22 Mar 2021

What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all?
Is there anything wrong with seriously entertaining this possibility? Not according to the author of a research article published this month in Journal of Religion and Health. In ‘Schizophrenia or possession?’,1 M. Kemal Irmak notes that schizophrenia is a devastating chronic mental condition often characterised by auditory hallucinations. Since it is difficult to make sense of these hallucinations, Irmak invites us ‘to consider the possibility of a demonic world’ (p. 775). Demons, he tells us, are ‘intelligent and unseen creatures that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind’ (p. 775). They have an ‘ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of humans’

The Great Purge of Civil Liberties Has Begun
Next week, the inevitable will happen: the EU will adopt the vaccination passport. Basically, the world will enter the second phase of the Covid dictatorship: the great purge. This is why they tried to find a name that was as neutral as possible; the Digital Green Certificate is presented to us as aiming to “facilitate freedom of movement”.

Judge takes action on gun law banning semi-automatics
The city banned the possession, sale or transfer of semi-automatic sporting rifles, as well as magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds. But Hartman said the court “has determined that only Colorado state (or federal) law can prohibit the possession, sale, and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.” The judge noted the state “has passed laws that are effectively a scheme preempting local governments from enacting municipal firearms and magazine possession ordinances.”

Forecast for spring: Nasty drought worsens for much of U.S.
With nearly two-thirds of the United States abnormally dry or worse, the government’s spring forecast offers little hope for relief, especially in the West where a devastating megadrought has taken root and worsened. Weather service and agriculture officials warned of possible water use cutbacks in California and the Southwest, increased wildfires, low levels in key reservoirs such as Lake Mead and Lake Powell and damage to wheat crops.

Iran caught discussing plan to attack US military base using boat as a bomb
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps recently discussed the possibility of attacking an American military base using a boat carrying explosive charges, according to a report in the Associated Press. The base in question, the Fort McNair Army base, is located in Washington DC and a mere 10 minutes from the White House.

Donald Trump to launch new social media platform, senior adviser says
After being kicked off of most social media outlets, former US president Donald Trump is set to return with a brand-new social media platform set to be launched within two or three months, an adviser told Fox News.

Scientists Propose Surrounding the Sun With Supercomputer to Resurrect the Dead
Transhumanists: “Death is not Irreversible” Russian transhumanists and life extensionists Alexey Turchin and Maxim Chernyakov published a paper titled Classification of Approaches to Technological Resurrection for the Foundation Science for Life Extension in Moscow. In the paper, they outlined what they called an “Immortality Roadmap.”

After outlawing Circumcision: Iceland rocked by Massive Volcano
In 2018, the first rabbi arrived to serve the approximately 250 Jews living in Iceland, mostly residing in the capital city of Reykjavik. But the Jewish community was still faced with trouble in their adopted home. In the same year, a bill banning circumcision was put forth in Iceland’s parliament thereby making Iceland the first European country to ban male circumcision for non-medical reasons. The bill gathered the support of all political parties in Iceland but was called an attack on religious freedom by Jewish and Islamic groups. The bill is still being processed.

For first time in Israel: Two Public Priestly Blessings on Passover
One of the most impressive gatherings of the year is the Birkat Kohanim, the twice-annual priestly blessing held on the second intermediate days of Passover and Sukkoth when some 40,000 Jews come to the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem to be blessed by hundreds of Kohanim (the descendants of Aaron the priest).

Tsunami warning after 7.0 quake hit off the coast of eastern Japan
A 7.0 earthquake hit off the coast of the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, last night, 20 March 2021, at 6:09 pm local time. The quake occurred 16 km northeast of the city of Ishinomaki and hit at a depth of 54 km. Ishinomaki was one of the most affected cities during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. A tsunami warning was issued following the 7.0 quake. NHK reported waves of up to 1 meter that hit land shortly after the quake. Due to this warning, the town of Watari in the Miyagi Prefecture issued evacuation orders for about 7,000 of their residents.

IAI extends air defense capabilities for longer range, ballistic threats
In the shadow of the IDF warnings of possible attack coming from Iran and its proxies in the region, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) completed on Monday a series of successful live firing trials with the Barak Air Defense System. The company said that the trials tested the system’s capabilities in a range of scenarios and threats…

Iran is increasingly obsessed with defeating Saudi forces in Yemen
Iran is investing heavily in the war in Yemen, through technical know-how and provision of weapons over the last six years, as well as political capital. Where once the Houthi rebels were portrayed as an indigenous rebel force that sprang from the mountains of Yemen, Iran is now taking ownership of the war.

Infiltrations reported along Gaza, Lebanon borders
Infiltrations were reported along Israel’s borders with the Gaza Strip and with Lebanon on Sunday, with suspects arrested in both locations. On Sunday evening, the IDF arrested three suspects who infiltrated from Lebanon into Israel near Kiryat Shmona. The suspects, who later turned out to be Sudanese migrants seeking work, were returned to Lebanon later on Sunday, Israeli media reported.

Turkey and Russia increase strikes in Syria
Turkey and Russia, as well as Russian-backed Syrian regime forces, appear to have increased attacks in Syria in recent days. Turkey is hammering Kurdish positions near Ain Issa with the first airstrikes in months, according to reports. Russia or the Syrian regime it supports is hammering Syrians in areas Turkey occupies in northern Syria.

