9 Mar 2021

Locusts destroy Kavango crops
SWARMS of migratory locusts invaded fields in Kavango East and West at the weekend destroying crops and other vegetation in their wake, and diminished the last hope for a good harvest.

Seminary chief: Christian adoption agency surrendered ‘before battle began’
“Bethany Christian Services has now surrendered to the sexual revolution and the attempts to reshape the family into a new form that violates God’s good design,” Mohler wrote. “This is a historic moment that, to be fair, we have seen coming.”

Christians get good news from U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a former Georgia college student who was prevented from expressing religious views in a free-speech zone on campus. In an 8-1 decision, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the majority that the student, Chike Uzuegbunam, “experienced a completed violation of his constitutional rights when respondents enforced their speech policies against him.” “Nominal damages can redress [his] injury even if he cannot or chooses not to quantify that harm in economic terms,” Thomas wrote. the Supreme Court “has rightly affirmed that government officials should be held accountable for the injuries they cause.”

Biden abandons Middle East peace
Biden and his advisers’ moves make it clear that Arab-Israel peace is an impediment to their efforts to empower the PLO and Iran.

CDC Says “Fully Vaccinated” People Can Stop Wearing Masks, Distancing In Private
the CDC has just released new guidelines proclaiming that fully vaccinated people can spend time together indoors without masks or social-distancing.

New Ballistic Missile Launch Targets Saudi Arabia As Part Of Houthi “Sabotage Attacks”
According to a coalition statement, the Saudis “destroyed a ballistic missile heading towards Khamis Mushait and booby-trapped drone heading towards the kingdom’s southern region.” The statement further blamed the Shia rebels fighting the Saudi-UAE coalition since 2015, noting the projectiles were “launched by Houthis militia”.

‘Ethics’ Prof. Says Americans Will Take Vaccine In Exchange For Return Of Freedom
“If you promise people more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to get travel, that’s a very powerful incentive to actually achieve fuller vaccination,” Caplan told Fareed Zakaria. The segment even began with the infamous ‘show me your papers’ scene from the movie Casablanca:

New Declassified Texts Expose FBI’s “Media Leak Strategy” Used To Influence Election, Trump Presidency
investigative reporter John Solomon explains in detail how newly declassified text shows the FBI “media leak strategy that was used to influence the outcome of the election, and the Trump presidency. “The text messages make clear that the senior executives and the Comey-McCabe FBI, those who had political bias were on first-name basis with reporters. They had according to their own text messages a leak strategy and oftentimes they learned whether it was them leaking or someone else, they were creating a false Russia narrative, a narrative that they knew was blatantly false.

Cuomo Impeachment Resolution Drafted By NY Lawmakers
New York GOP lawmakers are introducing a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations and a COVID nursing home scandal. New York GOP lawmakers are introducing a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations and a COVID nursing home scandal.

Putin & Assad’s Revenge: Ballistic Missiles Pummel “Stolen” Syrian Oil Convoy & Refinery
Multiple major missile strikes reportedly on a convoy of oil tanker trucks and a refinery in northern Syria lit up the night sky on Friday. Initially there was confusion as to who was behind the devastating attack which obliterated multiple dozens of oil tanker trucks. Stunning video of massive fireballs near the towns of al-Bab and Jarablus, close to the Turkish border, circulated widely on social media with contradictory accounts of just who launched the attack. However, sources seem to be in agreement that the initial explosions were so large it had to be the result of ballistic missile strikes.

Saudis Refutes Claim that Temple Mount Holy to Islam: Is it a Prophecy from the Zohar?
As the “Palestinians” try to reestablish themselves with the new US president, many Arab nations, now politically aligned with Israel, are rejecting the Palestinian claim to the Temple Mount, saying it is insulting to Islam. It seems, in fact, that the Palestinian efforts to dominate Judaism’s holiest site have more to do with an eschatological battle described in the Zohar than with Muslim theology.

Iran threatens to destroy Haifa, Tel Aviv
Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami on Sunday dedicated an entire speech to threats against Israel, warning that provocations by Jerusalem would result in Tehran’s destroying of Haifa and Tel Aviv. Hatami made the remarks at a youth conference organized by the Iranian Defense Ministry.

Biden Administration Wants to Legitimize Hamas
…the Biden administration has been guiding the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in order to fast-track the creation of a terrorist state inside Israel.

Taiwan’s leader tells residents to conserve water as the island faces worst drought in 56 years
Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has called on residents to conserve water and prepare for shortages as the island faces a drought, following months of scant rainfall and a lack of typhoons making landfall last year.

