15 Jun 2021

GPT-3 May Become The AI Disinformation Machine We’ve Always Feared, Study Finds
A Georgetown University study has shown how an AI software known as GPT-3 was successfully used to generate strings of “human-like” text, producing disinformation persuasive enough to sway the opinion of its readers on a whole range of political issues. Created in 2015 by its two co-founders Sam Altman and Elon Musk, OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research center headquartered in San Francisco.

Pair of Massive Portals Allow Instantaneous Communication between European Cities
When scanning the day’s headlines, it often seems like race, politics, religious beliefs increasingly separate the world and pretty much everything else. For many, this feeling of isolation only increased under the pressure of a worldwide pandemic, adding to the feeling that humanity was becoming irreversibly fractured. Called ‘pOrtals,’ the installation involves two giant, circular screens [which are eerily reminiscent of the Stargate featured in the TV series and movie of the same name) that employ high-resolution cameras to create a virtual ‘window’ between a pair of European cities nearly 400 miles apart.

Zelensky Claims NATO “Confirmed” Ukraine Will Become Full Member
Coming off Monday’s meeting of top NATO leaders in Brussels with Joe Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a shock statement, claiming that NATO has “agreed” to admit Ukraine into the military alliance with Biden’s blessing.

UK heatwave forecast: It’s coming! Scorching blast to boil Britain in days
BBC Weather said from now until Sunday June 20 “the hottest conditions will be in the southeast, where a short-lived heatwave is possible”.

NATO warns of threats to security as China ‘rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal’
NATO has addressed China’s military practices for the first time, warning it was creating “systemic challenges” for the transatlantic security alliance. On Monday, the military alliance issued a statement following its summit in Brussels speaking out on Beijing’s assertiveness. The body called on its member nations to challenge China’s political, military and economic stance. The 79-point document warned China was “rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal” and being “opaque in implementing its military modernisation”.

Biden-funded Houthis launch fundraiser to fire missiles at Tel Aviv
The terrorist organization has control of northern Yemen but like their Iranian patrons, their scopes are focused on the Jewish state. Despite these threats, the Biden administration is funneling funds to the Houthis while admitting that humanitarian funding can end up being usurped for terrorism.

Schumer slaps ‘retarded’ label on handicapped children
Word ‘is considered hate speech because it offends people with intellectual and developmental disabilities’ None of those opinions, however, prevented Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, from using that label, according to the Washington Examiner. He labeled disabled children with the “retard” designation during an interview on a podcast called OneNYCHA.

Three areas of disturbances being monitored
BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – JUST two weeks into the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season and already three disturbances are being monitored in various sections of the Western Hemisphere. The first one is expected to fully develop off the coast of the United States and Canada in the coming days.

US Catholic bishops meet amid divisions on Communion policy
When U.S. Catholic bishops convene virtually for a national meeting Wednesday, they will be divided ideologically as well as physically. They’re split over whether to press ahead with an initiative that could — at least implicitly — rebuke President Joe Biden for receiving Communion while supporting abortion rights. “There is danger to one’s soul if he or she receives the body and blood of our Lord in an unworthy manner,” Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, one of those advocating for action, asserted recently. He targeted his warning at “those in prominent positions who reject fundamental teachings of the Church and insist that they be allowed to receive Communion.”

New Prime Minister Bennett calls on Israel: Don’t make same mistakes that destroyed Temple
Referring to both the first and second Temples, Bennett added: “twice in our history, we lost our national home precisely because the leaders of that generation did not agree.” According to popular Jewish legend, the Second Temple was destroyed by God due to ‘baseless hatred’ whereby the Jewish people conspired against one another out of spite. Bennett’s speech seemed to use that idea as a cautionary tale against further divisions. At one point he even said that it’s the type of thing that can bring down the country. “Twice in our history – the nation of Israel lost the first Temple and the Second Temple precisely because the leaders of that generation couldn’t agree to sit together and compromise”

Some US allies near Russia are wary of Biden-Putin summit
Some in the countries that once were part of the Soviet Union or the Moscow-led Warsaw Pact during the Cold War worry that Washington could scale down support for its allies in the region in a bid to secure a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia. “I think there have been doubts as to the resoluteness of the present administration to face Russian aggressive actions in a decisive manner,” said Witold Rodkiewicz, chief specialist on Russian politics at Warsaw’s Center of Eastern Studies, a state-funded think tank that advises the Polish government.

