28 Feb 2021

Twenty-four hours of Iran’s total war in Yemen, Iraq and Syria
Iran is supporting its Houthi rebel allies and proxy in Yemen to conduct an increasing war against Saudi Arabia, the Saudi-led Coalition, and also against Yemen government forces in Marib. Twenty four hours have seen an increased offensive against Marib in Yemen, a reported ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia on Saturday night and an attack on a ship in the Gulf of Oman.

Gantz secretly met Jordan’s King Abdullah – report
Defense Minister Benny Gantz and King Abdullah II of Jordan recently held a secret meeting, according to a report by the Hebrew website Ynet. Last Friday, in a Zoom call with Blue and White Party activists, Gantz hinted: “I have a continuous and ongoing relationship with the Jordanian king and other Jordanian officials,” adding that “it is possible to advance ties with the nation.”

Boston Public Schools Will Suspend Advanced Classes Because Too Many Students In Them Are White Or Asian
Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders will not be accepted into advanced classes in Boston for the next year because a majority of students in those classes are white or Asian. GBH News reported that the selective program, called Advanced Work Classes, will suspend enrollment in part because of the pandemic but also because of “concerns about equity.”

Algorithmic Warfare: Spending on Quantum Tech on the Upswing
Investments in quantum technology — which use the manipulation of neutrons, photons, electrons and protons to perform tasks — are increasing worldwide and will reach $10 billion by 2024, according to an expert. “The security implications of quantum technologies, as well as the expected advantage in computing and sensing have caught the interest of the world’s governments,” said Gabe Lenetsky…

World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown
The World Economic Forum (WEF) faced a barrage of criticism before deleting a social media video which praised coronavirus lockdowns for “quietly improving cities around the world”. In the video, the WEF said that as a result of people using less public transport and factories closing down during the lockdown, noise and air pollution fell in cities throughout the world.

Myanmar coup: Deadliest day of protests as police open fire
Police have fired on protesters in Myanmar killing at least 18, the UN human rights office says, on the deadliest day of anti-coup rallies. Deaths were reported in several cities including Yangon, Dawei and Mandalay as police used live rounds and tear gas. Security forces began the violent crackdown on Saturday, after weeks of largely peaceful protests against the 1 February military takeover.

New UAE ambassador expected in Israel on Monday
The new United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador to Israel Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah will arrive to take up his post on Monday…The appointment of Al Khajah, who is both a high-ranking diplomat and a member of the UAE royal family, is seen in Jerusalem as a sign of the great importance the Emiratis attribute to their new relationship with Israel.

Israel Says Iran Behind Blast On Israeli-Owned Ship In ‘Initial Assessment’
“Iran is looking to hit Israeli infrastructure and Israeli citizens,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz said.

Care home “Covid” deaths have increased by 240% since Vaccinations began 
The miraculous Covid “vaccine” roll-out began on the 8th December 2020, prioritising care home residents and staff. By the 27th January the UK Government announced that 95% of all care home residents had been vaccinated, with Matt Hancock announcing on Twitter that more than 80% of the over-80’s had received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Oxford jab.

PELOSI’S FAULT: Speaker Pelosi told Sgt. at Arms to Deny National Guard at Capitol Due to Optics – Left Building Unprotected then Lied About it- MUST RESIGN!
What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it? As reported back in mid January — Speaker Nancy Pelosi and GOP Leader Mitch McConnell refused National Guard support before the announced protests on January 6th.

7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act
House Democrats have passed the radical Equality Act once again, claiming it will merely amend federal civil rights law to ensure sexual orientation and gender identity are protected classes, even though the Constitution already provides protection for the rights of all American citizens, regardless of their “identity group.”

UK Knife Crime Hits Record High Under Tories, 50K+ Offences Logged
Knife crime in Britain has doubled in the previous six years, rising above 50,000 incidents in a one-year period in England and Wales for the first time in the recorded history.

Muslim population of England smashes three million mark for first time ever, figures reveal ENGLAND’S Muslim population has smashed the three million mark in 2019. Some parts of London are now almost 50 per cent Islamic, according to analysis from the Office for National Statistics.

Famed Christian evangelist confronts pandemic of suicide
..”Suicide and depression were already at epidemic levels, and with the nationwide lockdowns, they’re only getting worse. And now domestic abuse, drug and alcohol problems, and anxiety (especially among children) are skyrocketing,” he said.

Financial regulators in Biden admin launch attack on digital money
Amidst the regulatory blitz of President Biden’s first few weeks, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) quietly took further steps to regulate cryptocurrencies. While the White House was busy freezing all other pending rules, FinCEN was moving forward with the extension of a new rule that would require banks and money services businesses (MSB’s) to record and disclose the identities of individuals involved in crypto transactions.

U.S. diplomat openly calls for Christian nation-states, rails against Jews
A State Department official for several years has been publicly calling for the establishment of Christian nation-states, warning that white people face “elimination” and railing against Jews as well as Black Lives Matter and other social movements.

Israel says initial assessment is Iran behind explosion on Israeli-owned ship 
Israeli defence minister Benny Gantz said on Saturday his “initial assessment” was that Iran was responsible for an explosion on an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman.

Back In 2019 We Warned You That A Global Tax Connected With The Appearing Of Antichrist Was Coming, And Joe Biden Just Signed Off On It
FUN FACT: At the first advent of Jesus Christ, there was a global tax in place that was instituted by Caesar Augustus, who was a type of Antichrist. We read about that in Luke chapter 2 in your King James bible. Another fun fact comes to us from the prophet Daniel who tells us clearly that prior to the second advent of Jesus Christ, a second global tax will be in place with the appearing of Antichrist. The Biden administration, the only remaining holdout to a digital global tax that was rejected under President Trump, just signed off on it. We told you back in 2019 this was coming.

Democrats’ $1.9T Covid relief has over $100 million for transportation projects in N.Y., Calif.
The $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that the Democratic-led House is expected to vote on Friday contains millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for transportation projects in New York and California.