15 Apr 2021

Former Vatican Bank chief condemns new religion of ‘scientism’ regarding COVID response
Italian economist and theologian Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, 76, wrote a critique of the new “scientism” that appeared in La Verità (“The Truth”) magazine on Sunday, ironically entitled, “Here it is! The real moral authority of this century has appeared at last: scientism.” Scientism is normally a belief that science has all the answers. Gotti Tedeschi thinks, however, that a new kind of scientism has appeared, one in which science not only has exclusive access to truth, but its scientists are allowed to moralize and be uncritically believed. This has ushered in a new, strange, age of faith.

Iran’s Rouhani, Turkey’s Erdogan said to discuss Israel’s ‘regional activities’
The call came amid high tensions in the Middle East sparked by an attack on Iran’s nuclear program that it blamed on Israel, Tehran’s escalatory response and alleged tit-for-tat strikes on commercial shipping vessels. Iran is also holding negotiations with world powers aimed at rescuing its tattered 2015 nuclear deal. The US opened indirect talks with Iran last week.

Iran’s Rouhani: 60% enrichment an answer to attack at Natanz
Iran’s move to enrich uranium up to 60% purity is a response to the sabotage at its key nuclear facility, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, adding the Islamic republic had no intention of building a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu: We mustn’t remain indifferent to threats of annihilation
Israelis across the country stood silent at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, as sirens blared for two minutes to mark Israel’s Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day. During the siren, Israeli jets flew a special missing man formation aerial salute over the national military cemetery at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, beginning the official state Memorial Day ceremony to commemorate the 23,928 fallen soldiers and terror victims who have died since 1860.

Israeli cargo ship hit with Iranian missile
An Israeli-owned cargo ship reportedly came under Iranian attack and sustained light damage off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday. The Hyperion Ray was struck near the Emirate of Fujairah. Israel’s Channel 13 said the ship was likely struck by a missile fired by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). There were no reports of casualties.

IDF Chief on Memorial Day: We are the generation that was prophesied by Jeremiah
Kokhavi revealed to the millions of Israelis watching his address that the nation of Israel in 2021 was precisely what the prophet Ezekiel was talking about saying: “We are the generations of sons that returned to their borders. We are back. This time for good.” “But our journey was and will be a challenge” he added.

‘We might lose her’ – Video from shrimp boat shows terrifying conditions off La. coast around the same time Seacor Power capsized
Video shared by shrimp boat captain Aaron Callais shows the terrifying conditions in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana’s southeastern coast during the afternoon of Tuesday, April 13, around the same time another vessel, Seacor Power, capsized. “Hey I don’t know we might lose her, we in a bunch of water spouts, we’re getting slammed, the windows are starting to crack. The winds are blowing over 200 miles per hour,” Callais is heard saying in the video to his father, Michael Callais. Michael Callais, who recently retired from the shrimping industry, says he has never seen weather like what his son experienced Tuesday with the exception of a named storm like a tropical storm or hurricane.

China building space missiles and lasers to ‘blind’ US satellites, intel report says
China is advancing its counter space weapons capabilities and preparing its military to use weapons ranging from disruptive lasers to anti-satellite missiles that could destroy U.S. satellites. China is increasingly becoming a near-peer competitor to the U.S. and stands out as the “primary strategic competitor” to the U.S. according to the new intelligence report.

Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff dies in prison at 82
Bernard Madoff, who was convicted for running the largest known Ponzi scheme in history, died on Wednesday in federal prison where he was serving a 150-year sentence, the Bureau of Prisons said. He was 82. He had been held at a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, after being sentenced in June 2009 to a 150-year term for engineering a fraud estimated as high as $64.8 billion.

Biden proposes summit between him and Putin
The Kremlin on Wednesday responded to US President Joe Biden’s proposal for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that such a meeting would be dependent on Washington’s cancelling the imposition of new sanctions on Russia.

Biden orders all US troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11 – Taliban threatens US troops who stay after May 1
On Wednesday, … Biden announced the U.S. military would begin withdrawing the last U.S. troops from Afghanistan on May 1 and said “we’ll be out of Afghanistan before we mark the 20th anniversary of that heinous attack on September 11th.” On the same day Biden announced his troop withdrawal timeline, the Taliban issued a warning that it expects the U.S. to meet the May 1 timeline agreed to under President Donald Trump and warned that U.S. troops that stay beyond May 1 “will bear the responsibility for that.”

Ohio: Pro-Life Victory for Preborn Babies with Down Syndrome
In a decision sending shockwaves across the nation, the second-highest court in the land upheld an Ohio law banning abortions from a prenatal Down Syndrome diagnosis. This decision strikes down a previous Federal Court Judge’s decision who said Roe v. Wade was the ‘law of the land.’

