5 Apr 2021

Canadian Police try to shut down Church on Easter for Covid Violations, Pastor Boots them out
Covid restrictions in Canada are being enforced with an iron fist and there’s no sanctuary to escape from them, apparently not even churches. This can be evidenced by a recent viral video showing Canadian health inspectors under police escort entering a Polish Church. Noting that they don’t have a warrant, the pastor proceeds to instruct them to leave. “Get out of the property you Nazis! Gestapo is not allowed here!” he could be heard yelling. “Nazis are not welcome here!” Pawlowski yelled as the security forces retreated.

Tank ‘Shields’ to Protect Against Enemy Missiles Are Now a Reality
APS, as they are called, have been developed, tested, refined, and built into vehicles for many years now to introduce new levels of survivability in armored warfare, something likely to increasingly be characterized by more and more advanced, long-range, and highly precise enemy anti-armor weapons being possessed by enemy forces.

Drought concerns heighten in region
After a dry summer last year and very little snowfall in the Upper Midwest, nearly 75% of the Western U.S. is in drought conditions and climatologists say the outlook isn’t good for growers. (video)

Pentagon linguist found guilty of leaking US intel – relating also to Israel – to Hizballah contact
Mariam Taha Thompson, 63, a Pentagon linguist with top security clearance, pleaded guilty on Friday, March 26, to passing to a Hizballah associate classified US intelligence information sought by Iran on the US drone attack that killed top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 3, 2020. “Thompson jeopardized the lives of members of the US military as well as other individuals supporting the United States in a combat zone, when she passed classified information to a person whom she knew was connected to Lebanese Hizballah, a foreign terrorist organization which intended to use the information to hurt this country,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

Judge tosses terrorism threat charge against 3 accused in alleged Whitmer plot
Three men accused in an alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will not be tried on charges of false report or threat of terrorism, a Jackson County judge ruled Monday. “There has to be some form of intent here to incite mayhem,” said Judge Michael Klaeren of 12th District Court in Jackson.

Google monitoring millions of users without consent in new ad test
Google’s test trial of its Federated Learning of Cohorts without consent “is a concrete breach of user trust in service of a technology that should not exist.” Under the program, Google Chrome browsers “will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the web.”

The threats American Jewry refuses to face
But even the joy of Passover couldn’t dispel the twin storm clouds rising around the largest Jewish diaspora. The first threat is growing Jew-hatred. American Jewish groups are good at fighting white supremacism. Unfortunately, the most dangerous external threat to Jewish life in America doesn’t come from neo-Nazis. It comes from their home base. Contrary to what Jewish organizations have long claimed, it turns out that the more educated Americans are, the more anti-Semitic they are.

Coup Narrowly averted in Jordan as former Government officials Arrested
On Saturday, Jordanian security officials placed Prince Hamzah bin Hussein under house-arrest after a failed coup against his half-brother, the current Jordanian ruler, King Abdullah.

Jordan Complains: “Too Many Jews on Temple Mount”
Jordan issued a formal complaint to the Israeli Foreign Ministry over the record number of visitors that ascended to the Temple Mount over the week of Passover.

Biden removes Trump’s Sanctions on ICC Court, Enabling Prosecution of Israel
I will curse those who curse you Genesis 12:3 Joe Biden removed sanctions on Friday that former President Donald Trump placed on two top officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) reports France 24. The sanctions were among the previous administration’s more aggressive moves targeting international institutions and officials. Pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC blasted the move warning that it could have damaging affects on Israel who is the target of an investigation by the Hague for war crimes.

Jordan: A family dispute or a foreign-backed plot?
Was Jordan’s former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein placed under house arrest on trumped-up charges because of a personal dispute…or was he indeed plotting to stage a coup with the backing of foreign parties? Many Jordanians were still grappling for answers on Sunday in the aftermath of reports that Jordanian security forces foiled an attempt by Hamzah and some of his associates to topple the regime of King Abdullah.

