31 Jan 2021

“Biggest Storm In 5 Years?!” – More Than A Foot Of Snow Could Blanket Northeast 
More than 100 million people are in the path of this “monumental storm.”

Trump Loses Impeachment Team 5 Lawyers Leave
Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

Unidentified aircraft target pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria – report
Unidentified aircraft targeted sites belonging to pro-Iranian militias near Al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor region of eastern Syria on Saturday night, according to local news source Deir EzZor 24 and Syrian news source Step News Agency. Deir EzZor 24 reported that over 15 airstrikes were reported and believed to be carried out by Israel, adding that the target may have been the Imam Ali base in the area controlled by Iran.

Christian nurse falsely accused of blasphemy, tied and beaten in Pakistan
A Christian nurse in Pakistan and her family have gone into hiding after being accused of committing blasphemy by a Muslim co-worker. Many across the country are upset after videos surfaced online of her being attacked by coworkers.

Terror group claims responsibility for attack on Israeli embassy in India
A terror organization called Jaish-ul-Hind, believed to be affiliated with Iran, has taken responsibility for Friday’s attack near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, according to Indian media. An explosion occurred near the embassy, Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Friday. There were no casualties in the incident, and no damage was caused to the embassy building, the Foreign Ministry said.

No Longer ‘Asleep at the Wheel:’ Air Force to Roll Out New Electronic Warfare Strategy
The U.S. Air Force is finalizing the decision on where to host its new electromagnetic spectrum, or EMS, warfare wing and will debut a comprehensive electronic warfare strategy in the spring… Chief of Staff Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown said the efforts are a fresh start for the service…when it comes to offensive measures and protecting its equipment across the electromagnetic spectrum.

India protests: Internet cut to hunger-striking farmers in Delhi
India has suspended mobile internet services in three areas around the capital, Delhi, where farmers are staging a hunger strike in protest at new agriculture laws. The government said the shutdown would continue until Sunday night to “maintain public safety”. Tens of thousands of protesting farmers have been camped out on Delhi’s outskirts for more than a month.

Russia detains over 1,000 at protests against jailing of Kremlin critic Navalny
Police detained more than 1,000 people and broke up rallies in Moscow and across Russia on Sunday as supporters of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny took to the streets to protest his jailing, despite biting cold and the threat of arrest. The nationwide rallies follow large protests last weekend that are part of a campaign to pressure the Kremlin into freeing President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent opponent.

Reddit frenzy pumps up dogecoin!
Dogecoin, a digital coin originally founded as a joke, soared over 800% after a Reddit board talked about making it the cryptocurrency equivalent of GameStop.

BBC removes video that teaches children there are over 100 genders after backlash from parents
The BBC has removed a controversial video that taught children between the ages of 9 and 12 that there are more than 100 gender identities after parents objected to the “educational” content.

Powerful storm expected to hit NYC with heavy snow, high winds
Samantha Delgado knows her Maspeth street isn’t likely to be plowed by the time she has to go to work Monday morning, so she was out early Saturday getting ready for the blizzard-like storm heading for New York City.

Complex, long-duration winter storm for the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, U.S.
A complex winter storm will start today, January 30, 2021, in the Midwest with heavy snow from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley, including the Chicago metro area. On Sunday, January 31, the snow and wintry mix will spread into the Mid-Atlantic region before a potential Nor’easter intensifies and significantly impacts portions of the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England on Monday and Tuesday, February 1 and 2.

Warnings in place ahead of Tropical Cyclone “Ana” landfall, Fiji
Tropical Storm “Ana” formed late January 29, 2021 west of Fiji as the third named storm of the 2020/21 South Pacific cyclone season. The system is expected to make landfall over Ra Province on Sunday morning (LT), January 31, and slow down as it moves over Fiji.

Thousands flee Hong Kong for UK, fearing China crackdown
Cindy had a comfortable lifestyle in Hong Kong: she owned several properties with her husband, they had a good business going. But last year she made up her mind to leave it all behind and move her family to Britain, and not even a global pandemic was going to sway her decision.

Covid death rates dropped as doctors rejected ventilators
Chances of dying in an intensive care unit fell in line with a decline in the use of mechanical ventilators

Church Leaders in Scotland Take Legal Action Against Govt. For Outlawing, Criminalizing Public Worship
A group of Scottish church leaders is pursuing legal action against the Scottish Minsters’ decision to close churches and outlaw public worship during the current COVID lockdown.

SHEER LUNACY: Black Lives Matter Riots Saw 12 People Murdered With $2 Billion In Damage, Now They’re Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize??
The very idea of a group like Black Lives Matter whose methods are so violent and anarchistic being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize should be repugnant to every with a brain or a conscience. The riots they caused for 6 months last year resulted in a dozen dead people and over $2 billion dollars in arson and damages, making it the most costly riots ever in the history of America. Now someone wants to give these domestic terrorists a peace prize??

False data: Minnesota legislators demand audit for inflated coronavirus deaths 
Reports from mainstream media show that the pandemic has claimed over 400,000 American lives, but some legislators tell a different story.

Only You Can Beat Big Tech Censorship
Being a global citizen is a canard they sold us as some true net positive. But it was something designed wholly to drive us mad and deracinate us to the point of having no home, no culture and no real friends…

The Washington Post Calls Biden ‘President Who Has Been Called Most Pro-Transgender in History’  One of the leading stories in the Washington Post webpage on Saturday carried the headline “Transgender girls are at the center of America’s culture war, yet again’ and described Joe Biden as “a Democratic president who has been called the most pro-transgender in history”