Drought Conditions Persist in the Main Corn Growing States
As farmers are ramping up toward planting season, drought conditions continue in many of the top corn-growing states. Last week, the U.S. drought monitor showed 11 percent of Midwest acres are in moderate drought. Over half of the High Plains are in a severe drought, and 19 percent of the region is experiencing extreme drought conditions. The entire state of Minnesota is abnormally dry, with about 40 percent of the state, especially in the northern third, in moderate drought.

Middle East expert fears trainwreck in region if Iran emboldened
An Iranian-backed war against Israel involving Hezbollah in Lebanon on one end, and a Saudi peace deal on the other, could be in the air, according to author Joel Rosenberg, who has spoken with leaders in the region. “I write about worst case scenarios,” said Joel Rosenberg. The author…has also become a witness to history in the region…meeting monarchs and political leaders as the Abraham Accords took shape.

Bill to demand new Iran deal be submitted to Congress as a treaty
Rep. Andy Barr (R-Kentucky) introduced a bill last week seeking to withhold any funds to the State Department or the executive branch for purposes of renegotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action until it is first submitted to the Senate as a treaty, triggering the advice, consent and oversight that come with such a move.

NYS Assembly Republicans to launch impeachment effort against Cuomo
Republicans in the state Assembly on Monday drafted a resolution to impeach Gov. Cuomo amid mounting allegations of inappropriate behavior with younger women and the scandal over nursing home deaths from COVID-19. The resolution will be formally introduced on Tuesday, a spokesman for Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R-Syracuse) said.

Democrat Bill Would Stop Future Presidents Lowering Refugee Intake Quota
The bill, dubbed the “‘Lady Liberty Act of 2021,” counts support from over 50 House Democrats and has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The 2-page bill seeks to “amend the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to provide for a minimum number of refugees who may be admitted in any fiscal year after fiscal year 2022.”

Biden Orders Creation of Gender Policy Council
Joe Biden’s plan to ring in International Women’s Day includes the signing of two executive orders that will create a White House gender policy council. The council will include a staff of four, three of whom will hold the title of special assistant to the president, according to a senior administration official who previewed the two orders.

Gaetz Blasts Biden for Lack of Press Briefings, Suggests ‘Transition’ to Harris Underway
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., on Sunday suggested a “transition” to an administration guided by Vice President Kamala Harris “has already begun.” In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gaetz blasted President Joe Biden for holding so few news conferences. “You have to wonder whether the transition to Harris has already begun,” he said.

The U.S. economy is ready to surge again. So is inflation.
The U.S. added a robust 379,000 jobs in February, and the economy is primed to take off, but improved growth prospects might come with a cost in the short run. In a word: inflation. Make no mistake. Inflation is still very low right now, and it has been for the past decade. The coronavirus pandemic squelched inflation early last year, and, even now, prices are rising less than 2% a year.

Women’s Day: Protesters clash with police in Mexico
Police and activists have clashed in Mexico City at a march to mark International Women’s Day. Officers forced back protesters with tear gas and riot shields in the capital’s main square, the Zócalo. Protesters were calling for the government to address the country’s poor record on the murder of women, often referred to as femicide, and gender-based violence.

U.S. House will take up Senate’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill by Wednesday: Pelosi
The U.S. House of Representatives will take up by Wednesday the Senate version of the sweeping $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package backed by President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday. Closing in on final approval of one of the biggest U.S. anti-poverty measures since the 1960s, Democrats aim to enact the massive legislation by Sunday…

Greece and Egypt reach compromise in eastern Mediterranean
Greece and Egypt reached a compromise on Monday in their disagreement over oil and gas exploration in an area of the eastern Mediterranean.
The spat had given Ankara an opportunity to mount a diplomatic offensive in an attempt to show that Turkey and Egypt were close to reaching an agreement of their own on maritime-exploration zones.

Increased effusive activity and strong lava emission at Pacaya volcano, Guatemala
Effusive activity at the Guatemalan Pacaya volcano increased on March 8, 2021, accompanied by strong lava emission and lava flows approximately 1.3 km (0.8 miles) in length. Authorities warned there is an increased probability of new lava flows generated on other flanks. The volcano exhibited incremental eruptive pulses with constant moderate to strong explosions since February 5, 2021…

In the UK, 191,832 Individual Adverse Events Including Blindness And Deafness Have Been Reported After Receiving The mRNA COVID Vaccine Jab
Are you starting to see just how dangerous these jabs really are? Coming up on a quarter of a million people in the UK who have and are experiencing adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccine including dozens of cases of blindness and deafness. What is that was you who got the jab and now find yourself blind? Is it worth it to lose your eyes to have marginal protection from a virus with a 99% recovery rate?

