5 Jul 2021

Israel offers aid to economically devastated Lebanon: A potential omen for 3rd Temple construction
A peace agreement with Lebanon would, perhaps more than such an agreement with any other country, signal the beginning of a new era that might be more conducive to the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. When David’s son, Solomon, began to build the first Jewish Temple In Jerusalem, he immediately turned to the government of Lebanon to play an essential role in its construction.

Elsa kills 3, leaves trail of destruction in the Caribbean
Elsa, the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season, left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean, killing three before becoming a tropical storm. The damaging storm now threatens Haiti, Cuba and the United States, including the site of a deadly condominium collapse.

Moroccan Air Force plane lands in Israel ahead of massive international military exercise
A Moroccan Air Force plane landed for the first time at Hatzor Airfield in Israel on Sunday ahead of a joint international exercise with the Israeli air force. Several countries are expected to participate in the military exercises, including the United States, according to the Walla News website. The IDF, however, declined to comment on the development, saying only that the military is cooperating “with various countries and foreign armies for exercises,” including “meetings with senior officials, research and other developments.”

European plan for gigantic new gravitational wave detector passes milestone
It’s far from a done deal, but plans by European physicists to build a huge new gravitational wave observatory with a radical design received a boost this week. The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), which advises European governments on research priorities, added the €1.9 billion observatory, called the Einstein Telescope, to a road map of large science projects ripe for progress. Developers hope the move will give them the political validation needed to transform the Einstein Telescope idea into a project.

FBI muscles up against hackers with breaches going ‘bananas’
For the last several years, FBI agents debated turning the tables on hackers by remotely accessing breached computer networks and booting out the attackers caught in mid-hack.

At Least 30 Dead, 50 Injured In Philippines Military Plane Crash
A C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the Philippine Air Force with 85 servicemen on board crashed a few kilometers from the Jolo Airport in Sulu Province at 11: 30 local time on July 4. At least 31 soldiers were killed as a result of the accident. 50 soldiers were found injured and were taken to the hospital of the 11th Infantry Division in Busbus.

The Culture War Has A New Target: Independence Day
The Left’s culture warriors have supplanted commercials as the chief enemy of public memory. They don’t aim to hijack commemoration days to serve their commercial ends; they aim to erase the meaning of these holidays altogether.

Trump Promises To Restore Free Speech In America
“Remember this, I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy,” he said in response to the legacy media and Democrat claims. “I am the one trying to save American democracy.”

Target To Close Stores Early In San Francisco Due To Chronic Shoplifting
Normal store hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. They’re cutting back to 6 p.m. because, the company claims, “for more than a month, we’ve been experiencing a significant and alarming rise in theft and security incidents at our San Francisco stores.” Only a month? Walgreens has closed 17 stores in San Francisco since 2016 because it didn’t pay to keep them open with so many locals taking the five-finger discount. Target’s new policy raises the ominous possibility that the problem is getting worse, which would make sense. Go figure that three California cities (San Fran, L.A., and Sacramento) are among the top 10 in the United States for organized retail crime.

Spain’s Proposed ‘National Security Law’ Would Allow Seizure Of Citizens’ Property During Health “Crisis”
The prominent Spanish daily El País is reporting a hugely alarming scenario in which Spain’s central government is mulling a national mobilization and “security law” which would compel citizens to “temporarily” give up their rights in instances of future public health crises or emergencies such as happened with the coronavirus pandemic. The law is currently at the level of a mere proposal but worrisomely it would elevate matters of public health to the level of ‘national security’

‘Enormous mistake!’ Former MI6 chief warning amid Afghanistan troop withdrawal
A FORMER MI6 chief has warned the UK may face a greater terrorist threat in the future if allies neglect Afghanistan after withdrawing troops. “The reality is that there are groups there, we’ve been very successful in disrupting both Daesh [Islamic State] and al-Qaeda.

