4 Mar 2021

Scientists Create Robotic “Life Form” to “End Aging”: Danger feared as it violates Biblical commandment
Named xenobots for the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) that was the donor of the cells, the newly “created” robots are self-healing and are one millimeter wide, small enough to travel inside human bodies. They are multi-skilled, able to walk and swim, survive for weeks without food, living on lipid and protein deposits, though they can’t reproduce or evolve. The scientists envision injecting the xenobots into a patient where it can pick up a payload, like a medicine, and deliver it to a specific place inside a patient. In a clear burst of hubris, the researchers declared the xenobots to be “entirely new life-forms…never seen in nature.” They claim this is the first time science “design[ed] completely biological machines from the ground up.” The researchers also envision their creation melding with humans and eliminating death.

Scientists Are Weaving Human Brain Cells Into Microchips
Scientists from England’s Aston University are physically integrating human brain stem cells into AI microchips, according to a university press release. The goal, the scientists say, is to push the boundaries of what AI can do by borrowing some of the human brain’s processing capabilities.
“Our aim is to harness the unrivaled computing power of the human brain to dramatically increase the ability of computers to help us solve complex problems,”

Bottling the world’s coldest plasma
Laser-cooled plasma-in-a-bottle could answer questions about the sun, fusion power. Physicists have discovered a way to trap the world’s coldest plasma in a magnetic bottle, a technological achievement that could advance research into clean energy, space weather and solar physics.

Rabbi invites Gentiles to make Sacrifice at Joshua’s Altar: The site of first Sacrifice in Land of Israel
Rabbi Moskoff is also launching an initiative to enable gentiles to make a sacrifice on Joshua’s Altar – the site of the first sacrifice in the Land of Israel. Additionally, Moskoff discusses the left-wing NGOs trying to erase the site’s history.

Powerful earthquake shakes central Greece
The 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit after midday and was at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles), the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said. The epicentre was 20km south of Elassona, a town almost 400km from the capital Athens, the Athens Geodynamic Institute said.

Loyal Wingman combat drone makes first flight
Boeing’s Loyal Wingman combat drone has completed its first flight in the skies over the Woomera Range Complex in Australia. The successful flight was followed by the announcement that the Australian government has ordered three more prototype aircraft.

One dead in rocket attack on Iraq base hosting US troops
BAGHDAD: A rocket attack on an Iraqi base hosting US-led coalition troops Wednesday claimed a contractor’s life, security sources said, just two days before Pope Francis is due to visit the country. At least 10 rockets slammed into the sprawling Ain al-Assad military base in Iraq’s western desert after several weeks of escalating US-Iran tensions on Iraqi soil.

Plasma “space hurricane” detected over Earth for first time
Scientists have found evidence of a “space hurricane” for the first time. The storm, made up of swirling clouds of plasma, raged in Earth’s upper atmosphere for hours, dumping huge amounts of electrons like rain in a system that resembles a regular hurricane. The mechanisms and structure of the storm bore a striking resemblance to the familiar hurricanes that occur in the lower atmosphere – but rather than water, it was a swirling plasma of electrons. Although it occurred more than six years ago, this space hurricane was only recently discovered by an international team of scientists analyzing old satellite data.

Those hurricane-season bulletins will start early this year
The National Hurricane Center said Tuesday that it will issue tropical weather bulletins earlier this year, beginning May 15. That is 17 days before the official June 1 start of the 2021 hurricane season. It’s the same date that government scientists are considering as the new start of the Atlantic hurricane season. “The change would reflect an increasing tendency for early-season storms to form ahead of the internationally agreed-upon June 1 conventional start date …

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes Southcentral Alaska
The earthquake, centered about 69 miles west of Anchorage and about 15 miles northeast of Mount Spurr, occurred at 8:35 p.m. Tuesday at a depth of over 62 miles, according to the Alaska Earthquake Center. Shaking was felt widely in parts of the Mat-Su and Anchorage …

Sierra snowpack at 61% as new drought looms for California this summer
Highlighting the second dry winter in a row, the Sierra Nevada snowpack Tuesday was just 61% of its historical average for this date, the latest signal that California appears headed toward summer drought conditions, with water restrictions possible in some areas for the first time in five years.

