23 Feb 2021

‘Progressive’ church claims: Parts of the Bible are wrong because it isn’t the ‘Word of God’
A Tennessee “church” which calls itself “progressive” told members of its congregation that the Holy Bible is not “infallible,” nor even “the Word of God,” during a recent service and then it repeated those lies on social media. Nashville’s GracePointe Church and its pastor Josh Scott used a Feb. 7 virtual service to go after the Bible. The service preceded a Facebook post which claimed, among other things, the Bible is merely a “human response to God.”

The first black hole discovered is much more massive than we thought
New observations have shown that Cygnus X-1, the first black hole ever discovered, is much more massive than previously estimated. By making a more precise measurement of its distance from the Earth, a team led by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) has concluded that the black hole is the most massive ever detected without using gravitational waves.

800-Year-Old Prophecy and Hidden Torah Codes: Gog and Magog Before Pandemic Ends
An esoteric source based on 800-year-old sources uses precise methods to reveal a Torah code claiming that this month before the pandemic fades, war, involving the US, will break out between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This pan-global conflict will bring great strife and darkness into the world but through the darkness, the “candle of the Messiah” will be revealed.

Biden Slow in Helping Storm-Battered Texas
Joe Biden dragged his feet to help Texas cope with a crippling severe winter storm, according to Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., on Newsmax TV. Biden engaged the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Friday, days after millions of Texans went without electricity, heat, and access to food and water.

For The First Time, We’ve Detected a ‘Ghost Particle’ Coming From a Shredded Star
A star completely torn apart when it ventured too close to a black hole has given science a rare gift. For the first time, scientists have detected a high-energy neutrino that was flung out into space during one of these violent events.

A record-breaking late winter heatwave sets new all-time February records across China and South Korea this weekend
A large part of eastern Asia has set all-time records this weekend as an impressive early-season warmth sweept across central Asia, reaching China and the Korean peninsula. This incredible warm spell started near the Black Sea and the Middle East earlier and spread across Central Asia into the eastern parts of the Asian continent over the weekend. Strongly anomalous weather across the globe has no end it seems.

Coca Cola Confirms Training Employees To “Try To Be Less White”
When I first saw this story I was highly skeptical. However, the training course is available online and Coca Cola is doing its best to try to back down from the course.
“Try to be less white” Coca-Cola, facing mounting backlash from conservatives online, has responded to allegations of anti-white rhetoric after an internal whistleblower leaked screenshots of diversity training materials that encourages staff to “try to be less white.”

Chinese Spies Reportedly Used Code Developed By NSA For Hacking Operations
Chinese hackers employed code originally created by the National Security Agency (NSA) for different hacking campaigns, an Israeli technology company said in a new report Monday, according to Reuters. The report, which was released by Check Point Software Technologies in Tel Aviv, remarked on the similarities between China-linked malware and the NSA’s break-in tools, which were leaked to the internet in 2017, and concluded that the code must have been stolen from the NSA, Reuters reported.

A war of words has erupted between Hezbollah terrorist leaders and Israel’s most senior defense officials. The big question: Will the threats and counter threats trigger an actual shooting war?

Iran threatens ‘60% enrichment’ as US repeats readiness for talks
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday Iran might enrich uranium up to 60% purity if the country needed it and would never yield to US pressure over its nuclear activity, state television reported.

UAE tells Israeli conference it uses AI for space travel
Sumaya al-Hajeri, UAE’s Head of Governance and Data at the Office of the Minister of Artificial Intelligence gave a detailed explanation of her country’s AI initiatives, including assisting with the UAE’s recent successful voyage to Mars. Its Hope orbiter launched last July reached Mars two weeks ago, ahead of NASA’s Perseverance.

Biden’s Climate Czar says World will end in Nine Years: Is it anti-God?
The Biden administration is moving the doomsday clock forward, giving the Earth less than a decade before the ecological scales tip towards an irreversible apocalypse. In a decidedly counterintuitive manner, Kerry blamed the record-breaking cold that is blasting the center of the country on “global warming.”

