9 June 2021

Large fire in Jerusalem hills continues to spread, threatening nearby towns
Two wildfires that broke out near Neve Ilan and Abu Gosh on the outskirts of Jerusalem Wednesday are now threatening the town of Abu Gosh and Yad Hashmona Kibbutz west of the capital. Firefighting crews are working to extinguish the flames, with four firefighting planes assisting with the effort and an additional 21 teams headed to the scene.

Rounds of violent storms to threaten north-central US
meteorologists warn that the full spectrum of severe weather is possible, including tornadoes, from two rounds of violent storms taking aim at the northern Plains of the United States this week. The severe weather will occur as two potent storm systems swing out from the northwestern U.S. and slide eastward across the northern tier of the Central states. Because of the strength of the Tuesday and Thursday storm systems and the wide open spaces in the region, wind gusts may reach 80 mph in some of the storms. “Gusts with some of the storms on Thursday afternoon and night might even exceed 100 mph,

More than 100,000 acres have burned in Arizona wildfires
Two growing wildfires in eastern Arizona have burned more than 109,000 acres as of Monday afternoon, according to officials at the interagency Incident Information Center. “It is a fast moving and dynamic fire,” the center’s website (InciWeb) says. Growth is attributed to the winds and the brush, such as chaparral, the center said.

Ilhan Omar equates aggressors and victims: ‘A new low’
Omar wrote “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.” former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman questioned: “How did we reach the point where a member of Congress can equate those who fight terrorism with the terrorists themselves? A new low.”

Global glitch: Swaths of web go down after outage
Multiple websites went offline briefly across the globe Tuesday after an outage at the cloud service company Fastly, revealing how critical a handful of companies running the internet’s plumbing have become. (June 8) Video

Judge Orders Virginia School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns
A Virginia state court judge on Tuesday directed Loudoun County School System officials to withdraw their suspension and other disciplinary measures against a teacher who declined to use students’ preferred pronouns.

Drought Conditions Favorable for Toxic Cyanobacteria
Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, can produce toxins that are harmful to livestock, wildlife and people. The growth of this bacteria is aided by high temperatures. Some species of cyanobacteria can be toxic when livestock and wildlife ingest them. Toxicity is dependent on the species consuming the water, the concentration of the toxin or toxins and the amount of water ingested. …cyanobacteria can be toxic to humans.

Something definitely wrong with Nasrallah,’ ex-Mossad chief says
Nasrallah’s health has been rumored to be steadily deteriorating. In his recent televised speech, he looked frail and was coughing incessantly. “I don’t know if he contracted the coronavirus or not, but something is definitely wrong,” Cohen said, adding Israeli intelligence agencies were “trying to find out what’s going on.”

Protester attacks French president, guards intervene
Macron, dressed in shirt sleeves, could be seen reaching out his hand to greet one man, who then shouts, “Down with Macronia” (“A Bas La Macronie”) and slaps him in the face.

Tropical threat may brew by mid-June
A phenomenon known as the Central American Gyre is anticipated to develop in this area later this week and this weekend. An atmospheric gyre is a large circular zone of lower air pressure that slowly spins. The Central American system can encompass thousands of square miles and sometimes overlap waters in the western Caribbean, the eastern Pacific and even the southwestern part of the Gulf of Mexico.

Huge Internet Outage takes down Amazon, Reddit, Guardian, New York Times, Bloomberg News and more websites
Multiple outages hit websites across the globe on Tuesday morning, affecting news websites and social media platforms. According to Reuters, Amazon.com Inc’s retail website also seemed to face an outage. Amazon was not immediately available to comment. Leading websites operated by news outlets including the Financial Times, the Guardian, the New York Times, CNN and Bloomberg News were down.

60 Congress members hacked, locked out of databases for weeks
At least 60 members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have been unable to access their constituent data for weeks after they were targeted in a recent ransomware attack, reports first revealed Tuesday. The ransomware attack targeted iConstituent, a tech vendor used by dozens of House offices that enables lawmakers to provide constituent outreach.

Macron plans to block use of English in EU meetings in desperate bid to promote French
FRANCE has made plans to use its presidency of the EU council to block the use of English in EU meetings and boost the importance of the French language.

Researchers identify gene linked to congenital heart disease
New insight on the link between a gene called SORBS2 and congenital heart disease has been published, with findings that may help explain the cause of the disease in some patients. Some people with congenital heart disease are missing part of the long arm of chromosome 4, otherwise known as chromosome 4q.

World Vision Training Course Says Native Americans Shouldn’t Have to Repent from Idolatry
World Vision, which used to be a charity organization to help fight poverty around the world, has now become nothing more than another woke organization advocating for the destruction of Christianity and its influence and the continuance of ethnocentric pagan idolatry. This guy says that all of the different ethnic groups had their own covenants with God … and that none of these groups, including Native Americans, needed to repent of their Pagan practices because they were already “very close” to Christianity.

Are We Getting Close To A Major Seismic Event On The West Coast?
We haven’t seen this much seismic activity along the west coast in quite a long time, and many are concerned that this could be leading up to something really big. At this moment, scientists are carefully monitoring the area around the Salton Sea. According to the USGS, in one 24 hour period over the weekend more than 600 earthquakes of at least magnitude 1.0 shook that area of southern California… More than 600 small earthquakes have been recorded this weekend in a rural area near the Salton Sea in Southern California, with the largest having a magnitude of 5.3, a US Geological Survey geophysicist told CNN.

Hamas admits it hid military behind civilians; UNRWA finds terror tunnel under its school
the IDF was tasked with protecting Israelis from a genocidal attack of over 4,000 rockets fired from Gaza targeting civilians. Recent revelations show that this task was made even more difficult by Hamas intentionally inserting military hardware and terrorists inside civilian structures in Gaza. The horrific lengths they went to were emphasized when UNRWA admitted that one tunnel used by the terrorists ran directly under one of their schools.

North Korea accuses Israel of war crimes
North Korea, one of the worst human rights offenders in the world, came out with a statement condemning Israel for “killing children.” This blood libel coincided with a day established by the UN 40 years ago as another attempt to smear Israel for human rights offenses that, like the atrocities in the recent conflict, had actually been carried out by the “Palestinians.” “Israel’s horrific crime of killing the bud-like children, yet to be bloomed, is a severe challenge to the future of humankind and a crime against humanity,”

Massive sinkhole shocks Jerusalem while Israel recites Torah portion of Korah
A large sinkhole suddenly opened up on Monday afternoon in a parking lot adjacent to Shaarei Tzedek (the gates of mercy) Hospital in Jerusalem. Several cars were swallowed up, falling into the sinkhole. Emergency services were called to the site and after a search, it was determined that the cars were empty when they fell into the hole. It is interesting to note that this week, Jews around the world are reading the section of the Torah describing the rebellion of Korach and the ensuing divine retribution.

‘Bennett is evil – there will be a war against him’
Haredi lawmakers railed against Yamina chairman and Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett Tuesday afternoon, claiming the new government will threaten Israel’s future as a Jewish state. Shas chief and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri accused the incoming national unity government of planning to “uproot religion” from the country. “The Jewish state is in danger,” said Deri. “It will uproot religion from the country. The new government is going to destroy the Jewish character and identity of the country which has allowed us to live together.”

Saddleback’s Rick Warren Announces He Will Step Down
Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), is stepping down from his position as lead pastor of the megachurch. (Screengrab image: via CBN News) “For 42 years, Kay and I have known this day would eventually arrive and we’ve been waiting for God’s perfect timing,” Warren announced in a video to the church.