22 Aug 2021

LA Times Dubs CA Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder “The Black Face Of White Supremacy”
“You’ve got to be real scared and desperate to play the race card against the brother from South Central,” Elder responded.

Henri expected to strengthen into a hurricane today, make landfall in Long Island or southern New England
Tropical Storm “Henri” is expected to become a hurricane on Saturday, August 21, 2021, and make landfall in Long Island or southern New England late Saturday night or on Sunday (LT), August 22.

Texas Military Base Prepping for 10,000 Afghans
A Texas military base is preparing to accommodate up to 10,000 Afghans, according to officials. Fort Bliss, a U.S. Army installation headquartered in El Paso, is already housing thousands of illegal aliens.

We know where you live” – Angry Americans sick and tired Of COVID tyranny face off as MO Attorney General slams mandates as ‘dystopian biomedical security state’ 
Chatter across the Internet in comment sections, social media or any forum that allows public interactions, indicates that people are feeling the tensions that make it seem like everything is going to just blow up or setting the scene for a “super event.”

Chemical Manufacturer Loses Certification After Michigan Town Nearly Poisons Water Supply With Mislabeled Acid 
The state of Michigan informed all municipal water treatment plants on Aug. 11 that one chemical manufacturer’s certification has been revoked after this town nearly added sulfuric acid to its drinking water system due to the manufacturer’s labeling error.

A “Special Place” Is Being Prepared for Whites, Christians and Trump Supporters
We aren’t asking the right questions. For example, why aren’t the Afghans being relocated to America being taken to one of 800 known FEMA camps? The answer is very simple. Is it because the American people would be out of striking distance? Maybe it’s because the honored guests in these facilities are going to be Christians. Specificially, they will be White, Christian and preferrably male, although White, female and children Christians will quite nicely. Don’t forget about all vax resisters who double as White-supremacist Trump supporters.

Is Biden Working with the CHICOMS to Secure Release of 15,000 American Contractors? Or, Are We Witnessing the Beginning of World War III? 
By the time some of you read this message, Biden will have addressed the nation in his 1pm address to the nation. This should be a resignation conference. Biden is so incapacitated, I am certain that he cannot fully care for himself and is likely wearing Depends and requires basic assistance just to make it through the day.

SATAN’S PUPPET: Pope Francis calls getting the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine “an act of love”
Pope Francis recently endorsed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines without even mentioning that they are abortion-tainted, experimental and can cause deadly side effects. He called getting the vaccine “an act of love.”

UN Report Says Taliban Is Going Door-to-Door to Find Wanted People
…As NBC News writes, a new intelligence report submitted to the United Nations claims the Taliban is actively hunting for people who worked with the U.S. forces in the region or anyone involved with the prior Afghanistan government. Additionally, the Taliban have allegedly started screening names at checkpoints in Kabul.

FBI finds ZERO evidence that Trump, allies “incited” the Jan. 6 breach on U.S. Capitol
For months Americans with an IQ above mid-double-digits knew that neither President Donald Trump nor any of his allies including Roger Stone and Alex Jones worked to “incite” the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol Building, but according to a report this week, that is now an official finding of the FBI.

BEYOND STUPID: Australia orders citizens to keep masks on while drinking alcohol outdoors
The far-left Australian capital of Melbourne has decided that in order to keep its residents “safe” against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), everyone will now be required to wear a mask while drinking alcohol outside.

JOE BIDEN’S WATERLOO: Hope For Stranded Americans Begins To Fade With Kabul Airport Gates Now Closed Taliban Confiscating US Passports 
As the sun set on Afghanistan tonight, the hopes for the many thousands of Americans stranded there by Biden’s surrender order sank a little lower as well. A situation that started bad and quickly progressed to awful is about to reach horror movie status. I wonder how the world will react to seeing American hostages on the nightly news, held there by weapons paid for by the United States and given to their captors?

Startup’s bug idea – to put cricket tortillas and chips on the menu
There are no gargantuan mastiffs or shepherds on quad bikes watching over the hundreds of thousands of newborn animals that tumble and crawl around an unlikely farm among the wind turbines, motorways and patchwork fields of this corner of Castilla-La Mancha, in central Spain.

Switzerland puts geoengineering governance on UN agenda 
Switzerland wants the world to talk about if and how to use untested technology that tampers with nature to slow climate change – and will ask the UN’s environment arm to take the lead.

Australia Covid Lockdowns – War Against The People
The Australia Covid lockdowns aren’t about a virus, they’re war against the people of Australia; Covid lockdowns make this clear.

NYC Restaurateurs: It’s Not Our Job To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
“My question is, why aren’t they doing this at Home Depot, why aren’t they doing this at CVS, Why aren’t they doing this at Stop & Shop? Why are they picking on the only place that people can congregate and have the lowest infection rate?”