31 Mar 2021

Trump launches new website – here’s what it’s doing
On Monday, former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump launched a new website to coordinate his future public appearances and promote his “America First” political vision. The website is titled The Office of Donald J. Trump and is registered with the domain name, 45Office.com. The website comes amid speculation about Trump’s political aspirations after losing reelection in 2020.

Gallup, veteran of polls, documents worst-ever figure for churches
For the first time ever, fewer than half of Americans say they are members of a church, synagogue or mosque, and a Christian apologist says that figure should alarm those who are sitting in the pews on Sunday morning. The steady decline in church attendance among Americans has been documented for decades, meaning it is not making headlines anymore, but Gallup reports the under-50% is a first time for a nation birthed by the demand to worship freely without fear of the king’s soldiers at the door.

Free Speech Victory: University Violated Constitution by Punishing Professor for Using Wrong Pronouns
An Ohio university violated the free speech rights of a professor when it disciplined and threatened him with termination for not using the preferred pronouns of a transgender student, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

Something Invisible Is Tearing Apart The Nearest Star Cluster to Earth
Strange things are afoot in the Milky Way. …the closest star cluster to our Solar System is currently being torn apart – disrupted not just by normal processes, but also by the gravitational pull of something massive we can’t see. …an interaction with something big, about 10 million times the mass of the Sun, could reproduce the observed phenomenon.

First interstellar comet may be the most pristine ever found
New observations with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT) indicate that the rogue comet 2I/Borisov, which is only the second and most recently detected interstellar visitor to our Solar System, is one of the most pristine ever observed. Astronomers suspect that the comet most likely never passed close to a star,

Biden & Democrats: ‘American lives don’t matter’
We know Democrats support “Black Lives Matter.” It’s all they talk about. While I’m no fan of the Marxist BLM organization, I think all of us can agree that black lives matter. No one wants a single law-abiding, innocent black American to die needlessly. But someone needs to ask puppet President Joe Biden and every Democratic politician in Washington, D.C., a simple question: Do American lives matter?Because, from their actions, it’s pretty darn clear that they don’t. It seems like they’re purposely trying to destroy the lives of American citizens.

5.4-magnitude quake hits Beaufort Sea — USGS
A 5.4-magnitude earthquake jolted Beaufort Sea at 0006 GMT on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The epicenter, with a depth of 33.0 km, was initially determined to be at 72.324 degrees north latitude and 133.118 degrees west longitude.

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes off Northern California coast Tuesday morning
The quake hit at 8:51 a.m. with a depth of 1.2 miles. The epicenter was 58 miles west of Ferndale and 61 miles southwest of Eureka. The strongest shaking occurred over the ocean, but weak movement was felt inland in the Eureka region, according to the USGS Shake Map.

Biden recognizing Armenian Genocide is righting a historic wrong – opinion
The Biden administration reportedly will recognize the Armenian Genocide in a historic and long-overdue decision by the United States. In a morally inexcusable shortcoming, Israel and many other nations have failed or even refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 against Armenian Christians.

State Dept.: China commits ‘genocide, crimes against humanity’ on Uighurs
The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2020 determines that “genocide and crimes against humanity occurred during the year against the predominantly Muslim Uighurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang.” According to the US State Department report that was released to the public on Tuesday, these crimes were continuing and included the arbitrary imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty of over one million civilians.

Rare Tyrian Second Temple Silver Shekel “Rediscovered”
A Second Temple era coin was recently “rediscovered” in the Tower of David Museum. Originally uncovered in excavations in Jerusalem in the 1980s, the rare coin was stored away and forgotten until the box containing the artifacts was reopened during a recent restoration project. Tyrian shekels, tetradrachms, or tetradrachmas were Phoenician coins from the city of Tyre, now part of Lebanon, which were used in the Roman Empire from 126 BCE until 56 CE.

Turkey Ready to Resume Exchange of Ambassadors With Israel
Turkey has made it clear to Israel that from its perspective it is ready to dispatch an ambassador to Tel Aviv once the Israeli government commits to simultaneously reciprocating the measure, a senior Turkish official told Israel Hayom. The main point of contention between the two former allies remains the presence of senior Hamas officials on Turkish soil.

US report reaffirms Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, speaks of occupation
The annual United States report on global human rights practices affirmed that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, but reintroduced language that spoke of Israeli occupation of territory, two-states and gave a nod in the direction of Palestinian Authority rights to sections of Jerusalem.

Are the warming ties between Turkey, Egypt a sign of shifting geopolitics?
Despite the cold diplomatic relations between Egypt and Turkey, Ankara on Friday offered to send a tugboat to help Egypt free a massive container ship blocking the Suez Canal, amid news that ties may be warming up between the two countries. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu said his country was ready to dispatch the Nene Hatun emergency response ship…

Nato intercepts Russian planes ’10 times in a day’
Nato planes were scrambled 10 times in a six-hour period on Monday in response to an “unusual peak” of Russian flights in several areas, the Western military alliance said on Tuesday. They intercepted planes near alliance airspace in the North Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic and Black Sea, Nato said. There was no immediate response from Russia, which recently accused Nato of following a path of confrontation.

