11 Apr 2021

Incident at Natanz not an accident, damage worse than Iran revealing
The incident at Natanz on Sunday morning was not an “accident” and the damage is much graver than what Iran is presenting to the public…An “accident” occurred on Sunday morning in the electricity distribution network at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, the country’s main uranium enrichment facility, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told the Iranian Fars News Agency.

Tel Aviv Pride Parade announced without municipality’s knowledge
The Tel Aviv Municipality and LGBTQ+ organizations which have organized the Pride Parade in the city for the past two decades were surprised after a Facebook event announcing the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv for June 11 was published recently, despite continuing coronavirus restrictions, according to Channel 12. The news comes after Israel’s pride parades were canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran boasts of ‘133 nuclear achievements’ after Vienna talks
Iran says that it has unveiled 133 new nuclear achievements made by the country’s experts in different areas of the nuclear industry. The claim came amid a call from President Hassan Rouhani in which he “unveiled the nuclear achievements in the provinces of Tehran, Markazi, Isfahan, Alborz and Qom to mark the 15th anniversary of National Nuclear Technology Day,” Iran’s Press TV said.

Biden Admin Blames Trump For Record Illegal Border Crossings
The Biden administration is playing the blame game, finding fault with the previous administration’s poor planning that has left federal officials scrambling to handle an ever-increasing surge of migrants, including record numbers of unaccompanied minors. More than 172,000 migrants were apprehended in March — the highest monthly total in the last two decades, according to Customs and Border Protection data…

Laser Guns on F-15 Fighters? The U.S. Air Force Has Big Plans.
The United States Air Force Lifecycle Management Center just awarded Raytheon Technologies a $15.5 million contract to “build and deliver an upgraded version of its high-energy laser weapon system, or HELWS,”… Furthermore, the “AFLCMC will test the system in order to define requirements for future production programs, focusing on the air defense of air bases against unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Myanmar coup: ‘Dozens killed’ in military crackdown in Bago
More than 80 people have been killed by Myanmar security forces in a crackdown on a protest in the city of Bago, activists say. The military is reported to have taken away the bodies of those killed, and the true number of deaths may never be accurately established. Witnesses told local media that soldiers had used heavy weapons and had shot at anything that moved.

Cyclone Seroja: Western Australia braces as category two storm nears
Emergency services in Western Australia have opened shelters ahead of tropical cyclone Seroja’s expected landfall in the coming hours. Residents in the area 500km (about 310 miles) north of Perth have been urged to evacuate as the category two cyclone accelerates towards the shore. The Bureau of Meteorology has said that Seroja is expected to bring destructive winds and flash flooding.

Over 100 Paris restaurant diners fined for violating rules
More than 100 diners at a restaurant in Paris have been fined and the manager arrested for violating Covid restrictions, French police say. Officers were called to an address in the capital following a noise complaint and discovered a clandestine gathering, Paris police tweeted on Saturday. “Guests [were] fined for non-compliance with health measures,” the tweet said.

St Vincent volcano: Power cuts after another ‘explosive event’
There has been another “explosive event” at a volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, with power outages and water supplies cut off. The La Soufrière volcano first erupted on Friday, blanketing the island in a layer of ash and forcing some 16,000 people to evacuate their homes. Residents in Barbados, nearly 200km (about 124 miles) to the east, have also been urged to stay indoors.

Egged bus attacked by rocks, explosives in East Jerusalem
An Egged company bus was heavily damaged late Saturday after it was pelted by stones and firebombs at predominantly Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. In a statement, the police said the driver took a short cut on his route and mistakenly entered the Isawiya neighborhood, where he was attacked by local residents who threw stones at the bus as well as a firebomb that caused a large fire inside the vehicle.

This Is How the Deadliest Pathogen Will Be Brought to America and We Are Not Talking Covid
Just as the American southern border is under attack, so it in Australia. The Chinese invasion is threatening the Australian culture, education system and is moving into the political arena. The resulting chaos has largely been ignored by the government, until recently. This is happening in New Zealand, Canada and the United States, but let’s start with Australia.

Vincentians waking up to extremely heavy ashfall and strong sulfur smell, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Vincentians are waking up to extremely heavy ashfall and strong sulfur smell which have now advanced to the capital after powerful explosive eruptions started at La Soufriere volcano on April 9, 2021. The last eruption of this volcano started on April 13, 1979 (VEI 3) and lasted for about 6 months.

Alarming study says 95% of baby foods may have heavy metals
A shocking study has found that 95 percent of baby foods tested contained heavy metals. Researchers tested more than 160 baby foods sold in the U.S. – finding that these had one or more toxic metals. Food with the highest risk of heavy metal exposure included rice-based foods, carrots, sweet potatoes and fruit juices.

More Side Effects With Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: CDC Study
People who received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine reported more side effects than those who got the Pfizer/BioNTech shot, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

NYT Journalist Erases ENTIRE Twitter After National Pulse Unearths Posts Admitting ‘Working’ For The Chinese Communist Party
Kessel, a former creative director at the state-run outlet China Daily and freelancer with clients including China’s Ministry of Information, also insisted working for the communist “regime” had its benefits.

Leaked: UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer; US Navy confirms footage as genuine – Unexplained
A US Navy destroyer has supposedly taken incredible footage. A video shows several pyramid-shaped UFOs swarming above the ship at night. The leaked video was just recently shared on social media websites.

Sorry, New World Order, But I Hereby Put You On Notice That I Will Never Receive Your Filthy Vaccine Or Your Mark Of The Beast Biometric Passport
We spent nearly all of 2020 warning you this was coming, and now we are watching the beast slither out up from under the rock, with The Beast a heartbeat behind and waiting for that First Seal to be opened. This is the world that every cheesy, Christian end times movie since ‘A Thief In The Night’ told you was coming, and here it is. Yet, in spite of the clear evidence before them, many Christians are surprisingly unprepared for this moment. Time is almost up, finish strong, and quit ye like men.

Russian submarine armed with Poseidon nuclear drones to be deployed in the Pacific 
A new Russian submarine armed with nuclear drones is set to be deployed in the Pacific Ocean.

Covid Police Forced To Leave – Covid Police turned away by businesses
Covid Police are being forced to leave businesses by people taking a stand. People and businesses are denying Covid Police entry when they show up to enforce covid hoax rules. The crazy days of the covid hoax are getting worse and people have had enough.

VIDEO: Postal Worker Attacked, Beaten By Black Women In Search Of Biden Stimulus Money
Video footage from Flint, Michigan shows multiple black females attacking and beating a white U.S. Postal Service worker, in search of stimulus money from Democrat President Joe Biden according to onlookers.

TikTok Ads Advise Illegal Aliens and Criminals How to Game American Systems [VIDEO]
TikTok and its official Chinese counterpart Douyin amassed over 2 billion downloads and penetrated one-third of all social media users on this planet in less than four short years.

255 Calif. prison inmates identify as transgender, nonbinary so they can be moved to women’s prisons
California has paved the way for male prison inmates to be transferred to women’s prisons, which has raised concerns about the safety and welfare of both the female inmate population and female corrections officers.