Major summer storm hits Greece with a month’s worth of rain in just 40 minutes
A major summer storm hit Greece, particularly the municipality of Attica, on Friday, June 11, 2021, bringing extremely heavy rain, lightning, and hail. A month’s worth of rain fell in 40 minutes, causing traffic disruption across Athens and power outages to wide swaths of the city

Significant heatwave developing over Europe after unusually cold spring
Forecast models suggest the first significant heat wave of the season is developing over Europe after an unusually cold spring affecting much of the continent. The heat is forecast to persist through the end of June, reaching 35 °C (95 °F) and more in some places.

The COVID vaccine and depopulation; the beginning of the trail
The elite groups and players behind the current “pandemic”—the WHO, UN, Bill Gates, Rockefeller Institute, etc.—are the same groups who have been developing depopulation vaccines. THIS IS CALLED A CLUE

Influential “Atlantic Council” partnered with flagged CCP propaganda group
The influential Atlantic Council think-tank has partnered with a premier Chinese Communist Party propaganda organization flagged for “co-opting” Western elites and academics into backing “positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,” The National Pulse can reveal.

Hitler, Mao still OK, but eBay censors six ‘offensive’ Seuss books
Retail giant eBay is censoring the resale of six Dr. Seuss books deemed “offensive” after the publisher announced the books will no longer be published.

RED ALERT: Biden regime makes boldest move in history of America to ban, register firearms using federal bureaucracy
When Democratic presidential contenders like Beto O’Rourke say they are going after our guns, they mean it. When Democratic presidential contenders say they are pro-Second Amendment and pro-Constitution, they are lying.

Democrats Enhance Nazi Propaganda Techniques
Most readers are likely familiar with the Third Reich’s use of propaganda.  And, Joseph Goebbels is as well-known as Adolf Hitler.  Below are several sentences that may offer insights into German propaganda between 1933-1945.  While Nazi methods and outcome were vastly more deadly and an eviler version of what’s underway in America today, there are parallels between both sets of behaviors.

MASS HYPNOSIS: The disturbing psychology behind the global vaccine SUICIDE CULT 
The global vaccine suicide cult is very real, and it’s a product of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-annihilation. Driven to the point of insanity by crazed culture and the psychological terrorism of the mainstream media, many people are now either consciously or unconsciously seeking to end their own lives — global suicides have skyrocketed since the covid lockdowns began — and now they’ve stumbled upon their final solution: The covid vaccine.

Did Fauci’s ‘Gain Of Function Research’ In Wuhan Lab Create A Monster That Is Getting Ready To Strike Again?
Where are the Liberals taking America? They are taking America to war and they are marching to that war under the banner of a flag known as the Progress Pride Flag. This flag is the antithesis of everything that America is supposed to stand for, and on Flag Day today, it was raised instead of the Stars and Stripes over the Interior Building in Washington DC.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Flies The Alphabet Soup ‘Progress’ Pride Flag Over Interior Building In Washington DC On American Flag Day
In the last few weeks, we’ve all learned a new phrase from the eerie realm of virology: “gain of function research.” Abbreviated as GOFR, it’s defined as “any field of medical research that alters an organism or disease in a way that increases  pathogenesis, transmissibility, or host range, the types of hosts that a microorganism can infect.” Welcome to Fauci’s Frankenstein monster.

FLASHBACK: WE CAUGHT THEM! Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden’s Steal
The fix is in.  The current results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania reported to the public are fraudulent because they are nearly statistically impossible.

China Nuclear Power Plant Near Hong Kong Is Dealing with “Performance Issue” After Potential Radioactive Leak Reported
The French joint operator of a Chinese nuclear plant near Hong Kong said Monday that the plant is dealing with a “performance issue” but is currently operating within safety limits, following a report of a potential radioactive leak.