11 Aug 2021

Second Federal Court Blocks Biden Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Trans Surgeries
A federal court has blocked President Joe Biden’s mandate that would require doctors to perform transgender surgeries against their consciences. Judge Reed O’Connor of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division, granted “a permanent injunction” to the Christian plaintiffs “to be exempt from the government’s requirement to perform abortions and gender-transition procedures.” The ruling permanently enjoins Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra “from interpreting or enforcing” the law “in a manner that would require them to perform or provide insurance coverage for gender-transition procedures or abortions,

Guinea confirms West Africa’s first case of deadly Marburg virus
For the first time ever, Marburg virus disease has been confirmed in West Africa. The case was reported by health authorities in Guinea’s southern Gueckedou prefecture where the country’s latest Ebola outbreak was declared over less than two months ago. Guinea is currently dealing with a third wave of the covid-19 cases. Marburg belongs to the same family as the Ebola virus.

Ayelet Shaked: ‘This is a plague and in plagues, people die’
Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) on Tuesday evening said that Israelis must accept that people will die of coronavirus. In an interview with Channel 13 News, she emphasized that the government has made a decision “to live alongside coronavirus.” “That means also knowing how to accept severely ill patients and people who die, because this is a plague – and in a plague, people die.”

New York Governor Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment findings
Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday following an inquiry that found he sexually harassed 11 women, mounting legal pressure and demands for his departure by President Joe Biden and others, a startling downfall for a man once seen as a possible US presidential contender.

‘Mintifada’ and ‘Chunky Haniyeh’: Left-wing Jewish lobby’s support for Ben & Jerry’s attracts sarcasm
Critics of J Street’s support for the ice-cream maker were more acerbic with their suggestions, proposing flavors such as “Mintifada,” “Chocolate Hamas Delight,” “Everything but the Jews,” and “Chunky Haniyeh,” the latter in reference to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

Massive forest fire ravages Greek island of Euboea
Firefighters and residents battled into the night Monday for a seventh day against a massive fire on Greece’s second-largest island as the nation endured what the prime minister described as “a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.”

Lebanese president shields Christian leader who urged Hezbollah to stop rocket fire
Following a cross-border salvo between Israel and Hezbollah, Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai was sharply critical of Hezbollah on Sunday, saying no group should decide on war and peace and urging the army to halt rocket fire from the south.

Russia, China hold joint military exercise for first time: A precursor to Gog-Magog War, says rabbi
On Monday, China and Russia held joint military exercises and for the first time, they were hosted on Chinese soil. The five-day event will be held in the city of Qingtongxia, in China’s northern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Following the development, the connection to the war of Gog and Magog is now being made by rabbis with one who interprets the prophet Ezekiel to foresee the War of Gog and Magog being launched by Russia.

Iranian ship mysteriously blows up in Syrian port
According to reports, the explosion caused the ship to catch fire and several crewmen were injured. This explosion comes in the wake of an Israeli-owned ship that was attacked by Iran off the coast of Oman in late July. Israel is weighing several means to retaliate against Iran after its strike on an oil tanker that was operated by an Israeli-owned company.

North Korea threatens US with new preemptive strike weapons – probably nukes
On Tuesday, North Korea threatened to increase its “deterrent of absolute capacity” and build up its arsenal of “preemptive strike” capabilities in response to new joint military training between the U.S. and South Korea.

Chicago cops turn their backs on Mayor Lightfoot at hospital with critically wounded cop
Over two dozen Chicago cops turned their backs to Mayor Lori Lightfoot during her visit to the hospital late Saturday where one officer remains in critical condition after being shot in the head over the weekend. Chicago Police Officer Ella French, 29, was shot dead during a traffic stop around 9 p.m. Saturday. Her partner was shot several times in the head and shoulder, but survived and remains in critical condition at the University of Chicago Medical Center. When Mayor Lightfoot visited the hospital hours after the deadly incident, roughly 30 officers turned their backs to her, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Gunfire raged across the city over the weekend with 78 people shot, 11 of which were fatal. Between Friday evening and midnight Sunday, the Chicago Police Department reported 54 shootings.