U.S. open to discussing wider nuclear deal road map if Iran wishes
Efforts to sketch out initial U.S. and Iranian steps to resume compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal have stalled and Western officials believe Iran may now wish to discuss a wider road map to revive the pact, something Washington is willing to do. U.S. President Joe Biden’s aides initially believed Iran…wanted to talk about first steps…

Iran launches operation to fight swarms of desert locusts
Iranian authorities are engaged in a large-scale operation across several provinces in southern Iran to battle swarms of migratory locusts that threaten billions of dollars worth of food in farmlands at a critical time for the country. Large waves of yellow-coloured desert locusts…some of the most destructive migratory pests in the world, have travelled to Iran from the Arabian Peninsula for a third year in a row.

Saudi launches $1.3 trillion private sector investment push
Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says oil firm Aramco and petrochemical firm SABIC will lead investments of five trillion riyals ($1.3 trillion) by the country’s private sector by 2030 under an economic diversification programme. The move, announced on Tuesday, aims to mobilise the Gulf Arab state’s private sector to help wean the economy off its reliance on oil exports…

Egypt’s Sisi warns Ethiopia dam risks ‘unimaginable instability’
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has warned there would be severe regional consequences if Egypt’s water supply were affected by a giant hydropower dam being built by Ethiopia. Egypt, along with its southern neighbour Sudan, is seeking a legally binding agreement over the operations of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Addis Ababa says is crucial to its economic development.

US announces nearly $600m in humanitarian aid to Syrians
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced nearly $600 million in humanitarian assistance to Syria. Blinken made the announcement during a conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” in Brussels. “There is no military solution that will bring peace, security, and stability to Syria, and the region,” he said in a statement.

Is it ‘too late’ for America to be spared God’s judgment? John MacArthur gives warning
California megachurch Pastor John MacArthur spoke about the possibility that the United States is already under judgment for its acceptance of progressive sexual ethics, among other things, during his Palm Sunday sermon.

Nike Sues Maker Of “Satan Shoes” That Stoked Boycott Threats
Nike is suing the company, which partnered with a popular rapper to market the shoes, for infringement of its trademark, and for harming the value of its brand.

Gov. DeSantis says vaccine passports would be ‘completely unacceptable’ in Florida
Following reports from New York state detailing the roll-out of its newly developed “Excelsior Pass” vaccine passport scheme, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has promised he will not support implementing “any vaccine passports in the state of Florida.”

Fewer than 50% of Americans have formal church membership for first time in 80 years: Gallup
While America remains a highly religious nation with seven in 10 claiming affiliation with some kind of organized religion, for the first time in nearly 80 years, fewer than half of them now say they have formal membership in a specific house of worship according to a new Gallup analysis.

Severe heat wave hits Delhi with highest March temperatures since 1945
The Safdarjung Observatory in New Delhi, India registered a maximum temperature of 40.1 °C (104.1 °F) on Monday, March 29, 2021, making it the city’s hottest March day since 1945.

Assisted suicide deaths soar in Victoria, Australia, data shows
A recently released report details the increasing rate of voluntary assisted suicide in Victoria, Australia, as hundreds have ended their lives following the state’s legalization of euthanasia in 2019.

Satanists Sue Arkansas, Want Pagan Idol Statue Erected Alongside Ten Commandments at Capitol
If advocates of the Satanic Temple get their way in court, then the Arkansas state capitol grounds could soon have a statue of Baphomet – an angel-winged goat – standing alongside its Ten Commandments monument.

U.S. Church Membership Falls Below Majority for First Time
Americans’ membership in houses of worship continued to decline last year, dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend. In 2020, 47% of Americans said they belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999.

BAIT & SWITCH: Scientists Now Saying That Current COVID Vaccines Will Be Ineffective Within A Year And Everyone Gets Jabbed Again And Again
This is so funny, and by ‘funny’ I mean deadly, end times, super-serious and life-threatening kind of funny, if there is such a thing. Now that they have convinced half a billion people to take two rounds of the COVID jab, including people who swore last year they would never take it, today comes the ‘update’ that within a year all those jabs will be ineffective, and it will all have to be done over again. And again, and again, and again, I think you see where this is leading, don’t you?

Report: Fake ‘Vaccine Passports’ Are Already Being Sold on the Street
Fake ‘vaccine passports’ are already being sold by criminals on the streets, according to TV personality Andrew Gruel, who said he saw it happen.

OPERATION SUEZ SHUTDOWN: A Global Psyop With Multiple Nefarious NWO Ambitions
First and Foremost, this Global Psyop is Designed to Force the World into Biden’s Green New Deal

Man’s Skin Burns, Swells, Then Peels Off in Severe Reaction to Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine
A Virginia man’s skin swelled, burned then peeled off in a rare reaction to the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

Biden and the Democrats continue using biological warfare against ‘non-compliant’ Red State conservatives
The BDTR, Biden Domestic Terrorism Regime, is at it again, folks. Last month we reported on how the Biden camp purposely released thousands of illegal aliens with Covid in South Texas in retaliation for Texas’ Governor Abbott opening up their economy 100% and mask-free.

Rutgers will only let vaccinated students attend classes this fall, transforming its campus into a medical experiment 
Rutgers University has announced that students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to campus this fall. All three of its locations – New Brunswick, Camden and Newark – will require students to have the jab, making it the first American university to violate students’ health freedom by essentially forcing them to get an experimental vaccine.

Brood X is coming: Cicadas return by the billions in 2021
While certain breeds of cicadas emerge every year, this spring and summer is the year that Brood X will emerge from the soil across the United States.