2 Mar 2021

Judge to review Psaki’s email admitting ‘lying’ to the media
A court has ordered the federal government to hand over for review an email by Jennifer Psaki regarding secret Obama-Biden administration meetings with Iran. The order came in a lawsuit by the American Center for Law and Justice, which contends the State Department deleted an embarrassing admission in a 2013 press briefing video that the administration lied about its Iran negotiations. The ruling centers on an email by Psaki, who now is White House secretary, which the ACLJ claims is evidence that she lied during the briefing, when she was serving as the State Department spokeswoman.

Report: Obama tried to Give Golan Heights to Syria
Just a few months before the Syrian civil war erupted in March 2011, the Obama administration offered the Assad regime an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights in return for severing ties with Iran and Hezbollah, the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Sunday.

Netanyahu says Israel is attacking Iran for its attack on Israeli ship
On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran for an attack on an Israeli-owned cargo ship last week and said Israel is striking back at Iranian targets throughout the region.

Denmark May Force Churches to Submit Sermons to Government
Christian leaders in Denmark say religious liberty and the freedoms of speech and expression have come under fire after a proposed law would require leaders of all faiths to translate their sermons into Danish and submit them to the government.

Newsom Likely to Face Recall — But Removal Is a Much Higher Bar
Newsom’s vulnerabilities are considerable. Voters know he did not cause the pandemic, but they are less understanding about the closed businesses and schools, the state government mishaps and scandals and, most damaging, the governor’s horrendous decision last fall to attend an exclusive dinner at an expensive restaurant while ignoring the social distancing rules that he had been urging on his constituents. The perceived double-standard of the mask-less dinner — coupled with the fact that his own children had been attending in-person private school classes when most California public schools were relying on distance learning — has breathed life into what had been a floundering recall effort.

Report: State Dept. official says ‘Jewish ideas poison people’ and more on anti-Semitic blog
A U.S. State Department official was discovered last week to be behind a blog attacking Jewish people, including a claim that Jewish ideas are poisonous. Politico first reported Friday that Foreign Service officer Fritz Berggren is behind a Sept. 2017-era blog, Bloodandfaith.com, which is behind an Oct. 4, 2020 post titled, “Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ,” in which he said, “Jewish ideas poison people; Jesus warned his disciples about the teachings of the Jews.”

Biden erases Dr. Seuss from ‘Read Across America’ proclamation as progressives seek to cancel beloved author
Biden appears to have erased Dr. Seuss from “Read Across America Day”, the annual celebration of reading in honor of the legendary children’s author, whose birthday falls on March 2. While Biden followed presidential tradition in proclaiming Tuesday “Read Across America Day,” he bucked his predecessors by leaving out any mention of Dr. Seuss from the proclamation.

The change in tone of the US State Department
US State Department spokesman Ned Price spoke to reporters on Monday, with his answers to reporters’ questions clarifying the change between the positions of the Trump administration and those of President Joe Biden. Price noted that “the United States opposes any action taken by Israel which may make it difficult to reach a two-state solution.”

European parliamentarians warn against de facto West Bank annexation
A group of 442 parliamentarians from 22 European countries have urged the European Union to take action to prevent de facto Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

Anti-Semitism Expert: Calling Conservatives “Nazis” is Holocaust Denial
Social media went crazy after the stage for the CPAC conference was compared to an obscure Nazi symbol, labeling the conservative attendees as Nazis. But one former State Department official specializing in anti-Semitism noted that doing so was, in itself, Holocaust denial, one of the worst forms of Jew-hatred.

Democrat Rep and Trump Impeachment Crusader: God’s will is no Concern for Congress
Steube argued. “The gender confusion that exists in our culture today is a clear rejection of God’s good design. Whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God, that nation is in rebellion against him and will inevitably bear the consequences.” Rep. Jerry Nadler objected on the same divine grounds. “Mr. Steube, what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress,” he said. Such a declaration on the floor, revealing the disdain for God emanating from the Democratic party, could not be allowed to appear on social media. Facebook flagged a post claiming Nadler said, “God has no authority in the House of Representatives.” Politico “fact-checked” the post, labeling it false because it was “similar” but not “a direct quote.”

New Startup to make Salami from Celebrity body Parts: Is it Ezekiel’s Prophecy on Cannibalism?
A new fad allows people to eat meat grown from their favorite celebrities but as shocking as this is, this was prophesied to be a part of the times preceding the final redemption. BiteLabs went online promising “artisanal salamis from meat that has been lab-grown from celebrity tissue samples.”