Biden’s tax hike on ‘big business’ will actually slap workers in the face
President Biden was elected on a promise that he would not raise taxes on people earning less than $400,000. The administration’s recently announced tax hike on “big business” will break this promise in practice, if not under the letter of the law. Remember, there’s a difference between who owes a tax and who actually bears the costs in reality.

Australia floods: Thousands evacuated as downpours worsen
Some 18,000 people have been evacuated from severe floods across New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, with more heavy rainfall predicted. The state’s entire coast is now under a severe weather warning. Days of torrential downpours have caused rivers and dams to overflow around Sydney – the state capital – and in south-east Queensland.

Philippines says 220 Chinese boats have encroached in South China Sea
The Philippines urged China on Sunday to recall more than 200 Chinese boats it said had been spotted at a reef in the South China Sea, saying the presence of the vessels violated its maritime rights as it claims ownership of the area. Authorities said the Philippines coast guard had reported that about 220 vessels, believed to be manned by Chinese maritime militia personnel, were seen moored at the Whitsun Reef…on March 7.

Russia’s top diplomat starts China visit with call to reduce U.S. dollar use
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov began a visit to China on Monday with a call for Moscow and Beijing to reduce their dependence on the U.S. dollar and Western payment systems to push back against what he called the West’s ideological agenda. Lavrov…is expected to hold talks with his Chinese counterpart at a time when both countries’ ties with the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden are badly strained.

Government Officials Know the Final Fate of Busloads of Immigrant Children That Go Missing
…For 7 years, I have received highly reliable information from a DEA officer. In the last Central American immigration invasion, Obama was busy trying to “rescue” immigrant children by loading them on buses and sending them to communities that would have nothing to do with them as they were rejected. Whatever happened to these children?

Biden’s US Border Crisis: Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking
…”There is a dark side. A very ugly dark side that would fit the agenda. These ‘children’ are a necessary component of pedophilia sex trafficking. And the trafficking, while likely being induced before these children reach America, it is big business once they enter US soil and are confined, unregistered, unseen, unverified, and unaccounted for. At last ‘media count’ there are 13,000 undocumented children at the opaquely viewed border centers. Of course, this number is likely as accurate as the CoVid counts and could be significantly, artfully, created.

Diversity Or The Bigotry Of Low Expectations
Errors accumulate with no one to challenge them. The ESG/EDI concepts pursued in the West are essentially copying the South African model of social change, which is anti-meritocratic and will destroy institutions and civilization…

Israeli Jews Petition International Criminal Court, Say Israel’s Mandatory COVID Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Code
Israel became one of the first nations in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, and to introduce a COVID passport system that would only allow individuals to participate in society – including commerce – after they received the vaccine and were approved to join the system.

VIRGINIA: Restaurateur Who Ignored Mask Mandate Beats Government in Court, Will Keep Doors OPEN
A Fredericksburg, Virginia restaurant owner who scrapped a state mask mandate has defeated the Northam Administration in court, successfully defending both his business and the freedom of choice after refusing to back down amidst health department efforts to shutter his business.

The Bible Does Not Record Jesus Christ ‘Falling’ While Carrying The Cross At Any Point Going To Calvary, That Idea Is Roman Catholic Nonsense
The Roman Catholic Church teaches many things “contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” One of their most-popular false teachings is something called ‘The Stations of the Cross’, a recurring ritualistic practice I was compelled to observe many times in my 29 years as a Roman Catholic. The ‘stations of the cross’ are only too eager to show you how Jesus Christ was too weak to carry His own cross, and fell down, repeatedly, in the process. To the majority of Catholics around Easter time, this ritual brings tears to their eyes. The only problem is, it’s not biblical.

US Opening New Facility to Hold up to 2,000 Unaccompanied Minors
“The number of unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border is at a level we have never seen before,’ said Sen. Shelly Moore Capito. The US is set to open another facility to deal with the surge in #IllegalImmigration, the Biden administration announced.

Murders, Shootings Skyrocketed in Portland Following George Floyd’s Death
Shootings and murders significantly increased in #Portland starting in May 2020 and have continued plaguing the city. #Shootings rose 173% after the riots while murders spiked 255% in the months following the unrest, according to Portland police data.

US organization with ties to Wuhan lab failed to disclose taxpayer funding 
An American non-profit organization closely tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is being sued for its alleged failure to disclose that taxpayer funds supported its work. In its lawsuit, filed March 15, the White Coat Waste Project (WCWP) alleges that the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA)’s omission of taxpayer funding in its declarations violated a federal law known as the Stevens Amendment.

NY Times, Joke of a Newspaper: Babylon Bee ‘Trafficked in Misinformation’ Disguised as Satire
The headline at the New York Times, was promising: “For Political Cartoonists, the Irony Was That Facebook Didn’t Recognize Irony — As Facebook has become more active at moderating political speech, it has had trouble dealing with satire.” It appeared on the front of Saturday’s Business Day section as “Facebook Just Does Not Get Satire.”

China: What To Do About It?
Well, China really wants to rule planet Earth. It also wants to possess and rule the near portions of the solar system. No, I am not exaggerating. No nation in history has been this ambitious…

Church of England may impose black, minority ethnic quota for clergy
The Church of England may institute a quota on black and minority ethnic clergy within its ranks as well as institute anti-racism training, according to a leaked report.

Donald Trump is creating his own social media network that will go live in a few months
Former President Donald Trump is coming back to social media — but this time with his own network, a Trump spokesperson told Fox News on Sunday.