The rise of ‘splinternet’ amid heightened nationalism
The era of fragmented and divided internet is now upon us. As cyberspace is getting more controlled and regulated by different countries, the“splinternet,” is slowly becoming a common reality. Now, the “World Wide Web” is no longer a free and open internet, its limits are determined by national or regional borders.

‘Digital dollar’ is now a high priority project for the US
The US seems to be getting serious about a central-bank-backed digital currency when the Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve Chairman hinted this week that a digital dollar is a high-priority project for the US Yet, “There is a great deal of work yet to be done” as issuing a CBDC in the States would not be an easy task.

Asian drought dries up the global semiconductor supply chain
Taiwan’s drive to plug a global shortage of microchips has hit a snag — a lack of water for its semiconductor foundries, caused by a drought. Taiwanese high-tech chip foundries are some of the world’s biggest and most advanced, and European car manufacturers have been reaching out to Taipei for help. Semiconductor shortages, caused by supply chain priorities changing because of the coronavirus pandemic, have forced some major manufacturers to suspend production lines.

Invasive grass is overwhelming U.S. deserts—providing fuel for wildfires
In recent years, large swathes of the desert landscape in the parks around Tucson, Arizona have started to look a lot like grassland. And that’s a problem. Buffelgrass, a perennial arid climate-adapted grass from Africa, was brought to the United States in the 1930s and planted throughout Arizona, Texas, and Mexico to control soil erosion and provide cattle forage. In the 1980s, it started to take over the Sonoran Desert—including state and national parks—causing a multitude of ecological issues and fueling wildfires.

Africa Has Become A Jihadist Playground…Only A Matter Of Time Until It Spreads
In an unprecedented public warning in early February, Bernard Emie, the head of France’s Directorate-General for External Security, reported, “From Mali, Islamist terrorists have worked on attacks against us, against our partners, and they are thinking about attacks in the region and Europe.” Emie expressed concern that Al-Qaeda is planning to expand its terrorist operations further across West Africa toward the Gulf of Guinea.

Mediterranean oil spill is ‘eco-terrorism’ by Iran, Israel says
Iran intentionally polluted the Mediterranean Sea and Israel’s shores in an act of ecological terrorism, causing the greatest environmental disaster in Israel’s history, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel said on Wednesday. “This pollution has people who are responsible for it and have to pay the price. Our nature is damaged, our animals are harmed, thanks to merciless environmental criminals,” Gamliel said.

Al-Asad base in Iraq attacked with rockets after being targeted by Iran
Just over a year after Iran launched ballistic missiles against the massive American al-Asad air base in Iraq, a dozen rockets were reportedly fired against the same base on Wednesday. It was an unusual attack because the base is rarely targeted and it reportedly had Patriot air defense installed last year after the Iranian missile onslaught.

Thousands of asylum seekers cross US-Mexico border after year-long wait
Asylum seekers who have been waiting at the border for over a year while they pursued their cases have started entering the US this week. After taking office in January, President Biden announced it would suspend enrolment in the Trump administration’s Migration Protection Protocols program, known as MPP, also known as the “remain in Mexico” program.

ICC opens ‘war crimes’ investigation in West Bank and Gaza
The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has opened a formal investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories. Fatou Bensouda said the probe would cover events in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip since June 2014. Last month, the Hague-based court ruled that it could exercise its criminal jurisdiction over the territories.

Northern Irish loyalist paramilitaries withdraw support for 1998 peace deal
Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary groups have told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson they are temporarily withdrawing support for the 1998 peace agreement due to concerns over the Brexit deal. While the groups pledged “peaceful and democratic” opposition to the deal, such a stark warning increases the pressure on Johnson, his Irish counterpart Micheál Martin and the European Union over Brexit.

Debt Passes $28 Trillion For First Time
America has a problem. Well, almost 28,000,000,000,000 problems. The national debt has ballooned to an astounding 27.9 trillion dollars. To put in perspective of just how much money that is, consider this. If you were to stack $100 bills on top of each other, one million dollars would be around the three feet mark – about the height of a chair or a toddler.