California County to Launch Digital Vaccine Passport Pilot
The vaccine and testing credentialing arrangement will be rolled out sometime in April, Orange County Health Care Agency officials said on Twitter. “The Digital Passport enables individuals to participate safely and with peace of mind in activities that involve interactions with other people, including travel, attractions, conferences/meetings, concerts, sports, school and more,” officials added.

Attorneys claim Capitol-riot suspects undergoing brutal ‘torture’ while awaiting trial
One guard shouted, “I hate all white people and your honky religion,” Sandlin said, according to Politico. Referring to Samsel, Sandlin said he “was severely beaten by correctional officers, [is now] blind in one eye, has a skull fracture and a detached retina,

Voters blame Biden for border crisis, ready to punish Democrats, poll says
The blame for the illegal immigration calamity on America’s southern border goes to President Biden, according to voters in dozens of swing districts surveyed by Heritage Action. And they are ready to punish Democrats in the 2022 midterms. Bedard found it significant that there was “majority-Hispanic agreement that the immigration disaster is Biden’s fault and that Democrats will pay a price in the election.”

China live-drilled attacks on US carrier while sending record 25 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace, analysts say
On Monday, China sent a record number of warplanes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), as part of an ongoing aerial campaign around the island. On the same day, the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (CSG) sailed north of the Philippines’ northernmost island of Luzon, according to publicly available ship tracking data. Luzon lies directly south of Taiwan. Chieh Chung, a research fellow at the Association of Strategic Foresight in Taipei, Taiwan told Newsweek the Chinese warplanes likely took the opportunity to run a “simulated attack” on the U.S. aircraft carrier.

UAE official says US in driver’s seat for stronger Iran deal
President Joe Biden’s negotiators should use leverage gained against Iran by the previous U.S. administration to reach a better nuclear deal with Tehran in talks in Vienna, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Washington said. The UAE and Saudi Arabia had supported former President Donald Trump’s decision in 2018 to quit the 2015 accord between Iran and world powers and reimpose harsh sanctions on their foe.

Nile dam row: Sudan’s PM seeks urgent summit
Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has called for an urgent summit of leaders of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to try and resolve the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The talks are seen as last-ditch attempts to revive tripartite talks that collapsed last week in Kinshasa. Ethiopia has vowed to go on with a second filling of the dam during the rainy season beginning June.

Afghanistan: ‘We have won the war, America has lost’, say Taliban
Driving to Taliban-controlled territory doesn’t take long. Around 30 minutes from the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif…we meet our host: Haji Hekmat, the Taliban’s shadow mayor in Balkh district…The Taliban have arranged a display of force for us. Lined up on either side of the street are heavily armed men, one carrying a rocket propelled grenade launcher, another an M4 assault rifle captured from US forces.

US poised to impose sanctions on Russia for cyber-attacks
The US government is set to issue a wide range of sanctions against Russia, according to reports. The move would be retaliation for cyber-attacks aimed at the US, including alleged interference in the 2020 presidential elections. The sanctions, expected as soon as Thursday, target more than 30 Russian entities and include the expulsion of at least 10 individuals from the US.

U.S. envoy: Maritime border talks with Israel will help crisis-hit Lebanon
The United States stands ready to facilitate maritime border talks between Lebanon and Israel that will have benefits for the crisis-hit Lebanese economy, a U.S. envoy said on Thursday. While pledging not to abandon U.S. interests in Lebanon….David Hale said…to Beirut that resolving the maritime border dispute with Israel would “have potential to unlock significant economic benefits for Lebanon.”

US cancels warships deployment to Black Sea: Turkish officials
The United States has cancelled the deployment of two warships to the Black Sea, Turkish foreign ministry officials said, amid concerns over a Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s borders. Last week, Turkey said Washington would send two warships to the Black Sea, in a decision Russia called an unfriendly provocation.

Jordan slams Israeli police bid to silence call to prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque minarets
Jordan on Wednesday condemned Israeli police for sabotaging door locks at four Al-Aqsa Mosque minarets in a bid to silence the Muslim call to prayer. The move came after waqf officials, who oversee Jerusalem’s holy sites, refused to turn off loudspeakers on the first day of Ramadan. They said the Israelis had wanted it quiet while new soldiers prayed at the Buraq (Western) wall.

Detecting significant thermal unrest years before volcanic eruption
Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of Alaska (UA) have developed a new method that may lead to earlier predictions of volcanic eruptions.

America Lost Its Religion: Church Membership Plunges Below 50% For First Time
Americans’ faith in organized religion continues to trend down at an accelerated pace. A new poll from Gallup shows for the first time since the public opinion polling company began asking questions in 1937, the number of Americans who view themselves as members of a church, synagogue, or mosque has plunged below 50%. Keep in mind, in 1937, when Gallup first asked the question, 73% went to church, synagogue, or mosque.