General Recommends “Quick Reaction Troops” In Dc To Protect The Ruling Class From The Slaves
..The retired Army general appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead a security study after the January 6 Capitol riot has called for setting up a quick-reaction force to permanently stand ready for threats against the government, according to a report from RT. Meaning any uprising from the “governed” or “the controlled” or the slave class will not be tolerated by the masters.

What Will Be the Number One False Flag Event Which Will Lead to America’s Total Collapse of Occupation for Foreign Troops?
What will be the number one false flag in America? As this article will point out, it will have to be one in which there is the excuse to put foreign troops, acting as humanitarian peacekeepers on American soil. Millions will be needed in order to do what really must be done which is to seize the guns

Severe flash floods hit Malacca, Malaysia
Heavy rains triggered severe flash floods in Malacca, Malaysia, on Saturday, March 6, 2021. As a result, roads were paralyzed and many vehicles were swept away.

Flash floods leave 7 dead, 3 missing in Chlef, Algeria
At least seven fatalities were reported while three others remain missing as flash flooding swept through Chlef Province in Algeria on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Like A Scene From ‘Minority Report’, Airports In The Middle East Are Now Using Iris Scan Contactless Passports To Allow Passengers To Board
Remember that great sci-fi flick ‘Minority Report’ with the talking billboards and the iris scans that allowed access and entrance to everything? Welcome to the future, it’s catching up with us at an alarming rate. In the world’s busiest international airport located in Dubai, passengers are now processed for boarding not with paper or even digital passports, but with contactless iris scans. Are you starting to see what the Mark of the Beast system is going to look like? It’s here.

Bill Gates aiding Communist China in harvesting DNA of Americans to build race-specific BIOWEAPONS
A stunning development covered by The National Pulse reveals that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped fund a communist Chinese military front company that used “covid testing” as a ruse to surreptitiously harvest the DNA of Americans.

Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers
While in January a group of independent doctors concluded that experimental COVID-19 vaccines are “not safer” than the virus itself, a new analysis of vaccine-related death rates in Israel demonstrates that this may indeed be the case to dramatic levels.

Austria suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine batch after death
Austrian authorities have suspended inoculations with a batch of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as a precaution while investigating the death of one person and the illness of another after the shots, a health agency said on Sunday.

The Fake ‘GREAT RESET’ & The End Of Civilization As We Know It
Make no mistake: HUGE change is upon US during this third decade of the Third Millennium no matter what predictions come true or don’t.

TEXAGEDDON: A False Flag Geoterrorist Operation With Multiple Nefarious NWO Goals
Let’s be clear: the deliberate deep freeze of Texas is unparalleled by any standard.  There is simply no historical precedent for the record-breaking cold temperatures, heavy snowfalls and pervasive ice storms throughout all of Texas.

Vaccine Injuries Nobody Talks About
Does anyone want to talk about the Vaccine Injuries occurring all over the world? Or even the ones happening sporadically across the United States? The Vaccine industry wants you to think that they are providing you with a healthy well being. But only you can do that for yourself.

 It Would Appear That The Transition From Pretend President Joe Biden To Kamala Harris Is Already Well Underway
During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took a swipe at President Joe Biden, who he argued had been absent from the forefront on foreign policy. “You have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun,” Gaetz said. “Joe Biden’s had more nap time than he’s had questions from reporters.” Now that is an excellent question.

CDC Claims Mask Mandates Don’t Have Statistically Improved Impact on Spread of COVID Than No Masks At All – Will Therefore Continue Pushing Masks
The CDC recommends wearing masks after their study showed that related to COVID, the results of wearing masks were statistically the same as the results when not wearing masks.

Texas Governor Abbott Orders ‘Operation Lone Star,’ Puts Troops on Border as Biden Refuses to Address Crisis
With the federal government wallowing in indecision amid the border crisis manufactured by the Biden administration’s policies, Texas has marshaled its own resources to protect its citizens.

7-year-old’s homework said Jews to blame for death of Christ
A horrified mother has hit out at her seven-year-old son’s ‘anti-Semitic’ homework that claimed Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

Epidemiologist Says Influenza Cases Are Being Counted as COVID-19 
Top epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski says that the massive drop in influenza cases can be attributed to the fact that many are being falsely counted as COVID-19 cases.