29 Mar 2021

France’s Macron and Egypt’s El-Sisi discuss Libya, GERD
French President Emmanuel Macron praised Egypt’s role in resolving the Libyan crisis during a phone call between with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Sunday. Macron said Paris was keen to continue intensive cooperation with Cairo on Libya, according to a statement by the Egyptian presidency. The French president said he appreciated the prominent political weight Egypt holds in the Arab world, Africa and the Mediterranean,

Turkey’s Quest To Build An Islamic Superpower
This was the moment, remarked Kepel – who just published a new book, “Le Prophète et la Pandémie” [“The Prophet and the Pandemic”] — that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the new leader of the umma, or global Islamic community. “Erdogan is trying to appear as the champion of Islam, just like Ayatollah Khomenei in 1989”. Both Khomeini and Erdogan seem to have been committed to erasing secularism and ties with Western culture from their respective countries; to heading a battle against Saudi Arabia for supremacy of the Islamic world and to re-Islamizing their societies. Veiled women, for instance was rarely seen in Tehran before Khomeini, and Erdogan reintroduced it into Turkish society.

NYC Ends Qualified Immunity for Cops in Massive Police Reform Package
The New York City Council acted Thursday to make it easier to sue the city’s police officers. The legislation limits what’s known as qualified immunity, which protected police officers from lawsuits claiming they violated the rights of those they arrested or otherwise confronted. … qualified immunity is “rooted in our system of systemic racism” and has been used to “deny justice to victims of police abuse … .

Lawmakers warn Google, Facebook, Twitter more regulation is coming
Lawmakers lit into the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter for the role of their companies in the U.S. Capitol riots and a failure to fairly and effectively police content on their platforms, in a tense hearing Thursday during which the firms were warned a crackdown is coming. The charged back and forth between the staid company executives and angry lawmakers was a familiar scene in Congress. But it comes at a moment when bipartisan consensus around the need for new regulations is rapidly building.

Dartmouth-Brown Study Documents Media’s Stoking “Vicious Circle Of Fear” On COVID
If you’ve felt the media has heavily emphasized bad news throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, your judgment now has some scholarly corroboration. Dartmouth College and Brown University researchers have analyzed tens of thousands of Covid-19 articles and found major US media outlets have overwhelmingly pushed negative narratives about the virus.

Elite Philanthropy Mainly Self-Serving
Philanthropy among the elite class in the United States and the United Kingdom does more to create goodwill for the super-wealthy than to alleviate social ills for the poor, according to a new meta-analysis.

US Believes China “Flirting” With Taiwan Takeover: It’s “Closer Than Most Think”
A weekend report in Financial Times suggests the world is closer than ever to witnessing a major conflict flare up over Taiwan. Multiple alarming quotes from top American defense officials included in the report reveal that Washington fears China is now in the process of planning a takeover of the US-backed democratic island. Ironically the report was published shortly on the heels of the Chinese Air Force’s largest ever incursion into Taiwan’s air space Friday, which saw a whopping 20 aircraft, including four long-range bombers, breach the country’s southwest defense zone.

‘Time to change anachronistic laws of war,’ says Israeli counterterrorism expert
Professor Boaz Ganor, founder and executive director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, said, “The response to this dangerous step by the court is to urgently change the anachronistic laws of war and to adjust them to the challenges of war in the face of hybrid terror organizations.”

What is Iran saying about their agreement with China?
Iran is celebrating a new agreement with China. But what is inside the new 25-year plan? According to Fars News in Iran the agreement has been prepared within the framework of a plan for a long-term period of 25 years, and in this document, the parties have agreed on a roadmap and horizon of comprehensive relations in order to achieve a comprehensive strategic partnership and its practical promotion. “The document should be considered a political, strategic, economic and cultural program that pursues comprehensive aspects of relations in the long run,” the paper says.

White House Confirms Biden Will Sign Executive Order on Gun Control
Joe Biden will sign executive orders on gun control in the near future, confirmed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday. When asked about the prospect of taking executive action, Psaki responded with, “Yes.”

Massive Apophis asteroid will not hit Earth for 100 years, NASA says
The massive Apophis asteroid will not hit Earth for 100 years, Nasa has said. The space agency has announced new telescope observations that have ruled out any chance of rock hitting us anytime soon. Apophis, which is 1,100-foot (340-metres), was supposed to come close in 2029 and again in 2036. NASA ruled out any chance of a strike during those two approaches a while ago.

An asteroid just buzzed past Earth, and we barely noticed in time
A 100-metre-wide asteroid passed just 70,000km from Earth on Thursday, Australian time. It was discovered by the Brazilian SONEAR survey just days ago, and its presence was announced mere hours before it zoomed past our planet. The lack of warning shows how quickly potentially dangerous asteroids can sneak up on us. The asteroid, reassuringly designated 2019 OK, is not a threat to Earth right now. However, 2019 OK and other near-Earth asteroids do pose a genuine risk. The Tunguska explosion in 1908 and the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 were equivalent to large nuclear explosions, and under the wrong circumstances a meteor impact could devastate a city.