Samaria: River turns ‘Blood’ Red as Arabs bring ‘Plague of Egypt’ upon themselves
Wadi al-Nabaa, a river adjacent to the Arab village of Qarawat Bani Zaid in Shomron (Samaria),turned vivid red and though the image was undeniably Biblical, one rabbi ascribed a modern political message to the phenomenon.

Pompeo says Biden repeating ‘Chinese propaganda line’ calling Uyghur abuses ‘different norms’
former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused President Joe Biden of repeating a Chinese propaganda talking point during a Tuesday town hall discussion that compared human rights abuses to cultural norms. I said, and… He said… He gets it. Culturally, there are different norms at each country and their leaders are expected to follow.” “That language that it’s just a set of different norms, that’s the Chinese propaganda line,” Pompeo said.

Top Biden diplomats held secret talks with Iran to undermine Trump agenda say new sources
As President Donald Trump’s administration was carrying on a pressure campaign of sanctions and restrictions on Iran, some of the top diplomats now serving President Joe Biden’s administration were holding talks with Iranian officials in what may have been a move to undermine Trump’s efforts. the underlying goal was “to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration” and to bolster support for the Iran nuclear deal despite Trump leaving the deal.

Netanyahu after Iran strategy meeting: Nuclear agreement is worthless
Israel will not rely on efforts to return to a nuclear deal with Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. “Israel isn’t pinning its hopes on an agreement with an extremist regime like [Iran]. We already saw what these agreements are worth…with North Korea,” Netanyahu said at a memorial service for the 1920 Battle of Tel Hai.

US pledges support for two-state solution to Arab-Israeli conflict
The Biden administration is committed to a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Foreign Affairs Minister Gabi Ashkenazi when the two men spoke on Monday night. “The Secretary addressed the US approach towards a more peaceful, secure and prosperous future for Israelis, Palestinians and the greater Middle East,” Blinken’s office said.

Rocket attack strikes near US Embassy in Baghdad
Three rockets struck near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq’s Green Zone on Monday, just one week after the deadly rocket attack that killed and injured civilian contractors, as well as a U.S. service member. Iraqi Security Forces confirmed that three rockets landed in the Green Zone, destroying four vehicles, but did not result in casualties.

Biden admin plan would effectively abolish ICE
The Biden administration’s new Homeland Security plan would effectively abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) via administrative…During a remote meeting with agency personnel in Texas, several individuals familiar with the plans said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas proposed converting some of the 4,000 ICE agents to criminal investigators…

New Jersey governor signs laws to legalize marijuana use, decriminalize possession
Legislation to set up a recreational marijuana marketplace, decriminalize cannabis and loosen penalties for underage possession of the drug and alcohol was signed into law Monday by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, more than three months after voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question to legalize adult use of the drug.

Biden Energy Department used environmental regulations to block Texas from increasing available power before storm
An order issued by the Biden Administration’s Acting Secretary of Energy David Huizenga reveals that the Department of Energy limited the amount of power Texas could use to combat the power crisis the state is facing. Biden administration blocked Texas from increasing power as Texas begged for help a week before catastrophic polar vortex.

Clear-up of Israel’s coastline after oil spill continues
Large globs of tar have washed up on much of Israel’s Mediterranean coastline in what officials are calling one of the worst environmental disasters to hit the country. Thousands of volunteers and soldiers are helping to remove the sticky substance. Israel is trying to track the source of the spill, which is thought to have come from a vessel out at sea.

IDF sinks suspicious vessel near Gaza shore
Israeli military on Monday reported it sank a suspicious naval vessel near the Gaza Strip shore, which the IDF said posed a potential threat to navy ships in the area. A navy patrol boats spotted the Gazan vessel approaching it in the morning hours, prompting the troops to open fire and sink it. No one appeared to have been hurt in the incident.

UAE and Qatar officials hold first meeting since Gulf detente
Official delegations from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar have met in Kuwait for the first time since an agreement last month to end a bitter dispute of more than three years..Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, along with Egypt, severed economic and diplomatic ties with…Qatar in June 2017 and imposed a land, sea, and air blockade, accusing it…of supporting “terrorism”.

