25 Apr 2021

Palestinians reject European offer to hold Jerusalem election online
The Palestinian Authority cares about the principle of physically opening polls in east Jerusalem rather than ensuring people’s ability to vote in the legislative election next month, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh explained to the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.

Iranian fuel tanker attacked by drone, Israel suspected
An Iranian tanker was reportedly attacked off the Syrian coast on Saturday, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It was unclear what had happened, as Iran media was slow to report details. However, the Syrian state media did quote an oil ministry member as saying a fire took place on “what was believed to be an attack by a drone.”

Portland’s Democratic mayor begs public to help ‘unmask’ members of ‘self-described anarchist mob’
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called Friday for the city’s residents to assist authorities in their efforts to “unmask” members of the “self-described anarchist mob” who have engaged in acts of violence and vandalism in recent months. The Democrat extended a state of emergency in Portland through Monday amid concerns about potential unrest following the trial of Derek Chauvin…

Key Netanyahu ally says ‘maybe time to replace PM’
Amid violent riots in Jerusalem and a volley of rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip, a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested on Saturday evening that the time may have come for the country to pick a new leader. “Maybe it’s time to replace Netanyahu,” leader of the far-right Religious Zionist Party, Bezalel Smotrich, wrote on Twitter.

Scuffles in Jerusalem after Israeli-Palestinian Ramadan night clashes
Israeli police and Palestinians scuffled outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls overnight into Sunday as tensions flared during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed for calm. Hundreds of police officers in riot gear deployed around the Old City after nightly clashes spilled into the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank.

Turkey summons US ambassador over genocide announcement
Turkey’s foreign ministry has summoned the US ambassador in Ankara to protest the US decision to mark the deportation and killing of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire as “genocide.” Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal met with David Satterfield late Saturday to express Ankara’a strong condemnation.

“Biden Is An Idiot” – Fmr Police Officer Blasts Democrats For “Riding The Wave Of Dead Black People”
Former Arizona police officer-turned conservative political commentator Brandon Tatum unloaded on President Biden and the press for politicizing the Derek Chauvin trial, and insists that so-called ‘systemic racism’ is simply manufactured by politicians and the media to earn votes and make money.

Biden Considering Offering Asylum to People Displaced by Climate
President Joe Biden’s administration may provide immigration rights and citizenship to many foreign “climate migrants” who claim they are being displaced by climate change, the Associated Press (AP) reported this week.

Denver Snowiest Season in 37 Years
Winter weather has stretched across much of the United States this April, with widespread cold spells and snow. One city in particular had just enough late-season snow to make this winter one for the record books.

‘Georgia is Going to Be Next’: Over 600,000 Illegal Ballots in Race Decided by 11,000
Dr. Navarro goes through the election fraud receipts in Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes in a race decided by less than 12,000.

Texas House passes Constitutional Carry 
Towards the end of this week, the Texas House passed Constitutional Carry, which allows lawful individuals to carry handguns without a license.

Canadian Judge Orders Google to Identify Creator of Website Criticizing Antifa
A judge in Nova Scotia has ordered Google to turn over the identity of the creator of a website that criticizes Antifa over accusations of “cyber bullying.”

Montana Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Enforcement of Federal Gun Bans to Protect Constituents From Biden’s Attack on Second Amendment
Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a new state law prohibiting law enforcement in the state from enforcing federal gun laws.

As Rockets Fired From Gaza Continue To Fall Over Israel For Second Day In A Row, Benjamin Netanyahu Says IDF Is ‘Prepared For Any Scenario’
You can see this one coming from a mile away, rocket fire from Gaza intensifying as Biden administration announces full support for the Abraham Accords via something called the ‘Israel Relations Normalization Act of 2021’.

Three Troops Arrested In Hawaii Sting Targeting Child Sexual Predators
A multiagency undercover law enforcement operation led to the arrests earlier this month of three service members at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam who allegedly solicited sex from federal agents posing online as minors, officials said Friday.

Anthony Fauci, America’s high priest of scientism, wears out his welcome
Anthony Fauci is no longer viewed as our nation’s sober “scientist” because he’s not one. Instead, he has shown himself to be a political opportunist and our country’s new high priest of “scientism.”

China behind another hack as U.S. cybersecurity issues mount
China is behind a newly discovered series of hacks against key targets in the U.S. government, private companies and the country’s critical infrastructure, cybersecurity firm Mandiant said Wednesday.

Side Effects of Covid Shot – VERY DANGEROUS
Covid Vaccine deaths are on the rise and have serious side effects for those who survive. Why doe the CDC and government hide real Covid Vaccine death toll numbers and dangers from the public?

Tampa McDonald’s Exposes America’s Systemic Labor Shortage, Forced To Pay People $50 To Interview
Something strange is happening in the US economy. A McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida, offers $50 to show up for a job interview. Even with free money plastered in big, bold black letters on its menu sign, facing a busy roadway, there are reportedly still no takers.

‘True to its doctrine’: Conservatives plan for a new church after United Methodism splits over homosexuality debate
The United Methodist Church, the third-largest Christian sect in the United States, took another step toward schism over their longstanding debate on LGBT issues when theological conservatives recently unveiled their plan for a new denomination. Known as the Global Methodist Church, it was the product of the 17-member Transitional Leadership Council, a group of theologically conservative United Methodists.