26 Jul 2021

Manufacturing of unique red dye for Third Temple begins
On Sunday, a woman went out to collect tiny insects that once a year, produce the flame-colored dye that was used in the Temple. The time-consuming work produced a minuscule amount of dye but she is determined to continue moving forward towards bringing the Third Temple.

At least ten protesters dead in Iranian water protests
The droughts are the worst in over a century, hitting agriculture and leading to power blackouts. The area is Iran’s main oil-producing region and the wealthiest of the country’s 31 provinces. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the people to stop protesting. “The enemy will try to use any tool against the revolution, the nation and the people’s interests, so we must be careful not to give him any pretext,” Khamenei posted on on his official website.

Supremes told constitutionally, Roe should be overturned
“If this suggestion of personhood is established, [the pro-abortion] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.” Now the justices are being informed, bluntly, that the time has come for that decision to be reversed. A report posted on ABC explains that Mississippi’s attorney general is arguing to the court that states should be allowed to decide whether, and how, to regulate abortion.

Rep. Paul Gosar Sponsors Bill to Ban All Immigration Into US for 10 Years
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) on July 23 announced he’s sponsoring a bill that would put a 10-year freeze on all immigration into the United States, arguing that the pause is needed to help stem the current surge in illegal border crossings.

Veterinarian dies of rare Monkey B virus, the first documented human case in China
A 53-year-old veterinary surgeon in Beijing died after contracting the Monkey B virus, according to a report published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The report states that the victim, who was the first documented human case in China, worked in an experimental research institute specializing in nonhuman primate breeding. He dissected two dead monkeys in March then experienced nausea, vomiting, fever and neurological symptoms one month later.

U.S. intensifies airstrikes in Afghanistan as the Taliban offensive approaches Kandahar
U.S. intensifies airstrikes in southern Afghanistan Anxiety is growing It is the country’s second largest city and the spiritual capital of the Taliban movement over Kandahar, which threatens the Taliban attack. The collapse of Kandahar will have a major impact on the US-backed government in Kabul. Taliban confiscated country beltBut so far I haven’t been able to take a major city.

Disturbing behavior by China suggests the Cold War, Stephen Roach warns
Economist Stephen Roach warns that Beijing’s crackdown on US-listed Chinese stocks will have a widespread impact on the market. Roach, considered one of the world’s leading experts in Asia, believes this action represents an early stage in the Cold War.

Tropical Storm In-fa putting millions at risk in eastern China
Tropical Storm In-fa could be seen bringing major impacts across east-central China, including Shanghai. Over 25 million people reside in the Shanghai metropolitan area, all of which (and more outside of the city) are feeling or will feel the impacts of this expansive storm. The risk for flooding rainfall, destructive storm surge and damaging wind gusts will not only persist through the remainder of the weekend, but will likely last until midweek as the storm slows to a crawl.

One nation is triggering rainstorms to cool down hot days with ‘cloud seeding’
Rainwater filled streets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on July 20 and 21 — but this rain was not a force of mother nature, rather, it was manually triggered by the UAE government using a form of weather modification called “cloud seeding.”

After meeting with Biden, Putin turns against Israel, Arming Syria with better anti-air systems
For the first time, last week Russia announced it helped Syria operate against an Israeli airstrike in Syria. According to some reports, the change in policy comes in the wake of a meeting between Putin and Biden in which the US president expressed displeasure at Israeli strikes against Iranian targets.

6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Philippines: US Geological Survey
Manila: A strong earthquake shook the Philippines on Saturday, the US Geological Survey reported, but it was deep, and local authorities said they did not expect damage. The 6.7-magnitude quake struck off the main island of Luzon at 4:48 am (2048 GMT) at a depth of 112 kilometres (70 miles), USGS said. It was followed a few minutes later with a 5.8-magnitude quake in the same region that was also deep.

Stressed out: Hawaiian volcanoes are heavy
The magnitude-5.2 and 4.2 earthquakes a couple of weeks ago are just two instances of earthquakes due to bending of the Pacific Plate. Earthquakes caused by this flexure can be quite large—some even greater than magnitude-6.

Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot
Jummai Nache, and her husband, Philip Nache, were born in Nigeria and came to the U.S. to settle in Minneapolis a few years ago, working with the Southern Baptists to plant churches among the African communities living in Minneapolis.

Plague discovered in 6 Colorado counties after 10-year-old dies
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says there have been laboratory-confirmed reports of plague in animals and fleas from six counties.

Inserting animal gene made potato and rice crops 50 percent bigger
Introducing animal genes into common crops has enabled scientists to massively increase their yield and make them more resistant to drought, according to a new study.

Expanding Western drought sets 122-year record: scientists
A devasting drought has spread virtually throughout the entire western U.S., setting a 122-year record, scientists say. Almost 90 percent of the the region is now considered to be in drought.

Thousands rescued and over 100 dead after monsoon downpours flood western India
Heavy monsoon downpours led to over 100 deaths in western India this week, and the weather pattern over the next few weeks could continue to keep the region at-risk of dangerous flooding and landslides.

Bodies Recovered From Tunnel That Was Submerged by Floodwaters in Central China
Bodies have been recovered after massive floods swallowed up a tunnel in a central Chinese city earlier this week, trapping hundreds of vehicles and drivers.

Deadly Typhoon Threatens Strategic Chinese Oil Hub
The In-fa typhoon, which caused devastating flooding in parts of China this week—claiming at least 33 lives—is expected to make landfall this weekend in a key area hosting some of the largest Chinese refineries and oil storage tanks.

CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic
After more than a year of committing scientific fraud to push false “positives” via PCR testing, the CDC has announced it is withdrawing the RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel on December 31st of this year:

Freak Brazilian cold snap damages coffee crops, prices expected to climb 
A serious cold snap has hit Brazil’s coffee belt, pushing temperatures below freezing in a matter of mere minutes, seriously jeopardizing next year’s crops and damaging countless coffee trees. In addition to hurting the coffee industry, it’s also a big blow for those who insist that manmade global warming is causing rising temperatures across the planet.

BIOWEAPON: New study reveals spike protein in coronavirus vaccines responsible for adverse reactions
A new study has found the main reason why Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines cause adverse reactions. The confidential study leaked online pointed to spike proteins in the vaccines as responsible for the reported serious side effects. These spike proteins from the COVID-19 vaccines also affected people who have not been inoculated yet – aside from vaccinated individuals themselves.

Report says Chinese scientist filed for a coronavirus vaccine patent BEFORE the pandemic 
A report has revealed that a Chinese military scientist filed a patent for a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine prior to the March 2020 pandemic. It stated that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientist Yusen Zhou filed the paperwork for the vaccine in February 2020 before he mysteriously died. The report’s revelation appeared to support emerging claims that the pathogen behind COVID-19 emerged from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Dr. David Martin: Daszak and Fauci committed acts of domestic terrorism with coordinated release of covid bioweapons
In a fascinating interview with Stew Peters of “The Stew Peters Show,” Dr. David Martin blew the lid on Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak, both of whom committed treasonous acts of domestic terrorism against the entire world with their coordinated release of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Passionate Italian Doctor: “You’ll Find out in 18 Months When People Will Die Like Flies”
An Italian doctor spoke out against the deadly Covid-19 experimental vaccines. She warned that the human DNA would be destroyed and that within 18 months they will begin dropping dead like flies. “You are being colonized by a satanic entity

BOOM! Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines
…According to Dr. Malone the CDC is covering up the adverse effects of the dangerous COVID vaccines.  Dr. Malone then went on to accuse megalomaniac Dr. Tony Fauci of being a liar who is purposely hiding this information from the public — for their own good.