Blood on Hands of Open Borders Biden: Horrific California Crash Involved Human Smuggling of Illegals, Over a Dozen Killed
The SUV with about two dozen people crammed in it that was involved in a horrific crash with a tractor trailer in Holtville, California on Monday that killed over a dozen people was part of a cross-border smuggling operation according to sources within Customs and Border Patrol, Fox News reported.

The Cancellation Of Dr. Seuss Should Disturb You, Because You’re Next
..There’s a predictable pattern to what we’re seeing now. It’s predictable because it has happened before in much the same way..During China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and ‘70s, the Chinese Communist Party, at the direction of Mao Zedong, called for the destruction of the “Four Olds”: old customs, old culture, old habits, old ideas. All of these stood in the way of Mao’s socialist ideology, so they had to be destroyed.

$350 Billion Covid “Bailout” To States, Cities, And Counties: Here Are Biggest Winners And Losers
This week, the U.S. House passed, along party lines, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. A vote in the U.S. Senate is expected soon. Buried within the 591-page bill is a $350 billion bailout for 50 states, tribal governments, U.S. territories, and more than 30,000 cities and counties.

ICC Prosecutor Launches Probe into Israel, Hamas for Alleged War Crimes
The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor said Wednesday she has launched an investigation into alleged crimes in the Palestinian territories, plunging the court into the midst of one of the most fraught conflicts of the past half-century.

D.C. Police Issue Emergency Alert On “Possible” Militia Plot To Breach Capitol Tomorrow
Here we go again with yet more vague “threats” by nebulous militant right-wing groups targeting the Capitol which will no doubt be met with an additional mass increase in security measures (and budgets no doubt) walling the public off from the whole area…

Sudden increase in seismic tremor southwest of Keilir at Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland
A sudden increase in seismic tremor was detected throughout most of Iceland’s national seismic network at 14:20 UTC on March 3, 2021. Similar bursts of tremor have been observed ahead of previous volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

The GayBCs Is A New Story Book To Indoctrinate Impressionable Young Children Into The Homosexual And Transgender Lifestyle
Funny thing, yesterday the beloved children’s books of Dr. Seuss were put on the American Nazi banned reading list for ‘inappropriate cultural stereotypes’, but something that is not banned is a book that is depraved and immoral on every level. Welcome to the GayBCs, a children’s alphabet book to inspire them to undergo chemical castration and genital mutilation, because that’s how you become a transgender.

Hundreds of Illegals Dumped in Arizona Border City
Federal authorities have released hundreds of illegal aliens into Yuma, Arizona, in recent weeks, according to reports.

Texas Republicans cited “global warming” as the reason why they decided not to winterize the power grid
The latest excuse out of Texas as to why much of the state’s power grid failed during the recent cold weather event is that Republican lawmakers were counting on global warming to keep the energy production systems from freezing.

Biden Clones – Biden ears and Biden mask show Biden is fake
..A lot of people think the Biden we have been seeing (when we see him) is fake. Biden doesn’t sit in the real Oval Office (Amazon studios), isn’t allowed to use AirForce One and isn’t allowed in the Capital building. Why is that?

Capitol authorities on high alert Thursday over ‘real inauguration’ threat
A belief spread by the Qanon community that President Trump will return to the White House on the old presidential inauguration date of March 4 has authorities on high alert.

State moves to shut down Chinese influence operation
President Trump had enacted a policy to pressure universities to disclose any contracts and transactions with the Chinese Communist Party-sponsored Confucius Institutes.

Denmark becomes the first European nation to tell Syrian refugees they must return home
Denmark has become the first European nation to tell Syrian migrants they must return to their home country, saying it is now safe for them there. The Scandinavian nation has stripped 94 Syrian refugees of their residency permits after it determined Damascus and the surrounding area as being safe.

Dying in Darkness: Biden STILL Won’t Publish Schedule, Visitor Logs, nor Hold a Presser… Deletes White House Comments and Petitions Pages.
Six weeks into the Biden regime, Joe’s professed commitment to truth and transparency continues to wane, with the President of the United States failing to hold a press conference, refusing to publish his schedule, hiding visitor logs from the public, and deleting the White House pages for comments and public petitions. Cynics might say that democracy is currently dying in darkness.