30 Jun 2021

Is Germany’s ‘Churmosquagogue’ trying to replacce Isaiah’s ‘House of prayer for all nations’?
Last month, a rabbi, imam, and priest laid the cornerstone for the House of One, a multi-faith prayer space built on top of the ruins of the 13th century Petrikirche (St. Peter’s Church) in Berlin. An attempt to start a new religion or Isaiah’s vision?

‘Mega comet’ 60 miles wide is about to fly through the solar system
Scientists announced a strange object approaching Earth from the farthest region of the solar system, the Oort Cloud. At first glance, scientists believe it to be a massive comet. It is estimated to be between 60 and 230 miles wide, which could make it the largest comet ever discovered,

More wild weather in Europe as streets turn into rivers
Portions of southern Germany were pummeled by damaging hailstorms that also triggered widespread flooding Monday as an active stretch of severe weather continued for western Europe. This round of severe weather comes after severe weather produced hail, damaging winds and tornadoes from France to Poland last week.

Khartoum says no to planned 2nd filling of Ethiopian mega-dam
When it comes to the negotiations between Sudan and Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), it is one step forward and one step back. Despite indicating last month that it would be open to a partial agreement with Addis Ababa over the GERD, Khartoum completely rejected Ethiopia’s plan Sunday for the second filling of what will be the largest hydroelectric dam on the continent.

New York City Mayor’s Race “Plunges Into Chaos” As 130,000 ‘Test-Run’ Votes Lead To Unprecedented “Discrepancy”
Wtih the New York City Mayoral race “plunged into chaos” (as the NYT puts it), journalist Bob Hardt now reports that the Board of Elections counted 130,000 ‘test-run’ votes, which would account for most of the ‘discrepancy’ reported earlier. Hardt added that the BoE will now head ‘back to the drawing board’ to produce corrected ranked-choice numbers tomorrow. Hours after the New York City’s Board of Elections released an updated ranked voting tally for the Democratic Primary which showed frontrunner Eric Adams’ lead shrinking considerably, BOE officials acknowledged a ‘discrepancy’ in the ballot count.

NSA denies claims it was spying on Fox’s Tucker Carlson
The National Security Agency (NSA) denied on Tuesday claims by Fox News host Tucker Carlson that it was monitoring his show’s electronic communications in an attempt to take the show off the air. While Carlson, known for spreading conspiracy theories, admitted that he would usually be “skeptical” of such a “shocking claim,” he said that the whistleblower knew information about a story Carlson was working on that he says could have only come from his texts and emails. “There’s no other possible source for that information, period,” said Carslon.

Lapid opens landmark UAE embassy: ‘Peace is victory of all that is good’
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid celebrated the push for regional peace Tuesday as he officially inaugurated Israel’s first embassy to the UAE in Abu Dhabi as part of a two-day diplomatic visit to the Gulf kingdom.

Tri-Lightning F-35 drill comes to an end
The international Tri-Lightning 2 exercise with F-35 aircraft from the Israeli Air Force as well as US Marine Corps and British Air Force ended on Tuesday. The drill saw the pilots practice various aerial scenarios including dogfights, dealing with advanced surface-to-air missile systems as well as attacking targets deep in enemy territory and combat scenarios over enemy countries.

Supreme Court says no right to hearing for some illegal immigrants
The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the government can indefinitely detain certain immigrants who say they will face persecution or torture if they are deported to their native countries. the court held 6-3 that the immigrants are not entitled to a hearing about whether they should be released while the government evaluates their claims. Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the court that “those aliens are not entitled to a bond hearing.”

The Pandemic Is Over According To 57% Of Republicans… And 4% Of Democrats
Republicans are far more likely (57%) than Democrats (4%) to say the pandemic is over, but significant differences also exist by gender, age and region of the country.

Huge Sandstorm Swallows Mongolian City
Worldwide weather appears more volatile than ever … “On the afternoon of June 28, strong sandstorms occurred in the Urad Rear Banner and Urad Central Banner of Bayanzhuoer, Inner Mongolia,” The report was confirmed by Sky News, who said, “A huge sandstorm has hit Inner Mongolia, … .