Drought conditions could spell trouble for livestock this summer
“We’ve been calving since the end of January, so it’s been beautiful calving weather and that side has really, really been good. But as we move into spring here, of course, there’s going to be a lot of concern of are we going to be able to produce the forage and the grass people need to be able to feed the cattle,” said Will MacDonald of MacDonald Ranches. Concerns are not only with feed availability but also with water quality.

France’s Macron: No regrets for rejecting new virus lockdown
France’s president says he has no reason to be sorry about refusing to impose a third national lockdown earlier this year, even though surging coronavirus infections are straining his country’s hospitals and more than 1,000 people with the virus are dying every week. President Emmanuel Macron’s government has stressed the importance of keeping children in school and businesses afloat as the pandemic stretches into a second year.

Biden’s Passover Message: No Mention of God, Erases Jerusalem, Recommends Desecrating the Holiday
In his two-minute speech, Biden did not mention ‘God’, the Jewish people, or the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. He did explain that “Next year in Jerusalem”, the perennial declaration by the Jews that they will return to their eternal capital in Israel, should be “adapted” to be a COVID motto of “Next year in person.” The address by the Vice President, accompanied by her Jewish-from-birth husband, was no better.

Baltimore City No Longer Prosecutes Prostitution, Drug Possessions 
“A year ago, we underwent an experiment in Baltimore… What we learned in that year, and it’s so incredibly exciting…” 

Historic Jewish Temple is located ‘stone’s throw away’ from Dome of The Rock: author
Contrary to the prevailing view, groundbreaking new research argues that the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine, which sits atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, may not be the location of the historic Jewish temple. 

Congress, In Five-Hour Hearing, Demands Tech CEOs Censor The Internet Even More Aggressively: Greenwald
Over the course of five-plus hours on Thursday, a House Committee along with two subcommittees badgered three tech CEOs, repeatedly demanding that they censor more political content from their platforms and vowing legislative retaliation if they fail to comply

Judge Overturns D.C. Restrictions on Churches: ‘Just in Time for the Easter Season’ A federal judge on Thursday lifted the District of Columbia’s restrictions on houses of worship and ruled they likely violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

New York, New Jersey now have highest COVID-19 infection rates
New York and New Jersey now have the highest rates of COVID-19 infection in the country.

FBI Endorses Child Trafficking, Waives Background Requests For Those Housing Children in the United States 
Owen Shroyer covers the Biden administration’s latest ridiculous action waiving background checks and vetting procedures for illegal migrants and caregivers of migrant children, all but enabling more child trafficking across the border as security continues to deteriorate.

Explosion at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Makassar, Indonesia Kills 2 Bombers and Injures 19 Christians on Palm Sunday
There was a deadly explosion at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Makassar, Indonesia on Palm Sunday. Two suicide bombers were killed and 19 Christians more were injured.

From Europe: 3,964 People Have Died from Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” – 162,610 Injuries
Thousands of Europeans have been injured and have died from taking the COVID-19 (China coronavirus) vaccine since it was first distributed to the public.

How Did We Miss This? On February 4th, The United Nations Codified Chrislam With First Annual International Day of Human Fraternity Celebration
“This year, for the very first time, we are celebrating the International Day of Human Fraternity in the context of World Interfaith Harmony Week, providing an opportunity to highlight the principles and values included in the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and living Together” and explore good practices towards its implementation as a pathway to the future, as we rebuild a better world. The UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), in partnership with the Permanent Missions of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to the UN, as well as the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, is organizing an event titled “A Pathway to the Future” to celebrate this international day.”

A New Epidemic Is Spreading Through America
Cognitive Dissonance is the refusal to see the shifting fortunes of reality because the truth is too painful to comprehend. America is now an enslaved nation. We have been conquered. We are in a permanent state of imposed martial law awaiting mass genocide. Americans, you have been tagged and soon you will bagged.

‘Potentially Toxic Face Masks’ Made In Wuhan, China Were Sent To Canadian Daycares, Schools
Potentially Toxic Face Masks, Produced By A Chinese Company Based Out Of Wuhan, China – The Global Origin Point For The Covid-19 Virus – Were Sent To Canadian Daycares And Schools.

From Europe: 3,964 People Have Died from Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” – 162,610 Injuries
Thousands of Europeans have been injured and have died from taking the COVID-19 (China coronavirus) vaccine since it was first distributed to the public.

Watch: Two Teenage Girls Carjack And Kill An Uber Driver; CNN Calls It An Accident
…watch the video and you decide if it was an “accident”…

ISIS-linked extremists suspected in Palm Sunday church bombing in Indonesia
More than a dozen people were injured when two attackers blew themselves up outside a Catholic church in the Muslim-majority archipelago of Indonesia on Palm Sunday, the first day of the Holy Week.