London-sized iceberg breaks off Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica
After years of suspense, an iceberg approximately the size of London has broken away from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica, only a few miles from the Halley British Antarctic Survey (BAS) ice station. The 490 square mile (1,270 sq km), 490 feet (150 m) thick sheet of ice is not seen as posing a direct threat to the station. Though the calving of the giant iceberg was dramatic, it wasn’t unexpected.

Deepfake tech used to bring dead relatives back to life
Genealogy company MyHeritage is putting deepfake technology to a creatively unsettling use with a new feature called Deep Nostalgia. The system animates photographs of long-deceased loved ones, turning old still portraits into uncanny blinking and smiling videos. Within seconds a user is greeted with their ancestor smiling, blinking and moving their head. Several combinations of gestures can be selected by the user and multiple faces can be animated in the same photograph.

First light-up OLED tattoos could monitor health, reduce food waste, or just look cool
Scientists in Europe have leveraged cutting-edge OLED technology to produce a first-of-a-kind tattoo that could be used to monitor different metrics of physical human performance, or even the freshness of food. The device is billed as the first light-emitting tattoo, and can be applied much like temporary tattoos using water transfer, before being washed away with soap once its job is done.

Israel in talks with Saudi, UAE, Bahrain for defense alliance against Iran
Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have discussed expanding cooperation in facing common enemies, an Israeli official familiar with the matter said Monday. The matter is being “informally discussed,” the source said, adding that the countries are US allies. All four believe a nuclear Iran would be a major threat and have been eyeing the Biden administration’s plan to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal with concern.

Iran and Turkey appear to be on collision course in Iraq – analysis
While the region’s eyes are on recent tensions with Iran in the Gulf of Oman and Syria, a simmering dispute between Iran and Turkey in Iraq appears to be growing. The dispute has origins going back years as Iran has sought greater influence in Iraq, and Turkey has long viewed northern Iraq as its area of influence.

Four Democrat Governors Issued Similar Nursing Home Policies to Andrew Cuomo’s
Four Democrat governors enacted similar nursing home policies as Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) did in 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The governors of Michigan, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania approved similar policies as fears grew that new patients would overwhelm hospitals.

European lawmakers urge action against Israel’s ‘de-facto annexation’ of West Bank
More than 400 European parliamentarians have urged leaders to use Joe Biden’s new presidency as an opportunity to stop what they term Israel’s “de-facto annexation” of the West Bank. A letter seen by AFP was signed by 400 European politicians from across a range of backgrounds who serve in national legislatures and senates or in the European parliament.

Morocco suspends contact with German embassy
Morocco has suspended contacts with the German embassy…in part over what officials said was Berlin’s stance on the Western Sahara dispute. In the letter addressed to the prime minister…foreign minister Nasser Bourita said the decision to suspend dealings with the embassy as well as German cultural organisations was taken in response to “deep misunderstandings” on “issues fundamental for Morocco”.

US warship arrives at Sudan port day after Russian Navy frigate docks
A US Navy ship has docked in Port Sudan on a scheduled visit a day after a Russian warship entered at the port, TV news channel Al Arabiya reported. The US guided-missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill’s arrival on Monday is the first visit by the country’s navy in more than 25 years, and came a day after the Russian warship Admiral Grigorovich docked.

Major eruption at Sinabung volcano produces large pyroclastic flows with ash up to 12.2 km (40 000 feet)
A major eruption started at the Indonesian Sinabung volcano at 23:42 UTC on March 1, 2021, ejecting ash up to 12.2 km (40 000 feet) above sea level. This is its first major eruption since August 2020. The eruption produced pyroclastic flows up to 5 km (3.1 miles) down the ESE slope of the volcano.

IRANIAN former diplomat has no doubt that Joe Biden will submit to Iran and agree to all of Iran’s ‘conditions’ for returning to the nuke deal
Apparently, he understands Jihadi Joe better than most Americans. The director of the Center for Strategic Studies and International Relations of Iran and former diplomat Amir Mousavi said that Iran would not give up any of its conditions for a return to the JCPOA but U.S. President Biden would.

Slow-moving fireball over the United Kingdom, meteorites possible in Gloucestershire
A large slow-moving fireball was observed over the United Kingdom at around 21:55 UTC on February 28, 2021. Meteorites may have been dropped in Gloucestershire.