Ethiopia tells Sudan to pull back from borders before talks
Ethiopia called on Sudan to pull back its army troops on Tuesday from the borders before any dialogue could begin amid heightened tensions between the two countries. The ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson, Dina Mufti, said in his weekly press conference that Ethiopia does not wish to enter into a conflict with Sudan.

Record flooding affects more than 100 000 people in Acre, northwestern Brazil
More than 100 000 people have been affected by severe flooding in Acre, northwestern Brazil, after multiple rivers overflowed and reached record levels around Friday, February 19, 2021. Authorities have declared the situation an emergency, saying the state is facing one of its most challenging times in history.

More than 59 000 people flee as Dujuan brings widespread flooding and disruption to Philippines
More than 59 000 people have evacuated their homes as Tropical Storm “Dujuan” — locally known as Auring, brought widespread flooding and disruption to the Philippines on Monday, February 22, 2021. As of 03:00 UTC (11:00 LT), the storm has weakened into a Low-Pressure Area (LPA) prior to crossing the Rapu-Rapu Islands in Albay and is forecast to traverse the central region in the next 24 hours.

Israel hit by worst environmental disaster in decades
Although the exact cause of the disaster is still under investigation, the head of the Israel Nature and Parks association said the incident is the country’s worst environmental disaster in decades. The cleanup of over 170 km (106 miles) of affected coastline will take a long time and consequences will be felt for years.

CPAC cancels speaker who said Judaism is a ‘complete lie’
CPAC, the conservative political conference, has canceled the appearance of a speaker who has made several derogatory comments about Jews on social media.

One Week After Jews Cry Out For Antichrist, Pope Francis Will Hold A Chrislam One World Religion Prayer Meeting In Ur Where Abraham Was Born
Pope Francis is sending another shot across the bow as he continues to work assembling the One World Religion of Chrislam foretold in bible prophecy. This time he is bringing his end times road show to the birthplace of Abraham in Iraq at Ur of the Chaldees. Abraham in the bible is at the head of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and he will retain his ‘top of the pyramid’ status as his name is claimed for the Abraham Accords, the Abrahamic Family House and the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative.

Israel Launches ‘Green Pass’ QR Code Digital Vaccination Passport As Jews Hold Day Of Prayer For Antichrist
Monumental prophetical events took place in Israel over the weekend, and they point directly to the covenant with ‘death and hell’ that Isaiah and the prophets say that the Jews will make with Antichrist in the end times. Not only did Israel launch a Mark of the Beast prototype, Jews around the world cried out for ‘messiah now!’, but you and I both know who’s going to answer that call, and why. The bible is quite clear, the Jews will receive Antichrist, they will rebuild the Temple, and that process has now officially begun.

Rabbi Gives Incredible Eulogy for Rush Limbaugh and Prayer for America’s Future
The death of conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday was a tragedy for our nation. Limbaugh was a strong advocate for the importance of traditional American values, and he impacted countless lives with his radio programming.

NY Mag admits Fauci “hot-wired” coronavirus with gain-of-function engineering
After a year of denial, the mainstream media is finally coming to terms with the fact that Anthony Fauci is responsible for “hot-wiring” the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) with experimental gain-of-function technology, which ultimately turned it into a global “pandemic.”

Biden Admin Refused Texas Governor’s Request to Run Power at Full Capacity
Now that the dust has cleared, it’s becoming obvious the Texas energy crisis was preventable. And one guy has his fingerprints all over this scandal: President Joe Biden.

U.S. Government diligently working with big tech to censor anything that could cause “vaccine hesitancy”
The ruling class desperately needs as many people as possible to take the COVID-19 vaccine.  This push to get an mRNA vaccine in the veins of everyone is resulting in a diligent effort to censor ANYTHING that could cause “vaccine hesitancy.”

Pope’s visit to put Iraqi ziggurat back on tourist map
The ancient Mesopotamian site of Ur in Iraq will be the stage for an inter-religious prayer service held by Pope Francis next week.An event local archeologists hope will draw renewed attention to the place revered as the birthplace of Abraham.Popular with Western visitors in the 1970s and 1980s, Ur is scarcely visited today after decades of war and political instability shattered Iraq’s international tourism industry.