Biden gives completely unintelligible speech to newly sworn U.S. citizens
Paraphasia isn’t one of Biden’s words, but it is the technical term for the word salad that so often falls out of his mouth … “Appreciate it for joining us in this service,” Biden said as he addressed the newly minted U.S. citizens. “Look, today — uh, um — today’s special guest, uh, to all of you is my honor to congratulate the 21 of you who for have earned the title of that our democracy in every is equal to being president is of the same consequence,” he told them.

The mid-year quake report
2021 has been a below-average year (so far) for earthquake and tsunami casualties. But we’ve had several events of note — the first earthquake in the magnitude 8 range in more than two years, a day when three separate tsunamis were recorded, and one earthquake that chalked up more than 100 casualties. Seventy-seven earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger, …

‘The building is falling apart’ said Surfside resident – in 2019. “Screaming & yelling” at board meetings as residents protested cost of vital repairs.
As early as 2018, an engineer commissioned to examine the building concluded that extensive repairs were vital to repair “major structural damage to the concrete structural slab below” the pool deck and drive. The cost was estimated at between nine and fifteen million dollars, and each unit in the building would have been expected to contribute between $80,000 and $200,000, … residents balked at the huge amount, and according to at least one account, there was “screaming and yelling” at meetings of the building’s board. Five of the board’s seven members resigned in late 2019 due to their frustration at their inability to move forward. ….. and it now appears that the engineer’s report was spot-on.

The Fourth of July corresponds with the siege of Jerusalem. Here’s the Messianic implications
On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence ], declaring that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject and subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George III, and were now united, free, and independent states. Two days later, on July 4, that decision was declared publicly and the Declaration of Independence was signed. That day coincided with the 17th day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz in the Hebrew year 5536. The 17th of Tammuz commemorates the breach of the walls of Jerusalem before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. It is also the day that Jewish tradition teaches that Moses destroyed the two tablets of the Ten Commandments after descending from Mount Sinai and discovering the Children of Israel engaged in the Sin of the Golden Calf.

Earthquake of 5.8 magnitude hits coast of Chile
Seismologists recorded a magnitude 5.8 earthquake off the Chilean coat on Sunday, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center said.
Information about the victims, destruction and the threat of a tsunami was not received.

Poking God In The Eye – Dems Call For Labeling Jewish Judea & Samaria Illegal
73 Democrats in the US House of Representatives sent a letter to the president calling for the state department to declare it illegal for Jews to live in Judea and Samaria.

Gantz: Israel ready to provide assistance to Lebanon amid economic crisis
Defense Minister Benny Gantz offered to assist Lebanon…as Israel’s neighbor continues to suffer from a worsening economic crisis. “As an Israeli, as a Jew and as a human being, my heart aches seeing…people going hungry on the streets of Lebanon,” wrote Gantz… “Israel has offered assistance to Lebanon in the past and even today we are ready to act…so that it will once again flourish and emerge from its state of crisis.”

Is Iran preparing a new series of attacks on US, Israel with proxies?
Iran’s media gave major headlines to claims of attacks on US forces in Syria on July 4. The date was symbolic. It was Independence Day in the US. What better day for Iran to claim it had struck at a US base in Syria. However, it turns out the rumors of the rocket attacks were likely false, and the US-led Coalition denied any incident happened in Syria.

Foreign Media Skewer Joe Biden As ‘Barely Cogent,’ ‘Bizarre’
While the U.S. media frequently look the other way at President Joe Biden’s verbal and intellectual foibles, foreign media have questioned the president’s mental acuity. Australian reporters have lamented that “the leader of the free world” is “struggling,” “barely cogent,” and a “human corpse” who has sunken deep into “cognitive decline.”

Deadly Cyprus wildfire under full control, say authorities
Authorities in Cyprus say a deadly wildfire has been brought “under full control”. The blaze, described by an official as the worst in the country’s history, burned an area of around 55 sq km (21 sq miles). Four people died, while a 67-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of starting the fires.

Egypt opens Mediterranean naval base
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has opened a strategic naval base on the Mediterranean Sea to “secure shipping lines”, the presidency said. “It is the latest Egyptian military base on the Mediterranean, and will be focused on securing the country’s northern and western front,” the Egyptian presidency said in a statement on Saturday.

Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant back online – official
Iran’s only nuclear power plant has been brought back online, its manager said early Monday, after two weeks off-grid amid conflicting reports over an apparent regular maintenance operation. The “technical fault” that shut down the Bushehr plant and its 1,000-megawatt reactor on Iran’s southern coast “was fixed,” allowing the plant to resume power generation and be reconnected…

The Top 10 Reasons That It Does Not Feel Like the 4th of July
..The second kind of victory is the one in which the individual finds Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. If enough Americans embraced this path to victory, we would also win back our nation. However, given the circumstances and the moral temperature of the country, I strongly recommend that you focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy the fireworks America and realize it won’t be long until the real fireworks begin!

The Bay Area Has Become An Absolute Paradise For Violent Criminals
As California goes, so goes the nation… All around us we can see evidence of America’s decline, and the clock is ticking.

Tropical Storm Elsa Latest Forecast Track Strength
One day after becoming the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic season, Elsa weakened back into a tropical storm Saturday as it zeroed in on western Haiti. Conditions in these areas were already deteriorating due to the storm’s strong winds, heavy rain and inundating storm surge.

Royal Caribbean requiring travel insurance for unvaccinated Florida passengers 
Royal Caribbean International will require unvaccinated passengers aged 12 and up departing from Florida to show proof of travel insurance that covers COVID-19-related expenses.

Iran restarts Bushehr nuclear power plant after overhaul
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant has resumed operations after being shut down two weeks ago for an overhaul, Iranian state broadcaster IRIB reported on Saturday.

Massive DATA BREACH exposes personal data of 700 million users of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn
For the second time this year, Microsoft-owned social networking and employment service LinkedIn has experienced a data breach.

NETFLIX & the Obamas’ gay-ification of American culture 
…The Obamas’ influence on NETFLIX’s board has subjected America’s children, night-after-night, to sweating adults engaged in same-sex acts; wives, moms and sisters intimate with the same sex, and men wearing floral print dresses not reminiscent of Monty Python.

SICKENING: The Satanic Temple Buys Billboard Space Across America Posting Disgusting ABORTION Messages
The Satanic Temple is weaponizing the first amendment and putting up disgusting signs across the nation.

82 arrested in Mo. human trafficking investigation
A human trafficking investigation out of Missouri has led to the arrest of 82 people with 31 victims rescued in what officials have called a “massive multi-agency operation.” According to the Department of Homeland Security, the 10-day operation took place in three different cities across Missouri and concluded earlier this week. Of the 31 people rescued, 17 were adults and 14 were missing children. The youngest victim was only four years old.

Democrats Want US to Fund Global Abortion
This year’s annual foreign aid spending bill would make it easier for countries around the world to carry out abortions. If passed, the bill would use U.S. dollars to fund abortion programs in other countries—even in countries where abortions are forced on people. Republicans made three attempts to remove this from the bill, but all of them failed.

Lawsuit: Illinois School District Forced Students on ‘Privilege Walks,’ Compared ‘Whiteness’ to the Devil
A lawsuit filed against an Illinois school district Tuesday alleges that the district violated anti-discrimination laws while teaching “anti-racist” course work.

The “Deprogramming” Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants “Re-Educates” Them
“I think that education is a very powerful tool… So I gave them book lists and shows that they should watch…”

Iranian authorities deny early release for Christian convert imprisoned for reading the Bible
An Iranian convert to Christianity who has served over one-third of a 10-year prison sentence for reading the Bible and allegedly taking part in missionary activities was told that his plea for early release has been denied.

Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens released from jail: ‘I’m thankful for God’
A Canadian pastor who was arrested for holding an outdoor worship service after authorities ordered his church building to be closed has been released from jail and expressed gratitude to God for sustaining his congregation.

Kremlin says ‘provocations’ like UK warship episode demand tough response
A British warship’s entry into what Moscow considers Russian territorial waters near Crimea last month is the kind of provocation that demands a tough response, the Kremlin said on Sunday.