9 Aug 2021

Blackouts related to severe weather are increasing in the US
In the last six years, blackouts due to extreme weather more than doubled, according to a new study — and the number of blackouts in the Pacific Northwest this summer serve as a prime example.

‘Victory for Palestine is near,’ Iran’s new president tells terror chiefs
Freshly inaugurated Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi hosted the leaders of various terror groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad during his first day in office Friday, assuring Iran’s continued support for groups seeking the destruction of Israel.

Italy and Spain are next: brutal heatwave with near +46 °C will be baking southern Europe as a massive heat dome parks over the Mediterranean as we head into mid-August
parts of Europe are now forecast to be baked with yet another intense heatwave this summer. A massive heat dome is expected to lock in the weather pattern across the southern parts of the continent, centered over the Mediterranean. This will result in excessive scorching heat, with the highest temperatures expected across Italy, Malta and Greece through mid-week then intensifying over Spain and Portugal for the weekend.

‘We didn’t expect a monster like this’: Dixie Fire grows to single largest in Calif. history
Fueled by strong winds and bone-dry vegetation, the Dixie Fire grew to become the largest single wildfire in state history. Residents of the scenic forestlands of Northern California are facing a weekend of fear as it threatens to reduce thousands of homes to ashes. “We knew we didn’t get enough rainfall and fires could happen, but we didn’t expect a monster like this,” Studebaker said Saturday.

Japan ups the ante against China, plans to deploy nukes near Taiwan next year
In a move that is expected to challenge China’s dominance in the South China Sea, Japan has reportedly planned to deploy missile units next year on an island that is merely 300 kilometres off the coast of Taiwan. The move is aimed at countering Beijing’s increasing naval presence in an area that carries a history of military disputes, reported Japanese media, adding that the nukes will also help defend against a potential Chinese attack.

Ron DeSantis Is Defending Freedom By ‘Getting In The Way’ Of COVID Authoritarians
There is simply no evidence anywhere in the world that restricting the individual rights of citizens, segregating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, and forcing people to wear masks all day would have any benefit whatsoever when it comes to stopping a virus. Virtually every “public health” command and edict has come up empty, and these severely damaging policies have made matters worse across the board.

University Spends $50,000 Removing “Racist” Boulder From Campus
Apparently a ‘racist’ boulder was making students at the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus feel uncomfortable to the point that the school actually spent some $50,000 removing it. The story is so utterly absurd that we wish we could claim satire, but as Fox News writes, “Chamberlin Rock, which rests atop Observatory Hill, is named after a 19th Century geologist and former university president, Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, whose work centered on glacial deposits, according to a bio on the university’s website.”

Hezbollah Humiliated in Lebanon
What happened after the shooting was something of a miracle. The terror squad that attacked Israel was discovered by Lebanese residents and arrested in a Druze village in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah hoped that Israel’s response to their missiles would hit the Druze areas and thus Hezbollah would be seen to be protecting them. But the Hezbollah squad that fired on Israel was discovered, severely attacked, and its members humiliated as the entire incident was documented on social media.

‘US is going to fight this war!’ Expert warns America will defend Taiwan from China attack
A PANEL of Asian foreign policy experts have suggested a conflict involving the military ‘is likely’ during the next five to 10 years over Taiwan as China’s army believes it can defend a response from Australia and the US.

Blaze ravages Evia island ‘like a horror movie’ on sixth day of Greek fires
Thousands of people have fled their homes on the Greek island of Evia as wildfires burned uncontrolled for a sixth day on Sunday, and ferries were on standby for more evacuations after taking many to safety by sea. The blaze on Evia, Greece’s second-biggest island, quickly burgeoned into several fronts, ripping through thousands of hectares (acres) of pristine forest across its northern part, and forcing the evacuation of dozens of villages.

SHOCK VIDEO: NYPD Probes Woman’s Execution-Style Killing By Another Woman
A Brooklyn woman was gunned down by another woman who got out of a car and shot her in the back of the head, police said. Surveillance video of the shooting Wednesday night released by police shows a woman in black leggings get out of a double-parked white sedan and casually shoot Delia Johnson in the head as she chats with a group of people by a stoop in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Gaza resort bombed for holding mixed-gender concert
Bianco Resort, one of the Gaza Strip’s most luxurious seaside tourist sites, was attacked last Thursday with an explosive device. The attack came after the resort was accused by Muslim extremists of holding a mixed-gender concert. No one was hurt, but a wall surrounding the resort was damaged.

Visiting Israel, Bahraini official says ‘Iran’s footprints in every regional flashpoint’
A de facto coalition has been formed between Sunni Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia and Israel to counter Iran’s growing interference and violence through proxies in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria. The Abraham Accords, which are a series of normalization deals between Israel and four Arab countries brokered by the Trump administration, have helped cement this unofficial alliance, especially as the new administration in Washington continues to engage Iran on a new nuclear deal that could see major provisions from 2015 restored.

REPORT: the small print in big tech community guidelines targets faith-based users for censorship
A new report from the Napa Legal Institute revealed that hidden in the small print of the community guidelines and user agreements are details that are used by tech companies and social media platforms to censor and remove religious organizations for “hateful conduct” that is actually an expression of beliefs that do not conform to liberal values.

Scientific American Mag: “Belief in Creation is a form of white supremacy”
And Hashem created man in His image, in the image of Hashem He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27 Last month, Scientific American,s the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, published an editorial by Allison Hopper titled “Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy.”

