is equal to the size of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing NASA laboratory research. An asteroid called 2021 NY1 is set to fly past the planet on September 22. Its diameter is estimated at 130-300 meters. The Golden Gate Bridge is only 227 meters high. A little earlier – September 9 – an asteroid, dubbed 2010 RJ53, will fly past the planet, with a diameter of about 774 meters, which is about twice the size of the 102-storey Empire State Building in New York.

Quantum computing: Exotic particle had an ‘out-of-body experience’
Scientists have taken the clearest picture yet of electronic particles that make up a mysterious magnetic state called quantum spin liquid (QSL).
The scientists are the first to capture an image of how electrons in a QSL decompose into spin-like particles called spinons and charge-like particles called chargons. “Other studies have seen various footprints of this phenomenon, but we have an actual picture of the state in which the spinon lives. This is something new, “Spinons are like ghost particles.

San Francisco to pay people $300/month to not shoot anyone
San Francisco is launching a program in October that will offer cash to people in exchange for not shooting anyone amid rising gun crime, an effort critics have called “cash for criminals.” The program is funded through the Dream Keeper Initiative, an effort designed to redirect funding to the black community.

Harvard selects an atheist for chief university chaplain
“We don’t look to a god for answers,” 44-year-old Greg Epstein told The New York Times. Harvard University has selected a man who does not believe in God to be the school’s chief chaplain.

Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations
Sweden became the second European Union country to ban Israeli residents from entry due to a rise in COVID-19 cases in Israel, despite the country being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. Portugal on Wednesday became the first EU country to ban travel from Israel due to a rise in cases. Both countries are following the EU’s recommendation to remove Israel from its list of green countries. Sweden also banned the entry of citizens from the United States, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Hurricane Larry forecast to be a Category 4 hurricane with top winds reaching 140 mph
Hurricane Larry has been intensifying steadily and, by Thursday afternoon, had grown slightly larger, according to the National Hurricane Center. Larry is forecast to develop rapidly into a major hurricane with top winds reaching up to 140 mph. Larry, the fifth hurricane of the season formed early Thursday and is expected strengthen into a major hurricane, with winds of at least 111 mph, by late Friday, the hurricane center said. By Sunday night, its maximum sustained winds are forecast to reach 140 mph, putting it at Category 4 strength.

Archaeologists discover Temple period ‘cheat-weight’ proving accuracy of Bible
Israeli archaeologists have discovered a weight utilized for commerce in ancient Jerusalem that scholars believe was used to cheat other traders, reports the JPost. Cut from hard limestone, the find featured engravings implying that it has a weight of two gerah or, 0.944 grams. Yet the weight doesn’t actually weigh two gerah. Instead, the researchers discovered that it weighed at least 3.61 grams which is more than three times as much.

Soros group caught lying about Israel starving ‘Palestinians’
A false witness will not go unpunished; He who testifies lies will not escape. Proverbs 19:5 J Street, an anti-Israel lobby backed by billionaire currency manipulator George Soros, has falsely claimed that Israel restricted the import of food and medicine into the Gaza Strip reports media watchdog CAMERA. In an Aug. 26 email to its subscribers, J Street charged that Israeli-Palestinian relations were being maintained by “punishing restrictions on medicine, food, and goods to families in Gaza.”

Early-Season Snowfall hits Uttarakhand, India, European Ski Areas open in September after Heavy August Dumps, + ‘Green’ Europe Faces Energy Crisis as Winter Looms
Don’t take winter 2021-2022 lightly. It is set to be a doozy, arguably the first of the modern ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ (assuming SC26 indeed turns out to be a no-show). Prepare for energy restrictions, empty grocery store shelves, and ZERO help from the emergency services–work with the assumption that nobody is coming to help.

Remnants of Hurricane “Ida” bring record rains, historic flooding and destructive tornadoes to U.S. Northeast
Remnants of Hurricane “Ida” — which made landfall in Louisiana on August 29 with maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h (150 mph)1 — inundated parts of the U.S. Northeast and spawned large and extremely dangerous tornadoes on September 1 and 2, 2021.

Hurricane Ida downs power lines across Louisiana, leaving nearly one million without power… officials say repairs may take up to 3 weeks 
New Orleans will not have electricity for the next three weeks as Hurricane Ida downed 2,000 miles of power lines across Louisiana. When the storm was at its strongest on Sunday, winds came at 150 mph and picked up just below 157 mph, making it a Category 5 storm — and the fifth-strongest hurricane ever to hit the United States mainland.

Former Special Forces Personnel Stay Behind Enemy Lines, Keep Evacuation Mission Going in Afghanistan
Even though the Biden administration has stopped its efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan, private citizens are working around the clock to rescue those who have been left behind.

Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Pfizer Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could Be Responsible
Cheryl Cohen, a healthy 64-year-old woman from Florida, died three months after her second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. According to Chery’s daughter, Gianni Cohen, her mother suddenly developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) — a rare, degenerative and fatal brain disorder — soon after she was vaccinated.

Israel now has more covid infections per capita than any country in the world, even as “booster shots” are being widely administered there 
Just a few months ago, the mainstream media praised Israel for its “pandemic-ending” vaccination campaign. With over 40 percent of the population “fully vaccinated” in the first quarter of 2021, Israel was well on its way to stopping community spread and clearing out its hospitals.

BREAKING: Australian News Reports Show Orwellian Society Chasing After, Capturing ‘COVID Fugitives’
Recent news reports out of Australia indicate that the country has gone largely insane – with its government becoming a draconian surveillance state of the likes that has never before been seen.

Von Spakovsky: Lost Ballots in 3 States Exceed Biden’s Victory Margins
Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and a senior legal fellow of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, said president Joe Biden’s margins of victory in Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin in the 2020 presidential election were narrower than the states’ respective totals of unaccounted-for ballots.

3 lots of Moderna Covid vaccine doses to be recalled by Japanese distributor over stainless steel contamination 
Biotech firm Moderna has said its Japanese distribution partner will recall three lots of its Covid-19 vaccines after a fourth batch of the company’s shots were found to be contaminated with particles of stainless steel.

Red Cross Vaccine Alert — You Gotta Hear This
If you took a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” the American Red Cross will not accept blood plasma donations from you due to the inherent toxicity issues caused by the injection.

Door-to-door medical kidnappings begin in Australia as covid fascism escalates
An Australian man clearly in good health was abducted from his home by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) first responders and taken away to a quarantine camp after testing “positive” for the Chinese Virus.

Florida MAGA Patriots Plan on Shattering World Record for LARGEST FLOTILLA EVER This Sunday with TGP’s Joe Hoft Assisting
A group of patriots in Florida is planning on shattering the world record for the largest flotilla ever this upcoming weekend. The flotilla will begin on Sunday morning, September 5th, and will be broadcast on RSBN.

Pfizer Doses Its First Patient in Phase 2/3 Trial for Daily COVID-19 Pill
Pfizer revealed on Wednesday that it gave its first dose to a patient participating in its phase 2/3 clinical trial examining the efficacy of an orally administered drug that is designed to combat COVID-19.

Some hospitals are foregoing vaccine mandates to avert staffing shortages
In the rural northeastern corner of Missouri, Scotland County Hospital has been so low on staff that they’ve sometimes had to turn away patients amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Joe Biden Is Outraged That Texas Dared To Stop The Murder Of Unborn Babies For 6 Weeks, Vows To Restore Life-Ending Abortion Services 
You would think that over the past 2 weeks, pretend president Joe Biden would have gotten his fill of blood and death, right

U.S. data show rising ‘breakthrough’ infections among fully vaccinated
The spread of the B16172 delta variant throughout the U.S. has caused a surge in breakthrough infections. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) latest weekly report confirm the increase in COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated Americans. The newly released figures have strengthened calls from government scientists to push for booster shots to address the spread of the more infectious delta strain.”

COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried 
Reports of deaths and critical accidents from the COVID-19 jabs have been mounting with breakneck rapidity. Those who take a look at the numbers and have some consciousness of historic vaccine harm charges agree we have by no means seen something prefer it, wherever on the earth.

California Officials Confirm Mail-In Ballot Envelopes for Recall Election Have Holes
Some envelopes containing absentee ballots for the California recall election have holes in them, election officials have confirmed. A video of a voter showing a ballot and an envelope with holes went viral, with the woman warning others to be careful.

Fauci: COVID Booster Shots Will Be Needed Every 8 Months
Joe Biden’s top health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said the U.S. is on track to administer COVID booster shots every eight months.

New York ends religious exemption for COVID vaccine mandate: 450,000 healthcare workers affected
Contaminated Moderna covid vaccines are KILLING people in Japan… how does anyone know whether contaminated batches were already administered in the USA or elsewhere?

Kamala Harris: Texas Abortion Law Will Hurt ‘Women of Color’
Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday released a statement in reaction to the Texas abortion law that went into effect, asserting it will “dramatically reduce access to reproductive care” for “women of color.” She ultimately joined President Biden and other left-wing politicians in promising to fight for every woman’s ability to abort her child.

Microscopy Expert: Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel
Americans are being illegally coerced to take medicine. That’s a fact. That’s happening in the land of the free. From 100% of the military to millions of healthcare workers (propped up early last year as heroes, now being told they can kick rocks), airline pilots, cops, firefighters are you seeing a trend here.