Macron to host French nuclear test legacy talks
A high-level roundtable on France’s nuclear legacy in French Polynesia will be held in Paris this week, aimed at ‘turning the page’ on the aftermath of the weapons tests. Between 1966 to 1996, France carried out 193 tests in the South Pacific, yet 25 years later there are still outstanding claims for compensation and the test sites remain no-go zones monitored by France.

MIT and Harvard engineers develop face mask that detects COVID-19
Researchers … have demonstrated a cutting-edge biosensor technology by developing a face mask that can detect SARS-CoV-2 in a wearer’s breath within just 90 minutes. The sensor technology can be programmed to detect any kind of virus or toxin and is small enough to be integrated into clothing fabrics.

Biden administration turns to UNRWA in its rush to rebuild Gaza
I will curse those who curse you Genesis 12:3 The administration is funneling money to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). In April, it had announced it was restoring $150 million to the U.N. agency. “UNRWA is a case study of the client hijacking the service provider because the majority of UNRWA employees are Palestinians.” “The international [employees] who come in — they are indoctrinated by the local employees, and if they don’t buy into the dogma and the orthodoxies of the agency, they’re pushed out or fired,”

Lapid inaugurates Israeli Consulate in Dubai: ‘We created the incredible’
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid inaugurated Israel’s Consulate in Dubai on Wednesday, on the second day of the first trip to the United Arab Emirates by an Israeli minister since the countries established diplomatic ties. “We are starting to get used to making history,” Lapid quipped, noting that he had inaugurated the Israeli Embassy in Abu Dhabi the day before.

WATCH: Rafael unveils Seabreaker, a new missile with 300 km range
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled a new precision missile that can be launched from ships at sea or ground-based launchers and hit targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers. Called “Seabreaker” the missile is a naval and artillery unit “force multiplier, designed to overcome the challenges of the modern warfare arena,” Rafael said in a statement.

Israel digs in heels on Gaza, demands captives’ release
In three high-level meetings this week, Israel has insisted on linking the rehabilitation of Gaza with the return by Hamas of the remains of two soldiers and the release of two captives. President Reuven Rivlin raised the matter with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday in New York and with US President Joe Biden on Monday in Washington.

Pro-Iranian forces claim they shelled Americans in Syria
In the late afternoon, around dusk, reports emerged that pro-Iranian groups had shelled areas in eastern Syria across from Deir Ezzor, ostensibly targeting US forces near the Omar oil fields. This is an important and strategic area and US forces who support the Syrian Democratic Forces, have been reported to have a facility or base in this area.

Supreme Court denies bond hearings for illegal immigrants who return after being deported
The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that illegal immigrants who reentered the U.S. without authorization after already having been deported are not entitled to bond hearings. A 6-3 decision split between the court’s conservative and liberal justices held that a federal statute requiring detention for non-residents who have already received an administratively final removal order applied…

General who fired Space Force commander rebuked by judge for illegalities
The general who fired a Space Force commander for trying to rid the military of Marxism was himself castigated by a military judge…for intentionally violating the constitutional rights of a serviceman. Last month, Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting of the U.S. Space Command relieved Matthew Lohmeier of his duties overseeing missile defense based on a judgment that informing the public about Marxist ideology in the military was dangerous.

Ethiopia Tigray conflict: Rebels build on capture of capital
Rebel fighters in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are continuing to gain ground after recapturing the regional capital Mekelle from government forces. The rebels have now entered the town of Shire, about 140km (90 miles) to the north-west, according to UN officials. Eritrean troops backing the Ethiopian army had earlier abandoned the city.

Afghanistan: US military ‘days away’ from completing pull-out
The US military could complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan within days, reports say, amid increasing Taliban battlefield gains. US officials told Reuters some US forces were expected to stay to protect the US embassy and Kabul airport. The reports came as a top US commander warned the country risked sliding into civil war as the last US troops leave.

EU citizens urged to apply to stay in UK now or lose rights
EU citizens living in the UK have until the end of Wednesday to apply to stay or lose their rights, under post-Brexit rules introduced by the government. More than 5.6 million applications have been received, but around 400,000 cases are still waiting to be processed. Ministers say anyone who applies on time will have their existing rights protected while their case is heard.

