27 Mar 2021

Lebanon PM warns of ‘dangerous chemicals’ in southern oil facility
Lebanon’s outgoing prime minister said on Friday that experts had found “dangerous chemicals” at a warehouse at the Zahrani oil installations in the south. Hassan Diab said the country’s atomic energy authority identified the substances as “nuclear” after reviewing a report by German company Combi Lift, which Lebanon had tasked with clearing hazardous material at Beirut port.

Iran, China sign 25-year cooperation accord
The Chinese and Iranian foreign ministers on Saturday signed a 25-year cooperation agreement between the two allies in a ceremony carried live on state television. “Our relations with Iran will not be affected by the current situation, but will be permanent and strategic,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was earlier quoted by Iranian news agencies as saying.

Pelosi’s Wild Declaration Regarding the Iowa House Seat Democrats Tried to Steal
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi might as well have declared, “I am the Congress” with her latest remarks about the Iowa House seat that’s become another ‘stop the steal’ story for the 2020 cycle. She pretty much said she has the right to seat or unseat members of the House of Representatives regardless of the election result. The empress has spoken. Also, a tad creepy, huh?

Myanmar: Deadly protests erupt as coup leaders mark Armed Forces Day
Myanmar’s security forces have cracked down on new protests as the leaders of its coup marked Armed Forces Day. Protesters took to the streets of Yangon and other cities. Some reports say 50 have been shot dead. Coup leader Min Aung Hlaing said in a national TV address on Saturday that he would “safeguard democracy”, promising elections but giving no timetable.

Israelis gather for Passover, celebrating freedom from virus
A year ago, Giordana Grego’s parents spent Passover…alone but grateful that they had escaped the worst of the pandemic in Italy. This year, the whole family will get together to mark the Jewish feast of liberation and deliverance… Israel has vaccinated over half its population of 9.3 million…authorities have allowed restaurants, hotels, museums and theaters to re-open. Up to 20 people can now gather indoors.

After A Year Under Lockdown, Will Our Freedoms Survive The Tyranny of COVID-19?
It remains to be seen, however, whether our freedoms will survive the tyranny of the government’s heavy-handed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Indeed, now that the government has gotten a taste for flexing its police state powers by way of a bevy of lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, contact tracing programs, heightened surveillance, censorship, overcriminalization, etc., we may all be long-haulers, suffering under the weight of long-term COVID-19 afflictions.

Google reelected Obama in 2012 as a “thank you” for letting the company become a monopoly
Nearly a decade ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had in its possession overwhelming evidence that Google was engaged in illegal market distortion and other monopolistic behavior. The agency chose to do nothing, however, due to pressure from Barack Obama, whom Google handily rewarded for the favor by reelecting him.

Pfizer plans to raise prices and profit annually from their experimental vaccines after “pandemic” is rebranded as an “endemic seasonal illness”
Pfizer executives are making plans to raise prices on their experimental covid vaccine once the pandemic messaging ends. When the World Health Organization claims the pandemic is under control, Pfizer still has plans to profit from covid-19 every year, into perpetuity. A virtual conference hosted by Barclays revealed the ill-gotten plans of investors and top Pfizer executives, as they continue to plot their next business moves.

Rabobank says “biblical” surge in food prices soon to come
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says the United States is on track to maintain its current stocks of food based on an expectation of maximum acreage planted and healthy yields. However, Rabobank writers Michael Every and Michael Magdovitz disagree, warning that a crisis of “biblical” proportions could be on the way.

Vaccinated people are walking biological time bombs and a THREAT to society
People who are ignorant enough to be injected with an experimental vaccine that accelerates the generation of highly contagious super strains in their own bodies are walking biological time bombs and a threat to society.

Extensive damage after deadly tornadoes rip through Alabama, U.S.
At least 23 tornadoes touched down in Alabama and Georgia on March 25, 2021, leaving extensive damage, at least 5 people dead outside of Birmingham, Alabama, and multiple injuries. This is the second tornado outbreak in the region since March 17.

At what point do we realize Bill Gates is dangerously insane?
Bill Gates is crazy. And he’s dangerous, because he’s willing to put untold sums of money toward making the insane things he believes a reality – and all of those insane things hurt people. The most recent idiocy? Impossible Burgers for all the white people.

The Harris-Biden Administration Is Rolling Out America’s Version Of Mao’s Genocidal Cultural Revolution
Some people ask me if I truly believe that the Deep State and their Democratic Party operatives would commit mass murder against conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters. Subsequently, I began to outline my thoughts and I had a distinctive “Aha moment” as I realized that America was going through a cultural revolution, The Cultural Revolution that Mao Zedong, the head of the Communist Party, begain in China in 1966.

Newly uncovered documents show Pentagon’s plan targeting conservatives
Warning of a sudden new threat of “extremism” from the right, the Pentagon is indoctrinating military service members in a program “packed with progressive ideology and misstatements about the Constitution,” according to former Department of Justice lawyer J. Christian Adams.

Border Patrol has released about 2,000 people into US without supplying a notice to appear in court
The U.S. Border Patrol has released about 2,000 migrants into the U.S. without giving them legal documents that require them to show up in immigration court.

Rutgers University Will Require Students To Be Vaccinated For COVID-19 To Attend In-Person Classes
On Thursday, Rutgers University announced that it will be requiring all students to be vaccinated prior to returning to campus for the 2021 fall semester.

“ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE”! Brought to you by the CDC
Predictive Programming at the CDC Website Foreshadows Nationwide Public Health Crisis Triggered by Covid Injection Disease and Death

It’s officially an offence now to LEAVE England
After four hours of debate yesterday in the House of Commons, the United Kingdom has approved an emergency measure that will, among other restrictions, fine Brits who LEAVE the country without a qualifying reason.