Grid emergency declared in New Zealand, cities plunge into darkness as polar blast brings nationwide all-time power demand
Power supply demand in New Zealand reached a nationwide all-time high on Monday, August 9, 2021, after a rapidly deepening low-pressure system moved east across central parts of the country, bringing heavy snow, severe gale southerlies, and frigid temperatures.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse
Virtual idols are the future of false religion. With 3 billion users and zero sense of sacred boundaries, Facebook is poised to lead this revolution.

Shock Video Shows French Police Stopping Citizens And Demanding To See Their COVID Vaccine Passports Before Allowing Them To Eat Or Drink
On July 12th, Emmanuel Macron issued his edict that COVID vaccines would now be made mandatory in France, and that anyone who was not vaccinated would not be allowed access to restaurants, gyms and other public venues. So terrified were the French citizens that over 7 million of them have rushed to get vaccinated. Now the French police freely roam the cafes and marketplaces, demanding to see people’s COVID vaccination passports. Welcome to 1933 Germany, you will show us your papers.

RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out covid medical kidnappings
The vast majority of (oblivious) Americans have dismissed all this as a “conspiracy theory,” and now they’re shocked and frightened by the realization that covid internment camps are being actively deployed across America.

Judge Blocks Mandate Requiring Doctors to Perform Gender Reassignment Surgery
A federal court in Texas has issued a ruling that gives doctors the freedom to opt out of abortions and gender-transition procedures that go against their religious beliefs and consciences.

Hospitals around the world now being filled with “fully vaccinated” sick patients as injections rapidly spread new “variants” 
New reports out of Australia and Israel suggest that upwards of 95 percent of all new hospital admissions around the world are sick patients who got “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Three quarters of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people—CDC study
Once more, dear reader, I put on my hazmat suit and enter the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine makes sense. These are all lies, as I’ve been proving for the past year, but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications. Here we go:

RED ALERT: Democrats want to drop people from Medicare and Medicaid unless they agree to be injected with the experimental, deadly vaccine 
Roughly half the country is just saying no to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination,” and the Biden regime is really upset about it.

The Atlantic calls for all unvaccinated people to be added to federal no-fly list, just like terrorists
Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the left-wing rag The Atlantic, wants everyone who refuses to be injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to be placed on the federal government’s “no-fly list” as if they were terrorists.

Fake Vaccination Cards For Sale On The Rise
Fake Vaccination Cards are exploding onto the scene by people refusing to get the jab of doom (it’s killing people.) “As a segment of the population tries to avoid the new measures, the darknet reacts to the real market and thus demand gives birth to offers,” said Dmitry Galov, a researcher at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, referring to the Fake Vaccination Cards.

Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects? 
Anthony Fauci must have known that the experimental drug remdesivir had been shelved in 2018 because of its high death rate and serious side-effects when he fast-tracked it as the “standard of care” treatment for COVID-19 early in the pandemic, according to reports cited by a Texas chiropractor.

University of Pittsburgh caught harvesting LIVE baby body parts prior to abortions; organ harvesting experiments funded by Fauci and the NIH 
The latest information drop from Judicial Watch has revealed that the University of Pittsburgh, thanks to funding from Tony Fauci, has been harvesting body parts from live babies just prior to aborting them.

Schoolchildren Lured To Vaccination Events With Creepy Voicemails, Free Backpacks
Globalists are attempting to lure children to vaccination events with aggressive phone targeting and promises of gifts including free backpacks and school supplies. These tactics could further aggravate a fed-up populace and spark even more resistance to the globalist vaccine agenda as protesters in the United States and Europe agitate against Coronavirus tyranny.

FEMA Concentration Camps Coming?
FEMA Concentration Camps for the unvaccinated (and even vaccinated) may be coming. The camps are already built and are called “Green Zones.” They are currently empty and waiting to be populated.