Colombian anti-government protesters topple Columbus statue
Anti-government protesters in Colombia have toppled a statue of Christopher Columbus in the coastal city of Barranquilla. The figure of the European explorer, after whom Colombia is named, was dragged from its plinth with ropes and vandalised. The demonstration marked two months since the start of a nationwide protest movement calling for social reform.

Mexico marijuana: Top court decriminalises recreational use of cannabis
Mexico’s Supreme Court has decriminalised the private recreational use of cannabis by adults, calling the current prohibition unconstitutional. In an 8-3 decision, the court ruled that adults would be able to apply for permits to cultivate and consume their own cannabis. Smoking in public and in front of children is banned. The ruling does not mention the commercialisation of cannabis.

Destructive storm hits Moscow after record heat, Russia
Destructive rains and strong winds hit Moscow, Russia, on Monday, June 28, 2021, a week after the city sizzled through record heat.

Highest ever recorded SO2 emission over Taal, adverse effects reported, Philippines
High levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emissions and tall, steam-rich plumes have continued to be produced from the Taal Main Crater since this past weekend, PHIVOLCS reported on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Unprecedented SO2 emissions were recorded on June 28, causing adverse effects on some residents living near the volcano.

Tropical Storm “Danny” makes landfall in South Carolina, the first June landfall since 1867
Tropical Storm “Danny” — the 4th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season — has made landfall in South Carolina at 23:30 UTC on June 28, 2021. This is the first named storm to make landfall in the state of South Carolina in the month of June since Hurricane One in 1867.

J&J ceases opioid business following $230 million settlement and the deaths of 500,000 Americans 
Drug giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has agreed to stop selling opioid drugs in the United States following a $230 million settlement with the state of New York.

Henry Ford Health System Becomes First Hospital In Michigan To Force Its Workers To Receive The COVID-19 Vaccination Or Be Terminated
We’ve been telling you for months now that the main threat for forced COVID vaccinations would likely not be coming from the government primarily, but rather through social and economic pressure leveled by the corporate machine that runs America. So it’s only fitting that a health care system named after a former world’s richest man would be the first hospital in Michigan to force employees to be vaccinated.

Nike goes all in with communist China, admitting the Nike brand is a communist brand “of China and for China” 
John Donahoe, the current CEO of Nike, is doubling down in support of his company’s deeply rooted business ties to communist China.

America’s richest have obtained 16 times more wealth than bottom 50% combined 
Data released by the Federal Reserve on Monday, June 21, shows that the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans have 16 percent more wealth than the bottom 50 percent combined.

Subway’s “tuna” sandwiches may not contain any actual tuna, according to recent lab tests
The New York Times conducted a lab analysis on fast-food chain Subway’s “tuna” sandwiches and wraps, which suggests that none of them contain even a trace of actual tuna.

Not only did Google FUND bioweapons research, it also CENSORED information about covid’s lab

David Feinberg, the head of Google’s “health division,” admitted at a recent forum of The Wall Street Journal that the tech giant censored information showing that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) may have originated at a Chinese laboratory.

Mysterious disease hits hundreds of birds in US mid-Atlantic area 
A mysterious disease has affected at least 325 birds in the mid-Atlantic region. Wildlife experts in four states – Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia – have been left baffled as a result. First tracked in May 2021, the illness caused swelling and discharge in the eyes of affected birds and left them with neurological difficulties.

Chinese billionaire says CCP planning to release another covid strain this summer
Is there a new Chinese Virus soon on the way that will be delivered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the United States? According to Chinese billionaire Miles Guo, the answer is yes.

Mortality rate from Delta variant eight times higher in “fully vaccinated” individuals 
The latest claim is that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Delta” variant is “spreading like wildfire,” and the most affected by it are those who were already injected with “vaccines.”

With the CCP now controlling everything, Americans are living under foreign ENEMY occupation 
What most people don’t yet understand is that they’re no longer living in “America.” What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Big Tech corporations all work for China, too, and the censorship they pursue in the USA mirrors the anti-freedom censorship of communist China.