Negative polarity CH HSS sparks G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storm
Earth is under the influence of a negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) on March 1, 2021, sparking G1 – Minor and G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storming.

Tropical cyclone developing near the coast of Queensland, Australia
A near-stationary tropical low positioned off the north Queensland coast, Australia is expected to intensify into a tropical cyclone on Tuesday morning (LT), March 2, 2021, and be named Niran.

‘This is some evil, authoritarian insanity’: LA Unified School District pleased to announce they’re teaming up with Microsoft to monitor kids 
Los Angeles has done such a fantastic job navigating the COVID19 pandemic … let’s see what kind of new brilliance they’ve come up with for the L.A. Unified School District, hmmm?

Vaccine depopulation weapons and the GOP’s pro-vaccine stance against humanity
It’s about time we stated the obvious: The GOP is all-in with the vaccine industry, even knowing that mRNA vaccines are euthanasia shots designed to carry out genocide on a global scale.

Pope Francis Refers To The Flood Of Noah As A ‘Mythical Tale’ And Says God Will Send Judgment On Earth Not For Sin But Because Of Climate Change
Pope Francis has a curious understanding of the bible, according to him it’s a real book that contains stories that may or not be ‘mythical’, like the flood of Noah. He seems to be quite unsure of the veracity of the Genesis account, so he quotes secular experts who agree it’s mythical . I am guessing he does this so as to not offend the atheists.

New York University Suspends Student for Saying ‘A Man Is a Man, a Woman Is a Woman’
A university in New York has reportedly suspended one of its students after he shared an Instagram post in which he asserted “a man is a man, a woman is a woman.”

Jewish family ejected from flight, passengers say due to maskless baby
Frontier Airlines removed all passengers from a flight that was about to depart Miami and take off for New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Sunday night after it claimed that members of a Hassidic Jewish family refused to wear masks.

Germany To Begin Construction On Chrislam ‘House Of One’ For One World Religion Worship Services That Will Also Include Atheists 
Prophecy watchers are buzzing as news of the ‘House Of One’ Chrislam worship center being built in Berlin was reported by the Jerusalem Post today. But longtime readers of NTEB were alerted to this way back in 2014 when we first broke the story. Why has it taken so long to finally begin? Because that’s the time it took for Rick Warren, who began Chrislam back in 2008, to pass the torch to Pope Francis who officially codified Chrislam in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Seattle Homeless Shelter Gives “Booty Injection” Kits To Addicts
America’s most liberal cities have transformed into ground-zero for what has become an all-out drug and homelessness crisis. Cities like Seattle, Washington, and others, are using taxpayer dollars to fund various types of programs such as needle exchanges and safe spaces to do drugs.

“Slippery Slope” – Vaccine Passports Are A Technical & Ethical Minefield
Vaccine passports are essentially certificates that link proof of vaccination to the identity of the holder, a potential silver bullet to return to our pre-Covid-19 lives. Before the pandemic, the EU was working on plans for cross-border electronic certificates to replace the paper booklets that many travellers carry. At this week’s EU summit some leaders pressed for further steps towards coronavirus passports.

Johnson & Johnson Reportedly Planning COVID-19 Vaccine Trial To Include Infants
Johnson & Johnson, the company that received emergency use authorization for the first one-shot COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, reportedly plans to conduct clinical trials that extend beyond adults, including to younger teenagers and then infants.

Do Face Masks Work? Nine Potential And Proven Dangers to Muzzling Yourself
We are breaking with routine in this month’s newsletter. We feel it is imperative that Christians understand the mainipulation our government has engaged in.

America Has Been “COLONIZED” and Is Rapidly Approaching It’s Final Destiny
..The geographical extent of the alien invasion is unclear, but it is presumably worldwide. The occupying forces shown to the viewers are all human and enforce their occupation via black-and-red-uniformed militarized police, nicknamed the “Red Hats” and they are armed with automatic weapons and travel in DHS style armored personnel carriers. The Red Hats are today’s George-serving Soros’ Antifa and members of the Democratic Party.

McDonald’s has a secret intel team that spies on its own workers, report says 
Is your employer spying on you and tracking your movements online? This might be something you would expect if you work for the CIA or Google – who tracks pretty much everyone, employee or not – but many fast food workers were surprised to learn that McDonald’s has been using a secret intel team to spy on its workers.