12 Aug 2021

Lawmaker sees Isaiah’s prophecy happening after ex-Intelligence official approves of Muslim Mossad chief
In a rather shocking revelation, the former deputy director of the Mossad and director-general of the Ministry of Intelligence Services and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs Ram Ben Barak, said that he “doesn’t see any problem with the deputy director of the Mossad being a Muslim-Arab.”  In response, Knesset Member Itamar Ben Gvir, (Jewish Power) wrote on his Facebook profile: “When I hear these horrible and despicable statements made by Ram Ben Barak, I understand what the prophet Isaiah meant when he said ‘Your rulers are rogues’.” Your rulers are rogues And cronies of thieves, Every one avid for presents And greedy for gifts; They do not judge the case of the orphan, And the widow’s cause never reaches them. (Isaiah 1:23)

Russia arrests hypersonics research facility head on suspicion of treason
Russia has detained the head of a research facility that specializes in hypersonic technology in Moscow on suspicion of state treason, the TASS news agency cited a source as saying on Thursday. Russia’s Federal Security Service will ask a court to hold him in custody for two months, the report said. It named him as Alexander Kuranov, whose profile on the Hypersonic Systems Research Facility’s site says he is a specialist in hypersonic technology.

Did archaeologists find the Trojan Horse?
Archaeologists who claimed they had unearthed remnants of the legendary Trojan Horse in Turkey have now found significant evidence that further supports their claim, according to an article by the Greek Reporter. Turkish archaeologists excavating the site of the city of Troy on the hills of Hisarlik have discovered a large wooden structure that they believe are the remains of the Trojan Horse. These excavations include dozens of fir planks and beams up to 15 meters (49 feet) long, assembled in a strange form. The wooden structure was found inside the walls of the ancient city of Troy.

Epstein: They Knew Everything And Did Nothing
we’ve learned from the Epstein saga that the DOJ, which serves the broader interests of the US government, can’t be trusted. Epstein “was known in the intelligence world as a ‘hyper-fixer,’ somebody who can go between different cultures and networks.” And it’s easy to imagine Epstein being a “hyper-fixer” in the 1990s-2000s, given his ties to influential political and corporate figures. Think Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Leslie Wexner (of Victoria Secret’s fame), to name a few.

This is the stupidest thing you’ll read all day – and it’s from Oregon
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown quietly signed into law on July 14 a bill that allows high school students to graduate without proving they are proficient in reading, writing or arithmetic. According to the Oregonian, the governor has repeatedly denied a request for comment on the new law and why she supports ending proficiency requirements.

Russia suspected of faking US warship locations on GPS
Between August 2020 and July 2021, dozens of instances were identified in which the locations of U.S. and NATO warships appear to have been spoofed close to Russia and in other provocative positions, according to a new analysis – and Russia is a suspected culprit. The analysis released July 29 was conducted by the non-profit SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch and it compared GPS-based automatic identification system (AIS) tracking locations of warships to their actual positions as seen in satellite imagery. The study found 100 naval vessels with suspected false AIS tracks identified between August 27, 2020 and July 15, 2021.

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Mindanao, Philippines
An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck about 92 km east-southeast of Mati, Philippines, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said on Thursday.

Chinese court upholds death sentence for Canadian national
A Chinese court on Tuesday upheld a death sentence handed to Canadian national Robert Schellenberg for drug offenses amid an ongoing extradition hearing for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou that resulted in warnings of “consequences” from Beijing.

Tracking Tropical Depression Fred: See spaghetti models, path and storm activity for Florida
Tropical Depression Fred is reached tropical storm status late Tuesday night, the National Hurricane Center reports. It weakened to a tropical depression Wednesday night.

Huge Worship Rally in Portland a Day after Antifa Attack: ‘We Didn’t Back Down!’
Following a shocking attack by antifa on Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski and others attending a prayer gathering he was holding in Portland, on Saturday, the Northwest city once again saw a meeting between darkness and light. But this time, worshippers of Jesus “didn’t back down” as Let Us Worship movement leader, Sean Feucht proclaimed. Some 5,000 people or more showed up to worship the Lord in the very place where antifa members had terrorized the Canadian pastor’s group the night before,

Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrants for 52 Absent Democrats
House Speaker Dade Phelan on Tuesday signed arrest warrants for the 52 state House Democrats who absented themselves from legislative business in order to block Republican-led election reforms, according to The Dallas Morning News. Hours prior to the vote, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Republicans were within their rights to force their colleagues to return.

Very strong M7.1 earthquake hits near the coast of Mindanao, small tsunami observed, Philippines
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.1 hit near the coast of Mindanao, Philippines at 17:46 UTC on August 11, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 65.6 km (40.7 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.1 at a depth of 58 km (36 miles). GFZ M7.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Dixie Fire destroys 893 structures, threatens 16 000 more, California
The massive Dixi Fire burning in Northern California since July 13, 2021, has destroyed 893 structures, damaged another 61 and threatens 16 000 more.

More than 460 000 customers without power as severe thunderstorms hit Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, U.S.
Severe thunderstorms rolled through parts of the U.S. Midwest on Tuesday night, August 10, 2021, into Wednesday, leaving more than 460 000 customers without power in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

More than 40 feared buried under rubble after major landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India
A major landslide took place on the Reckong Peo-Shimla Highway in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, India at around 07:15 UTC (12:45 LT) on August 11, 2021.