Twitter openly allows and endorses horrifying child trafficking content, despite threats of legal action by victims
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center (NCOSE), The Haba Law Firm and The Matiasic Firm are all suing Twitter on behalf of child survivors of sexual abuse who were trafficked on the far-left social media platform with Jack Dorsey’s blessing.

Majority of American Voters View Biden Administration As Illegitimate – 74% of Republicans, 30% of Democrats and 51% of Independents 
Ultimately if you peel all the skin off the onion, this is the reason why Democrats are acting with such a control mindset.  Control is a reaction to fear, even if the fear is subconscious in the control agent.   Democrats, including their leftist and Marxist ideologues, know the JoeBama administration cheated. They know what they did to usurp the federal election.

Biden Administration Remains Silent As Iran Prepares To Take Uranium Enrichment To 60% After Israel Attacked Their Natanz Nuclear Facility 
During all the years of the Trump presidency, Israel lived in relative security with their enemies well aware that the Trump-led United States would step in and defend them should the need arise. But with Joe Biden in the White House, the enemies of Israel know that she is left to fend for herself, and barely three months into Biden’s term Iran has already begun enrichment of the uranium needed for a nuclear bomb to use against the Jewish state.

Border Sector Sees 380% Spike in Attempted Crossings By Convicted Criminals
The shocking figure is buried in a recent Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) press release, “Convicted Murderer and a MS-13 Arrested by RGV Border Patrol.”

Is Trudeau Handing Control of Vancouver International Airport Over to Communist China?
Rumors are rife that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will turn control of the Vancouver International Airport over to Communist China this week. Count on Canadian mainstream media, who won’t be reporting on it, tagging all rumors as “conspiracy”. We already know that Trudeau’s Liberal Government forces all travellers coming to Canada through airports including Toronto’s Pearson International Airport into government-sanctioned hotels for quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus.

America’s Unidentified Enemy Next Door 
…While its inhabitants are, by and large, polite, easy going, and apathetic in voter turnout, their Liberal governments have been playing House with the People’s Republic of China for a very long time.

The Evil of Self Identification
..Just five or ten years ago, self-identification was a bad thing.  What in the world happened? The root of self-identification actions began when the Dimms of the Obama-Biden Administration deemed it acceptable for men to self-identify as women and use whatever bathroom they wished.  Although that did garner a certain level of acceptance, American culture generally determined that move was wrongheaded, and it never gained full traction.

The Border Is One Deeply Entrenched Organized Crime Cartel Headed by Biden Himself
I was traveling on vacation seven years ago and ran into a Border Patrol Agent in a convenience store. This was at a time when the border patrol were being exposed to vile illnesses from the last significant wave of Central American immigrants. It was so bad that many of these agents were forced to change clothes at work so they did not take the pathogens home to their families.

What I Told a Doctor On Why I Refuse to Take the Vaccine
In my time teaching research protocols at the university level. I primarily trained pre-med and future psychologists on research protocols and ethics associated with the process. I can state without hesitation, the process is engrained into my fiber and what we are doing with the vaccines, is a unethical and unscientific as well as the threat to health and safety to general public. This is medical malpractice at its worst.

Chipped “smart masks” that are traceable and trackable are the ultimate globalist control mechanism 
The globalist control freaks at the World Economic Forum have come up with the ultimate 21st century tracking device: So-called “smart masks” that come with a computer chip that ‘tells’ users things.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Illicit Operation of Pregnant Illegals and Children at the Border – What the Hell Is Going on Here?
“What does Obama-Biden have going on now on America’s Southern border? We never saw this stuff until Obama was President.  It was clear that Obama wanted to destroy this country and bring in people who he could immediately place on public assistance programs. The Democrats hoped this will keep them in power and make America less powerful at the same time. But their strategy sucked, was unpopular and no one wanted it, so they had to steal the election to do it again.”

Video: Rand Paul Demands Fauci Be ‘Removed From TV For Fear Mongering’
Appearing on Fox Business Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul made an impassioned plea for Anthony Fauci to be taken off the airwaves for continually ‘fear mongering’.

Australian Military Reminded Its Role is “Lethal Violence” & Not “Woke” Activism
The Australian military has been reminded by MPs that its core mission is the “application of lethal violence” in response to concerns about it being too “woke” following a performance during which scantily clad dancers twerked on a Navy ship.

Corn Prices Rally To Highest Since 2013 On Cold Blast Slowing US Seeding
Planting corn in cooler temperatures is still possible but colder soil can take corn kernels much longer to germinate and increases the risk of seedling death.