Canadian pastor shuts down police’s attempt to disrupt worship service over Easter
Seven police officers entered a Good Friday church service in Calgary, Alberta with the intent of shutting it down. Pastor Artur Pawlowski would not have it…”Out! Immediately go out!” He says. “And don’t come back. I don’t want to talk to you. Not another word. Out of this property.” “Gestapo is not allowed here!” He yells at the officers.

Piney Point: Emergency crews try to plug Florida toxic wastewater leak
Emergency crews in Florida have been working to prevent a “catastrophic” flood after a leak was found in a large reservoir of toxic wastewater. More than 300 homes near Tampa Bay have been evacuated, and a highway near the Piney Point reservoir has been closed. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency on Saturday.

Christians in Indian village beaten, forced to reconvert to tribal religions
Christian families in a village in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh fled after villagers belonging to a tribal religion ostracized and threatened to kill them if they did not convert back to their ancestral religion, but the 10 Christians who could not flee were beaten and forced to “reconvert,” according to a report.

The last known Jew in Afghanistan is leaving
The man who has been known as the last Jew in Afghanistan for well over a decade is leaving for Israel, fearing that the U.S. military’s promise to leave the country will leave a vacuum to be filled with radical groups such as the Taliban.

Joe Biden’s Easter Address – Or What It Might Look Like (satire)
Making little sense and full of half-truths and bizarre claims, this might have been Joe Biden’s Easter Address – or it could be just satire.

More than 40 people killed, hundreds missing after severe floods and landslides hit Indonesia
At least 44 people have been killed and hundreds are reportedly missing after heavy rains struck Indonesian East Nusa Tenggara province, triggering floods and landslides early Sunday morning, April 4, 2021. The worst-hit area is East Flores regency where heavy rains are expected to continue into the next week.

Senators Push To End MLB Antitrust Status After League Pulls Georgia All-Star Game
“Why does MLB still have antitrust immunity? It’s time for the federal government to stop granting special privileges to specific, favored corporations – especially those that punish their political opponents,”

MLB Boycotted Georgia a Day After Expanding China Deal
Major League Baseball had extended and expanded its contract with a Chinese telecommunications giant shortly before boycotting the state of Georgia over the league’s disagreement with the election reforms recently enacted by the Peach State’s democratically elected governor and legislature.

Armed Gunmen Appear at Georgia Capitol on Monday – But It’s Ok – They’re with Black Lives Matter
The Big Media is quick to label the events that occurred in Washington D.C. on January 6th as an armed insurrection, when it was not.  But when BLM members bring AK 47’s to the Georgia Capitol, there’s no mention of guns.

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit
Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent a request to the courts yesterday requesting that ballot images taken from the voting machines in Georgia be the only source of evidence to be used in an upcoming audit in Fulton County Georgia.  Raffensperger doesn’t want the paper ballots reviewed.

Warnock: ‘Meaning Of Easter’ Transcends Resurrection Of Christ, People Can ‘Save’ Themselves With Good Works
Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), an ordained minister who pastored Martin Luther King Jr.’s church in Atlanta, claimed on Easter Sunday that the holiday transcends the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that both Christians and non-Christians can save themselves by doing good.

Why US Troops Will Never Be Pulled Out Of Syria
“Surely, the US Army is not staying in Syria forever and sooner or later they will leave, no?…”

Lawmakers say fixing border crisis is Biden’s job
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill say Congress has little role to play in fixing the border crisis, arguing the responsibility falls largely on President Biden and federal agencies. While most members say they’ll provide more resources if the president asks, they also point out that there’s not much they can do on the legislative front.

Franklin Graham urges Christians to pray Arkansas gov. will sign bill banning child sex changes
Evangelist Franklin Graham has urged the nation to pray that Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson will sign a bill into law that would prohibit the hormonal and surgical mutilation of minors suffering from gender dysphoria.