95% of severe patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated, warns doctor 
Israel has become one of the most tyrannical nations, forcing vaccination on its citizens. As of July 4th, more than 78 percent of Israelis eligible for COVID-19 vaccination were inoculated.

BOMBSHELL: Covid does NOT exist as a novel, isolated virus … proven in COURT by courageous Canadian 
One courageous Canadian man’s court case lays the foundation, and it sets the winning precedent, for all cases where people are harassed, fined or arrested for supposedly violating Covid “safety” rules and regulations, at any level.

DHS Uses Small Texas Airport to Disperse Illegal Immigrants Released from Detention
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly using a small regional airport in central Texas to disperse large groups of illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. after releasing them from detention facilities in other parts of the state, city and federal sources confirm.

ARIZONA: Republican Blocking Contempt Charges For Maricopa County Took Photo With Alleged Child Predator Navarrete
Anti-Trump Arizona Senator Paul Boyer, who is currently blocking contempt charges for Maricopa County, has been repeatedly photographed with alleged child predator Tony Navarrete, who resigned as State Senator on Tuesday.

Biden’s Pentagon taking massive risk by ordering ALL military personnel to get experimental COVID-19 vaccine
Democrats have long known that the very last bastion of pro-American culture is the U.S. military, and since the Biden regime has taken over, the effort has been to fundamentally transform our patriotic fighting force into a ‘woke’ force of pansies who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper sack but whose rank-and-file members can recite critical race theory dictates verbatim.

Shocking executive order signed by Tennessee’s GOP governor authorizes quarantines, involuntary internment for COVID enforced by National Guard
Up to now during the COVID-19 pandemic, most Republican governors opted to protect the rights and individual freedoms of their citizens and against imposing top-down lockdowns and mandates that robbed people of liberties and their ability to decide for themselves, as Americans, what their own best courses of action would be in terms of self-isolation, getting a vaccine, socially distancing, or wearing a mask.

CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will separate families by force, claims to meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards
Last Friday, the Governor of Tennessee signed an executive order authorizing the National Guard to medically kidnap unvaccinated people at gunpoint and forcibly take them to covid “involuntary internment” camps across the state.

Los Angeles City Council Votes 13-0 To Create A Vaccine Passport Zone That Will Ban The Unvaccinated From Bars, Restaurants, Concerts And Movies
I know there are many who read our articles who do not hold to our hypothesis that Emmanuel Macron is the biblical man of sin, and that’s fine.

Watch Out: China Cannot Feed Itself ..China’s leader, Xi Jinping, recently made such an admission. Last August, he announced what became known as the “clean your plate” campaign to end what he called a “shocking and distressing” waste of food. Just about everyone saw this effort, to get the Chinese people to eat less, as a warning of food shortages to come.

Cuomo Quits Over Cuomosexuality, Gets Away With Cuomocide
..Instead of a real investigation of his crimes, Cuomo goes down as just another in a legion of Democrats, in the state and across the nation, who couldn’t keep their pants on.

McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch – The Big Drop
McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch – Is the ‘Big Drop’ Incoming? “There are no political solutions to a spiritual problem”, Mr. Hez says.

 Minneapolis Democrat Official Says BLM Lighting Police Station on Fire Was ‘Pure Righteousness’
A high level Democrat party official in Minneapolis has called Black Lives Matter terrorists lighting a police station on fire an “act of pure righteousness.”

They’re Destroying the Evidence: Lindell Symposium Reveals Voting Machine Companies Are Wiping Voting Machines Clean in Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Michigan as We Previously Reported (VIDEO)
As The Gateway Pundit previously reported — Back in July the election firm ‘Election Source’ notified officials throughout the state of Michigan that they will discreetly break the law by eliminating election data from voting machines on the 15th.

CDC Quietly Adjusts Florida’s Covid-19 Numbers After State’s Health Department Blasts Them For Combining Multiple Days of Data Into One
The CDC quietly adjusted Florida’s Covid-19 numbers after the state’s health department blasted them for combining multiple days of data into one. The CDC with help from fake news media outlets on Monday reported there was a ‘record’ number of Covid cases in Florida on Sunday.

In Heartbreaking Yet Terrifying Video, A Confused ‘President’ Joe Biden Unable To Respond To Secret Service Directions And Wanders Into The Bushes
Joe Biden made a deal with the Devil after prostituting himself in Washington for nearly half a century, his soul in exchange for the ultimate power – president of the United States of America. Yesterday, Joe Biden was seemingly unable to follow the simply instruction of his Secret Service detail to walk into the door to the White House, instead wandering nonsensically over the lawn and into the bushes, as his guards exchanged “what tha…???” looks with each other.

Did the Chicoms help steal the 2020 election and continue to cover it up with the help of American corporations and politicians?
The CHICOMS are taking over America at the grassroots level. It is no longer a case of Senator McConnell’s wife, who is CHICOM national whose parents run the major ports for the CCP, who is compromised.

The “Epsilon” Variant Kill Shot to be Released On the American People In September-Exclusive Federal LEO Insider Report
There is a new variant that is going to be released upon the American people, but in name only. There is no Delta variant, and there is no Epsilon variant. However, this Epsilon variant will be the so-called kill shot that insiders have been warning about. Many of you are no doubt wondering, how can there be a kill shot for a “fake variant? Simple, both the Delta variant and soon to be ballyhooed Epsilon variant are/will be used to cover up Covid-19 vaccine death and injury.