Lebanon’s Maronite patriarch calls on army to confront Hezbollah
Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi called on Sunday for the Lebanese army to take control of the southern part of the country…
“We call upon the Lebanese army…to take control of the entire lands of the south, to…implement Resolution 1701, and to prevent the launching of missiles from Lebanese territory, not for the sake of Israel’s safety, but rather for the safety of Lebanon,” said al-Rahi during Sunday Mass…

Covid in Sydney: Communities feel under siege as troops deployed
“If the objective was to frighten the hell out of the community, I can guarantee you they have done that.” Dai Le, a local councillor in Sydney, is speaking angrily about the deployment of 300 military personnel to the city’s streets this week. Her constituency, Fairfield, is one of eight areas in Sydney considered the epicentre of Australia’s biggest Covid outbreak in a year.

Bennett: Lebanon responsible for all rocket fire from its territory
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Sunday that Israel views the Lebanese government responsible for rocket fire launched from its territory, whether the Hezbollah terror group fired the weapons or not. “The country of Lebanon and the army of Lebanon have to take responsibility for what happens in its backyard,” Bennett told the weekly cabinet meeting, days after two waves of rocket strikes from Lebanon hit open areas in the north.

Advances in artificial rainfall hold big promise for water-scarce Arab region
Drone technology has more applications than most people imagine, including manipulating the weather. In the UAE, scientists are planning to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles to penetrate clouds and generate rainfall using electrical charges — a process that builds on the success of “cloud seeding.”

Wildfires rampage in Greek forests, cut large island in half
Three large wildfires churned across Greece on Saturday, with one threatening whole towns and cutting a line across Evia, the country’s second-largest island, isolating its northern part. Others engulfed forested mountainsides and skirted ancient sites, leaving behind a trail of destruction that one official described as “a biblical catastrophe.”

‘Massive melting event’ sinks billions of tons of ice amid heat wave
Scientists are raising alarms that ice has vanished from the Greenland ice sheet in a dramatic melting event in recent weeks. So much so that the liquid released could cover the entire state of Florida with 2 inches of water.

California College Students Contest Vaccination Mandates To Return To Campus
“Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice’?”

Series of pyroclastic flows at Merapi, heavy ashfall blankets nearby communities, Indonesia
At least 7 pyroclastic flows descended down the slopes of Merapi volcano, Indonesia starting at 21:58 UTC on August 7, 2021, with ash rising up to 3.6 km (12 000 feet) above sea level. No casualties were reported. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.

Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being ‘Vaccinated’
Somewhere near Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea, there’s a cruise ship that had zero unvaccinated people aboard but that still suffered an outbreak of Covid-19. This goes against the narrative that the reason for “breakthrough cases” is due to too many unvaccinated people mingling with those who have taken the experimental injections.

Canada Adds Bell’s Palsy Warning To Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Health Canada, the department of the Government of Canada responsible for national health policy has added Bell’s Palsy as a warning to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine labels.

China Will Dump 2 Billion Doses of Low-Quality Vaccines on the World
Chinese dictator Xi Jinping announced Thursday that the Communist Party will “strive to provide” the world access to 2 billion Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine doses, particularly targeting vulnerable countries.

25% of Pregnancies in England, Wales End in Abortion
A quarter of all pregnancies in England and Wales end in abortion, according to updated data released Thursday from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Republican Representative Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
A Republican representative says he is filing articles of impeachment against the Secretary of Homeland Security for the way the department has handled the border.

“Fully vaccinated” Gibraltar sees 2,500 percent increase in “covid” cases, prompting new lockdowns
New “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are said to be spiking in the nation of Gibraltar, despite a 99 percent “vaccine” compliance rate.

BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling
Last year when covid skeptics were saying “there’s no such thing as a covid virus,” I strongly disagreed. As a published food scientist, laboratory owner and inventor of two published patents based on mass spectrometry analysis, I was aware that SARS-CoV-2 had been genomically sequenced. Surely, I mistakenly thought, it had been isolated, purified and determined to be the cause of covid-19 sickness.

Antifa Terrorists Violently Attack Christian Families *With Young Children* Gathered to Pray on Portland Waterfront – Police Were Called, But Didn’t Respond (VIDEO)
Antifa terrorists violently attacked a Christian prayer group gathered on the waterfront in Downtown Portland on Saturday. Antifa used weapons and pepper-spray to attack the Christians.

Defense Secretary Austin to announce mandatory coronavirus vaccinations across the military 
Fox News confirmed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is set to announce mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination for all military personnel. The mandate applied to the 1.3 million active-duty service members, the report added. Austin’s announcement followed President Joe Biden’s call to all federal employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Swedish professor: People will need FIVE vaccine doses for immunity, and if you don’t submit, you’ll no longer qualify as “fully vaccinated” 
Many individuals worldwide have completed their Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination schedule. They have touted their “fully vaccinated” status after getting two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with some joining the category after getting single-dose vaccines. However, a professor said that COVID-19 vaccines may not be enough to provide immunity – and recommended as many as five vaccine doses.

Teacher’s Union Suing a Mother for Repeated Attempts to Know What Her Kindergartener is Learning
On Monday, Nicole Solas, a Rhode Island mom whose daughter will be going into kindergarten, was sued by chapters of the National Education Association (NEA) for submitting multiple requests to find out what her daughter was learning when it comes to lesson plans on concepts such as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

From Shots to Clots: Science Shows COVID Vaccines Cause Blood Clots
Americans who have taken COVID vaccine shots and those who have refused to capitulate to the coercion and propaganda are ill-informed about blood clots.  This article provides summaries of key recently published research on two types of observed blood clots – microscopic and relatively large size – that merit serious attention and concern.

Covid Booster Shots Coming “Soon” Fauci Tells CNN
“We need to look at them in a different light. We would certainly be boosting those people before we boost the general population that’s been vaccinated, and we should be doing that reasonably soon.”