7 Aug 2021

Hezbollah claims responsibility for rockets towards Israel from Lebanon
A heavy barrage of close to 20 rockets was fired from Lebanon into northern Israel on Friday, activating the Iron Dome and setting off sirens throughout the area. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks, saying that “at 11:15 a.m. the Islamic Resistance responded to the Israeli aggression by targeting the vicinity of Israeli enemy posts in Shebaa Farms with dozens of rockets fired from woodlands that are far from residential areas.”

Gantz: Iran is 10 weeks from breakout to a nuclear weapon
Tehran will be able to break out to a nuclear weapon within 10 weeks, Defense Minister Benny Gantz told diplomats from UN Security Council member states on Wednesday as tensions ratcheted up between Iran and the international community over its maritime attacks. “Iran has violated all of the guidelines set in the JCPOA [nuclear agreement] and is only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon,” Gantz warned.

Greece wildfires spread, causing mass evacuations
Thousands of tourists and residents have been evacuated from towns north of the Greek capital, Athens, as wildfires spread across the country. Strong winds and high temperatures are making it difficult to control the blazes, which have killed at least two people, including a firefighter. Huge clouds of smoke and ash near Athens has meant some people there have also been urged to leave their homes.

US military experimenting with artificial intelligence that can predict the future
The Department of Defense is testing artificial intelligence programs that could, if fully developed, “see days in advance.”

Extremely heavy rains hit North Korea
Extremely heavy rains hit parts of coastal northeastern North Korea from August 1 to 3, 2021, resulting in widespread damage to homes, infrastructure, and agricultural fields.

Oroville Reservoir at record low level, California shuts down their second-largest hydroelectric plant
The Oroville Reservoir reached a record low level of 195.66 m (641.93 feet) above mean sea level on August 5, 2021, forcing authorities in California to shut down their second-largest hydroelectric plant

US Physicians will now lose their medical license for reporting vaccine injuries and providing informed consent to patients
When physicians receive their medical license, they must pronounce their intellectual devotion and allegiance to the vaccine industry and its myriad of false narratives. Any healthcare professional who dares question “the science” risks losing their medical license. Any doctor who speaks out-of-line against forceful vaccine propaganda could be stripped of their title; their career destroyed; their reputation smeared.

UK government seeks contract for “excess body storage” in preparation for mass extermination event
The Westminster City Council is seeking “temporary body storage services” to prepare for mass extermination events over the next four years. These new facilities are being erected to store bodies in a dignified and respectful manner. Under code 45215000, the UK government is looking to secure contracts for construction work “for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences.”

Pentagon set to make all troops take experimental COVID-19 vaccines despite the injuries that are occurring to younger people, giving another advantage to Russia, China
Russia and China are increasing their strategic and military ties as they watch the hapless, weak and mind-addled Joe Biden falter as president of what once was the most powerful and free nation on earth.

Bill de Blasio threatens to expand “vaccine passport” requirements in New York City: Are grocery stores next?
As all health clubs, restaurants and theaters in New York City prepare to force their patrons to show proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” come September, Mayor Bill de Blasio is said to be scheming up an expansion to the new rule that some worry may include grocery stores.

As We Rejoice With Yet Another Soul Saved Through Our Broadcasts, NTEB In The Midst Of Global COVID Chaos Is Experiencing An End Times Harvest
Today I was a little down and a tad discouraged by all the ‘news’ that’s been clogging the airwaves, misinformation and disinformation is everywhere. Today’s topic on the podcast – the possibility of COVID internment camps for the unvaccinated – wasn’t doing much to boost my spirits either. Marshalling my best “…to the FIGHT!!!” and asking God to strengthen me was my preparation for the broadcast, but God did much more than simply strengthen me, he encouraged me with the greatest gift of all – a soul saved on the air!

Florida Will Give Vouchers To Parents, Let Them Send Kids To Private Schools If They Oppose Public School Mask Mandates
The Florida Board of Education determined today that it will provide private school vouchers to parents of students who believe face mask requirements amount to undue “harassment” of children.

Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom” 
Around the world, rogue governments are now declaring their own citizens to be hostages under medical tyranny, promising that freedom will be restored if they meet vaccine quotas that require mass injections with experimental gene therapy drugs. (They’re not merely “vaccines.”)

CDC illegally extends eviction moratorium for another two months, despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling it has no such authority 
The Biden regime has ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) eviction moratorium, which was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, will be extended through October regardless of what the law says.

Covid hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated spike 10-fold in Israel 
The latest data out of Israel completely annihilates the government narrative that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are safe and effective.

UK dials down coronavirus app as self-isolating workers cause severe labor shortage leading to empty shelves at grocery stores
The U.K. government has dialed down the National Health Service (NHS) COVID-19 app to avoid a labor shortage caused by self-isolating essential workers.

CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated
About three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mandatory Covid Vaccines for kids in school 
Mandatory Covid Vaccines for kids in school are being pushed by Government. They want kids to be vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine death jab via “emergency use authorization.”

Report: Fauci Oversaw Dangerous, Torturous Experiments On Dogs
In addition to overseeing funding of gain of function coronavirus experiments in Wuhan, and then lying about it, it has now emerged that Dr Fauci was in charge of funding horrid experimental research on dogs, including purposefully infecting the animals with parasites known to be contagious to humans.

As The New World Order Begins To Turn Against The Unvaccinated, Can COVID Internment Camps Really Be Far Behind?
In July of 2020, on the CDC website, there appeared an article entitled ‘Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings’, outlining a dystopian future where holding facilities, or COVID camps for the infected, would play out.